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Summarize essays

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Application Requirements: SJD Procedural Guidelines. Summarize. Scientiae Juridicae Doctor (SJD) is the most advanced degree awarded by Golden Gate University School of Law. The SJD is primarily for aspiring legal academics, from the United States and abroad, who wish to pursue sustained independent study, research, and writing. Candidates are expected ultimately to produce a dissertation that will constitute a substantial and valuable contribution to legal scholarship. Antithesis. Moreover, graduates of the program are expected to summarize contribute to the furtherance of knowledge and understanding of law and legal institutions through their scholarship and other academic work. This document provides general information regarding (1) the qualifications and application process for admission to the SJD degree program offered by Golden Gate University School of Law (the Program) and ii (2) the summarize procedural steps, standards, and performance expectations applicable to students in the Program. These Guidelines may be revised from time to time and master any such revisions will apply, as of their effective dates, to all students in the Program. Applicants for admission to the Program must have an LLM degree judged by the Program's Admissions Committee to summarize be equivalent to an LLM in philosophical remembering socrates law degree earned at Golden Gate University School of Law. Each applicant should submit the summarize completed application form and the application fee, along with complete academic transcripts from all graduate and undergraduate institutions attended by the applicant, a writing sample (preferably an original legal research paper written entirely by the applicant), and a detailed research statement that describes the applicant's proposed area of materialistic legal research and summarize writing.

Because the language of instruction in the Program is English, English language proficiency is is woman essay, required of all applicants. Therefore, any applicant whose native language is summarize essays, not English must meet the current TOEFL requirement established by the Program's Admissions Committee and frailty published on the Program's website. For applicants whose English language proficiency is essays, otherwise clearly demonstrated, the TOEFL requirement may be waived at essay philosophical remembering socrates the discretion of the Program Director in consultation with the Admissions Committee. Program costs and financial requirements are also published on the Program's website. Applications for admission to summarize the Program should be submitted to the SJD Program Admissions Committee. Frailty Is Woman Essay. The Admissions Committee meets regularly and considers applications as they are received. Summarize Essays. With very rare exception, however, students admitted to materialistic essay the Program will begin their studies in the fall semester of the essays academic year, which begins in August. It is recommended, therefore, that completed applications be submitted not later than March 31, so that the applicant can be notified of the Admissions Committee's decision in is woman essay time to make any arrangements that might be necessary.

Admission to the Program is not a guarantee that the admitted student will earn the SJD degree. Some admitted students never obtain the degree. Success requires hard work and total commitment on the part of the student. An admitted student who fails to demonstrate satisfactory progress at any stage of the Program can be administratively withdrawn from the Program. After admission, completion of the Program requires six essential steps: Submission of an approved study plan for the first year, including course work and reading lists; Constitution of the Dissertation Committee; Completion of the first year of study, including at essays least eight units of credit; Successful completion of an oral examination in the field outlined in the study plan; Submission and acceptance of the doctoral dissertation; Successful oral defense of the doctoral dissertation, and deposit of four copies of the final dissertation with the essay remembering socrates Graduate Law Programs Office. STEP 1: SUBMISSION OF AN APPROVED STUDY PLAN FOR THE FIRST YEAR. Summarize Essays. The study plan represents the student's academic itinerary for the period of time (typically the first year of study) leading to the oral examination, and should lay a foundation for later work on the dissertation.

An acceptable study plan should be built around the candidate's specific field(s) of study and should include a combination of courses, readings, and other academic work. The study plan should specify course work carrying a minimum of eight units of credit. Remembering. Each admitted student must submit a draft of her or his initial study plan to the Program Director in August of the first year of study, and should discuss with the Director the desirability of pursuing specific courses, selected readings, interdisciplinary study, skills enhancement, and other academic projects in her or his specific field(s) of study. Based on this consultation, the student shall finalize the initial study plan, and have it approved by the Director. The study plan may be subject to revision after constitution of the Dissertation Committee as described below. STEP 2: CONSTITUTION OF DISSERTATION COMMITTEE. In the summarize course of developing her or his study plan, each student should also discuss with the Director the composition of her or his Dissertation Committee. Thereafter, the Director shall appoint a suitable Dissertation Committee in consultation with the dbq essay Associate Dean for Graduate Programs.

The Dissertation Committee (the Committee) will normally include three members, who should be selected with a view to the field(s) that the candidate intends to pursue. Committee members may be selected from the Golden Gate University School of Law (the Law School) faculty, from other departments of the University, or from summarize essays, other universities. Normally, at least two Committee members will be full-time members of the Law School faculty. In appropriate cases however, the Committee may include other academics, judges and/or other professionals appropriate to frailty thy name essay student's chosen area of study. Students studying interdisciplinary fields may be assigned Committee members who are specialists in essays those fields. STEP 3: COMPLETION OF RESIDENCY: COURSEWORK AND RESEARCH PLAN. The first year of richard ii SJD study (typically the fall and spring semesters of an academic year) is designed to prepare students in the field(s) of study that will form the bases for their dissertations. During this year, each student must complete eight required units of summarize coursework, chosen in consultation with the Director and including the SJD Research Seminar. Dbq Essay. During the same period, the summarize student shall also (1) prepare a detailed research plan including a comprehensive bibliography, an introduction, and materialistic the first chapter of his or her dissertation, and (2) secure Committee approval of such plan and materials.

The Committee should be assessing the student during this time. It is essential that all SJD students consult regularly with the members of their Committees during the course of essays their first year of essay study. Essays. The frequency of essay meetings with Committee members during the first year will vary. Typically, however, students should meet with the members of their Committees every two to three weeks. Some members may prefer to meet less often; others may prefer to meet in small groups rather than individually. Summarize Essays. In any event, students should keep their Committee members informed of their progress and engage with them substantively regarding the readings and coursework specified in the study plan. In order to advance from resident status to candidate status, each student must successfully complete an oral examination.

The oral examination affords the Committee an opportunity to further assess the student, and to provide additional input and direction. Each student and frailty thy name essay her or his Committee will agree on a target month for completion of the oral examination at the time the student develops his or her study plan. Essays. The Committee will normally conduct the oral examination by the end of the student's second semester in the Program. In order to pass the oral examination and advance to candidacy, a student should be able to: Succinctly and clearly describe the topic chosen for the dissertation; Provide a convincing explanation of why the topic is worthy of study; State the central thesis being proposed in the dissertation; Describe in master thesis catalogue detail the contemplated organization of the dissertation; and summarize Explain the strategy for apush 1998 dbq essay, conducting the necessary research, including means of obtaining the remaining source materials. If a student's research plan and materials are not satisfactory to summarize essays the Committee, the oral examination may be postponed at the discretion of the dependence essay Director in consultation with the Committee.

The student will be required to register for Additional Residency during any such extension. An oral examination that has been postponed must take place no later than the 19th month from the beginning of SJD study (for most candidates, this would mean March of the second year). If the student is summarize essays, not ready for the oral examination by ii the 19th month from the summarize beginning of SJD study, she or he will be administratively withdrawn from the Program, except in extraordinary circumstances as determined by philosophical remembering the Director. In order to avoid this situation, the student should work closely with the summarize Committee during the first year to develop her or his topic and apush research plan and materials properly. Upon successful completion of the oral examination, the student shall be advanced to summarize essays candidacy. STEP 5: COMPLETION OF THE DISSERTATION.

Within 36 months of dependence successful completion of the oral examination and advancement to candidacy, each student is summarize, expected to complete and submit her or his dissertation. The period for completion of the dissertation will be influenced by a number of factors, including whether field research is involved. Each dissertation must be an entirely original work representing a sustained and dependence essay substantial scholarly effort and summarize must be suitable for publication. Essay Philosophical Remembering. Commissioned studies, committee reports, and writings of joint authorship will not be accepted in fulfillment of the summarize essays dissertation requirement. Each candidate should be registered for antithesis ii, SJD Candidacy during every semester of this period. A student registered for SJD Candidacy may enroll in Law School courses, but such courses will not be counted toward satisfaction of the requirements for any degree other than the summarize SJD. Thy Name Is Woman. Thus, an essays SJD candidate who wants to essay earn, for example, a second LLM degree during the course of his or her SJD studies must pay tuition at the prevailing rate for courses to be counted toward satisfaction of the requirements for such second LLM degree. Moreover, an SJD student may pursue an additional degree while in the SJD Program only if she or he has obtained the written approval of the Director. It is essential that candidates consult regularly with the members of their Committees during the writing of the dissertation. The purpose of these consultations is to maximize the prospect that that the candidate's research and writing will lead to an acceptable dissertation.

The first of these meetings should take place within a month after completion of the oral examination. Summarize. It is the dependence technology candidate's responsibility to arrange this meeting. In this preliminary discussion, the candidate is expected to describe the general themes and direction of the dissertation. Following the preliminary discussion, candidates should remain in regular contact (at least once every two months) with the members of their Committees. Each candidate should prepare a detailed dissertation outline at an early stage, and submit to her or his Committee members draft chapters as they are written. Committee members usually find it easier to review and comment on individual draft chapters of a dissertation, rather than receiving very large portions of the dissertation all at once. Summarize Essays. This will also help to ensure that the candidate does not go astray in her or his work. In some instances, candidates who have not submitted drafts chapters as works in progress have instead submitted what they considered to be completed dissertations. This has sometimes resulted in rejection or a very substantial reworking of the product.

Candidates are advised to keep the materialistic essay Program Director appraised of their meetings with their Committee members. If a candidate finds that, despite reasonable efforts, he or she is not receiving adequate supervision from his or her Committee, the problem should be brought to the attention of the Program Director, who will notify the summarize Associate Dean for Graduate Programs. All non-resident candidates must also stay in regular contact with the members of their Committees concerning the progress of their dissertations. Moreover, non-resident candidates are strongly encouraged to master thesis return to GGU at least once a year for in-person consultations with their Committees. If, in summarize essays the opinion of a candidate's Committee, that candidate is not maintaining adequate contact, the Director may require the candidate to submit periodic written progress reports and/or actual dissertation chapters. The candidate's public defense of her or his dissertation can be scheduled only after the majority of the candidate's Committee members agree that the dissertation is of good quality and satisfies the Program standard of publishability. Candidates who fail to meet periodically with their Committees, or to catalogue submit required progress reports, or to make satisfactory progress, or to pay all fees each year, or who otherwise violate Program requirements may be administratively withdrawn from the Program.

Dissertation length is typically between 200 and 300 double-spaced, typed pages. Length is in part a function of the subject chosen and should be discussed with the Program Director. Experience has shown that longer dissertations can suffer from a lack of essays focus and are often, in large part, merely a recording of the background literature in dependence the field. The manuscript should have a margin of essays 1? or 1? inches on the left side of the page to allow for reader comments and to permit binding. At a minimum, the candidate's name, the dissertation title, the supervisor's names, and the date of submission should be included on every draft. Pages should be numbered cumulatively from the beginning of the dissertation, rather than by chapter. As the dissertation nears final form, Acknowledgement and Dedication pages, as well as an abstract of the work should be included. If a student is in any doubt regarding how to properly structure the final work, she or he should review copies of previously completed dissertations (available in the Law Library) and seek guidance from the Program Director. Requests for Extension of the Deadline for Completion.

Candidates are expected to complete their dissertations within 36 months after passing their oral examinations. Extensions of apush 1998 this 36 month deadline will be granted only in summarize cases of special need. Only in thy name is woman essay exceptional circumstances will extensions be granted beyond 48 months from the completion of the oral exam. To apply for an extension, candidates must submit a written request to the Director. The request should explain why an essays extension is necessary and 1998 dbq essay should advise the Director of the expected completion date. Summarize. Receipt of this request will initiate the Director's review, the results of which will be reported to the candidate soon thereafter. PUBLIC DEFENSE OF THE DISSERTATION. The final step toward completion of the Program is the candidate's successful, public defense of her or his dissertation before a panel that will usually consist of the materialistic candidate's Committee. The panel's decision will be announced at the end of the defense session or soon thereafter. When a candidate has successfully completed the dissertation defense and any necessary corrections of the dissertation are made, the candidate shall submit four unbound copies of the dissertation, printed on acid-free paper, to the Graduate Law Programs Office for distribution as appropriate, and for deposit with the School of Law Library. Summarize. The Library will arrange for permanent binding.

Spring 2017: Nov 1, 2016 Summer 2017: Apr 1, 2017 Fall 2017: Jul 1, 2017. Guided or self-guided visits by appointment. Explore our innovative curriculum, on-site legal clinics and life as a law student. At law fairs and remembering forums across the U.S. GGU School of Law 536 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94105.

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Saluting College of Law and Management Doctoral Graduates. The Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Head of the College of Law and Management Studies, Professor Managay Reddi, congratulates the College’s 23 graduates – seven of whom are staff members – who received their doctoral degrees in this year’s Spring Graduation. This brings the total number of doctoral degrees awarded by the College in 2017 to 60 which is a first in the College’s history. ‘As a College we have been working tirelessly to summarize transform ourselves in terms of our research productivity and are pleased with the results. The increase in the number of our doctoral graduates shows that the materialistic, many interventions adopted by the College, including the monitoring of the PhD project on a regular basis, are bearing fruit.’ ‘While we considered the summarize, award of 43 doctoral degrees in 2016 to be a big success, the technology essay, fact that we have exceeded this number this year is a wonderful accomplishment.

All credit for summarize, this must go to essay philosophical remembering the staff in our four Schools who are the drivers of our success. Most exciting is that 12 of summarize, our own staff members obtained their PhDs this year. I therefore have much pleasure, on apush 1998 dbq essay, behalf of our entire College, to again congratulate our staff and students on their noteworthy achievement and summarize I look forward to us reaching even greater heights in apush 1998 dbq essay, the future in our research outputs and productivity,’ said Professor Reddi. MEET OUR DOCTORAL GRADUATES: Thesis Title: Trading in Chaos: Analysis of Active Management in a Fractal Market. Supervisor: Professor Mabutho Sibanda. The research studied the anomaly in financial markets. The study found that contrary to traditional finance theory, the Small Cap Index is less risky and outperforms the summarize essays, Top 40 index; thus making it imperative for fund managers to reconsider their investment strategies. ‘The lack of funding to support my studies was one of the major challenges that I faced, therefore I had to work full-time and studied from 2am to 6am before getting ready for materialistic essay, work.’ Prince’s future plans include serving his two-year term on the Investment Competency Committee of the Financial Planning Institute where he is a member, and continuing with his post-doctoral studies at UKZN with the aim of practicing as a wealth manager. Thesis Title: The ‘MINT’ Economies and Non-performing Loans.

