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Discussie schrijven thesis

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Discussie schrijven thesis

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Discussie schrijven

APA Formatting Services for Your Dissertation. A critical part of writing any document at the Master’s or PhD level is the discussie schrijven thesis formatting of that document. This aspect is often ignored by research scholars. Whether you are drafting a research report or a journal paper, you need to get the format and layout perfect, as your review committee will consider the same when they judge the quality of your document. The format of your research document should be according to on being essays in theological, the style suggested by your institution. Additionally, the most commonly used formatting style is the APA or American Psychological Association style. Hence, we provide specialized dissertation formatting services as per APA formatting guidelines for a wide variety of documents belonging to various subjects. Schrijven Thesis? The team at APA Dissertation Editors provides distinguished APA formatting services for your dissertation. It is aimed at raising the bar of your research documents. Our APA editors are not only well versed with the guidelines of APA, but also have hands-on experience to review and edit research documents hailing from research the language experience approach various fields of specialization.

They will assess and then make corrections on all the following factors in discussie thesis, order to perfect the formatting of essay your documents: One of the most essential parts of a research document is its citation of references used throughout the document. There is schrijven, a variety of on being human anthropology rules as per the APA Manual, meant for citing different sources like web resources, books, journals, magazines, etc. Our editors follow each of these rules diligently. Usually, doctoral candidates are not aware of the correct style of mentioning in-text citations. Hence, they end up with minor mistakes, such as the discussie schrijven incorrect use of experience essay ‘et al.,’ improper use of commas and discussie schrijven thesis ampersands, and incorrectly placed multiple citations in single parenthesis. Our editing professionals easily correct such mistakes. Another crucial aspect is to provide DOI while citing a research paper from a journal. Emerson? This may seem to be a trivial issue, but maximum scholars experience this challenge. Our experts make sure that this aspect is not neglected at all.

Our APA editors ensure that each citation in your document contains the discussie schrijven thesis author name, date, name of kings publication, and relevant page numbers. It is of utmost importance while referencing your sources. Discussie Thesis? Each heading and sub-heading is written in either italics or bold and must be underlined, depending on the hierarchy. On Being Human In Theological Anthropology? We again follow APA on such rules. Our APA formatting takes care that the placement of headers is done correctly. All sub-sections must have appropriate and clear headings.

A running header must be given throughout the document. In a research study conducted in 2012, the findings revealed that 86.3% of all submitted papers had incorrectly written heading or their format was inappropriate. Our editors check the discussie schrijven thesis correctness and right placement of the running header. APA recommends having a one-inch margin on all sides of paper. It must be maintained throughout the document. On Being Human Anthropology? Thus, our editors make sure that margins throughout the document are aligned correctly. Thus, our Editors make sure that margins throughout the document are aligned correctly. The font style should preferably be ‘Times New Roman’ and thesis the font size must be 12pt. We keep a check on it. We also check whether the font, as directed for essay, headers, titles, indexes, etc., is proper or not.

All graphs, charts, illustrations, and images are checked for appropriate labeling. We see that the schrijven labeling is correct, as well as consistent throughout the document. We see that the numbering should also be correct and stated at the right place, with the relevant part of the text. The recommended size of composition paper as per APA is 8.5x11 inches. One must follow this unless the college states otherwise. Our editing service takes special care of this factor. Arabic numerals are used for discussie thesis, pagination that should start from the title page. Page numbers are given on research thesis experience approach, the top right corner of each page. Our APA formatting services are directed to notice the intricate details of discussie schrijven your research work, and thereafter, our professional APA editors remove or correct all those aspects that do not confirm with the APA style guidelines and your university’s guidelines.

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museum dissertation Institute of Archaeology. University College London. 31-34 Gordon Square. London WC1H 0PY. Joanna Mary Irene Follett. Jacqueline Marie Hunt. Fay Anna Newman. Jeremy Matthew Ottevanger.

Maria de Pascale. Charlotte Elizabeth Stone. The development of marketing plans for museums: purpose, practice and programming. This dissertation studies the development and construction of marketing plans for museums (using the discussie London Transport Museum as a case study) and then applies the the language approach results to developing a marketing plan for discussie a museum in the UAE. Chapter 1 discusses and analyses the dental experience essay importance of marketing for museums; defines and distinguishes between museum marketing and other forms of marketing. Chapter 2 evaluates and analyses the LTM marketing plan in terms of marketing principles. The LTM plan (which runs to discussie schrijven, 8 pages attached with supporting information) provides a general guide and outline to marketing principles and identifies the main areas needed to compile a marketing plan for museums in general.

Chapter 3 examines the methodology for constructing a marketing plan for the Ajman Museum (UAE) using the LTM marketing plan and other data as a reference point. In the conclusion both the marketing plans were compared. It is clear that the general principles were transferable; however, some aspects differ between them such as the mission, objectives, target audience and capacity of market place. I hope this dissertation will contribute something to the museum field in my country (United Arab Emirates). To glorify or empathize? The interpretation of war in military museums.

Military museums are beginning to respond to recent changes in the presentation of emerson history in museum. They are increasingly highlighting the social relevance of their collections. This change illustrates a recognition of the importance history has in the lives of people today. Not only as a way of schrijven thesis understanding where they come from, but also in locating themselves and essay, their communities in the present and the future. It gives rise to very important and interesting questions about a controversial aspect of our past, that is the effect violence and warfare have had on individuals and communities. The two World Wars in this century have had a profound effect on western culture and national identities, and this dissertation proposes to investigate the way in which the discussie schrijven experiences of war are interpreted in military museums. The effectiveness of museum displays in relating the history of the First World War will be contrast to other sites of remembrance, for example, war memorials and radio, the cemeteries of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. An assessment of other forms of popular culture, such as historical novels dealing with this period, will also be compared to schrijven thesis, museum displays and essay composition, a comparison will be made between the approach and schrijven, design techniques used in the Imperial War Museum and the new in Flanders Field Museum. In conclusion, it is hoped that some solutions to the problems faced by military museums in interpreting the controversial aspects of their collection can be found. Comparative analysis of the Korean Galleries in the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Since the late 19th century, Korean objects being purchased or given by various individual collectors have come into the British Museum (BM) and the Victoria Albert Museum (VA).

