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Essay philosophical remembering socrates

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Remembering Socrates: …

Essay philosophical remembering socrates

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books bibliography Textual Studies, Bibliography, and History of the essay philosophical remembering, Book. The following list is a sampling of significant writings and is intended to lost suggest the range of the field. Students are expected to work with their advisors in developing (in the words of the English Department’s guidelines) a group of “forty or so primary books or . . . roughly the equivalent,” aiming for a “choice of titles . . Philosophical Socrates! . Paradise! [that] illustrate the field’s extent, touching on its limits and spanning its history” and that will “represent important developments within the area.” Students are also encouraged to include case studies that might provide a focal point for the discussion of various approaches. Espen Aarseth, Cybertext: Perspectives on Ergodic Literature. Thomas R. Essay Philosophical Socrates! Adams and Nicolas Barker, “A New Model for the Study of the Book,” in A Potencie of Life , ed. Barker (1993) Harry G. Aldis, John Carter, E. A. Crutchley, The Printed Book. Carol Armbruster, ed., Publishing and Readership in Revolutionary France and America. J.J. Alexander, Medieval Illuminators and their work. Lost! Leila Avrin, Scribes, Scripts, and Books.

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Svend Dahl, History of the Book. Essay Remembering! Robert Darnton, “What is the History of Books?” Daedalus 111 (1982) Cyril Davenport, The Book, Its History and writing a paper Development. Christopher de Hamel, A history of illuminated manuscripts. Johanna Drucker, The Century of Artists’ Books. Elizabeth Eisenstein, The Printing Press as an Agent of Change. John Feather, A Dictionary of Book History. Lucien Febvre and Henri-Jean Martin, The Coming of the Book. The Impact of Printing 1450-1800. David Finkelstein, Alistair McCleery, The Book History Reader.

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Julie Greer Johnson, The Book in and order the Americas. Samuel Johnson, “Preface to Shakespeare” (1765) Craig Kallendorf, Virgil and the Myth of essay remembering socrates, Venice . Books and Readers in the Italian Renaissance. Bill Katz, Dahl’s History of the Book. On Osmosis! Frederick Kenyon, Books and Readers in Ancient Greece and Rome. Robin Kinross, Modern Typography. Matthew G. Kirschenbaum, “Editing the Interface: Textual Studies and First Generation Electronic Objects,” Text 14 (2002) Helmut Lehmann-Haupt, The Book in America.

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The Textual Condition. D. F. McKenzie, Bibliography and philosophical remembering socrates the Sociology of writing a paper, Texts. ______________, Making Meaning. “Printers of the Mind” and other essays. Remembering! Ruari McLean, Modern Book Design, from biology coursework on osmosis William Morris to the Present Day. Marshall McLuhan, Gutenberg Galaxy. Douglas McMurtrie, The Book: The Story of Printing and Bookmaking. Bruce M. Metzger, The Text of the New Testament: Its Transmission, Corruption, and Restoration (1964, 1968, 1992) J. Moran, Printing Presses. [Joseph Moxon, Mechanick Exercises ] Frank A. Mumby, Publishing and Bookselling from the remembering socrates, Earliest Times to the Present. P. Needham, Twelve Centuries of Bookbinding: 400-1600. , “Johann Gutenberg and the Catholicon Press,” Papers of the Bibliographical Society of abnormal paper psychology term, America 79 (1982) L. D. Reynolds and N. Socrates! G. Wilson, Scribes and Scholars: A Guide to the Transmission of Greek and Latin Literature (1968, 1974, 1991) Jerome Rothenberg and essay and rock Steve Clay, eds., The Book of the Book. Peter Shillingsburg, Scholarly Editing in the Computer Age. S. Socrates! H. Steinberg, Five Hundred Years of Printing. Allan Stevenson, The Problem of the Missale Speciale (1967) Michael F. Suarez, “Historiographical Problems and Possibilities in Book History and National Histories of the essay and order, Book,” Studies in Bibliography 56 (2003-04) Katherine Sutherland, ed., Electronic Textuality.

Investigations in philosophical socrates Method and philosophical remembering Theory. G. Thomas Tanselle, The History of Books as a Field of Study (1981) , A Rationale of Textual Criticism (1989) , Textual Criticism and Scholarly Editing (1990) , Literature and Artifacts (1998) , Textual Criticism since Greg: A Chronicle, 1950-2000 (2005) Daniel Berkeley Updike, Printing Types: Their history and use. David L. Vander Meulen, “The Printing of Pope’s Dunciad , 1728,” Studies in Bibliography 35 (1982) , Where Angels Fear to Tread: Descriptive Bibliography and Alexander Pope (1988) , “How to Read Book History,” Studies in Bibliography 56 (2003-04). Martin L. West, Textual Criticism and Editorial Technique Applicable to Greek and Latin Texts (1973) SOME NATIONAL HISTORY-OF-THE-BOOK PROJECTS. America A History of the Book in essay remembering America (2000- ) Australia A History of the Book in Australia (2000- ); Britain The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain (1995- ) Canada History of the Book in Canada (2004- ); France Histoire de l’edition française, ed. Writing A Paper! Henri-Jean Martin, Roger Chartier, and socrates Jean-Pierre Vivet (1983-91) Ireland The Oxford History of the Irish Book (2006- ) Scotland A History of the Book in biology coursework on osmosis Scotland (in preparation);

Wales A Nation and Its Books: A History of the Book in essay philosophical socrates Wales , ed. Philip Henry Jones and Eiluned Rees (1998) The following kinds of essay philosophical, resources are likely to prove useful in developing a reading list and preparing for the examination. Bibliography and History of the Book Bibliography of the History of the Book Institut de recherche et d'histoire des textes Timetable of Printing History Bibliography on the Web, Bibliographical Society of America SHARP Web , Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and philosophical remembering Publishing G. T. Tanselle, Guide to the Study of lost essay eve, United States Imprints (1971) T. H. Howard-Hill, Index to British Literary Bibliography (1969- ) G. T. Tanselle, Introduction to Bibliography: Seminar Syllabus, 19th revision (2002) G. T. Tanselle, Introduction to philosophical remembering Scholarly Editing: Seminar Syllabus , 18th revision (2002)

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Gargantua de Rabelais, R©sum© par Chapitre - Fran§ais - PremiЁre ES. Le professeur de fran§ais digiSchool met votre disposition ce r©sum© de l'oeuvre majeure de Fran§ois Rabelais : Gargantua . Essay Remembering Socrates. Tous les chapitres sont trait©s ici et grўce cette fiche de lecture , vous pourrez parler sans la moindre difficult© de ce roman et expliquer le contexte de chaque extrait ! FICHE DE LECTURE LA VIE TRES HORRIFICQUE DU GRAND GARGANTUA, PERE DE PANTAGRUEL , François RABELAIS (1534) Organigramme des personnages. François Rabelais, même s’il adresse son livre aux buveurs et autres personnages vils, indique qu’il ne faut pas se fier au titre et encourage le lecteur à le lire. Socrates. Par l’humour, l’auteur décrit et se moque de certains éléments de sa société. Chapitre I : De la généalogie et antiquité de Gargantua. Dans ce premier chapitre, l’auteur nous renvoie à Pantagruel pour comprendre l’apparition des géants. Remembering. Il explique alors qu’en creusant, des hommes ont découvert un tombeau gigantesque dans lequel ils ont trouvé un manuscrit expliquant la naissance des géants. Compare On Rap. Rabelais, qui s’était joint à cette découverte, traduisit ce texte.

Il ajoute à ce chapitre - pour la postérité - Les Fanfreluches antidotées , découvert dans ce manuscrit. Chapitre II : Les Fanfreluches antidotées trouvées en un monument antique. L’auteur retranscrit un texte en vers, qui se compose d’un méli-mélo d’idées. Essay Philosophical Remembering. En effet, des propos mythologiques et antiques se mêlent au champ lexical de la nourriture et du combat. Coursework On Osmosis. Sa structure rappelle celle des énigmes. Chapitre III : Comment Gargantua fut onze mois porté dans le ventre de sa mère. Gargantua était le fils d’un homme et d’une femme, bien portants et bons vivants : Grandgousier et Gargamelle . Essay Philosophical Remembering. La gestation de cette dernière dura onze mois. Rabelais se met alors à justifier son propos à l’aide d’histoires antiques et de médecine, en expliquant notamment la légitimité d’un enfant, orphelin de père. Chapitre IV : Comment Gargamelle mangea grand planté de tripes.

Au mois de février, Grandgousier et Gargamelle invitèrent les habitants des villages alentours afin de manger avec eux une quantité démesurée de tripes de bœuf. Philosophical Socrates. Grandgousier indiqua à Gargamelle de ne pas trop en manger, car ce genre de nourriture n’était pas recommandée, car elle allait accoucher. Socrates. Cependant, elle en mangea plus que de raison. Biology Coursework. Après le repas, tous dansèrent avec joie. Chapitre V : Les propos des bien yvres. L’auteur transcrit les discussions des villageois enivrés qui font la fête.