Supervisor: Professor Mabutho Sibanda and Dr Colette Muller. The study examines non-performing loans (NPLs) in the economies of Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey (MINT) and identifies NPLs as the main cause of essays, banking system crises, which limit economic growth. The study recommends a higher level of proactive policies for apush, the countries where they learn from one another as their economies are similar. Morakinyo had to travel between Nigeria and South Africa for the first seven months of his studies and eventually relocated his wife and children to South Africa. He has been in the banking industry in Nigeria for over 25 years and plans to return to his home country and help in growing the economy in different capacities. Thesis Title: Harmful Cultural and Traditional Practices: A Roadblock in the Implementation of the Convention on summarize, the Elimination of Discrimination against Women and the Maputo Protocol on Women’s Rights in Tanzania. Supervisor: Professor Nomthandazo Ntlama. The thesis examined aspects of the existing culture and traditions that trample women’s rights. The study discovered that several discriminatory laws that negatively impact women’s rights are still enforced and technology essay that plans to amend these laws have been hampered by strong traditional resistance. Msuya had to summarize essays relocate to Durban from Tanzania, leaving her husband and dependence essay children behind but later took on single parenting duties when she decided to also relocate the children. She is an assistant lecturer at the Faculty of summarize, Law in Mzumbe University and a practising Advocate of the High Court of Tanzania.

She is also the Coordinator and Founder Member of Tanzania Legal Aid Organisation for Women and Children which is essay a non-governmental organisation that provides legal assistance and education to women and children in Tanzania. Thesis Title: A Conceptual Model to Enhance Leadership Styles in Life Insurance Policies Sales with a View to essays Enhance Performance and Emotional States of Employees. Supervisor: Professor Ziska Fields. Shiri’s time in the United States of America influenced him to develop research interests in life insurance, leadership development, performance management and asset management. He observed that life insurance sales people in Zimbabwe face numerous challenges in selling policies therefore his study focused on the impact of various leadership models on master thesis, the performance and summarize emotional commitment of insurance policy sales staff. ‘The major challenge was that the employer could only grant a one year paid study leave and in antithesis ii, the second year, I had to commit to summarize essays numerous trips between South Africa and Zimbabwe and travelling became more difficult due to the new Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe transfers restrictions.’ Shiri’s goal is to master thesis catalogue become a renowned researcher and summarize essays set up a consultancy. Thesis Title: Financial Literacy Amongst Informal Enterprise Owners in materialistic, Zambia. Supervisor: Professor Mabutho Sibanda. The study sought to determine the effect of financial literacy on the usage of financial services among informal enterprise owners in Zambia. ‘A growing number of Zambians are shifting towards entrepreneurship as they seek fresh business opportunities away from the formal sector which has shrunk quite significantly in recent years. However, there are some challenges associated with the informal sector, chiefly lack of skills in managing money, which is also known as financial illiteracy’. Essays. Mpembele is a full-time staff member at the Copperbelt University in Zambia and his plans include focusing on his academic career as he believes that Africa’s economic salvation lies in education, especially at higher levels. Thesis Title: Social Entrepreneurship Management: Pedagogical Initiatives Orientation for the Creation of Social Ventures at Designated Nigerian Universities.

Supervisor: Dr Mervywin Williamson. ‘The motivation behind the study was the gap identified in the literature that required the extension of the borders of knowledge by providing clarification on master thesis, the relationship between social pedagogy and students’ behavioural outcomes in Nigerian universities.’ Adejeji hopes this study will offer practical solutions to problems identified by the literature thus benefiting the Management of Nigerian Universities. Adejeji faced a setback when his first proposal on Environmental Scanning was rejected by essays the Higher Degrees Committee. He was so discouraged and had every intention of giving up and going back home to Nigeria. Through prayer and his wife’s encouragement, he got the thesis, strength to go back to the Committee the essays, following month and doing his presentation and completing his PhD within two years.

Thesis Title: Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour in the Procurement/Free Downloading of Mobile Applications: A Case Study of Students at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) Supervisor: Professor Sadhasivan Perumal and Professor Brian McArthur. According to Bachoo, in South Africa there is a lack of mobile application development and research. The research problem is that the dependence, factors driving consumers to download mobile applications is unknown. The study assesses the relationship between consumer behaviour and the purchasing/free downloading of mobile applications among students at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN).

Bachoo believes that like major companies such as Apple, South Africa can become the shining light in Africa for a progressive strategy for mobile application development and marketing adding a positive impact on the country’s economy. Summarize Essays. Bachoo thanks his parents, and Professor Perumal and Professor McArthur for being there for him motivating him to philosophical socrates pursue his PhD as he found it hard to balance it with his job as a Jnr Director at an electrical consulting and contracting company. Thesis Title: Improving Performance Monitoring and Evaluation in South African Local Governments Institutions. Supervisor: Professor Stephen Migiro. With her experience in employee relations after working for the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health, the Office of the Premier, the essays, Department of Transport and currently working at the University of thesis catalogue, South Africa in Pretoria, Dlamini felt that she needed to summarize essays contribute to the body of master thesis catalogue, knowledge she had acquired about issues of performance monitoring and evaluation in the society we are living in, especially in government. Dlamini says municipalities are the sphere of the government close to essays the community and have the responsibility to is woman account as to essays where our money goes and what remedial action is in place in the event of deviation by antithesis ii municipal officials.

The study aims to benefit every administrator either in the private or public sector that resources are always accounted for as people always want to see results. Dlamini aspires to summarize essays become an academic so that she can impart her knowledge to other students and motivate them never to give up in life. She also wants to master thesis catalogue assist municipalities who have agreed to essays help during her studies to share best practices in terms of instilling good governance in their area of dbq essay, responsibility. Thesis Title: Developing a Human Resource Framework for Monitoring and Evaluation of Personnel in essays, Selected Municipalities in KwaZulu-Natal. Supervisor: Professor Purshottama Reddy. Ever since he relocated from Kenya to South Africa in socrates, 2001, Kariuki has been curious about local government and its work, especially its ability to deliver basic services to citizens efficiently and professionally. ‘It is my passion about the sector coupled with the curiosity to seek answers that drove me to summarize pursue an extensive study about monitoring and evaluating human resource capacity in the sector, focusing on selected municipalities in KwaZulu-Natal,’ said Kariuki. His study aims to benefit the monitoring and essay evaluation community in general, specifically, human resource practitioners, local government practitioners, researchers and policy makers in the public sector. Summarize. He intends on pursuing a post-doctoral fellowship and to improve his research skills by publishing as many articles as he can from his PhD. Thesis Title: Values Underlying Traditional Leadership and Governance and South African Constitutional Imperatives: A Case of Umgungundlovu District Municipality in materialistic, KwaZulu-Natal. Supervisor: Dr Fayth Ruffin.

The choice of leaving a high ranking position in summarize essays, the public sector to join UKZN as development lecturer to hone her academic skills continues to yield results for Makoba who was promoted to antithesis lecturer in April this year. Her study is exploratory multi-mode qualitative research driven by grounded theory strategies in five case studies in summarize, sub-areas of richard, Umgungundlovu – eMathulini, eMhlangandlovu, eMpumuza, eNhlazuka and kwaManyavu. ‘I think that the research has interesting findings which are important not only for South Africa but for any country which is a constitutional democracy recognising traditional leadership. The study has resulted in relations being created with amakhosi and the people in essays, these areas. As a way of dependence essay, giving back to essays the community, I have been able to arrange business training as well as conduct training on conflict resolution for apush, traditional councils,’ said Makoba. Thesis Title: University Innovation Centres as Drivers of summarize, Entrepreneurship and Agglomeration Economies. Supervisor: Professor Ziska Fields.

The study explored how innovation centres support entrepreneurs as well as the benefits of having entrepreneurs housed in the same space. His study involved five of essay, South Africa’s top research universities. When he is not exploring entrepreneurship and innovation, Mashau is thinking about home in the rural Tshisaulu village near Thohoyandou in Limpopo and how he can get the youth in his community to summarize study further. ‘When I am home I chat with learners from my old high school about opportunities available to them. I also talk to essay remembering my friends and anyone feeling trapped in their jobs about postgraduate studies,’ said Mashau. To clear his mind, Mashau enjoys long distance cycling. Essays. He participated in the challenging 105km aQuelle Tour Durban earlier this year and is looking forward to frailty thy name is woman the Amashova 2017 later this month. Thesis: Developing a Leadership Model to summarize essays Enhance Health Care Service Delivery in Regional Hospitals. Supervisor: Dr Cecile Gerwel Proches and Dr Abdulla Kader. With more than 30 years of experience in KwaZulu-Natal’s public health care sector, PhD graduate Dr Sagaren Govender has first-hand experience of the negative effect an exodus of skilled and professional staff has on health care service delivery and frailty thy name is hoping his research will help provide solutions. ‘Currently, the public health care sector is facing a myriad challenges impacting negatively on health care service delivery,’ said Govender. ‘Critical posts can take up to six months to essays fill when they become vacant, which results in increased workloads for existing staff when such posts are not filled timeously. For example, the KZN Department of Health is currently facing a drastic shortage of oncologists who are critically needed to treat patients in the region,’ said Govender.The study explores leadership in relation to health care service delivery at RK Khan Hospital, King Edward VIII Hospital, Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital and Grey’s Hospital in Pietermaritzburg.

It identified leadership as being fundamentally important for improving service delivery in regional hospitals. Thesis: The Role of Human Resource Planning on Service Delivery in Sizakala Customer Care Centres in materialistic, eThekwini Municipality. Supervisor: Dr Emmanuel Mutambara and summarize Dr Bonginkosi Zondi. ‘The study’s findings reveal that in these centres, components of human resources planning investments are not being implemented effectively; there is no clear strategy for the development of apush 1998 dbq essay, employees and promotions in these centres; and there is a need for the working environment to be improved. This is summarize essays very interesting and frailty is woman I hope that the essays, Municipality will consult me for advice in planning for the enhancement of service delivery in their Sizakala Customer Care Centres,’ said Khumalo. Looking to the future, Khumalo is planning to enrol for a Law degree next year and will use his PhD as a stepping stone towards becoming a professor and essay an expert in the field of leadership especially in human resource planning. Thesis: Developing a Model of essays, Organisational Success: A case of apush 1998, Link Healthcare Pty Ltd Business Implementations. Supervisor: Dr Muhammad Hoque. Citation: A significant number of summarize, liquidations and insolvencies have been reported by Statistics South Africa. The estimated number of insolvencies has increased by 12.6% year-on-year. This study resulted in the development of a Five Wheel Model for thy name is woman, Organisational Success comprising key areas, namely, Global Expansion; Leadership Dimensions; Organisational Strategies; Organisational Structure; and Culture and Expertise/Efficient Key Departments, all of which collectively, were shown to deliver organisational growth and success.

Thesis Title: Why the Rationalist Foundations of Modern Science are Unsuitable for essays, Ismail Economics. Supervisor: Professor Masudul Alam Choudhury and Professor GT Harris. Mahomedy conducted his research, thought to master catalogue be the first of summarize essays, its kind in South Africa, on Islamic economics to discover why the discipline has floundered. He says Islamic economics is a relatively new sub-discipline within the broader field of economics with a distinct focus on integrating the ethical value system of catalogue, Islam within economic theory. The thesis suggests an summarize alternative paradigm, not only for economics, but for other areas of scientific enquiry based fundamentally on the precept of the Oneness of God. The study took much longer than expected as he was not willing to compromise his work, study and family commitments. ‘Ultimately though, without personal commitment, focus, and hard work, no PhD study is possible’. Thesis Title: Human Capital for Rural Infrastructure Development in South Africa: A Project-based Pedagogical Analysis. Supervisor: Dr Fayth Ruffin. The research identified the lack of project management human capital across two provinces, two government departments and four universities, and 1998 found there was a disconnection between project management human capital development and essays rural infrastructure project delivery. ‘The study identifies the need for master catalogue, Higher Education Institutions to introduce novel rural project management teaching, grounded in indigeneity and essays driven by African philosophies and inclusive of community-centred concerns to guide South African rural infrastructure development.’ Qwabe described his doctoral journey as challenging and daunting as he lost his father during his studies, and therefore dedicates this achievement to his late father. Thesis Title: Developing a Stakeholder Management Model Based on an African Traditional Community- Bafokeng Case Study. Supervisor: Professor Thokozani Nzimakwe.

‘My motivation for essay remembering, doing this study came when I worked for one of the most progressive communities in essays, Africa – the royal Bafokeng. I was impressed about how they as a unit have achieved much over the decades when other communities struggle. As I engaged with the community I realised that part of richard, their secret to success lies in summarize essays, how they engage with each other.’ The study recommends broadening the knowledge of stakeholder management patterns within traditionally governed African communities. Majola described her doctoral journey as ‘full of challenges’ as each phase of the research process presented its own challenges but she overcame them by setting her mind on the right path. She has recently joined a JSE-listed private education company and hopes to either lecture or supervise research studies for is woman essay, UKZN. ‘I have always been passionate about education and it feels surreal that I can finally add my bit in improving the South African academic sector’. Thesis Title: Analysing Challenges Impeding the summarize, Implementation of Municipal Strategies in Mpumalanga Province: A Study of Msukaligwa Local Municipality. Supervisor: Dr C Sanangura. The principal objective of the study was to analyse the challenges i.e. communication, organisational culture, finances, human resources, structure or control, objectives and leadership, whether or not they impede strategy implementation at Msukaligwa Local Municipality.

The results revealed that structure and finances have the greatest impacts while culture and objectives were in the middle whereas communication, leadership and human resources have minimum impacts on strategy implementation at the Municipality. Thesis Title: A Tourism Stakeholder Management Supply Chain Framework for Economic Contribution for Northern Cape Province, South Africa. Supervisor: Dr Muhammed Hoque. The study investigated the materialistic, importance of stakeholder engagement in the tourism sector. Summarize Essays. The case of Northern Cape is used to illustrate the point regarding the importance of stakeholder engagement for dependence technology, optimum use of the tourism sector to achieve economic growth. The study findings showed significant levels of inconsistency of perceived engagements among the key stakeholders in the public and private tourism entities. Thesis Title: Customer Relationship Management in Call Centres: An Eskom Perspective. Supervisor: Professor IW Ferreira and Professor Brian Mcarthur.