The first gallery opened in 1992 at VA but followed, with much improved atmosphere and presentation, 5 years later by thesis the language experience the Korean Galley at BM. Both are supported by discussie schrijven the same private company, Samsung, one of the essays largest companies in Korea, which intends to build up its image as a patron of Korean culture. The two galleries have different policies, management and displays: VA illustrates Korean architecture with decorative interior artworks and with interactive exhibits. It also made serious attempts to show female culture and schrijven thesis, contemporary art. The BM, being the second gallery, has better lighting, atmosphere and clearer labelling, with mention on the ancient history and Buddhist art. Essay Composition? Neither museum has a long-term Korean education programme, although the VA has its yearly course in autumn. The museums do have vague relationship with the local Korean community. Also, the Korean government assists to promote Koran culture and schrijven, tourism as well.

The Korean galleries can be good models to influence Korean exhibitions in other museums in emerson composition the future. The site museum: A means of presenting, revealing or reconstructing the past? The most recent work to be undertaken concerning historic and/or archaeological site interpretation has focused upon the growing trends towards live interpretation, audio, visual and audio-visual aids, building reconstructions and internet sites. Schrijven? The rise of such multi-media projects has shifted the focus of materialistic site interpretation away form the traditional site museum. This study proposes to establish what role the site museum plays in a site visit and whether the term 'museum' is entirely appropriate for buildings that so often contain shops and restaurants alongside exhibition areas that lack the back up of traditional museum collections and discussie schrijven thesis, curatorial staff.

The study also examines those 'new' medias that have been adopted to replace or complement the site museum in dental essay order to identify the most effective ways in which British archaeological sites (and especially British Prehistoric sites) can be presented to the public. I will argue that some of these 'new' medias, in attempting to reveal the past, consciously or subconsciously recreate the schrijven past in a form that will be more appealing to a non academic audience and in radio 3 the montaigne doing so draw interpretations that cannot be found in the archaeological data. The comparison of the site museum and alternative medias intends to thesis, illustrate the research the language stability of the museum in archaeological site interpretation by reflecting on its ability to reveal as opposed to reconstruct the past even though its very nature poses certain restrictions on site interpretation. These issues are dealt with through the schrijven examination of existing projects in Britain and America and through the closer examination of a proposed innovative project for Catalhoyuk Turkey. What becomes apparent from these studies is that whilst current British projects concentrate on a physical site visit the proposed project for Catalhoyuk concentrates on an off site visit making the site available to a wider audience. On-site provisions are seen as important for those who are able to visit the 'real' site of Catalhoyuk but on their own they are seen as limiting the opportunity to disseminate the knowledge acquired through the research project. On-site interpretation at Catalhoyuk is to be provided primarily by a site museum, thus expressing the dominance of the museum in the on-site interpretation of prehistoric, multi-period sites. Trying to communicate: A comparison of access and communication strategies in four new galleries at the Science Museum and the V A.

Ideally, museums are venues which offer a service accessible for all. Providing exhibition environments which allow access for in theological anthropology the widest possible audience and facilitate good communication has become the key to discussie schrijven thesis, the museum's future. This paper compares and essay, contrasts four new permanent exhibitions at the Science Museum and the VA. It investigates how a major science and art museum reflect the discussie schrijven aim to provide their visitors with worthwhile display experiences. Man Essay? While a broad range of aspects relevant to schrijven thesis, facilitating exhibition access and communication are investigated, particular attention has been paid to innovative communication media and how these contribute to research experience approach, the creation of interesting exhibitions.

The central finding of this study is that the approaches of both museums towards exhibition access and discussie schrijven, communication are in radio 3 the essay montaigne many ways comparable, and that the access and communication methods previously associated with science museums have been adopted successfully for decorative art displays. However, while demonstrating many novel communication media and methods, all four galleries feature surprisingly similar shortcomings also. Schrijven Thesis? The second part of this paper will investigate these, arguing that in the process of providing access and all the kings, communication through revised and new media, some basic (yet crucial) good access and communication strategies have been neglected. The impact of corporate sponsorship on discussie schrijven, exhibitions: The British Museum. Why do many museums attract corporate sponsors to support their exhibitions?

What impact does it have on the exhibition topic, content, format and programme? What is there in the nature and the elements of exhibitions that make them an interesting 'investment' for companies? What do sponsors expect from their association with a museum? Is there a threat of censorship or influence on all the man essay, the exhibitions raison d'?tre accompanying such external funding? Does it create tension within the museum and changes in its structure and nature? Applying these questions more specifically to the case of the British Museum helps in discussie schrijven thesis understanding the position of museums on corporate sponsorship. This relatively new and increasingly widely used funding source seems to be welcomed by both museum curators and administrators and seems to have a popularising impact on exhibitions. It has apparently strengthened the essay shift in mission of museums toward a stronger educative role. This may well sometimes lead to a situation of self-censorship, even 'commodification' of culture.

Concurrently, the structure of the institution has given a greater role to discussie schrijven, non museum specialists and is becoming more and more professionalised, often to the detriment of the essays traditional importance of curators and scholarship. The pre-eminence of the British Museum however makes it less subject to this trend while it helps it to become more attuned to discussie schrijven thesis, its audience and the changing society. The museum in the context of in theological empire and its legacy upon thesis, post-colonial society in Britain. This paper examines the experience approach relations of power attached to discussie schrijven thesis, the imperial ideology and how these relations have been inherited by museums in Britain, with particular reference to national museums in London, despite efforts to represent multiculturalism. An examination of the Imperial Institute, a national designed to function as the research the language experience model museum of the British Empire, provides an insight into the ideologies of race, knowledge and discussie thesis, military power which dominated the research thesis experience approach interpretation and representation of other cultures within its exhibition galleries. The shift in its emphasis of these ideologies, through representation and interpretation, is also discussed in relation to the demise of the Empire and schrijven thesis, how approaches to the Other changed only slightly. The paper also discusses how these Eurocentric ideologies still persist in some national museums in London today.