Certains paraissent philosopher sur l’art de boire et de ses bienfaits ; d’autres s’encouragent à boire ou plaisantent sur la boisson. Chapitre VI : Comment Gargantua naquit de façon bien étrange. Tandis que tout le monde faisait la fête, Gargamelle sentit les premiers signes de l’accouchement. Essay Philosophical Remembering. Grandgousier vint la rassurer et lui montrer son soutien, puis repartit boire. Writing A Paper. La douleur était de plus en plus forte et les villageoises se rapprochèrent de Gargamelle . Remembering Socrates. Une vieille dame la fit accoucher de Gargantua , par l’oreille.

Ses premiers mots furent pour demander à boire. Rabelais tente de convaincre le lecteur de la véracité des faits et lui énonce différents exemples de naissances étranges. Chapitre VII : Comment le nom fut imposé à Gargantua et comment il humait le piot. Gargantua s’appela ainsi car les premiers mots de son père à sa naissance furent : Que grand tu as ! (sous-entendu le gosier ). Writing A Paper. Cet enfant n’était jamais rassasié et il fallait de nombreuses vaches pour l’allaiter. Essay Philosophical. En outre, le vin était pour lui un calmant et le son des verres qui s’entrechoquaient lui plaisait énormément. Chapitre VIII : Comment on essay vêtit Gargantua. Grandgousier demanda à ce que l’on habille Gargantua , déjà très grand pour son âge.

Les tissus bleus et blancs utilisés pour fabriquer son costume, ainsi que ses bijoux, ses chaussures et sa bourse, étaient démesurés. Chapitre IX : Les couleurs de Gargantua. Rabelais explique le choix du blanc ( joie ) et du bleu ( céleste ). Essay Philosophical. Il poursuit en discutant de la signification des couleurs et de leur vraisemblance. Chapitre X : De ce qu’est signifié par les couleurs blanches et bleues. En utilisant des termes antinomiques, Rabelais démontre que le blanc correspond à la joie . And Contrast Essay On Rap And Rock. Puis il donne plusieurs exemples qui se réfèrent à cette couleur, qu’il dit refléter le soleil. Essay. Il propose en fin de chapitre d’effectuer le même raisonnement pour le bleu . Chapitre XI : De l’adolescence de Gargantua. Entre ses trois et cinq ans, Gargantua vivait selon son plaisir, tout en mangeant et en buvant.

Il semblait ne pas se soucier des conventions et paraissait déjà intéressé par les femmes. Chapitre XII : Des chevaux factices de Gargantua. On lui offrit un cheval de bois pour qu’il s’exerce à devenir cavalier. Essay On Law And Order. Il apprécia tellement cela, qu’il se construisit lui-même plusieurs chevaux en bois dans sa chambre. Essay Philosophical. Le seigneur Painensac et ses suivants, en visite, furent surpris de constater que ces grands chevaux étaient faux.

Ils reconnurent tout de même le bon esprit et la bonne répartie de Gargantua . Chapitre XIII : Comment Grandgousier connut l’esprit merveilleux de Gargantua à l’invention d’un torchecul. Lors d’une visite de son père, Gargantua lui expliqua ses différentes expérimentations afin de trouver le meilleur torchecul ( l’oisillon duveteux ). Essay On Law And Order. Durant son explication, Grandgousier parut étonné et enchanté de voir son fils réfléchir. Chapitre XIV : Comment Gargantua fut institué par un sophiste en lettres latines. A la suite de cette discussion, Grandgousier donna à Gargantua un précepteur sophiste et reconnu : Thubal Holoferne . Remembering Socrates. Son enseignement par lecture et répétition porta ses fruits : il sut rapidement dire et écrire son alphabet. Psychology Term. Holoferne lui lisait régulièrement des livres. Philosophical Remembering Socrates. A sa mort, il fut remplacé par Maistre Jobelin , qui continua ces lectures. Chapitre XV : Gargantua et les autres pédagogues. Grandgousier constata que l’instruction de Gargantua ne le rendait pas plus intelligent. Paper Psychology Term. Il en parla à don Philippe des Marais , qui lui présenta Eudemon , dont l’instruction relevait non pas des Anciens , mais de jeunes pédagogues. Essay Socrates. Sa démonstration plut à Grandgousier qui ordonna que l’on nomme Ponocrates ( pédagogue d’Eudemon ), comme précepteur pour Gargantua . Compare And Contrast Essay On Rap. Ils décidèrent de partir pour Paris , afin de constater les compétences de ces jeunes pédagogues. Chapitre XVI : Comment Gargantua fut envoyé à Paris.

On fit amener à Gargantua une énorme jument afin de le transporter jusqu’à Paris . Philosophical. L’auteur poursuit en expliquant que lorsqu’ils arrivèrent en Beauce , la jument secoua la queue pour se défaire des mouches et des frelons, si bien qu’elle rasa la forêt. On Law. Rabelais complète - par un jeu de mots - en montrant que, depuis ce temps-là la Beauce devint une terre de culture. Chapitre XVII : Comment Gargantua prit les cloches de l’église de Notre Dame. Lorsque Gargantua se promena dans Paris , il éveilla la curiosité des parisiens et dut se cacher en haut des tours de la cathédrale Notre-Dame , pour s’en défaire. Essay Philosophical Remembering. De là, il leur urina dessus et en noya un grand nombre. Remembering Socrates. Rabelais, à nouveau, fait un jeu de mots et expose que depuis cette affaire, la ville ne s’appelle plus Lutèce mais Paris ( Par ris ). Remembering. Gargantua vola ensuite les cloches de la cathédrale pour les mettre au cou de son énorme jument. Biology On Osmosis. La Sorbonne envoya Janotus de Bragmardo récupérer les cloches. Chapitre XVIII : Comment Janotus de Bragmardo fut envoyé pour recouvrer de Gargantua les grosses cloches.

Janotus de Bragmardo se rendit auprès de Gargantua avec d’autres maîtres. Essay Philosophical Remembering. Gargantua et ses proches décidèrent de faire boire ces invités, tandis que l’on rendait les cloches. Lost Eve. Puis ils écoutèrent le discours de Janotus de Bragmardo . Chapitre XIX : La harangue de Maître Janotus de Bragmardo faite à Gargantua pour recouvrer les cloches. Ce chapitre relate le discours de Janotus de Bragmardo , qui pria Gargantua de lui rendre les cloches. Dans ce passage, Rabelais caricature la scolastique , en mélangeant français et latin, sans être toujours cohérent dans ce dernier.

Chapitre XX : Comment le sophiste emporta son drap, et le procès contre les autres maîtres. Devant le discours incohérent du sophiste, Gargantua et ses amis se mirent à rire de lui, si bien qu’ils décidèrent de lui offrir une multitude de choses pour l’en remercier. Remembering Socrates. Janotus rejoignit alors les siens à la Sorbonne , mais ceux-ci le fustigèrent. Compare And Contrast On Rap. Janotus les accusa alors d’abus et les mit en procès. Rabelais commente cette affaire et paraît émettre l’idée d’un procès interminable. Chapitre XXI : L’étude de Gargantua selon la discipline de ses précepteurs sophistes. Ponocrates observa Gargantua pour définir ses lacunes, avant de l’instruire. Philosophical Remembering Socrates. Il constata que le géant passait la majeure partie de son temps à se faire plaisir : lever peu matinal, petit-déjeuner copieux, prière à l’église, Chapitre XXII : Les jeux de Gargantua. Après un déjeuner copieux, Gargantua s’adonnait à des jeux de cartes, d’adresses, . Paradise Eve. Rabelais cite tous ces jeux.

Puis il faisait une grande sieste et se remettait à boire à son réveil, et dînait abondamment, après avoir quelque peu étudié. Chapitre XXIII : Comment Gargantua fut institué par Ponocrates. Ponocrates commença son instruction humaniste en administrant de l’hellébore à Gargantua , afin de lui faire oublier ses connaissances précédentes. Essay Remembering Socrates. Puis il modifia son emploi du temps : lever très matinal, révision des leçons de la veille, exercice physique, repas moins copieux, découvertes culturelles (apprentissage des armes, de la cavalerie, de la musique, astronomie, ). Chapitre XXIV : Comment Gargantua employait le temps quand l’air était pluvieux. Parfois, quand le temps ne permettait pas ces activités, Ponocrates instruisait Gargantua avec des activités d’intérieur : escrime, peinture et sculpture, herboristerie , En outre, une fois par mois, une journée était consacrée aux plaisirs. Eve. Toutefois, Ponocrates ne laissait pas son élève sans apprendre et ils réfléchissaient et répétaient des leçons antérieures.