Wicomb examined the summarize, role of call centres in the implementation process of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategic software packages at ESKOM. Findings include an underestimation by the company’s management of the significance of the role of call centres in its strategy initiatives. Challenges encountered during the upgrade of the CRM system were identified and can be addressed by applying the conceptual model proposed in remembering socrates, this study. Thesis Title: Legal and policy Implications of Learner Pregnancies in South Africa – A Case Study in KwaZulu-Natal. Supervisor: Professor David McQuiod-Mason and Professor Ann Strode. ‘Given the summarize essays, current status of thy name is woman, learner pregnancies in SA, I hope that the findings of this study will benefit pregnant pupils who have been unable to essays achieve their full educational potential due to their pregnancies,’ she said. For Khan, graduating with her PhD was not the only thing to celebrate as she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl a week before the Graduation ceremony. ‘As a wife and a first time mom, life is all about balancing different aspects of your life successfully. PhD is a lonely journey and it is physically, emotionally and mentally challenging. I am grateful for my parents’ support as they were my pillars of strength during these difficult times and essay they encouraged me never to give up,’ said Khan. Thesis Title: Strategic Innovation as a Tool for Improved Performance Amongst Small and Micro Businesses. Supervisor: Dr Jennifer Houghton.

In his research, Ayandibu focuses on the importance of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and essays how they drive economic growth and development in South Africa and apush around the world. ‘I pursued a PhD on the improvement of the functioning of SMEs operations because I noticed most of the complaints of small business owners were basically about lack of funds. That prompted me to dig deeper to see if that is actually the main reason why small businesses often fail within five years of start-up, resulting in discovering that it is the embezzlement of funds by these small business owners that causes them to decline,’ said Ayandibu. Ayandibu is passionate about passing on summarize essays, his entrepreneurial knowledge to his students. This inspired him to pursue his PhD in Leadership Studies. He wants to be a consultant to small business owners and also to run his own accountancy firm.

He aims to continue lecturing and specialise in the fields of Accounting, Economics and Management. Thesis Title: Financial Sector Development and Economic Growth in Rwanda. Supervisor: Dr Harold Ngalawa. The study set out to investigate the relationship between financial sector development and ii economic growth in Rwanda. It established that unexpected changes in the domestic private sector credit account for essays, the largest proportion of fluctuations in real output growth, supporting the supply-leading hypothesis in essay, the intermediation link between financial sector development and summarize essays economic growth in Rwanda. It also found that the repayment period has a negative effect on apush 1998, non-performing loans. Photographs by: Abhi Indrarajan. or Call +27 31 260 8596 and follow the summarize, voice prompts.

© University of KwaZulu-Natal: All Rights Reserved.

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Resume Fonts, Margins, Style #038; Paper Selection. Building a resume is a process that requires finesse. Summarize Essays! If it’s stuffed with good content but formatted poorly, it will often get tossed into the “no” pile; leaving many job candidates confused as to why they never received a call back. On the 1998 other hand, if it’s clean and professional ( even if it’s filled with fluff ), it will frequently catch the eye of a hiring manager and essays land you an interview. Although content is ultimately the most significant element of your resume, it’s important to not underestimate the thesis catalogue power of appearance. The reason we need the adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” is because we do judge things by their appearance frequently , whether we like it or not. This guide will help you take advantage of that fact . Finding the best aesthetic font , outlining ideal margins and even discussing your paper selection —we will cover it all. 1.) Best font for essays a resume: Style, size color. Creating a clear, succinct resume requires multiple elements working in harmony. Technology! For this to happen, one thing is certain: don’t use Comic Sans . Choosing an summarize essays, aesthetic font might seem daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. People often ask us: is there a best style?

We’ve crunched the numbers, and we have an answer. The best font for a resume is… Tricked you—there isn’t truly a single best font, but there are several options that stand out amongst the rest! We will give you some solid choices and you can take it from there. Consider downloading some resume templates and see which ones are most attractive to you. Richard Ii! Select your favorite, and essays try out that font! First, consider this: how will you be sending your resume? Printed fonts and those read on a computer monitor appear differently to dependence technology the reader. Essays! There are two key groups of dbq essay, fonts used globally: serif and sans-serif (i.e. “non-serif”).

Serif fonts have accentuated corners that make them appear more distinct, especially when printed. Sans-serif fonts simply don’t have these accents, which make them clearer at smaller sizes as well as on summarize a computer screen. Example of serifs on a capital F, using Garamond Sans-serif capital F, Calibri. Keep these ideas in mind when constructing your resume. Here’s a breakdown of our top three serif and sans-serif options: Top 3 serif choices:

Times New Roman : Times New Roman is a classic serif that looks good both on paper and on a computer screen. Thesis! It’s a safe, standard choice for any resume. Garamond : Garamond is an attractive option for people who enjoy a classic, graceful font. Georgia : Georgia is also a popular choice. Clear, familiar and functional, it’s a nice change for people who like Times New Roman but want something a little different. Top 3 sans-serif choices: Arial : An excellent choice if you prefer the summarize sans-serif style. Ii! It is summarize essays, easy to read, and familiar to many people due to thy name its appearance on commonly used web applications like gmail. Calibri : Popular amongst professionals. If you’ve ever opened a Microsoft Word document, you’ve used Calibri—its use as a Word default makes it palatable for most readers. Summarize Essays! Verdana : The spacing of Verdana is slightly wider than Arial and quite more so than Calibri.

Choose this style if you’re aiming for ease-of-reading. Font size is another area that you’ll need to frailty essay play with to find your ideal option. Each style handles sizing differently– for example, Garamond is noticeably smaller than Arial at 12. Many experts consider 11 to be the perfect size, but this depends on the font. The most important thing is summarize, that it’s clear and thy name is woman essay large enough to read . A rule of thumb is to choose between 10 and 12; adjusting it according to your style. If you’re leaning toward a smaller font, consider selecting a sans-serif option. The simpler design will help keep visual clarity, which serif styles lose at smaller sizes. Before you shrink your words too much though, try changing the essays wording to thesis catalogue see if you can organically make it smaller.

This should be your first course of summarize essays, action, but if necessary, it’s acceptable to make minor changes to the font size margins. The majority of essay, resumes use a standard black and white format. There is a reason for this– bright colors are distracting and essays take away from your actual content. With that said, you are allowed to use some color if you want, just make sure it complements your content rather than detracts from it. Your name, as well as the headers throughout your resume can be modified– but make sure you use the same color here to keep things uniform. A dark red, blue or green can be a nice touch, but using neon colors is a surefire way to make the antithesis hiring manager take you less seriously. 2. Resume margins, length alignment. The size and shape of your resume are just as important, if not more so, than the font. At a glance, the structure already expresses certain ideas to the reader– for summarize example, larger margins make your content seem lacking, whereas smaller margins make things feel cluttered. You don’t want your resume to get noticed for its formatting. Playing it safe is advisable.

Avoid extremes and you’ll be in good shape (pun intended). Standard one inch by one inch margins are a good choice , but you do have some flexibility. The smallest margins considered to essay be acceptable are half an inch by summarize essays, half an essay philosophical socrates, inch (.5 by .5), but even this format will appear a bit heavy on the words unless done correctly. A good visual balance would be keeping your top and bottom margins between .5? and 1? , and moving between .6? and 1? for your left and right margins . This will help decrease reader fatigue and make your resume more palatable for essays whoever is dbq essay, looking at it. Take a look at essays the following sample to get an idea of technology essay, good, balanced margins: The next image is summarize, a snippet of a resume with extremely narrow margins. Notice how they push to the very bottom of the page– this gives a cramped feeling to the reader.

Narrow margins can make reading anything a chore. For most people the ideal resume length is one page, using reasonable margins as discussed above. Occasionally two pages is acceptable, but three pages is thesis, almost always in danger of essays, being too wordy. Thesis! Here are some reasons you may need to make yours longer than one page: You have a large quantity of essays, relevant experience. Many candidates can fill a resume with work experiences, but it’s usually possible to narrow them down to philosophical remembering the most relevant ones and fit them onto a single page. If you have many examples of related experience that make your application stronger, don’t be afraid to include them! You are a published scientist or academic . Proper citations can take up a lot of essays, space, so hiring managers in these fields expect this. Landing an executive position is apush 1998 dbq essay, your goal . These posts require large amounts of relevant experience, so it’s alright if they’re a bit extensive. Before deciding upon a multi-page resume, ask yourself: is the information you’ve added worth the summarize essays additional page?

Or will the hiring manager find it unnecessary? Your resume is a tool to efficiently convey your qualifications to frailty is woman a potential employer so you can proceed to essays the interview process– you don’t need to list every piece of work you’ve ever performed. Quality is more important than quantity. If you really do need to catalogue cut the summarize length down, you could try using a resume profile instead of a career objective or qualifications summary. Essay Philosophical Remembering! Here’s a table to summarize essays check if you’re okay at your current page length, or if yours could do with a little trimming. The best alignment makes your resume easy to read. Antithesis Richard Ii! We learn to read English from the left, therefore left alignment is always a safe bet . Your name and contact information is essays, usually centered , but the headers (“Professional Experience”, “Education”, “Additional Skills”) and your introduction/objective can be left aligned or centered. This depends on the template you’re following, as well as your personal taste. Left-aligned Resume Sample.

Center-aligned Resume Sample. Left-aligned Resume Sample. Center-aligned Resume Sample. You don’t need your resume to be as stylish as this guy, but it doesn’t hurt to try! Another way to accent yours is to use style elements like lines, symbols and richard ii text boxes . If implemented effectively, these can help direct the reader’s attention to your stronger sections, and essays make the overall reading experience more pleasant. If used haphazardly though, they can hurt your chances at getting an interview.

There are some general rules to follow if you want your style game to be on master catalogue point. Lines, like many things, must be enjoyed in moderation. Placing a strategic line after your objective makes the reader subconsciously linger on your objective. This is a good tactic if you want them to give your objective that additional attention. Lines can also be used in a functional resume to draw the reader’s attention toward your skills section and summarize away from your work history. Functional resumes are great if you have are trying to mask your 1) lack of essay remembering socrates, or 2) abundance of experience. Summarize Essays! They are also helpful if you have large gaps in thesis catalogue your work history or have been jumping from company to essays company, which are two things hiring managers don’t like to see. Whether you’re inexperienced, over-experienced or just have a tendency to dependence technology job-hop, you can use our wide range of free resume templates to essays learn how to cover employment blemishes and emphasize your strongest areas.

Pugs are cute, but this is materialistic, not the time to put a clip art image of an adorable little Pug puppy on essays your Veterinarian resume. The only flashy aspect should be your relevant work experience ; others are used to make this experience clear to the reader . Dependence Essay! This holds true for symbols. Bullet points come in different shapes and sizes, and summarize essays are the primary symbol used in a resume because they draw the hiring manager’s attention to your achievements and skills. Essay Remembering! If there’s a time to get a bit creative, it’s here– just remember to keep things clear. You can’t go wrong with the circle bullet, but arrows diamonds are also nice choices for the less conventional job applicant. Mantis Resume Template (arrows) Lynx Resume Template (squares) Mantis Resume Template (arrows) Lynx Resume Template (squares) Some experts advise against text boxes because they are worried the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) will skip over the content placed inside, but this bias is a bit outdated. As ATS software improves, text boxes have become a viable stylistic option for your resume.

If you’re feeling conservative then feel free to steer clear of them, but if you do want to summarize use a text box or two (or several), go for antithesis it! Text boxes can be an ally in your quest to summarize achieve aesthetic harmony. One way a well-placed text box can help your resume stand out is by emphasizing certain pieces of information , like your name. Notice in the following image how a text box around the applicant’s name, “Chris Jones,” makes it jump off the materialistic essay page. A hiring manager is much more likely to remember this applicant as a result, which helps later on summarize essays in the hiring process. An applicant’s name in 1998 dbq essay a text box. Text boxes also make your content clearer to the reader because they help break information into reasonable chunks. This makes you appear organized and summarize essays thoughtful, which are valuable traits in a job candidate. They also improve overall readability. Check out how these headers are highlighted through the use of each text box. Each header included in a text box.

Text boxes can also give your resume some personality and 1998 make it stand out, but don’t go overboard! They have the power to strengthen and weaken your application, so use every text box responsibly. 4. Summarize Essays! Resume paper: Color, weight, size texture. Woah, now. Your draft is looking pretty solid, but don’t lose control– it’s not the right time to apush 1998 dbq essay use that Egyptian papyrus you’ve been saving as printing material. I’d also advise against spraying it with cologne or perfume– that only works in summarize the movies. Legally Blonde might not be the place to look for antithesis job application advice. With that said, it’s still important to consider what impressions different types of paper may give your hiring manager. Bring a printed copy of your resume to summarize essays the interview!

Even if you already emailed a copy to the hiring manager, it’s courteous and professional to have physical copies on hand. The paper color of your printed resume should be some shade of remembering, white or off-white; avoid colors like baby blue or hot pink unless you’re applying to be the summarize Easter Bunny. Plain white is apush 1998 dbq essay, definitely acceptable for most people, but if you’re feeling adventurous you could dabble in the realm of ivory or cream-colored paper. These colors stand out a bit from summarize run-of-the-mill white paper, without standing out frailty thy name is woman, too much. They are like adding cuff-links to a nice dress shirt– they catch the summarize eye and look nice, but aren’t needed to thesis catalogue look stylish.

Have you ever felt 100% cotton, 32lbs linen paper? It’s the Rolls Royce of the summarize essays paper world, and it will instantly make your resume appear more important than its 24lbs counterpart. It’s soft yet sturdy, and gives the frailty holder a strong urge to never let go. Paper quality so good, you can’t help but hold it in two hands. If that paper weight texture is too inconvenient to find, see if you can still land a 32lbs option.

24lbs is better than your standard printer paper, but not by much. Use some serious paper to essays show that you’re a serious job applicant. There are many factors that can make or break your resume, and we’ve just covered the visual elements. Apush Dbq Essay! If it’s well-honed, it can be a valuable tool during the summarize essays job hunt. Try not to underestimate the essay importance of good aesthetics ! If you’re ready to start, you can take a look at our templates pages or use our builder to essays construct a professional resume in minutes. Get more interviews with our Free Resume Builder.

Our software has everything you need, including industry-specific bullet points, templates formatted to fit every type of job seeker, and exportable PDFs and Word docs.

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10 Things You Need to Know About Essay Castle Coursework Writing Service. For all those that are struggling with an unbearable amount of coursework, we’ve got good news – you are not alone! Gone are the summarize times when you had to essay deal with all kinds of essays, courseworks on your own. We are here to help you, and our help is all you need to be able to manage college and thesis catalogue, other things you have in life. Essays? What can we do for you? In simple words, we will do your coursework, no matter what it implies, without you having to lift a finger. has a vast number of writers at its disposal and their quills (or, more specifically, writing skills and time) are free for hire. We don’t expect you to plunge head first, however, and would like to tell you ten things you need to know about our service before you make your very first order. What you need to know about our coursework help. We are neither a resell service nor an online library.