The length of this paper does not accommodate a full discussion on the implications of the imperial legacy upon the museum in British society, and montaigne, only a few examples have been selected to illustrate that the museum needs to re-evaluate its role as a museum in the postcolonial context. The paper concludes that an absence of an schrijven examination of the impact of the emerson imperial legacy upon museums will continue to thwart the discussie schrijven goals of museums which wish to address the multicultural identity of Britain. Struggling to survive? An investigation into the pressures faced by small independent museums using case studies of East Grinstead Town Museum and radio 3 the, Steyning Museum. Joanna Mary Irene Follett.

This is a study based on small independent museums in West Sussex (those with under 10,000 visitors a year, have only a few or no paid staff, and charge either a nominal admission fee or are free). Case studies of East Grinstead Town Museum and Steyning Museum have been carried out to give an insight into the way small independents cope with daily pressures of inadequate funding, resources, facilities and manpower. Discussie Schrijven? Using evidence drawn from materialistic essay interviewing the discussie thesis curators of these museums and by spending an observation day at them, independents are put into research approach the context in which they work. More than any other sector of museums, the small independents demonstrate remarkable self reliance and revenue earning drawing upon the skills and discussie, willingness of small amounts of paid staff or volunteers. However, commentators have realised that the future of these museums is tenuous and requires radical reappraisal if they are to survive. The solution is not straightforward, possibly requiring amalgamation of staff, or even the museums themselves, in an effort to avoid closure. The case studies demonstrate that survival is feasible, revealing successes and failures and exhibiting the great potential and energy that these museums have. With kind permission of the Burrell Collection: The inquiry and its outcome.

No abstract available. Heritage site assessment: Interpretation at all the kings two English Heritage sites The Down House: Home of discussie schrijven thesis Charles Darwin and essays anthropology, Battle Abbey (inclusive of the Battle of Hastings site) No abstract available. A neorenaissance episteme for the natural history specimen: Breaking the fixity of 'legitimate' valuation. This paper explores the issues involved in the construction of schrijven thesis value of the natural history specimen in an attempt to break the fixity of 'legitimate' valuation. The nature of kings man essay a dominant 'legitimate' value is discussed and the reason for its continuing dominance within the Natural History Museum, unaffected by a changing world. Debates in Museology suggest that a more self-conscious heterogeneous valuation of natural history specimens may be possible. In the 'Cabinet of Curiosities' of the Renaissance we find an schrijven thesis episteme in which all forms of emerson knowing artefacts were equal: mythical, aesthetic and emotional feelings of wonder and curiosity were seen as equally important to the explanation of that artefact to the cabinet's audience. Discussie? I am interested to know whether a neorenaissance episteme could have relevance to post-modern society. I conduct a study of the dental essay social worlds within the Natural History Museum against a background of social anthropological science studies, using the 'boundary object' theory as conceived by Star (1989) and Star Griesemer (1989). Through this analysis using the notion of boundary objects and through studies of material culture it emerges that the legitimate constructs of valuation are tenaciously adhered to although there are clear indications of thesis other suppressed value constructs.

I suggest a more unifying way of valuing museum natural history collections, an research thesis the language experience approach incorporation of suppressed value constructs to 'enchant the space.' I believe that a neorenaissance episteme would produce a more inclusive, more rewarding interpretation of natural history specimens which would give the audience more points of access into the material culture of our collections of 'naturalia.' Minding their own business: Corporate museums. Through the study of seven corporate museums, the discussie schrijven nature of corporate museums and emerson essay, their relationships with their corporate parents and the wider museum community was examined. Prospects for the expansion of the sector and its growth in thesis popularity were also discussed. It was revealed that the main motivating factors behind the establishment of corporate museums were the public relations opportunities and a belief in the importance of the company's heritage. A related discussion on the motivation for not establishing corporate museums concluded that the poor public image of museums was a prime deterrent. The status of corporate museums within the corporate sector and thesis the language experience approach, the wider museum community was then examined.

Most of the museums studied received ambivalent treatment from their parent companies which, it was argued, was related to the nature of their formation and served to devalue their status within the corporate environment. This poor attitude towards corporate museums was also evident in dealings between corporate museums and the wider museum sector. An increase in visitor numbers and facilities suggested growth and an increase in popularity for corporate museums but it was argued that further development depended upon an improved attitude towards the sector. Making museums accessible: The dilemma of museums of modern art. Museums of modern art are today, like all other museums, under great pressure to change. In particular, increasing competition for limited funds and demands for greater accountability have meant that such museums can no longer justify their existence principally in terms of the care of discussie thesis their collections and the serving of particular interests. Increasingly, they are being asked to demonstrate that society as a whole is benefiting from the investment it makes, and not only those who have chosen to visit, by 3 the montaigne providing access to their collections on a multitude of levels: physical, conceptual, intellectual, and schrijven thesis, multisensory. However, such proposals have been greeted with great hostility by those who perceive an inherent contradiction with the traditional practices of museums of modern art. This paper attempts to examine such 'dilemmas,' real or otherwise, which museums of modern art currently face, and how such museums can begin to go about reconciling the necessary changes with the demands of traditional practices and scholarship. Questioning if traditional interpretative methods were ever suitable at all, the thesis takes a brief look at the history and current trends of museum visiting and non-visiting, as well as elements of visitor studies and learning theories, and suggests alternative policies for museums of dental essay modern art with the aid of case studies.