Chapitre XXV : Comment éclata le conflit entre les fouaciers et les bergers. Pendant ce temps-là, un conflit éclata entre les fouaciers et les bergers ( vendangeurs ). Essay Philosophical Remembering Socrates. En effet, les fouaciers refusèrent de vendre leur pain aux bergers, alors deux hommes de chaque camp se bagarrèrent. Essay. Les bergers, secourus par les paysans , achetèrent leur pain avant de les faire déguerpir. Chapitre XXVI : Comment les habitants de Lerné assaillirent les bergers. Lorsqu’ils rentrèrent, les fouaciers se plaignirent à leur roi : Picrochole . Essay Philosophical Remembering Socrates. Celui-ci ordonna à tous ses hommes et à ses villageois de s’armer pour aller faire la guerre aux bergers. On Osmosis. Picrochole et ses hommes pillèrent et volèrent tout sur leur passage, malgré les bergers qui tentaient de les raisonner. Chapitre XXVII : Comment un moine de Sully sauva le clos de l’abbaye. Le pillage continua jusqu’à l’abbaye de Sully . Philosophical. Face à cette attaque, frère Jean des Entommeures prit le parti de défendre l’abbaye et ses vignes. Essay And Rock. Il sortit et par sa seule force, il massacra l’armée de Picrochole et les pillards. Chapitre XXVIII : Comment Picrochole prit d’assault la Roche Clermauld.

Un paysan vint avertir Grandgousier que Picrochole et son armée se déchaînaient dans son pays. Essay. Grandgousier fut étonné d’entendre que son ami le pillait. On Law And Order. Mais, trop âgé et fatigué, il envoya des hommes demander à Picrochole les raisons de son pillage. Essay Philosophical Remembering Socrates. On fit de même pour rapatrier Gargantua , encore à Paris . Chapitre XXIX : La teneur des lettres que Grandgousier écrivait à Gargantua. Grandgousier demanda à son fils, par lettre, de venir le défendre et de protéger son pays, sans pour autant choisir la violence comme solution. Chapitre XXX : Comment Ulrich Gallet fut envoyé vers Picrochole. Grandgousier envoya Ulrich Gallet auprès de Picrochole , retranché à La Roche Clermauld , pour entendre ses raisons. Compare On Rap. Comme il faisait nuit et suivant les conseils d’un menuisier, Gallet attendit le lendemain matin pour parler à Picrochole . Chapitre XXXI : La harangue faite par Gallet à Picrochole. Ulrich Gallet commença son discours en exposant l’amitié ancienne et durable qui existait entre Picrochole et Grandgousier . Socrates. Puis il lui demanda de s’expliquer sur les raisons qui l’avaient conduit à rompre cette amitié. Writing A Paper. Il poursuivit en lui demandant d’arrêter sa guerre, de rentrer chez lui avec son armée et de dédommager le pays de Grandgousier . Chapitre XXXII : Comment Grandgousier fit rendre les fouaciers.

Picrochole refusa la proposition de Gallet et Grandgousier se fit renseigner sur ce qu’il s’était passé. Socrates. On lui raconta l’histoire de fouaces et il ordonna qu’on les leur rende, avec d’autres richesses et privilèges, afin de maintenir la paix. Philosophical. Lorsqu’ils amenèrent tout ceci auprès de Picrochole , il leur ordonna de parler avec le capitaine Toucquedillon . Philosophical Remembering Socrates. Picrochole, par l’intermédiaire du capitaine, refusa la paix. Essay Philosophical Remembering Socrates. Mais pour éviter de subir la famine d’un siège, il récupéra les biens et la nourriture que les hommes de Grandgousier avaient amenés. Chapitre XXXIII : Comment certains gouverneurs de Picrochole le mirent en péril.

Le duc de Menuail , le comte Spadassin , et le capitaine Merdaille présentèrent à Picrochole leurs stratégies de conquête. Essay. Ils lui expliquèrent qu’ils l’aideraient à conquérir de nombreux pays du monde. Philosophical. Picrochole semblait rêveur devant tant de merveilles et de conquêtes. Chapitre XXXIV : Comment Gargantua laissa la ville de Paris pour secourir son pays. Gargantua , Ponocrates et Gymnaste quittèrent Paris pour se rendre dans leur pays.

Paraissant ne savoir que faire, ils s’entretinrent avec le seigneur de La Vauguyon et ils décidèrent que Gymnaste et Prelinguand partiraient en avant, pour constater les activités de l’armée de Picrochole . Remembering. Les deux éclaireurs rencontrèrent un groupe d’ennemis. Abnormal. Le capitaine Tripet à leur tête, les prit pour des paysans et ordonna à Gymnaste - qui se fit passer pour le Diable - de lui donner son cheval et de rester avec lui. Chapitre XXXV : Comment Gymnaste tua le capitaine Tripet. Gymnaste voyant les soldats du capitaine Tripet apeurés par le fait qu’il puisse être le Diable , se mit à faire des acrobaties sur son cheval, comme un homme possédé. Philosophical Remembering Socrates. Les soldats prirent peur et s’enfuirent. Biology Coursework On Osmosis. Gymnaste en profita pour se battre et tuer le capitaine Tripet . Essay Philosophical Socrates. Puis il repartit avec Prelinguand . Chapitre XXXVI : Comment Gargantua démolit le château du Gué de Vede.

Gargantua se mit en route pour battre les ennemis. Writing A Paper. En chemin il arracha un arbre pour s’en servir de lance, tandis que sa jument urinait. Essay Socrates. L’important flot d’urine prit le chemin du gué de Vede et noya la majeure partie des ennemis. Philosophical Remembering. Gargantua et ses amis rejoignirent le château du gué de Vede . Essay Philosophical. Les ennemis se défendirent en vain ; Gargantua étant trop imposant, il ressentait les boulets de canons comme des pépins de raisin. Writing A Paper. A l’aide de son arbre, il détruisit le château. Essay Remembering Socrates. Puis ils passèrent le gué . Chapitre XXXVII : Comment Gargantua fit tomber les boulets de canons de ses cheveux. Ils rejoignirent le château de Grandgousier où on and contrast les accueillit avec une très grande joie. Socrates. Lorsque Gargantua changea d’habits et se peigna, il fit tomber des boulets de canons de ses cheveux.

Son père crut qu’il s’agissait de poux et Ponocrates lui expliqua l’attaque qu’ils avaient reçue au château de Vede . Essay And Order. Grandgousier les invita alors à dîner. Remembering. On fit rôtir énormément de viande pour ce festin de victoire. Chapitre XXXVIII : Comment Gargantua mangea les pèlerins. Avant ce festin, des pèlerins qui s’étaient cachés dans les salades du jardin furent mangés par Gargantua , qui ne les avait pas vus. Coursework On Osmosis. Mais ils se cachèrent entre ses dents, survivant à ses gorgées de vin et finirent par s’échapper. Chapitre XXXIX : Comment le moine fut fêté par Gargantua.

Au repas, Grandgousier expliqua à Gargantua d’où était venue cette guerre et conta les exploits du moine Jean des Entommeures . Philosophical Socrates. Gargantua le fit venir pour le féliciter. Coursework On Osmosis. Ils discutèrent avec lui de religion et le provoquèrent un peu. Socrates. Mais frère Jean , dans l’ivresse, parut leur montrer un visage peu conforme à l’habit de moine. Chapitre XL : Pourquoi les gens ont le nez plus grand que les autres. Au cours de cette discussion, Eudemon s’interrogeait sur la réputation peu avantageuse des moines. Paper Psychology Term. Gargantua tenta d’expliquer qu’ils étaient pourtant d’honnêtes gens, qui travaillaient pour effacer les péchés de la société. Essay Philosophical Remembering Socrates. Puis ils se moquèrent de son grand nez et le moine expliqua d’où il lui provenait. Chapitre XLI : Comment le moine fit dormir Gargantua. Après le repas, ils décidèrent de dormir et de se réveiller à minuit pour aller voir les sentinelles des ennemis. Lost Essay Eve. La récitation des psaumes endormit le moine et Gargantua . Essay Remembering. A minuit, lorsqu’ils se réveillèrent, le moine voulut manger et boire avant de partir.

Il convainc Gargantua de le laisser manger. Biology Coursework On Osmosis. Puis ils s’armèrent, ainsi que frère Jean, qui s’y opposait. Chapitre XLII : Comment le moine donna du courage à ses compagnons. Tandis que frère Jean encourageait et rassurait ses hommes au moyen d’arguments religieux, son casque se prit à une branche, son cheval se déroba et le moine resta pendu à l’arbre. Essay Socrates. Gargantua ria de lui et Gymnaste le décrocha. Chapitre XLIII : Comment Gargantua rencontra l’escaramouche de Picrochole. Picrochole, qui avait entendu parler de l’attaque du Diable sur ses troupes, envoya ses soldats, sous les ordres de Tyravant , à travers la campagne.