Papers written her, whatever the dependence technology essay type, are created entirely from scratch. Once a paper has been submitted to the client, it is then deleted from the summarize data base to prevent re-using. When you order coursework writing from our specialists, you are free to provide as many instructions as you deem necessary. The ability to is woman essay customize your order is one of the summarize biggest benefits you will get at our service. Dependence? Do you need an essay? A research paper?

A PhD thesis? No problem! Our service has been designed with all our customers’ needs in mind, so you will address our writing team with all kinds of requests. Urgency is often a major factor to choose an appropriate writing company. We are glad to tell you that ours starts at only 3 hours. Summarize? And even if your order is VERY urgent, it will be fulfilled and apush, delivered right when you requested it to be fulfilled and delivered.

While your order is being fulfilled, you have to summarize essays options: to participate in apush dbq essay fulfilment and keep tabs on paper development OR stay away from it entirely. What you need to know about our UK coursework company. Summarize? Once you become a customer of this service, you will enjoy special discounts dedicated to holidays and other occasions. By using them, you can achieve significant savings and get the thesis same high-quality papers. We have a few hundred of writers the majority of whom are based in the UK and have degrees from summarize essays major UK universities. The minimum required threshold is a master’s degree. With a wide span of subjects available, you can order English coursework or any other type of coursework you might possibly need. We currently cover over fifty subject areas and are adding more to frailty thy name cope with changing curricula.

It’s not the end of the world if you don’t like the paper you have received from us, and there is summarize no need to antithesis try and improve it on summarize essays, your own. For situations like this, we have introduced a free-revision policy. After your paper has been written, you can request multiple free revisions. The number of revisions is not limited; however, we do limit the time to thesis 14 days. Last but not least, papers provided to our customers are ALWAYS original. Even though a medium originality level is universally accepted by writing services, we have a much higher standard and summarize, shoot for 1998, 100% originality. A plagiarism report is available for those who want to be sure about the quality of essays, their papers.

Buy coursework without financial difficulties! A student has to think ahead in terms of finances, and custom writing can become one of the major articles of expenditure. Yet what is the point of having a job if you will pay everything you earn for custom papers? To avoid such unfeasible distribution of funds, we have introduced a flexible pricing policy that includes discounts, guarantees, and price leverage factors. Every customer that wants to request our help can adjust the price to master fit his or her particular needs. This is done with the help of the summarize essays following: Adjusting urgency. Extending your deadline will let you save on urgency charges. Switching off extra convenience services like sms updates and high priority (Although if you order a very important assignment, we don’t recommend using this option). Lowering the quality standard of your paper to get budget instead of frailty is woman essay, premium charge. Changing the difficulty level. Essays? We service customers of all levels starting at secondary school.

If you need a school-level assignment, there is thesis catalogue no need to ask for university-level quality. In addition, we will be happy to offer you discounts! Currently, there are the following discounts available: First order price-off for summarize, new customers. Referral program. Bring friends, get credits for your account when they order, and use these credits for thesis, your next order – as easy as that! We also have sales from time to essays time, so don’t forget to check your email! And don’t forget – we never apply hidden charges after the initial order cost has been paid. It’s important for master thesis, a vast majority of our clients that their information should never be disclosed to third parties.

To ensure privacy and security, we take measures in two directions. First, your personal information is encrypted and protected with industry-grade methods. Secondly, our company works with only reliable payment providers, which is our primary means to prevent financial fraud and malpractice. By default, we never disclose the names of clients that have used our help. We hope that now you have enough information to decide if our service is suitable to your needs. To request our help without any more delays, please do the following: Complete our ordering form, having filled all the required fields Submit payment details to perform the transactions and summarize essays, have a writer assigned Wait as long as you have specified (the “Deadline” field) for your paper to master be delivered.

Check on summarize, the progress using the Personal Area of necessary. Your writing problems will become ours in a matter of minutes. Order now to start benefitting.

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Essay Questions for essays MBA Programs That Start In 2018. Important Note! On rare occasions, schools change essay topics after they have been published. In addition, we may inadvertently make a mistake in copying content. In such cases, it may be that the information presented here is not accurate! It is essential that you visit the school website to be 100% certain about the exact essay topics. Please note that for re-applicants, the essay topics are often different from those below. Your essays are the thesis primary way for you to share your perspectives and plans with the admissions committee. The best essays are introspective, genuine and succinct in summarize essays directly answering our questions. Please type or paste in your response within the essay word limit shown. Reapplicants (those who applied to the same program in the last two years) are only required to answer the Reapplication essay.

NEW APPLICATION — ESSAY 1 : Describe your short-term and long-term career goals. How can the UCLA Anderson experience add value to your professional development? (500 words maximum) [text box, 500 words] NEW APPLICATION — ESSAY 2 : Describe how you would contribute to the UCLA Anderson community. Summarize Essays? (250 words maximum) [text box, 250 words] REAPPLICATION : Reapplicants who applied for the class entering Fall 2016 or 2017 are required to complete the following essay: Please describe your career progress since you last applied and ways in which you have enhanced your candidacy. Apush? Include updates on essays, short-term and long-term career goals, as well as your continued interest in UCLA Anderson. (750 words maximum) [text box, 750 words] OPTIONAL : Are there any extenuating circumstances in your profile about which the Admissions Committee should be aware?

Please use your best judgment. (250 words maximum) [text box, 250 words] Please note : Your essays are the primary way for essay you to share your perspectives and summarize essays, plans with the admissions committee. Apush 1998 Dbq Essay? The best essays are introspective, genuine and essays, succinct in directly answering our questions and responding to our topics. » You should try to distinguish yourself by showing what makes you different from others who share similar profiles. » Personal expression is what we are looking for, not platitudes. » Making a strong case for your future plans requires you to first do research on master thesis, career paths and find one that resonates. Even if this target will change during business school, your application essays should lay out a clear trajectory for essays short-term and long-term goals.

Do this by essay philosophical remembering socrates, demonstrating how you expect to build on essays, skills from your past, and master catalogue, those you expect to gain from the MBA. » Essays are more compelling if they include specific courses, programs, groups, opportunities, activities, etc. from which you would benefit, if admitted to UCLA Anderson. These references are best found through website research, personal discussions and summarize essays, a campus visit (if possible). » Content and thesis, clarity are key elements, as we seek superior communication skills. » Style is a consideration, too, although we understand that those who speak other languages may have different manners of summarize essays expression in thesis catalogue English. We do check your essays for plagiarism, so make sure you always submit your own work. » Length does not equal strength.

A well-written short essay can have even more impact than a longer essay. Please try to respect the word limits indicated above. » All essay responses are to be entrered directly in summarize essays the text box provided in your application. Additional open questions from the technology essay online application : Please explain any failing grades received in college or university courses [text box, no limit] Job Description [text box, no limit] Reason for Leaving [text box, 50 words maximum] Promotions and Dates Received [text box, 85 characters] Please describe and quantify additional annual compensation (e.g., relocation, automobile or military allowances, variable compensation or stock options) (in $U.S.) [text box, 100 characters] Activities and Distinctions. Please describe your participation in essays this activity. Include any honors won and accomplishments. [text box, no limit]

Please list the hobbies you are most interested in . [text box, no limit] If you wish to provide additional information about circumstances or qualifications not included in this application, please so do here. Materialistic Essay? [text box, no limit] When reviewing applications for new members of our community, Babson College looks for summarize students who embody a variety of materialistic essay characteristics. From the list below, choose one that resonates, and describe a past experience where you embodied this characteristic. Summarize? (400 words or less) Global Perspective Comfort with Ambiguity Social Impact Creative Action/Problem Solving Collaborative Spirit. Use this optional essay to frailty thy name share anything not reflected in your application (or something on which you would like to expand) that you would like the admissions committee to essays know. This can be anything from hobbies, passions, extenuating circumstances, gaps in work or academic history, etc. Please share in whichever medium you prefer (essay, PowerPoint, video).

Keep in mind we have many applications to review and your submission should be less than 250 written words or 2 minutes in thy name video form.Upload PDF format / Video/presentation link: Scholarship Essay (optional) This essay is only required if you wish to qualify for the Frederic C. Essays? Hamilton Entrepreneurial Scholarship (a merit-based award) and/or the Price-Babson Fellowship (a need-based award): What are your specific entrepreneurial accomplishments and how will these accomplishments add value to thesis catalogue the Babson MBA? (250 words or less) View this collection of shared Booth moments. Choose the moment that best resonates with you and tell us why. Choose the format that works for you . Want to illustrate your response visually? Submit a slide presentation. Like to essays express yourself with words? Write a traditional essay. Master? Use the format that you feel best captures your response, the Admissions Committee has no preference. Determine your own length.

There is no prescribed minimum or maximum length. Essays? We trust that you will use your best judgment in determining how long your submission should be, but we recommend that you think strategically about how to thy name is woman best allocate the essays space. File Size : Maximum file size is 16 MB. Accepted Upload Formats : Acceptable formats are PDF, Word, and is woman, PowerPoint. We strongly recommend converting your piece to a PDF file prior to submitting. Multimedia Restrictions : We will be viewing your submission electronically and in full color, but all submissions will be converted to summarize essays PDF files, so animation, video, music, etc. Essay? will not translate over. Is there any additional information that you would like the Admissions Committee to summarize essays know?

If so, please address in antithesis an optional essay. Summarize Essays? (300 words maximum) Upon reflection, how has your perspective regarding your future, Chicago Booth, and/or getting an MBA changed since the time of your last application? (300 words maximum) Additional open questions from the online application : What is your immediate post-MBA career goal? (250 characters or less) What is your long-term post-MBA career goal? (250 characters or less) Please list any collegiate academic or athletic awards or honors you have received. [text box, no limit] Please list any significant professional awards/recognition that you have received. [text box, no limit] Outside of the apush dbq essay activities and summarize essays, professional experiences that you have already shared, please share hobbies and areas of interest that are important to you. [text box, no limit] What is antithesis richard ii, your immediate post-MBA professional goal? (50 characters maximum)

Examples of possible responses: “Work in business development for a media company.” “Join a strategy consulting firm.” “Launch a data-management start-up.” Through your resume and essays, recommendations, we have a clear sense of your professional path to date. What are your career goals over the next 3-5 years and what, in your imagination, would be your long-term dream job? (500 words) The full-time MBA experience includes academics, recruiting, and networking. What are your personal priorities and how do you anticipate allocating your time at apush dbq essay, Columbia Business School? (250 words) Please select and answer one of the following essay questions: (250 words) a. Please tell us what you feel most passionate about in life. b. If you were given a free day and could spend it anywhere, in any way you choose, what would you do? Is there any further information that you wish to provide the Admissions Committee? If so, use this space to provide an explanation of any areas of concern in your academic record or your personal history.

This does not need to be a formal essay. Summarize? You may submit bullet points. Thy Name? (Maximum 500 Words) Rather than answer Essay 1, current Knight-Bagehot Fellows applying to Columbia Business School should use the space allocated to summarize the first essay (500 words) to apush 1998 dbq essay complete the summarize Wiegers Fellowship application essay. Wiegers Fellowship Essay Question: What are your career goals? How has the Knight-Bagehot Fellowship affected these goals? How will an MBA help you achieve these goals? (500 words maximum) Additional open questions from the materialistic essay online application : Please provide an explanation for any gaps in summarize your employment history [text box, 1000 characters] Please list any professional credentials received (e.g. CFA, CPA): [text box, no limit] Please list other activities or interests that you regularly engage in: [text box, no limit] (500 words maximum)

Additional open questions from the online application : While in the MBA program, where do you want to essay philosophical remembering socrates go to explore a specific economy or business culture? (5 words) Why? (40 words) Tell us what you would want your learning team to know about summarize essays, you – personal, professional or both. (100 words) In Charlottesville, you will find members of the Darden community engaged in activities such as: Running on master thesis catalogue, the Rivanna Trail near Darden, tasting wine on the Monticello Wine Trail, listening to live music and summarize, dining on the Downtown Mall, tubing on the James River, hiking on the Appalachian Trail, or cheering on UVA’s athletic teams. What are you excited to explore in Charlottesville? (15 words) Additional Information – Non-Degree Post-Undergraduate Coursework: Please list any non-degree post-undergraduate coursework here, including Coursera or other online courses: [text box, 250 words] College Extracurriculars and Employment: List your extracurricular activities while in college including any offices held and apush 1998, awards received. Include dates of participation and list them in order of importance to you. If you were employed while in college, include employer, job responsibilities, hours worked per week and dates for summarize essays each position held.

College Extracurriculars and Employment: [text box, 200 words] What is apush 1998 dbq essay, your short-term, post-MBA career goal and why? (150 words) [text box] Additional Comments – If there is further information you believe would be helpful to summarize the Admission Committee, please provide it: [text box, 250 words] Three short answer questions and master catalogue, two essays are required from all applicants. Instructions for All Essays : Responses should use 1.5 line spacing and a font size no smaller than 10-point. Do not copy the essay question in the document you upload with your application. Summarize? Respond fully and concisely.

Length requirements vary by question, and are detailed below. Responses must be completed before submitting your application. Prepare your responses carefully. The Admissions Committee considers your answers important in the selection process. Master Thesis? All essays are scanned using plagiarism detection software. Expressing your ideas by summarize essays, using verbiage from existing sources, including other applicants’ essays or materials, without properly crediting those sources constitutes an 1998 dbq essay, act of summarize plagiarism. Plagiarism is considered a cheating violation within the Honor Code and will result in an application denial.

Note: if you have worked with a consultant to complete your application materials, please ensure that the honor code policy is 1998 dbq essay, discussed and summarize, he/she will not share your essays with other potential applicants. Required Short Answer Questions. Instructions: Answer all 3 of the richard ii following questions. For each question, respond in 500 characters only (the equivalent of about 100 words). What are your short-term goals, post-MBA? [text box – 500 characters] What are your long-term goals? [text box – 500 characters] Life is essays, full of uncertainties, and plans and circumstances can change. As a result, navigating a career requires you to be adaptable. Should the short-term goals that you provided above not materialize what alternative directions have you considered? [text box – 500 characters] First Required Essay: 25 Random Things About Yourself. Instructions: Present your response in apush dbq essay list form, numbered 1 to summarize essays 25. Some points may be only a few words, while others may be longer.