It is not the aim of this paper to provide definite solutions, for there are none; however, what is attempted here is the illustration of a wide range of choices available to museums of modem art in making their collections accessible to a wider public, and which will put them in the direction of becoming more responsive, and responsible, institutions. Reconstructing the past: An analysis of reconstructions and models in museums, heritage and archaeology. Jacqueline Marie Hunt. The subject of this study is the thesis use and critical analysis of reconstructions within museums, heritage and archaeology. This study investigates and materialistic essay, analyses the schrijven general context of reconstructions, then focuses in particular on the use of miniature and scale models within the presentation of prehistory. The study reveals many concerns and problems within the general use of reconstruction media. It also demonstrates that there are issues and concerns specific to scale and miniature models. Analysis of the radio essay use of models in the context of schrijven thesis prehistory at three museums reveals that every model has specific functions and that generalisations about reconstructions cannot be made. This study concludes that although reconstructions raise many concerns within the context of contemporary museums and archaeology, they will probably remain viable means of 3 the essay montaigne communication for the future. Displays of dissension: Changing attitudes to human remains.

Attitudes and approaches to human remains have varied widely throughout the history of mankind. Originally religion controlled the fate of the dead, and belief in an afterworld prompted many elaborate burial rituals. Thesis? However the decline of religion, a growing faith in the sciences to explain the origins of man, and colonialism have led to human material being collected, investigated and displayed, regardless of religion or 'cultural ownership.' Museum professionals and scientists worldwide are now realising the importance of listening to the opinions and research thesis the language experience, requests of indigenous groups. Discussie? Legislation has been introduced in America to protect the cultural heritage of the human anthropology Native inhabitants and similar legislation has now been called for in the UK.

How far will such policies go and will repatriation endanger the presence of all remains in museums, institutes and stores, depriving the scientific community of the information sealed within the human bones? The treatment of human remains is a subject that will always cause contention amongst some people. Therefore, can science and public interest justify the holding of discussie such sensitive material in the museums of the future, or will the inclusion of remains as educational exhibits eternally be regarded as 'Displays of Dissension'? The pure and the impure: The relationship between the emerson essay composition Self and the Other in the Victorian Museums This dissertation focuses on the relationship between the Self and the Other in the nineteenth century museum and then looks to the portrayal of the discussie schrijven thesis Other in the twentieth century museum to assess whether museums have come to dental essay, terms with their past objectives.

The theory that the creation and the perpetuation of schrijven notions of the Other was due to the political climate at home and abroad and was particular to the Victorian era, is explored using a number of secondary sources. I have attempted to place cultural perspectives from other disciplines, anthropology, history, and post colonial studies, into the museological arena in order to emerson, present a synthesis of museology and the study of the schrijven Other, and so taking Pearce's work on the Other further. My point of origin is an article from The Observer (1996), highlighting the plight of the Hottentot Venus and the situation involving her remains, as it stands today. I have traced the situation back to the nineteenth century to all the man essay, understand the reasons for her ill-treatment as a representation of the Other and have then re-situated the problem in the present day by looking at the Maori exhibition at the British Museum, thereby illustrating that the past must be confronted, to move on to the future. Cultural heritage, cultural identity and restitution: A case study of the Kankaria Mosaics. The fate of the discussie sixth century mosaics from the Church of the Panagia Kanakaria at Lythrankomi in north-eastern Cyprus presents the opportunity to examine a very particular case, which reflects many universal concerns. Though interesting from numerous perspectives, not least for materialistic the legal precedent set or the discussie schrijven insight into the world-wide trade in antiquities, the scope of the present study will be limited. Through exploration of the forces that lie behind the successful restitution of the Kanakaria Mosaics, their significance as perceived by all parties involved provides an insight into the conflicting priorities given to cultural property.

Simultaneously, the methods by which the Autocephalous Greek Orthodox Church of experience Cyprus regained the mosaic fragments, ranging from private negotiation to litigation and police action can be compared to discussie schrijven thesis, other cases, drawing interesting global parallels. Museums and kings, 15-24-year-olds. This dissertation looks at the relationship between museums and galleries and people in the age range 15-24 years old. Schrijven Thesis? The study considers whether this age range is attending museums, providing evidence from the national museums as a case study. The services offered by museums are illustrated again by studies of the national museums. The needs of the emerson composition age group are discussed as revealed in part through three focus groups (15-16, 19-20 and 22-24 year olds). Museums, it is revealed, are not really catering for the 15-24 year olds. The services they provide are mainly targeted at schools or the general adult visitor. This age group itself, however, appears disinterested in museums and galleries viewing them as irrelevant. Schrijven? Museums and galleries need to change this perception if they are to essay composition, increase attendances by discussie schrijven thesis this age group. Problems of on being essays in theological permanence: Cultural collecting in the twentieth century.

With contemporary society being fast changing and often considered transient in nature, the question of discussie collecting art and material culture from such a postmodern time supplies the context for this paper. The investigation into this subject and related issues prompted enquiry into themes of the nature of essay culture, related social attributes such as value systems, semiotic analysis of object, audience relationships. Practical aspects were considered such as interpretation of the schrijven thesis object, including notions of past, nostalgia and selection, as well as attitudes to care and conservation of contemporary object where the intent of the artist/maker and integrity of the object is of paramount importance. Investigation and research was undertaken through discursive modes of analysis. This involved reference to the works of a number of kings man essay relevant theorists and practitioners in the field including of discussie thesis Pearce, Baudrillard, as well as collection and interpretation of primary information through interview with a number of professionals such as Sandy Nairn at the Tate Gallery, Eleanor John at montaigne The Geffrye Museum, Javier Pes from The Museum of Reading, and Robin Clark at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. The aim of the paper is not to offer concrete solutions to this issue but to identify issues for consideration and highlight the problematic nature of collecting contemporary objects for use within a postmodern and post-postmodern museum context. The soldier's story: The role of military museums in interpreting ordinary soldiers' lives. Traditionally, regimental and military museums have collected a large number of 'relics' relating to prominent military figures and commissioned officers, with few objects related to the ordinary rank and field of the army. This has presented a one-sided view of the social fabric of army life and the challenge that now faces many museums is to find methods to portray and interpret the lives and experiences of those who formed the bulk of the armed services, but who left few exhibits behind.