Ses hommes rencontrèrent les amis de Gargantua et s’enfuirent. Lost Essay Eve. Seul Tyravant s’opposa à eux et frappa le moine. Philosophical Remembering Socrates. Mais le froc de celui-ci le protégea et il mit à terre Tyravant . Paper. Mais les autres soldats le frappèrent et le firent prisonnier. Remembering. Gargantua décida de ne pas bouger car il avait confiance en la force du moine et voulait faire tomber les ennemis dans un guet-apens. Chapitre XLIV : Comment l’escaramouche de Picrochole fut emprisonné

Frère Jean était entouré de deux gardes ; les autres soldats étaient partis en direction du groupe de Gargantua , qui les attendait pour les massacrer. And Contrast And Rock. Mais les gardes n’avaient pas pensé à l’arme du moine et en peu de temps, il les tua tous les deux et rejoignit Gargantua et les autres. Essay Socrates. Puis il se mit à tuer les ennemis qui s’enfuyaient, délivra les pèlerins prisonniers de Picrochole et fit prisonnier Toucquedillon . Chapitre XLV : Comment le moine amena les pèlerins. Gargantua était attristé par l’absence du moine mais celui-ci arriva avec les pèlerins et Toucquedillon . Compare And Contrast Essay And Rock. Tous furent très contents de le revoir. Essay Socrates. Puis Grandgousier discuta avec les pèlerins et frère Jean leur conseilla de suivre dorénavant les paroles de Saint-Paul , plutôt que celles de leurs hommes religieux, au comportement douteux.

Puis on abnormal psychology remplit leurs sacs de nourriture et ils repartirent auprès de leur femme. Chapitre XLVI : Comment Grandgousier traita Toucquedillon. Grandgousier expliqua ensuite à Toucquedillon que cette guerre lui paraissait inutile et tenta de le convaincre de la faire cesser auprès de Picrochole . Essay Philosophical Remembering Socrates. Puis il lui offrit des présents et accepta qu’il reparte auprès de Picrochole , assisté par Gymnaste et par ses hommes pour le protéger. Chapitre XLVII : Comment Toucquedillon tua Hastiveau. Les villages autour de celui de Grandgousier s’associèrent à lui pour gagner la guerre contre Picrochole . Toucquedillon, qui avait rejoint Picrochole , lui expliqua sa rencontre avec l’honnête Grandgousier et lui demanda la fin de la guerre.

Mais Hastiveau évoqua la traîtrise de Toucquedillon et ce dernier, furieux face à de telles accusations, le tua. Essay. Picrochole à son tour furieux de la mort de Hastiveau , tua Toucquedillon . Philosophical Remembering Socrates. Cette information se propagea dans l’armée, qui commençait déjà à s’opposer à Picrochole . Chapitre XLVIII : Comment Gargantua assaillit Picrochole. Gargantua gérait l’armée, car son père n’était pas venu combattre avec eux. Writing A Paper. Ils se dirigèrent vers le château de La Roche Clermaud . Essay Remembering Socrates. Les assaillants entrèrent dans le château et tuèrent les ennemis. Abnormal Psychology Term. Picrochole et ses proches tentèrent de s’enfuir et certains furent retenus par frère Jean . Essay Remembering Socrates. Gargantua se chargea des autres et notamment de Picrochole . Chapitre XLIX : Ce que fit Gargantua après la bataille. Picrochole, qui était parvenu à s’enfuir, disparut et personne ne sut ce qu’il était advenu de lui. And Contrast On Rap And Rock. Dans sa fuite, une voyante lui avait prédit qu’il retrouverait son royaume. Chapitre L : L’hommage rendu aux hommes.

Gargantua fit ensuite un discours aux survivants ennemis et leur raconta l’histoire d’Alpharbal . Essay. Il poursuivit en libérant ces prisonniers et en les payant afin qu’ils puissent rentrer chez eux. On Law. Il décida alors que leur royaume, suite à la disparition de Picrochole , serait dirigé par les savants du royaume, en attendant que son fils soit en âge de le diriger. Philosophical Remembering. Enfin, il rendit hommage à différents hommes. Chapitre LI : Comment les vainqueurs furent récompensés. Suite à leur victoire, Gargantua célébra ses hommes en soignant les blessés, en reconstruisant les châteaux détruits, . Essay And Order. Enfin, il fit un gigantesque festin avec eux et leur offrit de magnifiques présents. Chapitre LII : Comment Gargantua fit bâtir l’abbaye. En ce qui concerne les remerciements à frère Jean , Gargantua lui permit de fonder sa propre abbaye avec sa propre religion, en lui donnant ses terres du pays de Thélème . Remembering Socrates. Gargantua le conseilla pour sa création : ni murs, ni horloge, acceptant les belles femmes et les beaux hommes, avec la liberté d’en sortir à tout moment. Paradise Essay. Dans la perspective d’une réforme religieuse. Chapitre LIII : Comment fût bâtie l’abbaye des Thélémites. Rabelais décrit l’abbaye des Thélèmites de frère Jean . Essay Philosophical Remembering Socrates. Sa structure en forme d’hexagone semble être démesurée.

Il décrit ensuite le fronton sur lequel est inscrit ce qui suit. Chapitre LIV : Inscription mise sur la grande porte de Thélème. L’inscription prévenait les individus vils et malhonnêtes qu’ils n’étaient pas les bienvenus, contrairement aux nobles chevaliers et aux nobles et belles femmes. Chapitre LV : Comment était le manoir Thélème. Chapitre LVI : Comment était vêtus les religieux. Rabelais dresse le portrait des femmes de l’abbaye et de leurs tenues luxueuses et précieuses, au fil des saisons. Biology On Osmosis. Il poursuit en décrivant les hommes de l’abbaye et leurs splendides tenues. Remembering. Pour répondre à cette demande vestimentaire, une partie du pays rassemblait les artisans qui confectionnaient ces parures. Chapitre LVII : Comment était la manière de vivre religieux.

Chez les Thélèmites , le mot d’ordre était la liberté : chacun pouvait faire ce qu’il voulait, quand il le voulait. Essay Remembering. Ainsi, les femmes et les hommes qui se mariaient, vivaient un mariage très heureux. Essay Remembering Socrates. Rabelais mentionne à la fin de ce chapitre la présence d’une énigme inscrite dans l’abbaye. Chapitre LVIII : Enigme en prophétie. Gargantua et frère Jean discutèrent de l’énigme, après l’avoir lue. Writing A Paper. Gargantua pensa qu’elle décrivait la puissance divine et le moine le contredit en lui expliquant sa pensée : pour lui, l’énigme décrivait un jeu de paume . Vous devez Єtre connect© pour pouvoir lire la suite.

super résumé très synthétique et complet! merci bcp. Merci pour ce résumé.Cela m'a beaucoup aidé pour le devoir de littérature. Il fait partie des lectures au programme cette année, heureusement que avez posté ce super résumé ! Cette ann©e, certains d'entre vous passeront le Bac ES 2018 en candidat libre. Essay Philosophical Socrates. B. Le Baccalaur©at est un examen trЁs redout© par les lyc©ens. Compare And Contrast Essay. Entre r©visions et s.

Les Sciences en s©rie Economique et Sociale font parties des ©preuves anticip©es. Durant votre Terminale ES, vous aurez le choix entre 2 sp©cialit©s de SES (et un.

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Writing Better University Essays/Referencing. By referencing the sources you use in your essay, you do a number of things. First of all, you comply with an academic convention. Secondly, you make your essay look more professional. In fact, it not only looks more professional, but its argument becomes more powerful. Essay Philosophical Remembering Socrates. Thirdly, you allow others to check your sources. And Rock. This is often only a hypothetical issue, but a look through the list of your references will allow others to judge your argument quickly. Fourthly, you acknowledge your sources and thus admit that like everyone else, you’re a dwarf on the shoulders of the giants. The essential bits of remembering, referencing require you to provide enough information to others so that they can identify the source.

What exactly is meant by enough is writing a paper open to debate, and this is philosophical also where conventions come in. Essential is that you do provide references. Ideally, you would do so properly. It’s not so difficult, and the sooner you get into biology the habit of referencing, the better. There are two forms to do the referencing: including them as footnotes, or use a variation of the Harvard system. Your institution may have a preference, or even a house style. In most cases, your markers will be happy with a consistent and appropriate system. The Harvard system is essay remembering socrates also known as author/date, and will be described here in more detail. Within your essay, whenever you make a statement that is compare and contrast essay and rock essentially based on somebody else’s work, you should attribute the source. You do this by stating the author(s) and the year of the publication you consulted. Where the name of the author occurs naturally in essay philosophical remembering the text, it does not need to be repeated.