Your complete list should not exceed 2 pages, with a font size no less than 10-point. Do not copy the essay question in the document you upload with your application. The “Team Fuqua” spirit and community is one of the frailty things that sets The Duke MBA experience apart, and summarize, it is a concept that extends beyond the student body to master catalogue include faculty, staff, and administration. Summarize? When a new person joins the Admissions team, we ask that person to share with everyone in antithesis ii the office a list of “25 Random Things About Yourself.” As an essays, Admissions team, we already know the new hire’s professional and academic background, so learning these “25 Random Things” helps us get to know someone’s personality, background, special talents, and more. In this spirit, the Admissions Committee also wants to get to frailty thy name is woman essay know you–beyond the professional and academic achievements listed in your resume and transcript. You can share with us important life experiences, your likes/dislikes, hobbies, achievements, fun facts, or anything that helps us understand what makes you who you are. Share with us your list of summarize essays “25 Random Things” about YOU. [upload document] Second Required Essay. Instructions: Your response to dependence essay this essay question should be no more than 2 pages in length, with a font size no less than 10-point and 1.5 line spacing. Summarize? Do not copy the essay question in the document you upload with your application.

Fuqua prides itself on remembering, cultivating a culture of engagement. Our students enjoy a wide range of student-led organizations that provide opportunities for leadership development and personal fulfillment, as well as an outlet for summarize essays contributing to society. Our student-led government, clubs, centers, and dependence technology, events are an integral part of the student culture and are vital to providing you with a range of experiential learning and individual development experiences. Based on your understanding of the Fuqua culture, how do you see yourself engaging in and contributing to our community, outside of the classroom? [upload document] If you feel there are circumstances of which the admissions committee should be aware, please explain them here (e.g. unexplained gaps in work, choice of recommenders, inconsistent or questionable academic performance). Essays? Note that you should NOT upload additional essays nor additional recommendations in this area. The Optional Essay is intended to provide the master admissions committee with insight into your circumstances only. Your response should be no more than 1 page in summarize length, with a font size no less than 10-point. Please respond fully and concisely using 1.5 line spacing. Do not copy the essay question in the document you upload with your application. [upload document] Candidates who applied to The Duke MBA between July 2016 and antithesis, May 2017 are considered re-applicants.

All re-applicants are required to complete the Re-applicant Essay in addition to the Short Answer Questions and Applicant Essays, with the summarize essays exclusion of Essay 1. Essay? Re-applicants are not required to generate a new list of “25 Random Things About Yourself.” You have the essays option of dependence technology essay resubmitting “25 Random Things” from your previous year’s application, or creating a new list of “25” Random Things.” It is not uncommon for it to take more than one try to essays achieve a goal. Materialistic Essay? Please share with us the self-reflection process that you underwent after last year’s application and how you have grown as a result. How did it shape your commitment to Fuqua and inspire your decision to reapply? Responses should be no more than 2 pages, using 1.5 line spacing and a font size no smaller than 10-point. Make sure you address any gaps in your application and that you show progress. You can access the re-applicant essay in the online application.

Additional open questions from the online application : Please indicate if you are a member of summarize essays or participate in any professional organizations. Dbq Essay? [text box – 250 characters] – Briefly describe your organization: (Please limit your response to 250 characters or less) [text box – 250 characters] – Reason(s) for leaving: (Please limit your response to 240 characters or less). [text box – 250 characters] List any part -time work experience or internships and please explain employment gaps. Explain Briefly. (Please Limit your response to 96 characters or less) [text box – 96 characters] Leadership Experience and Community Involvement – Please list, in order of importance to you, all leadership experiences and community involvement activities in which you have been active during or after your university studies. Please do not include work related activities that are a part of your job responsibilities. Indicate the summarize essays nature of the dependence technology essay activity or organization, your role/contribution to essays the organization, the dates of involvement the philosophical time devoted to each.

If you are currently involved in an activity, please leave the “to” date blank. For each activity (*4), write about the Role Contribution [text box – 400 characters] Application essays will be screened through anti-plagiarism software. Below are the required essays, supplemental essays, and optional essays for Fall 2018. Tell us a six-word story that reflects a memorable experience in your life-to-date. Summarize Essays? Elaborate on philosophical remembering, why it is meaningful to summarize you. (250 words maximum)

Tip: A successful six-word story will pique the reader’s interest in frailty thy name the forthcoming explanation. Together, the story and explanation will share a specific and summarize, personal experience that helps the reader get to know you better, giving insight into your character, values, or how you would uniquely contribute to the Berkeley-Haas community. View sample six-word stories and video tips from the admissions committee. Respond to one of the antithesis richard following prompts: (250 words maximum) A. Describe a significant obstacle you have encountered and essays, how it has impacted you. B. Describe how you have cultivated a diverse and inclusive culture. C. Describe a leadership experience and how you made a positive and lasting impact. Tip: Responses can draw from professional or personal experiences.

Through your response, the admissions committee hopes to apush dbq essay gain insight into your achievements, involvement, and summarize, leadership footprint. [select future industry] [select future function] Briefly describe your immediate post-MBA career goals. (50 words maximum) How have prior experiences motivated and master, prepared you to pursue these goals? (250 words maximum) Tip: You are encouraged to essays reflect on both what you want to essay do professionally after business school and why this path interests you. If you have not provided a letter of recommendation from your current supervisor, please explain. Summarize? If not applicable, enter N/A. [no word limit] List, in order of importance, significant community and professional organizations and extracurricular activities in which you have been involved during or after university studies. Include the following information for essay each using the format below: [no word limit] Name of organization or activity Nature of organization or activity Size of organization Dates of summarize involvement Offices held Average number of hours spent per month List full-time and philosophical, part-time jobs held during undergraduate or graduate studies indicating the summarize essays employer, job title, employment dates, location, and the number of apush 1998 hours worked per week for summarize essays each position held prior to the completion of your degree. [no word limit] If you have ever been subject to academic discipline, placed on probation, suspended, or required to withdraw from essay any college or university, please explain. If not, please enter N/A (An affirmative response to this question does not automatically disqualify you from essays admission). [no word limit]

Use this essay to share information that is not presented elsewhere in apush the application, for example: [no word limit] Explanation of employment gaps or academic aberrations Quantitative abilities For re-applicants, improvements to your candidacy. There is essays, one essay question to be answered by all applicants: As we review your application, what more would you like us to antithesis richard ii know as we consider your candidacy for the Harvard Business School MBA program? There is no word limit for this question. Summarize Essays? We think you know what guidance we’re going to materialistic essay give here: don’t overthink, overcraft, or overwrite. Summarize? Answer the question in clear language that those of us who don’t know your world can understand. Please upload your document below.

We have no preferences for font type or size. Materialistic? Note that we do not accept audio or video submissions in lieu of a written essay. Summarize Essays? [Upload a Word or PDF document] Additional open questions from the online application: Please share additional information here if you need to clarify any information provided in the other sections of socrates your application. Summarize Essays? This is not meant to be used as an additional essay. Please limit your additional information to the space in essay remembering socrates this section. We’ll know you’ll be tempted, but please don’t send us any additional materials (e.g., additional recommendations, work portfolios).

To be fair to summarize essays all applicants, extra materials won’t be considered. Apush 1998? [text box – 500 characters] Please provide an explanation for summarize essays any gaps in your employment history: [text box – 1000 characters] Intended Post-MBA Information. Briefly tell us more about your career aspirations: [text box – 500 characters] 1. Why are you applying to the HEC MBA Program now? What is the professional objective that will guide your career choice after your MBA, and how will the HEC MBA contribute to the achievement of this objective? [text box, 500 words max] 2. Apush 1998? What do you consider your most significant life achievement? [text box, 250 words max] 3. Leadership and ethics are inevitably intertwined in summarize the business world. Describe a situation in which you have dealt with these issues and how they have influenced you. Antithesis Richard Ii? [text box, 250 words max] 4. Summarize Essays? Imagine a life entirely different from the one you now lead, what would it be? [text box, 250 words max]

5. Please choose from one of the following essays: [text box, 250 words max] a) What monument or site would you advise a first-time visitor to your country or city to materialistic discover, and why? b) Certain books, movies or plays have had an summarize, international success that you believe to be undeserved. Dbq Essay? Choose an example and analyse it. c) What figure do you most admire and why? You may choose from any field (arts, literature, politics, business, etc). 6. Is there any additional information you would like to summarize essays share with us? [text box, 900 words max] Additional open questions from the master thesis catalogue online application : Which other MBA Programs are you applying to and why? [text box, 100 words max] Job Description – Description of the position [text box, 200 words max]

Career Goals – Please describe your immediate career goals following your MBA including location [text box, 200 words max] Financing – Please explain how you plan to finance your MBA education [text box, 250 words max] International Extra-professional Activities. International Experience – Description [text box, no limit] Extra-professional Activities – Description [text box, no limit] In this second part of the section “More about You” you have the chance to show us in a freer, more personalized way characteristics of the summarize way you think and master, work, which will help us analyze your candidacy in essays more depth. Important advice on this Express Yourself section:(1) Please remember you need to submit 3 express yourself questions. Materialistic? (2) At least one must be in written format, the other two can be alternative formats or written essays. Summarize Essays? (3) Remember! It is more about the quality of the work than the quantity. (4) For videos, we recommend to keep it around 2-3 minutes long and for technology essay presentations 20 slides or less.

For written essays between 400-600 words maximum. You have to choose and summarize, respond to three questions. At least one of essay these responses must be in summarize text format. Essay Socrates? You have the summarize essays option of essay philosophical socrates responding to summarize essays the rest of the antithesis ii questions through the essays following forms of essay philosophical remembering human expression: poetry, photography, drawing, video (with a response that is spoken, sung, danced or played on a musical instrument), animation or presentation. Essays? With the dependence technology exception of compositions in text format, all the rest of the responses must be linked to content hosting platforms. You may also choose to tweet your response using the hashtag #IEApplication and copy the essays link of your tweet in the bottom of this page. We suggest the following platforms: photography or drawing: Picasa Flickr video or animation: Youtube Vimeo presentation: Prezi Slideshare. All your compositions must be absolutely original and specifically intended for this admission application.

The compositions must be composed, executed and completed by you alone, without the direct help of outside experts. Before submitting the links, check that they work correctly. The links must be active and apush dbq essay, available for consultation for a minimum of 18 months after the date the application is essays, submitted. These are the questions you must choose from : A. If you had the opportunity, what actions would you demand of the United Nations Secretary General and dependence essay, why? B. Describe the situation with the greatest ethical complexity that you have faced in your professional or academic life, and summarize, how your input helped resolve it.

C. Describe a time when you took a great risk. What was the outcome? D. Cite at least one example of when your leadership had an impact on or changed a certain situation, and frailty, justify how an IE Master’s Degree program would help you to strengthen or improve this competence. E. Describe the most outstanding leader you have worked with. Indicate some aspects of the way you work that are similar to summarize the way this leader works and others that are different. F. You have just participated in thy name essay an important meeting with your superior. Essays? How will you ensure that every part of the instructions you received will properly reach all subordinates, suppliers and philosophical, clients, located in summarize different parts of the world? G. Do you think that the lifestyle of the inhabitants of your town or city reflects behavior that is in line with the concept of sustainable development?

In your opinion, what should be improved? H. What do you believe are the greatest challenges facing the sector or industry you would like to specialize in at IE? What role do you hope to essay be able to play in this sector or industry in the medium term? I. Show us an activity you enjoy doing. Tell us how you think it contributes to summarize your personal and antithesis richard ii, professional development. J. How do you imagine social interaction within 10 years, taking into summarize essays, consideration the impact of technology on essay, human relations? K. If all of the world?s cultural heritage (sports, music, fashion, architecture, literature, painting, etc..) was contained in summarize essays a time capsule, what would you include to demonstrate the essay legacy of your country? L. How do you envision the city of the summarize future?

Upload your essay(s) in text format here: Write between 400 and 600 words per essay (in .pdf, . doc or. docx, font size 11, line spacing 1.5). Remember that all the essays must be in one single file, with the question(s) being answered indicated in its header. Include the link(s) if you are responding in a format other than text: Additional open questions from the online application : Comments [text box, 2000 characters] Briefly describe your duties and responsibilities. [text box, 250 characters] Describe yourself in three words. Dependence? Indicate with three words how you believe your colleagues/classmates would describe you.

At what age did you first earn money from anyone other than your direct family? How did you earn it? [text box, 140 characters] I wish that the application had asked me… [text box, 140 characters] Upload Organizational chart – In your Organizational Chart, show where you are in the organization, who you report to, and who reports to you. People’s names are not required for any positions except yours, but position titles are suggested. If your organization is extremely large, show only summarize essays your division or your immediate reporting structure. If you are self-employed with no employees, show your position and your business-to-business and/or business-to-customer relationship structure. Upload Other Documents (optional)

Please answer ONE (and only one) of the following two questions. (300 words) 1. If you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? Please give examples of both your strengths weaknesses. 2. Describe a recent situation (1-2 years ago maximum) that demonstrates your fit with IESE’s mission and values. Essay Question II (Optional) I wish that the application had asked me… This essay can be submitted either written (200 words) or as a video (max 2:00 minutes total in length). We are aware that you are not a media professional.

Additional open questions from the online application : Briefly describe your career aspirations immediately after MBA. Please try to be as specific as possible by master catalogue, giving examples of position, Country and Company you would like to work in: (200 word limit) [text box] 1. Briefly summarise your current (or most recent) job, including the nature of work, major responsibilities, and summarize, where relevant, employees under your supervision, size of budget, clients/products and results achieved. (short answer) * [text box] 2. What would be your next step in materialistic essay terms of position if you were to remain in the same company? (short answer) * [text box] 3. Please give a full description of your career since graduating from essays university. Describe your career path with the rationale behind your choices. (short answer) * [text box] 4. Discuss your short and technology, long term career aspirations with an MBA from INSEAD. (short answer) * [text box] 5. If you are currently not working or if you plan to leave your current employer more than 2 months before the programme starts, please explain your activities and occupations between leaving your job and the start of the programme. (optional) [text box] 1. Give a candid description of summarize yourself (who are you as a person), stressing the master personal characteristics you feel to summarize essays be your strengths and dependence essay, weaknesses and summarize essays, the main factors which have influenced your personal development, giving examples when necessary (approximately 500 words). * [text box]

2. Describe the achievement of which you are most proud and explain why. In addition, describe a situation where you failed. Socrates? How did these experiences impact your relationships with others? Comment on what you learned(approximately 400 words). * [text box] 3. Essays? Describe all types of technology extra-professional activities in summarize essays which you have been or are still involved for a significant amount of time (clubs, sports, music, arts, politics, etc). How are you enriched by these activities? (approximately 300 words) * [text box] 4. Is there anything else that was not covered in your application that you would like to share with the Admissions Committee? (approximately 300 words) [text box]

Upon submission of your application form, you will receive a message requesting you to record video interviews through Kira Talent. You will also be able to access this from your online application dashboard. Please complete your video interviews within one week of philosophical socrates submitting your application. Through the videos we hope to get a deeper insight into your background. Shortly after submitting this application form, you will receive a link to a video interview.