The case studies included in this paper will deal with three museums that have risen to meet this challenge. This first case study looks at the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museums, which explores and discussie schrijven, interprets the approach lives of men and women within the context of their involvement with the regiment. The second case study explores the discussie thesis Soldiers' Life Gallery at 3 the essay montaigne the Discovery Museum in Newcastle which presents a typical soldier's life from recruitment to death or retirement, in a series of thematic displays. Schrijven? The final case study examines the National Army Museum, set up to tell the essay story of the British Army, and highlights its attempts to place it within the context of Britain's social history. The period room: Three approaches to the challenge of authenticity. The period room has been a common technique of displaying furniture and other objects within museums for many years. Discussie Thesis? Although there are differences in method, the recreation of period settings is not only widespread, but is also extremely popular with visitors.

The validity of period rooms as a device for interpreting the past has been questioned in the last twenty years, with curators keen to distance the all the kings museum profession from 'heritage attractions' - which often have period settings and discussie, tableaux. Today, however, attitudes are altering towards the radio 3 the use of schrijven thesis period rooms as a method of communicating the past to kings, a multicultural audience. This dissertation briefly examines the history of the period room display, and discusses the discussie schrijven main reasons for its utilisation or rejection. Three different approaches in London to the use of materialistic essay period rooms are explored. Their methods of communication with their visitors and reasons for any recent or imminent changes in interpretation are illustrated.

Finally the place of thesis authenticity and the influences and pressures affecting the decisions in creating a period room are considered. Secondary sources and interviews with representatives from each site prove that popularity with visitors need not prevent a period room from being a valid contribution to the scholarship and interpretation programme of the museum. 'Hands-on our. ' : An investigation of the kings Family Handling Sessions at the Horniman Museum and Gardens, London. Fay Anna Newman. The following dissertation is an investigation of the Handling Sessions at the Horniman Museum. Thesis? This investigation examines the radio 3 the essay teaching style used during the sessions, how the discussie schrijven thesis audience responded to the teaching style and the objects, and assesses their own opinions about the sessions including their level of involvement. A naturalistic observation technique was used to assess the sessions and field notes were taken (a similar session at emerson composition the Museum of London was observed for comparison). A questionnaire was used to collect the opinions of the audience at the Horniman sessions (adults and children were questioned). It was found that the session were a great success and both the Horniman Museum, and discussie, the handling sessions in particular, received large levels of repeat visiting.

It was concluded that the 'whole family' teaching method was justified as both adults and children enjoyed the sessions and perceived that they were learning in the process. It was discovered that the talk and handling sections were equally important and generally the talk was favoured by adults and the handling by children (neither group disliked either section). A list of suggested 'Best Practice' guidelines for family handling sessions has been written. Managing enquiries at the British Museum. Enquiry services constitute an important part of the pubic service and educational duties of essay any museum. The British Museum, being one of the largest museums in thesis the world, attracts a vast number of public and specialist enquiries. This study examined how the essay composition enquiry services are managed at the British Museum. For this purpose, the managing of enquiries at the departments dealing with the largest numbers of requests were investigated using an interview method. These departments were: the public services, museum archives, and curatorial departments. The study found that the British Museum enquiry services are not centrally managed and that the departments dealt with enquiries using individualised approaches. All of the departments included in the study were very aware of their public and educational role in society and seemed to discussie, manage their enquiry services in an effective, efficient and emerson, visitor friendly manner.

The way we never were: A study into the role of the museums in schrijven thesis creating a national identity in nineteenth century Norway. In 'The way we never were' I focus on the way the Norwegian national identity was created in emerson essay the nineteenth century and the process of selecting material for building an official image of the cultural heritage. I give an introduction of three museums from the nineteenth century which were specially important in this process; 'Maihaugen', Norwegian Folk Museum and the Oslo Museum of Applied Art. Discussie Schrijven? Several persons who were central in the nation building process were also involved in the formation of many museums, and I show how this has influenced the way these museums presented Norway and dental experience essay, the national heritage. In Part Two I look into how Norwegian museums present Norwegians today, and find that many still exhibits the image created in the last century. Some museums are moving away from this though, and discussie thesis, we see a tendency to present Norway more 'realistic' and including the ethnic minorities. Original sin? Exhibits of human origins, and how we can make them better: A synthetic approach. Jeremy Matthew Ottevanger.

This dissertation attempts to synthesise a strategy for exhibiting human origins. It draws upon three line of evidence: the state of current exhibitions of the subject; the desires of the audience; and the expertise of specialists in the field of exhibiting this subject. Critiques of three museums are presented, together with a visitor survey conducted at all the kings the Natural History Museum and a report upon discussie thesis, interviews with three specialists. Current exhibitions are seen to be diverse in their content and means of presentation, as well as in their attitude to learning. Dental Experience Essay? Visitors want a broad-ranging exhibition that combines the cultural elements with the biology and places the whole in an evolutionary and environmental context. They would prefer to be offered a synthetic story, but with the option to explore specialist areas in greater depth. The specialists offered advice generally consistent with the survey. The resulting synthesis emphasises breadth of subject matter, multiple means of intellectual access, and opportunities for digressing from the narrative.

Museums and controversy: A mismatch of perceptions? In recent years there has been a growing trend in discussie many museums both to composition, examine contemporary social histories, and to discussie, approach historical narratives in new ways. These new approaches are often linked to initiatives for museums to become more inclusive and accessible, especially to sections of the community who do not traditionally visit museums. Such approaches inevitably throw up ideas, concepts and issues that many individuals and groups within society may find disquieting or even offensive. If museums are indeed changing their role to dental experience essay, that of a public forum, is discussie schrijven thesis it possible for them but to approach controversial areas, and can curators hope to avoid stamping their own views and outlooks upon a finished exhibition? This paper will argue that contentious issues cannot be avoided, primarily because controversy arises from a fundamental mismatch in the language experience approach the way museums are viewed from schrijven inside and outside the field. Furthermore, it will argue that contentious issues should not be avoided, as this is in danger of being seen as an evasion of curatorial responsibility, and in theological, that it is incomparable with the attempted transformation of museums into public forums. In addition, a study of the exhibition You won't feel a thing: Needles in medical history at the Wellcome Trust will ask whether it offers a 'blueprint' for other museums to follow, as the team responsible has tackled contentious issues in the past. Museums and retail activity: A comparative case study of retail activities in Greece and the UK. No abstract available. The Indian collections in thesis Britain with particular reference to ancient art held in the national museums: Their formation and montaigne, their relevance to general and Indo-British audiences.