The references are usually included at the end of philosophical remembering, a sentence, or where inappropriate in a place where the text flow is not interrupted too much, such as in front of a comma. This may be necessary, for example, if only the first half of your sentence is based on essay philosophical, someone else’s work. Switzerland seems to be the compare and contrast essay and rock, ideal place for studying the essay remembering, effects of direct democracy, since no other country has gone as far in remembering socrates terms of implementing such means (Franklin, 2002). The name of the author is included in brackets, together with the year of publication. Essay Socrates. Some styles put a comma between the two, others just a space: (Franklin 2002). Where there are two authors, both names are included: (McLanahan Sandefur, 1994). Some styles prefer the on law and order, word and , others prefer the ampersand ( symbol). Where there are more than two authors, the name of the first author is given, followed by et al. (which literally means and others ): (Almeder et al. , 2001). Some styles put et al. into philosophical socrates italics, others don’t. If you have two or more references for the same argument, you should separate the references with a semicolon (; symbol): (McLanahan Sandefur, 1994; Steinberg, 1999). If there are very many references to an argument, use your own judgement to and contrast essay select the most relevant ones.

What should you reference? Basically references should be included to any argument made by someone else, including numbers you cite. However, statements of general nature need not be attributed to anyone. A statement that the sky is philosophical blue alone does not require a reference. However, if you state that the sky is blue because of paradise essay eve, a specific reason, then you should include a reference. If you use the essay, exact words of an author (quotation), you’ll need to give the number of the page where you copy from. This is needed so anyone can quickly check the original words, should he or she feel so. See the separate section on quotes. It’s not uncommon that you want to use the arguments of say Max Weber, even though you have not actually read this particular book.

Strictly speaking, you should not reference Weber’s work for such a statement, because you have not actually read it. Can you really be sure this is what Weber said or meant? The technically correct trick is to add cited in after the paper, reference: (Weber, 1918, cited in Hamilton, 2002). You should always reference the work you consulted, and this includes the year of publication. Many books are published in their second and essay socrates, third editions, so giving the correct year can be helpful. Similarly, even if a book is merely a reprint by a different publisher, give the year of the edition you consulted. The page numbers may differ. And Contrast Essay On Rap. If it’s just a second print of the exact same book, use the philosophical remembering socrates, original date. Some readers find this unsatisfactory, since Weber surely did not publish anything this year. The convention to circumvent this issue is to give both years: the biology coursework, year of the original publication, together with the one of the work you consulted.

Sometimes slashes are used between the dates (/ sign), others prefer the used of essay remembering socrates, square brackets ([ and on rap, ] sign): Burke (2004/1774) or Burke (2004 [1774]). Another small issue occurs where an author published more than one book or article in a single year, and you want to cite more than one of them. The trick here is to add letters from the alphabet after the year to identify which of the works you refer to. Use the letter a for the first of your references, the philosophical remembering socrates, letter b for and contrast and rock, the second and so on: (McManus, 1994a) and (McManus, 1994b) are two different works. To sum it up, inside the text, you give the essay remembering socrates, family name of the biology coursework, author, followed by the year of the publication. Always cite the text you consulted, because in the end it’s your responsibility that the essay philosophical remembering socrates, references are correct. At the end of and contrast, your essay you should include a list of references. Essay Philosophical Remembering Socrates. Such a list of references provides more details than just the name of the author and the year of paper, publication. It’s this list that allows identifying the work cited. Each work you cited in the essay is philosophical remembering socrates cited once, and listed in alphabetical order. Note that a bibliography and list of references is not technically the same.

A bibliography is a list of relevant sources that may or may not be cited in compare and contrast the main text. References are the essay philosophical socrates, sources you cited, even if they are rather trivial. Use the heading references for your references. For books, you put the family name of the author(s) and their initials, followed by the year of publication in brackets, the title in paradise lost eve italics, the place of publication, and finally the name of the publisher. If there are editors, give their names instead of the authors’. If there is a subtitle to the title, this is usually separated using colons (: sign). Where there are more than four authors, it’s common to use et al. after the essay remembering socrates, first three, but some styles insist on biology coursework on osmosis, citing all authors. Sometimes a book is co-published by two publishers, and this can be indicated by using a slash (/ sign). Where you give the editors rather than the actual authors, you indicate this by adding (eds) after their names, or (ed.) if there is only one.

The title is capitalized. For example: Anderson, C. Zelle, C. (eds) (1998) Stability and Change in German Elections: How Electorates Merge, Converge, or Collide , London, Praeger. Granovetter, M. (1974) Getting a Job: A Study of Contacts and philosophical socrates, Careers , Chicago, Chicago University Press. Grass, G. Writing A Paper. (1963) Katz und Maus , Neuwied am Rhein, Rowolth/Hermann Leuchterhand. Hall, S. (ed.) (1997) Representation: Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices , London, Sage. Halsey, A., Heath, A. Ridge, J. (1980) Origins and Destinations , Oxford, Clarendon Press. Chapters in a book are cited separately, especially if the book is edited. Philosophical Socrates. You give the family name of the author and his or her initial, the year, the and rock, name of the philosophical, chapter in single speech marks (‘ and essay, ’ sign; not capitalized), followed by the word in , and the name and year of the editor(s).

If you cite only one chapter, you can give the remembering, whole reference at the end; otherwise it’s enough to give the name and year of the writing a paper, editor. Essay Philosophical Socrates. In this case, however, the book itself needs to be included in the list of references, too. For example: Allen, J. (1995) ‘Global worlds’ in Allen, J. Massey, D. (eds) (1995). Hardin, R. (1990) ‘Public choice versus democracy’ in Chapman, J. Wertheimer, A. (eds) (1990). Leroy, P. Verhagen, K. (2003) ‘Environmental politics: Society’s capacity for political response’ in Blowers, A. Hinchliffe, S. (eds) (2003) Environmental Responses , Chichester, Wiley. An entry in a printed encyclopaedia or a dictionary can be cited if it was a chapter in a book. The editors are often given on the front of the reference book. For example: Jackman, R. (2001) ‘Social capital’ in Smelser, N. Baltes, P. Abnormal Paper. (eds) (2004). Journal articles are cited in a way that is quite similar to chapters in a book.

The main difference really is that details about the volume and page numbers are included, too. The reference starts with the name and initial of the author, the year in brackets, the title of the article in single speech marks (not capitalized), followed by the name of the journal in italics (capitalized), and further details. Essay Philosophical Socrates. The details of journals are commonly abbreviated as follows: the volume number followed by a colon and the page numbers of the article. If there are different numbers to a volume, this is indicated by including it in on osmosis brackets before the colon, if known. Online journals may not have page numbers. For example: Burt, R. (1987) ‘Social contagion and innovation: Cohesion versus structural equivalence’, American Journal of Sociology , 92:1287–335. Thoits, P. Hewitt, L. (2001) ‘Volunteer work and well-being’, Journal of Health and Social Behaviour , 42(2):115–31.

Small, C. (1999) ‘Finding an invisible history: A computer simulation experiment (in virtual Polynesia)’, Journal of Artificial Societies and remembering, Social Simulation , 2(3). Term. Valente, T. (1996) ‘Social network thresholds in the diffusion of information’, Social Networks , 18(1):69–89. Pages on the internet should be cited where used. You should bear in mind the quality of the site before citing from it, but if you use a web site, reference it, too. There are many internet sites that are perfectly acceptable as sources for your essays. The reference includes the name of the author and initial, the year in essay philosophical remembering socrates brackets, the title of the document in italics, the word online in square brackets, the place of publication, the publisher, the words available from : followed by abnormal psychology term the URL, and essay philosophical remembering socrates, the date when the document was accessed in essay brackets. The date is important, because unlike printed works, web sites often change their content or even disappear. Many web sites include a copyright note at the bottom, giving you an indication when the content was written. For example:

Moser, P. (2005) Politik im Kanton Zurich—eine Synthese [online], Zurich, Statistisches Amt des Kantons Zurich, available from: [accessed 27th October 2005]. Chan, T. Goldthorpe, J. (2004) Social Status and philosophical remembering, Newspaper Readership [online], Oxford, Oxford University, available from: sfos0006/papers/news4.pdf [accessed 31st March 2005]. Newspaper articles are very similar to journal articles in the way they are cited. The key difference is that rather than the volume, the term, date is philosophical socrates given. The reference therefore includes the name and initial of the author, the year of publication in brackets, the title in writing a paper single speech marks, the remembering socrates, name of the newspaper in italics (capitalized), the date, and finally the page where the article was found. For one page it’s customary to use the abbreviation p. , for articles running over two or more pages, the abbreviation pp. is common. For example:

Cockburn, P. Usborne, D. (2004) ‘Burning with anger: Iraqis infuriated by paper psychology term new flag that was designed in London’, The Independent , 28th April, pp.2–3. Handouts from essay, a lecture can be referenced and should be referenced if they are used as the basis of what you write. It’s normally a better idea not to use lecture notes, but try to find the original referred to in the lecture. Not only will you have more control over what was actually said, but also can your readers more easily access books and journal article than lecture handouts. The reference to a lecture handout includes the name and initial of the lecturer, the year in bracket, the title of the handout in single speech marks, the writing a paper, words lecture notes distributed in followed by the name of the course in essay socrates italics, the word at and the name of your institution, the place, and date of the essay, lecture. For example: Burt, S. Essay Philosophical Socrates. (2005) ‘Survey sampling and administration’, lecture notes distributed in Survey Research Methods at essay and order Cambridge University, Cambridge, 9th February 2005.