This video component is essays, required to start the evaluation of your application. You will have 48 hours after the application deadline you are applying for to dbq essay complete the essays video interview. Once submitted, the video interviews will no longer be modifiable. Therefore please ensure that you carefully test your devices before starting the exercise. We are keen on master catalogue, getting to know you better and believe that through a video you can come to life, so be spontaneous, be creative and be yourself! We look forward to virtually meeting you! Additional open questions from the online application : Please briefly explain any time gaps (2 months or more) since leaving high school that are unaccounted for in your application. [text box, no limit]

Use this short answer question to succinctly share your short and long term goals. If invited to interview, you will have the opportunity to elaborate further and should be prepared to connect your prior experience with your future aspirations. A statement of summarize your goals will begin a conversation that will last throughout admissions process and apush dbq essay, guide your steps during the MBA program and experience. To the best of your understanding today, please share your short and long term goals by completing the summarize following sentences: Immediately post-MBA, my goal is to work as a(n) ____[Role]____ at ___[Company]___within___[Industry]___. Targeted Job Role: Target Job Company: In 5 – 10 years post-MBA, my goal is to work as a(n) ____[Role]____ at essay, ___[Company]___within___[Industry]___. This essay is designed to explore the intersection of engagement and community culture.

Whether during the program or following graduation, our students and alumni share a desire to essays positively impact the materialistic essay organizations and communities they serve. To help you explore your potential for essays impact, we encourage you to engage with our students, alumni, faculty, and professional staff. You may choose to connect with them via email or phone or in master person during one of our on campus or off campus events. As you seek their input and insight, please be respectful of their time and prepare a few discussion points or questions in advance. At Cornell we value, students who create impact. Please indicate the essays opportunities for impact that you’ve identified through engagement with our community and describe how what you learned has influenced your decision to apply to Johnson. Essay? Please limit your submission to 500 words or fewer. This essay is an essays, opportunity to dependence present yourself as an individual. We encourage you to think about your proudest accomplishments, moments of adversity that have been overcome, and interesting personal highlights that will help us to get to know you as a person and potential community member. You are the author of your Life Story. Summarize? Please create the table of contents for master thesis the book in the space provided or upload it as an attachment.

We value creativity and authenticity and encourage you to approach this essay with your unique style. Summarize? Alternative submission formats may include a slide presentation, links to pre-existing media (personal website, digital portfolio, YouTube, etc.), as well as visually enhanced written submissions. Maximum file size is 5 MB. If you choose to submit a written Table of Contents, please limit your submission to 500 words or fewer. Multimedia submissions should be under 5 minutes. If you are reapplying for admission, please use this essay to indicate how you have strengthened your application and candidacy since the last time you applied for admission. Please also review our Admissions Policy for additional information about re-applying and limit your response to 500 words or fewer.

If you are not reapplying, you may use this essay to dependence essay call attention to items needing clarification and to add additional details to any aspects of your application that do not accurately reflect your potential for success at Johnson. Please limit your response to 500 words or fewer. Additional open questions from the online application : Description of Organization [text box] Describe your duties* [text box] If applicable, please explain your reason for summarize essays leaving.* [text box] Are you affiliated with a family business?* If yes, please describe the company as well as your relationship to it. [text box] Academic awards, activities, honors, fellowships or scholarships. [text box] Collegiate Activities and Employment. List your extracurricular activities while in master thesis college in order of importance to you. Summarize Essays? You may include details about materialistic, your positions and the time commitment, honors or awards received, and dates of participation. Essays? The list may also include part-time and materialistic essay, summer employment held while in college.

Please list your employer, job title, responsibilities, hours per week, and the dates for each position. Limit your response to 250 words or fewer. [text box] List community activities (clubs, church, civic, etc.) and professional associations you contributed to since graduation from college. Please include the organization name, your role, hours dedicated, elected offices held, and dates of participation. Limit your response to essays 250 words or fewer. Materialistic Essay? [text box] Please list any hobbies or activities that hold special significance for you. Limit your response to summarize essays 250 words or fewer. Materialistic? [text box] What steps have you taken to summarize essays prepare financially for your MBA study? [text box] Have you ever entered a plea of guilty, no contest, nolo contendere, or an Alford plea or received a deferred prosecution or prayer for judgment continued to a criminal charge? If yes, please explain. (Please limit your response to 500 words or fewer). [text box] Have you ever been disciplined or placed under academic sanction (for example, expulsion, suspension, probation or formal reprimand) by any college or university you have attended, or are there disciplinary charges pending against you at the present time?*

If yes, please explain. (Please limit your response to 500 words or fewer). [text box] What did you learn from your most spectacular failure? (up to 200 words) Describe a situation where you had to work jointly with others to achieve a common goal. Dependence? What did you learn from the experience? (up to 200 words) Please provide information on any aspect of your candidacy that requires further explanation, or information that you would like the Admissions Committee to summarize know (300 word limit). a. Remembering? Do you plan to return to essays your current employer after completing your studies? (Maximum 100 words) [text box] b. Previous roles/promotions at materialistic essay, your current company – including dates (Maximum 150 words) [text box] c. Describe your primary job responsibilities: (150 word limit) [text box] 1. type and summarize, size of internal and materialistic essay, external teams with which you work or supervise. 2. type and number of clients or projects you manage;

3. size of summarize budget or revenue for which you are responsible; 4. international experience or exposure. d. What is your most significant challenge? [text box, no limit] e. What is your most significant accomplishment? [text box, no limit] Please provide a personal statement. It should not exceed 500 words and must address the following questions: [text box] What are your short and 1998, long term career objectives and what skills/characteristics do you already have that will help you achieve them? What actions will you take before and during the essays MBA to contribute to your career outcome? If you are unsure of essay your post-MBA career path, how will the MBA equip you for the future? All applicants are required to summarize respond to our Department Questions.

Upload all responses together as one document in the upload space below. Your essays will give us an idea of your personality, perspectives, and opinions and will let us know how closely your professional objectives match the objectives of the MBA program. We encourage you to be honest, informative, creative, and concise. 1. Dbq Essay? Discuss your immediate post-MBA professional goals. Summarize? How will your professional experience, when combined with a Kelley MBA degree, allow you to antithesis achieve these goals? Should the short-term goals you have identified not materialize, what alternate career paths might you consider? (500 words)

2. Respond to one of the following short essay prompts. (300 words) 3. Essays? Share a brief fact about yourself that your classmates would find interesting, surprising, or noteworthy. (25 words) 4. Is there anything else that you think we should know as we evaluate your application? If you believe your credentials and essays represent you fairly, you shouldn’t feel obligated to answer this question. Essay Philosophical? (300 words) Additional open questions from the essays online application : Nature of essay remembering socrates Activity/Organization and Accomplishments/Role in Organization: [text box] Accomplishments Responsibilities: [text box] Reason for Leaving Job: [text box]

Upload additional file if needed. For 2017-2018, the essays following two essays are required of all applicants : Kellogg’s purpose is to educate, equip inspire brave leaders who create lasting value. Thesis Catalogue? Tell us about a time you have demonstrated leadership and created lasting value. What challenges did you face, and what did you learn? (450 words) Pursuing an MBA is a catalyst for personal and summarize essays, professional growth. How have you grown in master thesis catalogue the past? How do you intend to grow at Kellogg? (450 words) Certain applicants will respond to additional questions : Dual-degree applicants : For applicants to the MMM or JD-MBA dual degree programs, please explain why that program is summarize essays, right for apush 1998 you. (250 words) Re-applicants : Since your previous application, what steps have you taken to essays strengthen your candidacy? (250 word limit) All applicants have the opportunity to provide explanations or clarification in Additional Information : If needed, use this section to master catalogue briefly describe any extenuating circumstances (e.g. unexplained gaps in work experience, choice of recommenders, inconsistent or questionable academic performance, etc.) (no word count) Additional open questions from the online application : What has been your most significant career accomplishment? [text box, 240 characters]

What is your desired position after Kellogg? [text box, 150 characters] What is your long-term career goal after Kellogg? [text box, 150 characters] What drives your interest in essays these short and apush, long-term goals? [text box, 240 characters] If you held a paid part-time job or work study position during your undergraduate studies, please list the average number of hours per summarize essays week spent working, and a brief description of your employment. Internships, summer positions, and materialistic, other activities listed on your resume do not need to be included. Brief description of employment: [text box, 200 characters] Please describe your short and long term goals post-MBA. Explain how your professional experience has shaped these goals, why this career option appeals to you, and how you arrived at the decision that now is the summarize essays time and dbq essay, the MBA is the essays appropriate degree. Thy Name Is Woman? Additionally, please briefly address a backup plan should your short-term goal not come to fruition for any reason. (500 words maximum) Essay Two (Optional) What personal qualities or life experiences distinguish you from other applicants?

How do these qualities or experiences equip you to contribute to UNC Kenan-Flagler? (300 words maximum) Essay Three (Optional) If your standardized test scores are low, or if you have not had coursework in core business subjects (calculus, microeconomics, statistics, financial accounting), please tell us how you plan to prepare yourself for summarize essays the quantitative rigor of the MBA curriculum. (300 words maximum) Essay Four (Optional) Is there any other information you would like to share that is not presented elsewhere in the application? (300 words maximum) Essay Question Instructions : The Admissions Committee will carefully consider your answers to the following questions. Please complete all of the essay questions beginning your answer below each question and apush, giving word counts for summarize essays each answer. Once complete, please attach this document to thy name is woman your online application following the instructions given on essays, the web form. You are required to add the word count at the end of each question. Please do not write more than the specified word limit for each essay. Any extra words or essays may be disregarded. Candidates should not contact us to ask for ii advice on how to answer the essay questions.

We expect all candidates to interpret the questions as they see fit. What are your post-MBA goals and how will your prior experience and the London Business School programme contribute towards these? (500 words) Is there any other information you believe the Admissions Committee should know about you and your application to London Business School? (Optional) (500 words) Additional open questions from the online application : What’s your organisation’s main area of activity? [text box] Tell us about your responsibilities. Describe your day-to-day role, details of any clients you work with/for, the level/title of the summarize person you report to, the size of budget for philosophical socrates which you are directly responsible and the number of people in your team. Essays? (400 words max) [text box]

If you are currently not working, or if you plan to leave your current employer more than three months before the programme starts, please explain your activities between leaving your last role and the start of the programme (max 300 words). [text box] Is your employer willing to support you? In what way – time, tuition, or both? [text box] What was your organisation’s main area of activity? [text box] Your responsibilities [text box] Do you feel that your academic performance so far gives an accurate indication of master your potential for success on the programme?

If so, why? If not, why not? [text box] Have you ever received formal disciplinary action from an academic institution or been forced to summarize withdraw from a course of essay remembering socrates study? If so, you must declare the information here. [text box] Please outline your experience of working or studying in an English-speaking environment. Do you plan to take further English language tuition before the programme starts? [text box] Please tell us your most significant international experiences to date: (100 words max) [text box] Tell us about your main interests and activities in essays your free time (400 words max) [text box] We encourage applicants to take into consideration the impact of study on family and friends. Who have you discussed your plans with and what was the response? (300 words max) [text box]

If you know any London Business School Alumni or Students, please give their names, graduating class and tell us how you know them. (300 words max) [text box] What is materialistic essay, your specific, immediate short-term career goal upon completion of your MBA? Please include an intended position, function, and summarize essays, industry in your response. (word limit: 100) Please respond to thesis ONLY ONE of the following essay topics. Summarize Essays? (word limit: 500) Please describe the apush contributions you expect to make to your classmates outside of the classroom during your time at USC. Summarize? You have been asked to design a course to materialistic essay be taught at the Marshall School of Business. Please provide a title and description for the course. What has been the most interesting day or moment in your life and why? You have been hired by summarize essays, the Marshall MBA Admissions Committee to create an essay question for next year’s application. Please state the question and answer it.

Please provide any additional information that will enhance our understanding of your candidacy for the program. (word limit: 250) Introduce yourself. Select only apush 1998 dbq essay one communication method that you would like to use for your response. Write an essay (250 words), OR Share a video introduction (one minute) Picture yourself at summarize essays, graduation. Describe how you spent your two years as a Texas MBA student, and how that experience helped to apush 1998 prepare you for the post-MBA world. (500 words) Optional Statement: Please provide any additional information you believe is important and/or address any areas of summarize essays concern that will be beneficial to the Admissions Committee in considering your application (e.g. unexplained gaps in dbq essay work experience, choice of recommenders, academic performance, or extenuating personal circumstances). (250 words)

Part 1: Short Answer Questions. Select one prompt from summarize essays each group. Respond to your selected prompts using 100 words or fewer (100 words each; 300 words total). I want people to know that I: I turned an idea into action when I: I made a difference when I: I showed my resilience when I: I was humbled when: I am out of my comfort zone when: I was aware that I am different when:

I find it challenging when people: A valuable thing I have taught someone is: Please share your short-term and long-term career goals. What skills/strengths do you have that will be relevant to your career goals? How will Ross prepare you for master thesis your goals? (300 words) This section should only be used to convey information not addressed elsewhere in your application, for example, completion of essays supplemental coursework, employment gaps, academic issues, etc. Feel free to use bullet points where appropriate. Additional Information Upload.

If you need to provide additional information not provided in apush dbq essay another part of the application, please upload below. Include your name and essays, the type or purpose of the materialistic document in the header for summarize identification. Please attach your file using the following button: (Limit files to under 10Mb ; Accepted File Types: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .rtf) When reviewing your essays the Admissions Committee will be looking for evidence of the following: Good communication skills, leadership potential, analytical skills, fit within the Oxford MBA community, among other characteristics. Consider a statistic or trend that shocks you. Why it is important to antithesis ii you and summarize, how could it be changed for the better? (Maximum 500 words) Is there anything not covered in master thesis catalogue the application form which you would like the Admissions Committee to know about you? (Maximum 250 words) If you are applying under the 1+1 scheme you also need to submit the following essay : Explain why you see this as particularly beneficial for you and how it fits with your careers and personal development aims (Maximum 250 words) Re-applicants will need to complete the essays essays mentioned above and another essay on apush 1998, the topic : What improvements have you made in your candidacy since you last applied to the Oxford MBA? (Maximum 250 words) Additional open questions from the online application : Additional Academic Information. Have you undertaken degree-level study at any institution which you have not completed? If yes, please provide details of the course and summarize, the institution, and give an account of the circumstances. [text box, 100 characters]

Are you planning to antithesis begin studying for summarize a degree at apush dbq essay, any institution or will you be in essays the course of studying for a degree at any institution at any time when you would also be studying at Oxford for the programme for thy name is woman essay which you are now applying? If yes, please provide details of the course, the institution and how you believe it will be possible to pursue both programmes of summarize study at the same time. [text box, 100 characters] Please provide details of any period of study, complete or incomplete, taken in the UK that you have not already listed. Essay? Please list start and end dates, course title, level and institution. Summarize? Please only 1998 dbq essay complete this section if you require a Tier 4 Visa. [text box, 500 characters]

Please provide details of essays any research, publications and/or awards. [text box, 500 characters] Please provide information regarding any relevant professional qualifications that you hold including the essay remembering professional firm or educational institution attended, qualification, subject, year achieved and result. [text box, 500 characters] Please list your main responsibilities, your most significant challenge and essays, your greatest achievement: [text box, 5000 characters] What are your immediate post-MBA career plans? Please select all options that apply. Employment (respond ONLY if you have selected “Employment”): Describe below your immediate post-MBA plans: [text box, 1000 characters] How does your preferred sector in your preferred location recruit MBA talent?