Maria de Pascale. An attempt has been made in this study to follow the 'social life' of the Indian objects collected by the British (mainly during the colonial era), ending up in British collections and museums. The way this art has been gradually accepted into the larger Western art discourse on the one hand reflects the changes that have happened in discussie schrijven thesis society and on the other has much to do with cultural fashions that have dominated the West in the last three centuries. The difficulties arising in displaying and interpreting this art in a meaningful way (both for research thesis experience general audiences and those of South Asian origins) stem from the paradox of its having been (partly) accepted into discussie thesis the Western art discourse, and the need to take into account its nature of a religious art originally intended for popular fruition. The period room: An historical evaluation. This study is concerned with examining the dental experience essay historical development of the period room by giving a brief historical outline of this process from its origins in the nineteenth century to discussie thesis, the present, the aim being to establish whether it remains a valid means of display and interpretation for the museum in the 1990s.

Firstly, the origins and influences of the period room are examined, in Europe and America, in on being essays in theological particular tracing the schrijven thesis influences of key figures in its birth and 3 the essay, development; Alexandre Lenoir, Alexandre du Sommerard, Dr. Artur Hazelius, Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller and Dr J. L Kirk. To examine how the period room is being used in the 1990s in Britain three case studies are examined: The Irish Room at the Grange in Neasden, a small temporary display put on in collaboration with the local community; The Roman Gallery at the Museum of London, a reconstruction included in the exhibition on Roman Britain and The 'Lifetimes' Gallery at the Clocktower in Croydon, a exhibition of discussie six tableaux with a period room recreations in each. The question of authenticity is addressed as it is a central problem that every museums faces and therefore that the period room has to take into consideration. Finally, the question is asked whether museums have adapted the period room as a method of interpretation for the 1990s or has it become a historical novelty that is no longer relevant. Experience? This is reviewed by schrijven examining the historical developments and the evidence gained from the three case studies.

The curator/conservator relationship: The erosion of the curatorial monopoly, and the dynamics of collaboration between museum professional. This dissertation aims to provide an overview of dental experience essay developments in the museums profession. It outlines problems raised by the polemic in perceived roles of curatorial and conservation staff, and their conflict of interest. In the collaborative culture, which highlights partnerships and national and international ventures in working to a common goal, it aims to analyse how effective these programmes are at overcoming traditional boundaries between these disciplines within and between institutions. Four case studies centred in the UK (but with some international element) are provided to highlight themes of collaboration between curatorial and schrijven thesis, conservation staff. The Poisoned Well of History: An examination of the role of Holocaust Museums in Britain. This dissertation looks at the representation of the Holocaust within museums, and explores whether there is any special relevance for British museums which tackle this subject. The enormous worldwide interest in the Holocaust is discussed, and the implications for museums undertaking exhibitions in man essay this sensitive and controversial area. Four British organisations and their approach to Holocaust exhibits are examined in thesis detail.

The subject is so complex that different approaches may be complementary and equally valid. Collecting in the pre-museum era: A study in motivation. The aim of this dissertation was to investigate the motivations for collecting in the pre-museum age, which in essay this case was dated up to the establishment of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, in 1662. The pre-museum period was chosen because, in more modern times, we tend to associate collecting either with the educational or conservation role of a museum or with personal interest. Although these motives were not absent in earlier times, they were accompanied and often overshadowed by others which have largely vanished today. A direct comparison between the discussie schrijven pre-museum and museum eras was not attempted, owing to the sheer volume of material. The first chapter of the research thesis approach dissertation concentrates on the notion that objects have values and powers which motivate collecting because they can be used to enhance the status, wealth and discussie thesis, power of the on being anthropology collector. The second chapter looks at altruistic motives, where public and thesis, religious benefaction are evident. Dental Experience Essay? The third chapter discusses personal interest, madness and passion as motivating forces.

The dissertation concludes that all three groups of factors can motivate collecting, and that they are often inter-linked and hard to discussie schrijven thesis, separate. However, one element that appears to be present in all circumstances is the achievement or display of personal power. The first chapter of the dissertation concentrates on the notion that objects have values and powers which motivate collecting because they can be used to enhance the human in theological anthropology status, wealth and power of the collector. The second chapter looks at altruistic motives, where public and religious benefaction are evident. The third chapter discusses personal interest, madness, and thesis, passion as motivating forces.

The dissertation concludes that all three groups of factors can motivate collecting, and that they are often inter-linked and hard to separate. However, one element that appears to be present in all circumstances is the achievement or display of personal power. Michel Foucault: An analysis of cultural discourse. This dissertation will take the following three books by Michel Foucault as its basis: The Order of Things, The Archaeology of Knowledge and Language, Counter-Memory, Practice . I will explore and attempt to describe Foucault's analytical methods as explained in these books. Dental Experience Essay? Foucault's archaeological analogy and the tools available through his epistemic frameworks will then be applied in order to examine discursive practice in the Renaissance, Classical and modem times. The reciprocal relationship between knowledge and discourse will be examined through contemporary examples of representation and display. Eileen Hooper-Greenhill's Museums and schrijven, the Shaping of Knowledge will be used throughout in order to compare and all the man essay, contrast a variety of analyses and ideas.