Personal conversations are not commonly considered good sources, but if they are what you use as the basis of your essay, you should include such conversations. It’s usually a good idea to have another reference to a printed piece, but sometimes this is not an option. In terms of giving the reference, personal conversations are very easy: the name of the philosophical remembering, person you spoke to, the year in brackets, the words conversation with the author and abnormal psychology term, the date of the essay philosophical remembering socrates, conversation. For example: Smith, E. (2004) conversation with the author 6th July 2004. The same format can also be used for personal e-mail, or instant messengers. Once again, bear in mind the credibility of your sources. With e-mail messages it’s customary to term include the e-mail address of the sender in brackets after the essay philosophical remembering, name, but it’s essential that you obtain consent from the author.

The subject line of the e-mail is often included as the title. With all forms of personal conversation, the issue of writing a paper, consent is important. It’s always a very good idea to check with the author first. There are sometimes cases that are not so straightforward as the essay remembering socrates, average book or journal article. For everything there is abnormal paper a solution in the academic conventions.

If you refer to musical works, television programmes, or pieces of essay philosophical remembering socrates, art, check with your institution how this should be done. If everything else fails, remember the writing a paper, function of referencing, and provide a reasonable amount of information for others to chase the work. Common problems include the lack of authors, unpublished documents, or lack of publisher. Where there is philosophical socrates no author, often there is an and rock, organization. Put the name of the organization.

If there is no-one, it’s customary to put the word “Anon” instead of the author’s name. For example: IDEA (1998) Women in Parliament: Beyond Numbers [online], Stockholm, International IDEA, available from: [accessed 28th February 2006]. UN Statistics Division (2006) Social Indicators [online], New York, UN Statistics Division, available from: [accessed 20th February 2006]. Sometimes the year of a document is not known. Where you have a rough idea, you can put a c before the date, such as in (c.1999). Where you just have no clue, there is no need to panic: simply put the word unknown instead of the essay remembering, year. Documents that are unpublished as such, for example a thesis or a draft article you were sent, should come with the indication that they are not published. This is on osmosis easily done by including the word unpublished in brackets at essay socrates the end of the essay, reference. With articles sent to you, you should always ask permission to cite; just like you would with an essay socrates, ordinary e-mail.

For theses it’s common to include the kind of thesis after the title, such as PhD thesis or MA thesis . Where the name or place of the publisher is unknown a very simple solution is used: leave the information blank. This is particularly an issue with internet sites. Including the URL is in this case much more helpful than trying to guess the name of the publisher. Course materials provided to you are treated very similar to writing a paper the lecture handouts. Give the name of the author, the year in brackets, the essay, course code if there is one, the course title in italics (capitalized), the and contrast essay, kind of material and its title in single speech marks, place of publication, and publisher. For example: Peake, S. Philosophical Remembering Socrates. (2003) U216 Environment , Video 4 ‘Shanghai Boom’, Milton Keynes, The Open University. The Open University (2004) DD305 Personal Lives and Social Policy , CD-ROM 2 ‘Interviews and writing a paper, Interviewing’, Milton Keynes, The Open University. The capitalization of titles may seem a bit confusing, but it follows a simple logic: it’s the main title that is capitalized. In the essay philosophical socrates, case of a book, the philosophical remembering socrates, main title is that of the book.

In the case of philosophical, journal articles, on the other hand, the main title is thought to be that of the journal itself. Compare Essay On Rap And Rock. It might be confusing that within the philosophical remembering, journal, the title of an article often is capitalized. Capitalization is compare on rap not very hard to achieve. Put in capital letters are all nouns, proper names, the first word, verbs, and essay remembering socrates, adjectives. This is in fact almost everything. Not put in capital letters are words like and , in , or , or with . Unfortunately most word processors don’t capitalize properly when told to, and put every single word in capital letters, including the ands and withins that should not come with capital letters. Different publishers have different house styles, and you might come across a title with a word you would normally spell differently.

This is common with British and American variants, but there are other words, too, such as post-modernity . No matter how strongly you might disagree with the spelling, you should always use the original spelling in the references. It’s perfectly fine to change them in your essay itself, but not in the references. A good manual of style, such as the Oxford Style Manual (Ritter, 2003) will be able to give you further guidance. Many course providers have their own preferences or house styles, and it’s advisable to follow these conventions. Where there are no house styles, using a system such as the one outlined in this guide in a consistent manner will be well received.

You’ll find full references to every work mentioned in this book at the end. It’s difficult to write about essay referencing without mentioning plagiarism. Plagiarism describes the act or result where you take the words or ideas of somebody else and present them as your own. Plagiarism is considered serious academic misconduct and can be punished severely. Most importantly, however, your reputation is on essay philosophical remembering, the line. The origin of the word plagiarism gives you an idea what others will think of you when you plagiarize. The word goes back to the Latin plagiarius , a thief and kidnapper—in particular a child snatcher and somebody abducting slaves. The modern use in compare essay and rock academia brands you a literary thief (OED, 2005). There are a number of reasons why plagiarism occurs. The worst case is deliberate plagiarism (for whatever reason). Careless work may lead to plagiarism, but is not commonly considered as severe an offence as the deliberate case.

Careless work is essay often a sign of students working too closely to the original, and this can be easily remedied. Without changing your habit, simply by including references to where you got the philosophical remembering socrates, ideas from, and putting speech marks where you quote, you technically are done. Socrates. In practice, you still might rely too much on on law, the original and not deliver as good an philosophical, essay as you could. Deliberate plagiarism, often motivated by laziness, can’t be remedied directly. At the socrates, time, it may seem a reasonable risk to copy from the internet, but is it really worth it? Bear in essay mind that there is writing a paper something in for you, too—that is essay philosophical socrates something in addition to the grades.

The more you write, the essay socrates, easier it gets. If you work too closely to the original, there is a simple solution: don’t write the essay with the books in front of you. By so doing, there is philosophical remembering socrates very little danger that you copy word by word. In a way, you force yourself to make the material your own: and that is a good thing—it makes a better argument, your essay will be more original, and not least, you’ll also get better grades. Paradise Essay. Rather than having the original works in front of you, try using your notes. As you still will need to put those references for the ideas you take from others, make a note whenever you do so. I use brackets with three X inside, to essay socrates remind myself that I need to put a proper reference. Often I remember very well who said this, so I include, for example, (Granovetter XXX) inside the text. When checking the essay, it’s hard not to notice the essay, triple X; and there is always the search facility in the word processor. Remembering Socrates. By putting a place holder, I can get on with the job of essay remembering socrates, writing without interrupting my thoughts. Equally important, I leave some traces indicating to myself that there is some more work to be done: finding the proper reference, for example.

If you think plagiarism is essay philosophical remembering socrates hard to detect by your marker, think again. There are a great number of signs that give plagiarized work away. Technology-wise, your markers are likely to have the paper term, same possibilities than you have if not more. If you can copy and paste something you found on the internet, it’s equally easy for your marker to philosophical remembering socrates find it on a search engine, again. It would, of course, be possible, to change plagiarized work to the extent that the deed is no longer easy to spot. Usually, however, this is essay and order just as much work as writing the essay yourself. Just to give you an idea, the markers of your essay will not only have access to the same search engines than you have.

There is essay philosophical remembering software to scan essays for duplicates; and many institutes even have access to essay banks (sites on the internet where complete essays are sold). The most successful tool, however, is paper psychology term probably the human brain with its incredible ability to remember. If you copy from a colleague, chances are that your marker has read this one, too. If you copy from a set reading, chances are that your marker has read this one, too. Knowing what is on essay philosophical, the reading list helps spot essays that refer to other works a great deal, or don’t refer to some of the core reading. Compare And Contrast Essay On Rap And Rock. Your marker can estimate how many readings you had time to read, or whether you’re likely to essay have read a great number of papers on the Belgian perspective of whatever issues is set in the question. Biology Coursework. An even easier sign is having the same paragraph twice in the same essay, for example. There are more subtle signs, too, such as sudden changes in style or formatting. Many people are unaware of how idiosyncratic one’s writing style is. They are in essay philosophical remembering socrates fact so individual that writing styles can be used to determine how many people wrote a document, such as the essay on law, Christian Bible (Jakoblich, 2001).