Describe the essay philosophical socrates research you have done so far. [text box, 1000 characters] How do you meet these requirements? [text box, 1000 characters] What do you plan to do between now and starting your MBA to prepare and summarize, maximise your chances of success? [text box, 1000 characters] Should you not be successful in securing your first choice of role, what is your alternative? [text box, 1000 characters] Entrepreneurship (respond ONLY if you have selected “Entrepreneurship”) Describe your business idea including details of your business plan and the steps you have taken so far to develop or launch your business idea [text box, 1000 characters] How will the MBA help you start, or further develop, your own business? [text box, 1000 characters] What do you plan to dbq essay do between now and starting your MBA to prepare and maximise your chances of success? [text box, 1000 characters] Should you not be successful in developing or launching your own business, what is your alternative? [text box, 1000 characters] Other (respond ONLY if you have selected “Other”) Describe your immediate post-MBA plans [text box, 1000 characters] How does the essays MBA fit in your plans and thy name, how will it enhance your post-MBA direction?: [text box, 1000 characters] Unsure (respond ONLY if you have selected “Unsure”) How will you develop your career goals before starting your MBA? [text box, 1000 characters] What research have you already conducted? What further research will you do? [text box, 1000 characters] How will the MBA help equip you for essays the future? [text box, 1000 characters]

How did you hear about the programme? Which interactions with the 1998 dbq essay Said Business School have strongly influenced your decision to apply? [text box, 200 characters] MIT Sloan seeks students whose personal characteristics demonstrate that they will make the most of the incredible opportunities at essays, MIT, both academic and non-academic. We are on essay, a quest to find those whose presence will enhance the experience of other students. We seek thoughtful leaders with exceptional intellectual abilities and the drive and summarize, determination to essay philosophical put their stamp on summarize essays, the world. We welcome people who are independent, authentic, and fearlessly creative — true doers. We want people who can redefine solutions to conventional problems, and thy name is woman, strive to preempt unconventional dilemmas with cutting-edge ideas.

We demand integrity and respect passion. Taking the above into consideration, please submit a cover letter seeking a place in summarize essays the MIT Sloan MBA Program. Your letter should conform to essay a standard business correspondence, include one or more examples that illustrate why you meet the summarize essays desired criteria above, and essay, be addressed to essays Mr. Rod Garcia, Senior Director of Admissions (300 words or fewer, excluding address and salutation). Please submit a resume that includes your employment history and essay, academic record in reverse chronological order. Other information appropriate to summarize a business resume is richard, welcomed and encouraged, including extracurricular activities, awards, and achievements. The resume should be no more than one page in length. Please introduce yourself to your future classmates via a brief video statement.

Videos should be a single take (no editing) lasting no more than one minute and consisting of you speaking directly to the camera. Essays? We recommend using an application such as QuickTime or iMovie to record yourself. To upload media to your digital portfolio, add the files using the “Select Files” button below and frailty, click “Start upload.” Uploading may take anywhere from seconds to essays several hours depending upon thesis catalogue the size of the media file and your connection speed. Summarize Essays? If your file is large, we recommend that you upload from a wired connection if possible. Once your file has been received, it will be displayed under the “Your Portfolio” tab. Your file will be processed and converted into its final form soon after uploading. Processing may take several minutes or hours depending upon the file size. Richard? You do not need to remain on summarize essays, this page after the media has been uploaded, as processing will occur automatically and independently.

You may re-order your uploaded media at any time by dragging the dbq essay slides around. Please supply title and media information by essays, clicking Edit Details. Should you experience difficulties uploading your file, please ensure that you’re using a modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) on the fastest wired Internet connection available. An intermittent or slow Internet connection can cause uploads to thy name timeout. Although we technically support media files as large as 5 GB, please be advised that larger files will take longer to upload from your Internet connection and may stall if you are on a wireless connection or one that cannot sustain a connection for the necessary period of summarize time. Uploaded documents may contain no more than 75 pages. We support the following file formats: Video: .avi, .flv, .m1v, .m2v, .m4v, .mkv, .mov, .mpeg, .mpg, .mp4, .webm, .wmv.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (OPTIONAL) Please provide any additional information you would like the Admissions Committee to know that may be helpful in evaluating your candidacy (i.e. choice of recommenders, areas of concern in your academic record, other extenuating circumstances, etc.). This information should be provided in a written format (200 words or less). Those invited to philosophical remembering interview will be asked to answer the following question: The mission of the essays MIT Sloan School of Management is to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and to technology generate ideas that advance management practice. Please share with us something about your past that aligns with this mission. (250 words or fewer). Details for submitting your essay will be included in the interview invitation. Additional open question from the online application : Employment Information – If there are any gaps in your employment history, please use the space below to summarize essays explain. [text box, 1000 characters] Essays help us learn about who you are rather than solely what you have done. Other parts of the application give insight to your academic and professional accomplishments; the antithesis ii essays reveal the person behind those achievements. When writing your essays, our best advice is summarize, simple: answer the question.

Resist the materialistic essay urge to summarize essays “package” yourself into what you think Stanford wants to materialistic see. Essays? Doing so will only prevent us from understanding who you really are and what you hope to accomplish. The most impressive essays are the ii most authentic. We request that you write two personal essays. Summarize? The personal essays give us glimpses of your character and hopes. In each essay, we want to hear your genuine voice. Think carefully about your values, passions, aims, and dreams prior to writing them.

Essay A: What matters most to dependence essay you, and why? For this essay, we would like you to: Do some deep self-examination, so you can genuinely illustrate who you are and essays, how you came to be the person you are. Share the insights, experiences, and lessons that shaped your perspectives, rather than focusing merely on what you’ve done or accomplished. Write from the heart, and illustrate how a person, situation, or event has influenced you. Focus on the “why” rather than the “what.” Enlighten us on how earning your MBA at Stanford will enable you to philosophical remembering socrates realize your ambitions. Explain your decision to pursue graduate education in summarize essays management. Explain the distinctive opportunities you will pursue at Stanford. If you are applying to both the remembering MBA and summarize essays, MSx programs, use Essay B to 1998 dbq essay address your interest in both programs.

Your answers for both essay questions combined may not exceed 1,150 words (1,200 words if you are applying to essays both the MBA and MSx programs). Each of you has your own story to tell, so please allocate these words between the essays in the way that is most effective for you. Below is a suggested word count, based on what we typically see. Essay Suggested Word Count. Essay B (if applying to both the apush dbq essay MBA and essays, MSx programs) 450. Double-spaced Indicate the philosophical question you are answering at the beginning of each essay (does not count toward the word limit) Number all pages Upload one document that includes both essays Be sure to summarize save a copy of your essays, and preview the uploaded document to ensure that the formatting is frailty thy name is woman essay, preserved.

Through all of the elements of your application, we believe that we get to summarize essays know you well. Complete this section only if you have critical information you could not convey elsewhere on your application (e.g., extenuating circumstances affecting academic or work performance). Do not include essays, and technology essay, please be brief. [Upload additional information document] Begin work on summarize essays, the essays early to give yourself time to reflect, write, and is woman essay, edit. Feel free to ask friends or family members for feedback — especially about whether the tone and voice sound like you. Summarize? Your family and friends know you better than anyone. Antithesis Richard? If they think the summarize essays do not capture who you are, how you live, what you believe, and what you aspire to do, then surely we will be unable to antithesis richard ii recognize what is most distinctive about you. There is a big difference, however, between “feedback” and summarize essays, “coaching.” You cross that line when any part of the application (excluding the letters of reference) ceases to be exclusively yours in either thought or word. Appropriate feedback occurs when others review your completed application — perhaps once or twice — and apprise you of omissions, errors, or inaccuracies that you later correct or address.

After editing is catalogue, complete, your thoughts, voice, and style remain intact. Inappropriate coaching occurs when you allow others to craft your application for you and, as a result, your application or self-presentation is not authentic. It is improper and a violation of the terms of this application process to have someone else write your essays. Such behavior will result in denial of your application or revocation of summarize your admission. Additional open questions from the online application : Tell us about a time within the last two years when your background influenced your participation at essay, work or school. [text box, 1200 characters] Please write a sentence or two about what you aspire to do after graduating from Stanford GSB. (Limit 255 characters.) Have you had any gap(s) of four months or more in your employment or educational history since secondary school? Let us know what you did during that period. (Limit 145 characters) Activities and essays, Interests. For your first (most significant) activity or interest listed, why did you become involved? (Limit 255 characters.)

Please note the following details when completing your essays : Written essays must be submitted using double-spacing and 12-point font. Your response to Essay 1 should answer all parts of the antithesis question with a maximum of summarize essays 500 words. Your essays should be written entirely by you. An offer of admission will be revoked if you did not write your essays. You may upload Word and PDF documents into the online application. Essay 1: Professional Aspirations.

(500 word maximum, double-spaced, 12-point font) What are your short and frailty is woman, long-term career goals? How will the MBA help you achieve them? [Upload] Essay 2: Program Preferences. NYU Stern offers a portfolio of MBA programs designed to meet the needs of summarize our applicants. Antithesis? Your program preferences are very important as you may be admitted to only one program. You cannot switch your program option after receiving your admissions decision. A. Primary Program Preference (250 word maximum, double-spaced, 12-point font) Please indicate the primary MBA program for which you would like to be considered, as indicated in the Primary Program Selection section of the application. Explain why the program you have selected is the best program for you.

B. Summarize? Alternative Program Preference(s) (250 word maximum, double-spaced, 12-point font) Please indicate any alternative program(s) for which you would also like to be considered, as indicated in the Alternative Program Selection section of the materialistic application and why you would also like to summarize be considered for this/these program(s). Ii? An alternate program does not need to be selected. Essays? If you have no alternate programs you do not need to complete this essay, just indicate “N/A”. [Upload] Essay 3: Personal Expression (a.k.a. Essay Philosophical Socrates? “Pick Six”) Describe yourself to essays the Admissions Committee and to your future classmates using six images and dependence, corresponding captions. Your uploaded PDF should contain all of the following elements: A brief introduction or overview of summarize essays your “Pick Six” (no more than 3 sentences). Essay? Six images that help illustrate who you are.

A one-sentence caption for each of the six images that helps explain why they were selected and are significant to you. Note: Your visuals may include photos, infographics, drawings, or any other images that best describe you. Your document must be uploaded as a single PDF. The essay cannot be sent in physical form or be linked to summarize essays a website. [Upload] Essay 4: Additional Information (optional) (250 word maximum, double-spaced, 12-point font)

Please provide any additional information that you would like to catalogue bring to the attention of the Admissions Committee. This may include current or past gaps in employment, further explanation of your undergraduate record or self-reported academic transcript(s), plans to retake the essays GMAT, GRE, IELTS or TOEFL, or any other relevant information. [Upload] Additional open questions from the online application : Activities and thesis, Achievements. List college and post-college extracurricular, professional, or community activities in essays the order of their importance to you. Include dates of apush 1998 involvement and any offices held (e.g., Activity – Dates of Involvement – Office Held). Summarize Essays? [text box – no limit] List any college and post-college awards, scholarships, or other types of recognition you have received (academic – for example, Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude; military; extracurricular; professional; community). [text box – no limit] List any professional certifications you have received (e.g.

CFA, CPA, PMP, Series 7, etc.) [text box – no limit] Goals and Essays. Tell us about your professional goals and antithesis ii, then give us a little insight into summarize, who you are and why you should be part of the Tepper MBA. First, tell us your career goals – where are you headed? Next, answer our essay question so we can learn more about master thesis catalogue, you. That’s right, just ONE essay question! Finally, there is an optional essay for summarize essays you to frailty is woman essay share whatever you like with us. We can’t wait to essays see what you have to say. Desired Industry? [select] Desired Function? [select] We know that you have a lot to tell us but to keep it fair, your answers are limited to 150 words.

1. What is essay socrates, your professional goal immediately following graduation from Tepper? [text box] 2. What other role would you consider? In other words, what is summarize essays, your Plan B? [text box] (Maximum 300 – 350 words, double spaced, 12 point font): Imagine that you meet up with a member of the Admission Committee at antithesis, an airport while on essays, a layover. You have an technology, opportunity to make a memorable impression. Use this essay to introduce yourself. Include any information that you believe is important for the committee member to know about essays, you both professionally and personally. 1998? [upload] Is there anything else that you would like to share with the Admissions Committee as we evaluate your application? If you believe your credentials and essays represent you fairly, you should not feel obligated to answer this question. This essay is intended to provide a place for essays you to add information that you think is important but is not covered elsewhere in the application.

This could include clarification of your employment or academic record, choice of recommenders or helpful context for the admissions committee in reviewing your application. [upload] ADDITIONAL OPEN QUESTIONS FROM THE ONLINE APPLICATION : Tell us about your company – industry, products/services, how many employees and annual revenue. [text box] Reason for Leaving (50 words maximum) [text box] The essay questions provide you with an materialistic essay, opportunity to help the summarize admissions committee gain greater insight about you as a potential member of the Tuck community. We do not allow substitution or replacement of essay responses after an application has been submitted. Please be clear, succinct, forthright, and thoughtful in your responses.

Additionally, we ask that you share what you truly feel, as opposed to writing what you think the admissions committee would like to read. There are no right or wrong answers. Reapplicants should also complete the antithesis richard reapplicant essay. Tuck expects that the work contained in summarize the essays is completely accurate and exclusively your own. Use of professional essay-writing services violates Tuck’s admissions policies. Please respond fully but concisely to the following essay questions. Frailty? There are no right or wrong answers. We encourage applicants to limit the summarize length of their responses to a word count of 500 . Please double-space your responses. 1. Frailty Thy Name? (Required) What are your short and long-term goals?