Her evaluation of the Renaissance will be explored, contradicted and supplemented in some ways and thesis, the seeds of a modem discourse will emerge in the absence of her analysis of the in theological subject. Discussie Thesis? Nevertheless, her use of various models is indispensable and 3 the essay montaigne, forms an additional framework within which to contemplate the role of discussie schrijven thesis culture and its institutions. The ability to formulate different narratives from those postulated by materialistic Hooper Greenhill will be shown to shed some light on Foucault's intentions as well as on the value of his method of analysis. Emphasis will be removed from the actual narratives and placed on the dramatic ruptures which reflect how brittle epistemologies may be. The operation of small museums in the UK.

The topic of this dissertation concerns the operation of small museums in the UK. Such institutions employ a maximum of five paid staff members working either full- or part-time. Schrijven? The research and final conclusions concern museums registered with the Museums and Galleries Commission's (MGC)Registration scheme. Two case studies have been used to illustrate two different attitudes adopted by radio 3 the essay two small London museums. Discussie Schrijven? The Ragged School Museum, established by 'laymen' at a remote area of London, has adopted a dynamic approach to its problems. The Wesley's Museum, owned and radio, governed by discussie thesis a prestigious organisation and located in the heart of the City, has not yet found solutions to many of its problems. It has well-written policies and a strong structure but it lacks enthusiasm and adaptability. All small museums face difficulties but opportunities and professional advice are now available for them.

A small institution should exploit any offered support in order to secure its operation and development. Collections information in the public arena: A case study between a local and national museum. Charlotte Elizabeth Stone. This dissertation is a discursive study on essay, the need to move collections information from the internal to the external. Discussie? In it I examine the essay issues which surround the process and thesis, assess whether there is a demand for such data from the user. I have chosen to dental, study this in discussie schrijven the context of two museums, a national one, The Science Museum and a local one, Reading Museum. These were chosen as examples of practice, because both have the 3 the essay potential assets to explore the idea of discussie information access and each have began discussing methods to carry out such a project.

Chapter one examines the changes in documentation practice, which have given rise to the opportunity of kings man essay externalising the museum's information core. The second deals with the change in managerial structure, which has attempted to re-define many roles in discussie schrijven thesis order to create a more accessible and well-run service. Chapter Three reviews some of the initiatives, (both actual and experience, potential) set up both museums and thesis, discusses how far reaching these attempts are. My conclusion summarises the need for public collections information both as a transfer of power from the visitor to the curator and as a reaction to the demand from this new age. Exemplifications of learning theories in on being human essays in theological museums with reference to the theories of George Hein. As we enter the twenty-first century the greatest challenge facing museums is to perform their role as learning institutions effectively. The increased leisure industry, the reduction in core governmental funding and the introduction of the National Curriculum are some of the factors that stressed the necessity for museums to enhance the range and the quality of their educational provision.

The first chapter attempts to describe how learning theories provide an appropriate framework for museum professionals to discussie, define learning in the museum environment and consequently to develop exhibitions and educational programs that correspond to the audiences learning needs. Modern developments in museum educational departments indicate to what extent museum professional are aware of materialistic museums role as learning centres. Discussie? Museum education policies and visitor studies research are of crucial importance for museums ' educational developments. The second chapter deals more specifically with G. Hem's theories and focuses particularly on essay, his suggested four educational approaches: a) didactic, expository education, b) stimulus-response education, c) discovery learning, d) constructivism that derive from the juxtaposition of thesis two continua which the essay composition first one classifies the epistemological and the second the learning theories on two extremes. In the discussie thesis third chapter exhibitions are described that each of them represent one type of Hem's educational theories. The galleries and exhibitions selected to show that Hem's educational theories can be put into practice in the museum field are the Origin of Species exhibition of the Natural History Museum, the the language experience Challenge of Materials exhibition and the Launch Pad gallery at thesis the Science Museum as also the Museum's of composition London Prehistoric Gallery. Where it was considered necessary the study focuses specifically on one or more exhibits to show more extensively the educational theory's application.

The study took place during the last two weeks of August 1998. A review of museum enquiry services offered to discussie schrijven thesis, the public with special reference to identifications and including a survey of past users of a county museums service. Enquiries have been a neglected area of museum studies. Research Experience? Any published literature on this subject, moreover, dates back to the mid 1980s, or earlier. Yet the discussie schrijven thesis introduction of information technology has brought about enormous changes in museums. Databases, for example, not only benefit the area of collections management, but are now being used in large national museums to enable the visiting public to answer their own enquiries whilst on a visit. Such enquiries may relate to the displays or to how the visitor finds his or her way around a museum. Remote forms of communication such as the Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) have made it possible for a member of the public in any part of the world to satisfy an enquiry by accessing a museum's web pages or to log an 3 the essay montaigne enquiry at any time using e-mail.

This paper will examine some of these new developments. The main emphasis concerning enquiries however, will centre on the identification services offered by museums. The literature written on this subject will be reviewed and some current practices examined. Identification services are time-consuming and viewed by some museum staff as a chore. Thesis? However, in today's climate of public accountability, there is an onus on dental, museums to examine their practices and invite the schrijven public to comment upon all the man essay, them. Discussie Schrijven? The final chapter in this paper will examine Hampshire Museums Service's identification service, and report the emerson composition views of some of the subject specialists involved.

The results of a survey based on past users of Hampshire Museums Service's identification will be analysed to evaluate how well the service is performing. Finally, Reading Museums Service's identification service will be discussed as a parallel to Hampshire Museums Services. Fogotten children. Are museums doing enough for children with special educational needs? No abstract available.

A museological approach to discussie thesis, the interpretation of historic ships. No abstract available. The aim of emerson essay this report is to examine the various aspects of museum design and to try to illustrate what changes have occurred over the past three decades. This has been done using observations made in various galleries in London and elsewhere. The emphasis is on the semiotic and social aspects of design rather than the practical aspects of actually creating a display.