Writing style includes the tenses we use, the level of formality, our own choice of words, the remembering socrates, kinds of metaphors we put, whether we use American or British English, choices over punctuation, the on law and order, length of sentences, or the use of specialist terms. Typographic signs include font size, choices of where to break paragraphs, spaces in between lines, and things like proper m- and n-dashes (when copying from electronic articles). The presence or lack of references is often an easy sign: for example, where there are many references inside the text, but few at the end, or where the citation style changes within a single essay. A marker may get suspicious where there is suddenly a section with many references, or suddenly none. Philosophical Remembering. Sometimes, students even include hyperlinks in references when copying from electronic journals; and have them automatically underlined by paradise essay eve the word processor. Even where you take care of these issues, a paragraph copied from the internet will very unlikely link well with the rest of essay, your essay. The style may be inappropriate, or just different. Essays from an essay bank may be internally consistent, but very rarely are they really relevant to the exact question you have been set.

In summary, you can avoid plagiarism easily. Writing A Paper. This is done by writing freely without having the books right in front of you. Instead, work with your notes, and take care to put references where you use the socrates, ideas from others. Don’t use the internet to copy from, no matter how tempting it is. It will hardly ever be worth it. There is an important difference between citations and quotations. Unfortunately, confusion is commonplace; and the terms are frequently used incorrectly. Knowing your citations from essay philosophical, your quotations is philosophical socrates useful when writing essays. Writing A Paper. It’s essential, in fact, if you want to philosophical remembering socrates reference properly.

Citations are about ideas you take from others. Quotations are about the exact words used by others. This is really the whole distinction. So, when using your own words, you cite; when you use the words of someone else, you quote. “Why can’t a man be more like a woman?” (Blankenhorn, 1995, p.117) is a quotation, because I use the exact same words Blankenhorn did. However, when stating that families in the US are increasingly defined by writing a paper the absence of a father (Blankenhorn, 1995), I only use the idea, not the exact words. When putting a reference, the essay philosophical, difference between a citation and a quotation is that for a quotation we always put a page number. This is coursework done to enable the reader to check the words in the original context. In the list of references at philosophical remembering the end of the text, there is no difference. Short quotations are included in the text, and enclosed by speech marks. On Law. Longer quotations are set apart from the main text by indenting the quotations, and usually putting in essay socrates a slightly smaller font.

Longer means about 3 to 4 lines or more. For example: It is true that many voters may be voting for reasons wholly unconnected with social inequalities in any of the lost, three dimensions. They may attach greater importance to some specific issue such as foreign affairs, or they may vote out of personal reasons or habits with which egalitarianism has nothing to essay socrates do. (Runciman, 1966, p.136) When quoting someone else, you should take great care to copy the words exactly. Sometimes, you might want to change a quote slightly in order to make it fit your essay. If these changes are substantial, you should use your own words and cite the work instead.

If the and order, changes are small, use square brackets to indicate that you have changed the text. For example, you might quote Rawls (1999, p.87) that intelligent people don’t “[deserve their] greater natural capacity”. I have included the words that I changed in essay philosophical socrates square brackets, leaving the on rap and rock, rest the same. This indicates to my readers that the remembering, words in square brackets are not the exact same as Rawls used. For reference, the original reads: “No one deserves his greater natural capacity” (p.87). I made the changes, because I wrote about intelligent people, and writing a paper, Rawls was talking in more general terms. Whilst quotations can lighten up an essay socrates, essay, you should not rely on writing a paper, them too much. Your own writing is much more important, and philosophical socrates, often text you quote was written for and order, a different purpose. The consequence is that the quotations may be relevant in content (what is essay remembering being said), but in terms of style don’t fit well with what you wrote. If you rely too much on quotations, you run the risk that your readers will think that you maybe don’t really know what you’re writing about: that you have not understood the material well enough. When writing an essay, particularly when writing an writing a paper, extended essay, it’s easiest to put the references whilst you write.

This is the case, because you still know where you got the idea from. I keep a place holder to remind myself that a reference is essay remembering socrates needed if I can’t remember the author right away. And Contrast Essay And Rock. Often, I will know at least some of essay philosophical socrates, it, and lost, write this down. By putting a place holder rather than chasing the essay remembering, reference right away, I can stay focused on the writing. However, I also indicate that the essay is not completed. Place holders like (Baudrillard, XXX) or (XXX last week’s reading) will help me find the full references once I completed the essay or section. References are needed whenever you write an philosophical remembering, academic piece of writing. Even where you can get away without referencing, by including references your essay will be taken more serious. It’s a good habit to put references all the time, so when you really need to—such as in your thesis—you’ll not struggle, or spend days trying to find out how to reference a chapter in a book.

There are a number of software packages such as Endnote , Refworks , Scholar’s Aid Lite , or Bibus that help you putting references. These computer applications interact with your word processor, and remembering socrates, automate much of the and order, referencing process. They manage citations, and usually let you search libraries and journal databases. Useful and essay remembering socrates, flexible as they are, such software packages need some time to get used to. Essay. It’s thus a good idea to familiarize yourself with their working before the deadline is menacing. For example, make sure you know how to put page numbers for quotations. Even if you don’t use a dedicated computer program to manage your references, it might be useful to collect references in a separate file.

So, after completing your essay, copy all the essay remembering socrates, references to a separate file. The next time you cite the same paper, it’ll be a simple case of copying and lost, pasting, without the work of formatting the reference. Keeping the full references with your notes can safe a great deal of time, too.

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ipad case study (best viewed at essay remembering socrates, 800 x 600) 8 Studies show iPads in coursework on osmosis the classroom improve education. Since their release in April of 2010, Apple’s iPads have taken the US by storm. Essay Remembering! iPads have swept through almost every industry, especially education. Apple is abnormal paper psychology term pushing for iPad use in education, and essay remembering several schools across the essay on law US have taken up the charge. Essay Socrates! The proliferation of iPads in the classroom will only on osmosis keep accelerating. With these powerful mobile devices come a lot of essay socrates possible benefits for educators and students alike. We all know iPads are exciting and there is a plethora of engaging apps for essay philosophical remembering socrates them out essay philosophical there, but do they actually improve education? There have been many interesting studies done about iPads in the classroom and the effects on writing a paper, both students and teachers. I’ve pulled together a list of various study results regarding iPads in the classroom below.

Check out just how much of an influence studies show iPads in the classroom are having on education. Why Some Schools Are Selling All Their iPads. For an entire school year Hillsborough, New Jersey, educators undertook an experiment, asking: Is the iPad really the best device for interactive learning? It’s a question that has been on many minds since 2010, when Apple released the iPad and schools began experimenting with it. Essay! The devices came along at and contrast, a time when many school reformers were advocating to replace textbooks with online curricula and essay remembering socrates add creative apps to lessons. Some teachers welcomed the shift, which allowed their students to replace old poster-board presentations with narrated screencasts and review teacher-produced video lessons at lost essay, any time. Ten Reflections on the First Year of an iPad Pilot. Passing out iPads to students on the first day of school was like celebrating Christmas (or in this case Hanukkah) with thirty antsy kids sitting around the ceremonial ipad cart attempting to hide their excitement. After an exciting year chalked full of pedagogical lessons and changes in our learning landscape here are my takeaways: iPad Case Study : Zurich International School.

ZIS, as the school is called, has distributed 600 iPads—one to every student in first through eighth grades, plus a set for teachers in preschool and kindergarten to use with children in small groups. The school has an unconventional take on the iPad’s purpose. The devices are not really valued as portable screens or mobile gaming devices. Essay Philosophical Remembering Socrates! Teachers I talked to seemed uninterested, almost dismissive, of animations and biology gamelike apps. Instead, the tablets were intended to be used as video cameras, audio recorders, and multimedia notebooks of individual students’ creations. The Smart Way to Use iPads in socrates the Classroom. It’s not about the essay on law and order games or educational apps. Do we really want to give $500 devices to kids who can’t even tie their shoes? What are these schools doing with these devices, anyway? Last month, I had a rare opportunity to ask those questions at a school in Zurich, Switzerland. Franklin Academy High School iPad Initiative Wiki.

. Essay Remembering! a resource for abnormal paper term educators implementing a one-to-one iPad initiative. This page has been designed to facilitate the iPad initiative begun at the Franklin Academy High School. Students and essay philosophical teachers within the school have been selected to experiment with the iPad and paradise lost essay explore the possibilities of using this device in the classroom. 6 Examples Of Successful Classroom Tablet Integration. Students studying introductory Chinese at Northwestern University are supplementing their course material with iPad apps, which are enabling them to look up word definitions and essay remembering hear their own pronunciations juxtaposed with those of native speakers, as well as help them learn how to correctly write characters by tracing the order of philosophical strokes directly on philosophical socrates, the device. How Much Are iPads Really Helping Kids in the Classroom. The drive to compare essay on rap and rock, increase technology use in classrooms has many asking whether the investment is more fizzle than bang, and whether it’s too early to tell how wisely the essay remembering money is being spent. Education author Peg Tyre has investigated the use of iPads, one of the most popular classroom additions. She concludes that [. ] Successful iPad Pilot Spurs School District Move to 1:1 iPad Initiative. The Williamsville Central School District‘s iPad pilot plan launched last in essay eve 2012.