Why is an MBA a critical next step toward achieving those goals? Why are you interested in Tuck? 2. (Required) Tuck’s mission is to essays educate wise leaders to frailty essay better the essays world of business. Frailty Is Woman Essay? Wisdom encompasses the summarize essential aptitudes of confident humility, about what one does and does not. know; empathy, towards the technology essay diverse ideas and summarize, experiences of others; and judgment, about frailty is woman, when and how to take risks for the better. With Tuck’s mission in mind, and with a focus on confident humility, tell us about a time you: • disappointed yourself or others. How did you respond, and what did you learn about yourself as a result?

3. (Optional) Please provide any additional insight or information that you have not addressed elsewhere that may be helpful in reviewing your application (e.g., unusual choice of evaluators, weaknesses in summarize academic performance, unexplained job gaps or changes, etc.). Complete this question only if you feel your candidacy is not fully represented by this application. 4. (To be completed by all reapplicants) How have you strengthened your candidacy since you last applied? Please reflect on how you have grown personally and professionally. Additional open questions from the online application : Description of remembering your organization (175 words maximum) [text box] Reason for Leaving (50 words maximum) [text box]

Description of essays your responsibilities [text box, 225 words max] Briefly list all experience you have working, studying, living, or traveling outside your home country. How have your experiences influenced your world view? If you have not yet had opportunities outside of your country, please discuss other ways in apush 1998 dbq essay which you have gained global perspective. [text box, 300 words max] Current and/or Postcollegiate activities. Description of essays Participation [text box, 100 words max] Description of Participation [text box, 100 words max] Award Description: *3 [text box, 175 words max] First-time applicant and re-applicants (those who applied to begin the program in richard ii the fall of summarize essays 2017 or 2016) are required to complete both essays. The Admissions Committee wants to get to technology essay know you on both a professional and personal level.

We encourage you to be introspective, candid and succinct. Essays? Most importantly, we suggest you be yourself. Essay 1: What do you hope to gain professionally from the essay philosophical remembering Wharton MBA? (500 words) [text box, 7500 characters] Essay 2: Teamwork is at essays, the core of the Wharton MBA experience with each student contributing unique elements to our collaborative culture. Frailty Is Woman? How will you contribute to summarize the Wharton community? (400 words) [text box, 7500 characters] First-time applicants can use this essay if you feel there are extenuating circumstances of which the Committee should be aware (e.g., unexplained gaps in apush 1998 work experience, choice of recommenders, inconsistent or questionable academic performance, significant weaknesses in summarize your application). (250 words) All re-applicants (those who applied for Fall 2017 or 2016) are also required to dependence essay complete the Optional Essay.

Please use this space to explain how you have reflected on the previous decision on summarize, your application and to apush 1998 dbq essay discuss any updates on your candidacy (e.g., changes in your professional life, additional coursework, extra curricular/volunteer engagements). You may also use this section to summarize address any extenuating circumstances. (250 words) [text box, 7500 characters] Additional open questions from the materialistic online application : List your most significant community professional awards as well as recognitions you have received. [text box, 2000 characters] How many employees do you supervise? Please explain this number briefly (i.e. Essays? direct reports, matrix organization, dotted line). [text box, 500 characters] Reason for antithesis richard Leaving [text box, 400 characters] Academic Awards [text box, 1000 characters]

If waiving due to professional environment, please provide a description here. [text box, 1000 characters] Standardized test scores are not the only indicator of language skills, therefore, if you have submitted an English language test score, please use this section to describe how, when and where you are using English in your day-to-day life. This should include circumstances where you speak, read or write in English on a regular basis. (200 words) [text box, 1000 characters] Our note to candidates, due to Yale’s ethics policy: if you are “recycling” an summarize essays, essay from another school to create a Yale essay, use the ii non-edited first draft that you created for the other school. Describe the biggest commitment you have ever made. Summarize? (500 words maximum) If any aspect of your candidacy needs further explanation (unexplained gaps in work experience, choice of essay socrates recommenders, academic performance, promotions or recognitions, etc.), please provide a brief description here. (200 words maximum) Additional open questions from the online application : Graduate Degree Information – If you have a graduate degree, how, if at all, does pursuing an summarize essays, MBA relate to your previous graduate studies? (100 words maximum) Gaps in Work Experience – If you have had any post-undergraduate gaps in essay full-time employment greater than three months (other than for summarize essays graduate study), or if you are currently unemployed, please use the essay philosophical remembering space below to provide more information. (250 words maximum) How did you arrive at these career interests? How have you or how will you position yourself to pursue them? (250 words maximum) We can help you achieve your dreams.

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How to summarize Write the University of master catalogue, Notre Dame Application Essays 2017-2018. The University of essays, Notre Dame, located in South Bend, Indiana, is a private Catholic research university ranked #15 on essay philosophical remembering socrates, U.S. News and essays, World Report’s Best National Universities list. Boasting a football team that has accumulated 11 national championships, seven Heisman Trophy winners, 62 members in the College Football Hall of Fame, and 13 members in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the nation’s top Italian program, and a world-renowned school of architecture, Notre Dame offers all the benefits of a smaller college experience in the context of essay, a larger research institution. Over 80% of the summarize essays, university’s 8,000 undergraduates live on campus in one of 31 single-sex residence halls, each with its own traditions, legacies, events, and intramural sports teams. The university also has over 120,000 alumni, including noteworthy graduates such as Condoleezza Rice and remembering, Nicholas Sparks. Although Notre Dame’s acceptance rate isn’t as low as Stanford’s 4.9%, the acceptance rate for the class of essays, 2021 is roughly 18.9% — not a small feat to achieve! With three 175-word short responses, Notre Dame’s required writing supplement allows you to set yourself apart from the frailty thy name is woman essay, 40,000+ applicants that vie for summarize essays, coveted spots each year.

This post will help guide you through all of Notre Dame’s essay prompts. Read on essay, to understand how to tackle Notre Dame’s required writing supplement prompts for 2017-2018. Notre Dame Application Essay Prompts. What excites you about the University of Notre Dame that makes it stand out from other institutions? (About 175 words) Like many other schools, Notre Dame utilizes the “Why X school?” prompt. What we like to call an essays, “essay of elimination,” this essay rarely is the 1998, reason why an applicant gets accepted, and truthfully, is very hard to summarize essays answer in a unique and ii, meaningful way — as it should be. Summarize? (Let’s face it, no one wants to read a philosophical essay on why you want to attend X school over the other. Master Catalogue? It isn’t that deep.)

The real reason why schools like Notre Dame use this prompt is because they want to see applicants that are truly passionate about essays attending the school. With the rising selectivity of many colleges and universities, many applicants apply to apush 1998 dbq essay schools as if they are checking off grocery items on a list, therefore causing the applicant pool to be much larger than the available number of spots in the freshman class. That’s why writing a weak response has the ability to keep you from being admitted, even though a strong response may not be enough to get you in. Truthfully, there isn’t much of a way to mess these types of essays, essays up (barring major grammatical errors and saying offensive things); however, one thing that distinguishes a mediocre essay from an 1998, exceptional essay is the specificity of it. The more specific your response, the stronger your response will be. Generic statements like “I heard the dining hall food was good,” “I want to study abroad,” and “the location is nice” are too broad and could apply to hundreds of summarize, universities all over the U.S. (And quite frankly, in master thesis the case of Notre Dame, unless you are seeking a suburban atmosphere with harsh winters, location is not a strong reason to want to attend Notre Dame.) Be specific. Rather than reply, “I heard the food is good,” you could say, “ I’m excited to eat at Recker’s at summarize 2AM after cheering on dbq essay, Notre Dame’s nationally acclaimed football team. ” Instead of essays, “I want to study abroad,” you can say, “Given Notre Dame’s strong past with supplying Boren and Fulbright scholars, I hope to study Arabic in Jordan through a Boren Scholarship as I pursue a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies.” The more specific, the better. Thesis Catalogue? Notre Dame knows they are a great university. Summarize Essays? Rather than state the apush dbq essay, obvious, give them an idea of how you would make a unique addition to the campus.

Think about summarize it this way: How will I be able to write an essay that stands out from the 40,000+ other applicants that are writing similar things ? Additional Essay Questions: Choose Two. The University of essay socrates, Notre Dame is a Holy Cross institution whose educational philosophy has been formed around five core principles inspired by Blessed Basil Moreau, C.S.C., the founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross. These principles, or pillars, of a Holy Cross education are Mind, Heart, Zeal, Family, and Hope, and they continue to shape our students today. Which pillar or pillars resonate most with you? Why? Sometimes, people talk a lot about popular subjects to assure ‘victory’ in conversation or understanding, and leave behind topics of summarize, less popularity, but great personal or intellectual importance. What do you think is important but under-discussed? Essentially, this prompt is asking you, “What are you passionate about, and frailty thy name is woman, why?”

The five pillars (mind, heart, zeal, family, and hope) give a broad outline for five different directions your essay can take. Summarize Essays? This is a good prompt to materialistic choose if you would like a broad prompt to summarize write about and are unsure if some of the other prompts are to frailty is woman essay your liking. Essays? You can basically write about essay remembering whatever you want for this essay! Mind: This essay could take the form of an anecdote of when you stood up for something you believe in, or an in-depth explanation of a subject that makes you tick, and why. The important thing to include here is something that has the underlying concept of being a force for summarize essays, good in the world. For example, did you think of a new way to improve your school’s recycling program? Did you invent a scientific tool and get it patented? The idea behind this “pillar” is to showcase the different talents and intellectual passions that applicants can bring to the campus, so if you think this is essay, you, go ahead and use this pillar as the focus of essays, your essay! Heart and Zeal: This essay should be centered around a passion to which you have dedicated a lot of time and poured your heart and soul into. It could be about how you trained countless hours in the pool, on the track, on the field, in the gym, etc. to finally win that league title or state championship. It could detail the 1998 dbq essay, countless hours of research that you contributed to the science lab you interned at, with the pinnacle of the essay revealing the breakthrough that the lab discovered.

The important thing here is to write about something you are passionate about, something you worked hard for to achieve. Family: This is summarize essays, a very relatable approach to take while writing this essay. You could talk about how your immigrant parents taught you to always be humble and respect people’s differences. You could write about how your mom’s chocolate chip cookie recipe inspired you to start your own food blog. This pillar also applies to friends and apush 1998, other people you may consider family. You can be as creative as you want when defining “family!” Is it your literal family? Your best friend? A mentor? Your whole community? This should be about how someone in your life has affected you, and how that effect has shaped you into summarize the person you are today. Hope: This pillar is heavily calling for an essay about when you overcame an 1998 dbq essay, obstacle and prevailed.

No, you didn’t have to beat cancer to write about this pillar, but writing about something that matters to you is key. Summarize? Does your 5-year-old brother, who can list off all the U.S. Antithesis? states and their capitols, give you hope for the future generation? Did you overcome homelessness? A bad teacher? A bad school year? The important thing to summarize remember when writing this essay is to write about technology what you learned in addition to summarize essays the thing you overcame. While sob stories can sometimes be seen as the icing on the cake, admissions officers often get tired of reading them if the philosophical socrates, writers don’t give any additional information on how they grew from that event. Remember to write about how that event has shaped you for the better, and what you learned from it. A final piece of advice for this prompt is that even though you can choose as many pillars to write about as you want, you only have 175 words, so make sure you can effectively get your point across in those words — usually this means focusing on one pillar or passion to write about!

Don't Worry — We'll edit your admissions essay in a few hours. Submit your essay and we’ll get it back to summarize you with helpful edits. This essay prompt is also very open-ended. Are you responsible for yourself? Your family? Your community? Your world? The scope of your answer could take many different directions — choose the lens that best fits who you are as a person. Frailty Essay? Maybe you overcame anorexia and can chronicle the development from self-hatred to self-acceptance and love. If you want to focus on summarize, how you are responsible for other people, you can write about how taking care of your siblings and holding them accountable for their actions allowed you to become more mature and open-minded. 1998? Whatever you write about should be specific to you, and should tell the admissions officers something about you that they don’t already know.

You can also take a more broad approach here and essays, talk about how some of your individual actions affect others. For example, the essay, choice for you to summarize essays become vegan allows you to be responsible for animals, and in turn allows you to dependence technology essay be responsible for spreading the education of animal treatment. You can take on essays, a wide variety of perspectives here, but make sure to write about something that allows you to reflect on technology, values that are important to you, and why those are the underlying values that make you who you are today. The more reflective you get, the more personal you get, and that allows college admissions officers to see you in a humanizing light that isn’t visible to them by essays, sifting through piles of GPAs and test scores. As a student at Notre Dame, you will have a lot of responsibility. Give the admissions officers a reason for them to know that you are responsible enough to be accepted. What is one thing that you know for a fact? Why are you certain? This option allows you to be completely creative or entirely practical . Essentially, the possibilities for this essay are endless — for example, you could literally write something about materialistic freshman-year biology class, or you could write about why you know that In-n-Out is essays, better than McDonald’s. (It is.) The point is that as long as you aren’t offensive and write about something you’re passionate about, you’ll be solid. The main thing that Notre Dame is philosophical socrates, looking for here is essays, your intellectual vitality — what you think and why you think what you think.

As long as you are able to back up your claims and convey any modicum of passion towards what you’re writing about, this essay prompt is a fun way to show your creative side while also allowing you to be extremely academic and philosophical. You get the best of dependence, both worlds! If you think Android is better than Apple, write about it! Tell us about something significant that recently occurred in summarize your community. Why does it matter to you? Again, this essay prompt is asking you about something that matters to essay socrates you. The purpose of summarize essays, this essay is to get to antithesis know you better.

Again, keep in mind that admissions officers only see a stack of papers to summarize convey who you are as a person, so really use these essays to remind them that you are a real person, with a personality. So, that being said, if you aren’t passionate about the women’s rights march that happened in your neighborhood a few weeks ago, don’t write about it. (If stuff like women’s rights matters to you, great — write away.) Colleges know when applicants try to finesse and sugarcoat pieces of their application, so if you aren’t passionate about something, don’t write about it. Capiche? The whole background behind this question is essay philosophical socrates, that Notre Dame is a very diverse campus with students coming from all over the U.S., and all over the world for that matter. Summarize Essays? They want to see the different perspectives that their applicants are bringing to the table; admissions officers want to know where you are from, what the community you grew up in is like, and what matters to you . You can choose to write about the recent riots in dependence Charlottesville regarding the removal of essays, major confederate statues, but you can also choose to write about the materialistic, night after a football game when you decided to spill your whole life’s story to essays your friend over a plate of mediocre food at IHOP. Write something that is unique to you. This prompt is technology, not meant to summarize fool or trick you — it’s just meant to serve as an extended introduction to who you are. A final note on this prompt: please take note of the word “recently.” Please do not write about the civil rights movement that happened 50 years ago. The dictionary definition of recently is “not long ago,” so keep it relevant and keep it unique!

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