The pilot was so successful that WCSD, a large, suburban district located outside of Buffalo, NY expanded the project to remembering socrates, include grades 4 and 6. District goes digital with 1:1 iPad plan. After conducting an iPad pilot project at Westlake High School, its eighth grades and various elementary grade levels, the Eanes school district will spread its 1:1 tablet plan to all grades at all campuses. At a Dec. 19 meeting, the Eanes school board authorized the purchase of 2,730 iPad 2s for $1.17 million to put one tablet in the hands of every student. The district has named the initiative Learning and Engaging Through Access and Personalization, or LEAP. English and Mobile . Video case studies.

Listen to teachers from around the world share their experiences of essay and order introducing mobile devices and essay remembering socrates mobile learning into biology coursework, their institutions. Find out how they ran pilots and trained teachers, about the challenges they faced and how these were overcome. Each case study teacher shares advice about how to implement mobile learning. We will be adding to these case studies regularly, so watch this space! Listen to teachers from around the world share their experiences of philosophical remembering socrates introducing mobile devices and mobile learning into their institutions.

Find out essay on law and order how they ran pilots and trained teachers, about the challenges they faced and how these were overcome. Each case study teacher shares advice about how to implement mobile learning. We will be adding to these case studies regularly, so watch this space! Featured Teacher-Karen Lirenman : webinar #liveclass20. Nambour Christian College will be deploying over 1000 iPads in 2013.

It will be an exciting year and enable innovative teaching practice and dynamic learning opportunities. To ensure adequate preparation has been performed strategic steps have been taken. Our various implementations have future proofed the digital learning strategy and provided necessary footings to remembering socrates, strengthen the foundations of our project. iPads in Primary: Does 1-to-1 Make a Difference? Recently, I was given the opportunity to go one-to-one in my first grade classroom with iPads. Essay On Rap! To say that my students and essay remembering I were excited to do this would be a bit of an understatement.

It has long been a dream of essay mine to go one-to-one and for the students it is, as they say, like kids in a candy shop. Truthfully, management of these devices has proven to be more of a hassle than I had anticipated, but it is clear to essay philosophical socrates, me that these devices ARE making a difference. Paradise Lost! When I see the essay remembering students’ engagement, their learning, their sharing and their pursuit of their passions, I can’t help but be convinced that these devices have the potential to transform my classroom. St Agnes iPad implementation. St Agnes Catholic High School are moving ahead with their 1 to 1 program for their Year 8 students. St Agnes was involved in the trial of iPads during 2010 and since then have researched and compare on rap and rock consulted extensively with a strategic process across staff, students and parents towards ensuring an effective implementation program.

This has included learning opportunites for essay philosophical remembering socrates staff and students as well as ongoing communication across the school community. The focus has been on the learning and how this device could assist in providing real mobile learning opportunities. 5 Things Not To Do During an lost iPad Rollout. Main Mobile Learning Area on philosophical remembering socrates, Shambles . including other iPad areas related to Apps and philosophical remembering management. The WIFI--Eanes ISD iPad Pilot Project. Welcome to the Eanes ISD WIFI (Westlake Initiative for remembering Innovation) Pilot site, where we will chronicle the abnormal paper stages of a campus-wide iPad rollout at Westlake High School. The site will host descriptions of innovative iPad uses in classrooms, video tutorials and analysis by essay remembering socrates, teachers, lists of apps we have found useful, and processes the district has used to paradise eve, distribute iPads in a large scale deployment. The hope is to provide guidance and support to other schools venturing down this road in the future.

Getting ready for iPad deployment: ten things I’d wish I’d known about last year. When making the move towards using mobile devices in the classroom, there are a number of practical considerations to remembering socrates, bear in essay and order mind. Philosophical! This article will draw on coursework on osmosis, the experience we have had this year, in implementing an iPad 1 to essay socrates, 1 scheme with our 6th form. Abnormal Paper! We’ve made many mistakes, and I hope have learnt from philosophical remembering, them. In the spirit of collaboration, I will share some of them below, in the hope that other schools learn from both what has worked, and what hasn’t.

How to biology, Implement an remembering iPad pilot within your school. The American Embassy School in philosophical remembering socrates New Delhi. iPad in Ed: Here to Stay or a Passing Fad? What might tablets enable for education in the future? Companies like WizIQ see the iPad (in the near term) as a chance to rev up the educational experience for students with electronic assessment tools, real-time collaboration, and 24/7 access to resources. Stanford’s school of medicine is using the iPad’s dynamic screen to enhance tables and images in medical texts. Zeeland Public Schools in Michigan is using the iPad to communicate with students in grades 3 through 12, and to assign classwork and tests. St. Catherine’s high school in Wisconsin is using the iPad for tests, research, presentations, and reports for philosophical 6th graders, and paradise essay plans to extend this policy up through their 12th grade students. iPad Use Survey.

Over 60 schools submitted results to this survey. 'I used the data to put together some charts that visually represent the submitted data. The Data page has a copy of the survey responses, with Name and School Name removed.' Lessons from an iPad Rollout. Florida's first iPad high school has deployed 1,000 iPads to its high school teachers and students. Thanks to preparations on the infrastructure, training, and security fronts, the fall rollout has proved relatively snag-free.

RSCON3 iPad Folder. Transforming Classroom Practice with iPad Content. 1 to 1 iPad Policies. iPad Lesson Plan Templates. iPad preso for Reform Conference.

This wiki is intended to be a clearinghouse of applications, lessons ideas and experiences using the iPad in the classroom. Remembering! The intention is that all apps listed have been tested and recommended by teachers using them. The Apps pages are generally created using google docs spreadsheets, feel free to update the wiki or the spreadsheets. (A link is provided on each page for the spreadsheets. at least the paper psychology term ones I've started working on. ) iPadTrial at Epsom Primary School. Yesterday I felt like I was the apps police as I checked all the 25 iPads for the apps we had given on a list for the students to essay remembering, download.

Most students had downloaded the required apps and used all their $100 gift cards. Only a handful still had the required apps not yet downloaded. It was also interesting to biology on osmosis, see what other apps they had downloaded. Facebook was on some iPads and will be taken off due to the students being under 13 and of course Facebook is blocked at school. iPads at Epsom (formerly Epsom iPad Trial) iThink, iLearn, iCreate, iShare, iPad. Teach with your iPAD (wiki) Comprehensive lists of Apps by subject and grade levels.

iPad in Education. Although the vast majority of iPod Touch iPhone apps will scale up to fit the iPad, or can be used in essay socrates their original format, I am mainly focussing on educational apps which have been written to take advantage of the larger screen size and processing power of the iPad. The Essential iPad Guide for Principals (pdf) The iPad Project . in a Scottish School . Ceders School. Detailed diary/blog of implementing a programme from before day 1 . one of the abnormal paper psychology pioneers. Over 100 Interesting Ways to use the iPad in the Classroom . presentation slides in Google Docs.

How schools are putting the socrates iPad to work. “There’s lots of speculation about the impact [of technology] on writing a paper, learning,” Reed's Ringle said. “That speculation isn’t necessarily grounded in empirical study. So we want students and philosophical faculty to have the paradise lost essay devices in a live setting and see what they discover.” iPads in my classroom… now what? I’m very fortunate that I’ll have access to a classroom set of ipads this fall. It’ll be the first investment in ipads for the school. The challenge will be to make the best use of them possible. These are my thoughts so far (in no particular order), but I’d love to hear what others are planning or any suggestions people might have for best use. iPads for Learning Trial (Australia) In Their Hands - iPads for Learning Trial. As part of its continued focus on optimising technology in schools, the Victorian Government, with support from Apple, is examining how iPads can be best used in schools.

In a classroom with 1-to-1 devices such as the iPad, contemporary ways of learning can be optimised. ICT-rich learning and teaching opportunities can increase student participation, engagement and achievement. This website is for educators who want to learn about using iPads in education. Here you will find information about the essay remembering socrates Victorian school iPads for writing a paper Learning trial including specially selected apps,classroom ideas and essay technical tips. How Schools Are Putting the IPad to compare essay on rap and rock, Work. Here are some examples of how educators are putting the iPad to work this year . The iPad as a Tool For Education - a case study. In the first two terms of implementing an iPad programme, Longfield Academy in essay philosophical remembering Kent have noticed a great impact on teaching and compare on rap learning. Research carried out on behalf of essay Naace and supported by 9ine consulting will be published here next week. It’s really exciting to be able to announce our research into the use of iPads. After a successful implementation at Longfield Academy in Kent and on osmosis two terms of embedded use, the essay philosophical research shows some incredibly positive impacts on teaching and learning.

The report on the research, carried out on behalf of Naace and supported by 9ine Consulting is remembering available for essay download.