The report shows that subtle changes have occurred, most notably as regards the influence of external designers and commercial design practices in discussie schrijven modern museum displays. Other changes noted relate to the increase of commercial sponsorship in on being human essays in theological museums and the impact of increased competition from other leisure activities. As well as the demands from visitors and the National Curriculum for more accessible and interactive displays in discussie exhibitions. The report attempts to identify changes that have occurred as regards the use of aesthetic design motifs that can be seen as the products of contemporary fashion and illustrate how these effect the essays in theological anthropology visitors understanding of and attitude towards the display. In conclusion it is noted that changes have occurred and these are often due to forces from outside the museum. Consideration is also given to how design might progress in the future. The methods, techniques, and conclusions found in schrijven individual papers are the work and essay, responsibility of the author of the paper, and should in no way be thought to represent the opinion or endorsement of either the Journal of Conservation Museum Studies, the Institute of Archaeology, or University College London. No liability or contract is accepted or implied by the publication of these data. Copyright Institute of Archaeology, University College London 1999.

All rights reserved.

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5 Must-Dos For Outstanding Essay Writing. By Clare #038; Chris on February 21, 2011 45 Comments. Essay writing is discussie thesis, so important, so here#039;s what you can do to help your child write great ones! Your teen needs to step up to the mark because school is getting harder. High school education continues to move away from tests with one word answers and towards students having to essay come up with paragraph or even full essay answers. And there’s a good reason for this. The internet has become so widespread and discussie so accessible, that having a library of singular facts stored in your head is no longer helpful.

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Hi Erin, thanks for your comments! Yes thank you for discussie schrijven thesis, pointing out the practice/practise error. This article is a few years old now and I#8217;ve since been schooled on the difference between the materialistic, two, but I don#8217;t believe they distinguish between the two in the US, so someone is always going to think that I am wrong #128578; [#8230;] While a school essay is not the same as writing for a business or website, I wanted to recommend this great blog post I just read about writing school essays. [#8230;] [#8230;] You can help your teen make their writing simpler and more like a straight-A student’s by helping them plan their essays. Schrijven Thesis? [#8230;] [#8230;] may not understand how to thesis the language experience apply what they have learnt in class to the essay format, or how to structure an essay, or how to schrijven structure paragraphs or sentences, or how to kings convey what they understand about the topic to the reader in a clear and discussie schrijven concise [#8230;] Also get our free 2-week email course and study articles sent to your inbox. Everything we know about experience, exam study in one digital package. Does your teen struggle with math? We explain how to discussie study high school's most hated subject. Motivation and Procrastination Package.

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Essay Paper on Air Pollution in Thailand. by James Douglas and thesis Kelly McNight. Air pollution in Thailand is considered to be one of the most serious environmental problems in the country. Especially severe are the implications of the problem for people who live in cities, where the man essay level of air pollution is substantially higher. The main air pollution contributors are power plants, factories, motor vehicles, forest fires, agricultural burning and open cooking. As a result, health concerns have increased and became an alarming signs to take necessary procedures. Moreover, the non-health implications are significant as well. They include loss of productivity, damage of ecosystem and infrastructure. Discussie Schrijven? As for global impacts, they include acid rains, global warming, and damage to stratospheric ozone.

Thus, air pollution is a very significant problem in Thailand and needs to be resolved immediately. In Thailand, the main responsibility of air quality monitoring is put upon the Pollution Control department (PCD). It establishes standards and on being human in theological makes recommendations as to measures needed to discussie be taken to improve environmental situation. Along with Government, PCD had contributed much to resolve the problem of air pollution. However, there is still much to be done. The main ways to fix the air pollution issue are: Tightening emission standards for motor vehicles, which are the most significant pollutants. Improving public transport and traffic management. This requires increasing the number of priority bus lanes and the development of alternative transportation, such as SkyTrains. Adopting legislature that obliges industries to reduce emission. All The? Strengthening institutional effectiveness by improving coordination among agencies and building capacities at the local level; Broadening public involvement in air quality management; Implementation of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM); Expanding monitoring policies;

The main obstacles on the way of implementation those policies and means: High cost of thesis acquisition and implementation of essay advanced cleaning technologies and technologies that reduce emission. Resistance on behalf of corporations to implementation of those technologies because of their high costs. Possible public indifference and the absence of desire to cooperate in order to improve environmental issues. Time needed to implement necessary environmental programs and technologies. Governmental delays and unwillingness to take actions; absence of schrijven thesis support from public organizations. All those obstacles, however, may be easily overcome given that government take immediate and persistent action in essay, implementing necessary programs, educating population and encouraging private sector to discussie thesis foster all governmental initiatives and express those initiatives themselves.

1. Tightening emission standards for motor vehicles. According to on being human public perception polls on the issue of air pollution held in Bangkok, the schrijven thesis majority of residents ask (90 % of all the kings those the total number of respondents) named motor vehicles the main source of air pollution. Second place (8% of respondents) took construction road repairs and the third – garbage burning. Discussie Schrijven? (Impacts and Environmental management in Thailand, 2002) Thus, we see that motor vehicles are significant contributor to the overall air pollution. In order to improve the situation and decrease the level of emission produced y cars and motorcycles, the Thai government needs to foster efficient and less pollute vehicles on one hand, and emerson encourage citizens to discussie schrijven thesis use those vehicles on the other hand. Essay? As for the former, official authorities have to adopt higher emission standards for automobiles and what is mostly important to help companies to meet them. It can be done in the following way: Tax privileges for companies that produce certain amount of less pollute vehicles; To ensure Governmental orders for those vehicles; To provide financial support for companies who work out special technologies that facilitate the process of creating less pollute vehicles. To encourage citizens to widely use those vehicles, the Government needs to: Launch special public campaign that would educate citizens informing about benefits they could get buying less pollute vehicles.

This campaign might include TV commercials, media articles, public speeches etc. Tax reduction or tax elimination for those conscious citizens who use those cars and motorcycles. The government can also provide special grants or licenses for companies who produce special vehicles and intend to sell them abroad. Below, the short overview of special technologies that can reduce the amount of discussie thesis emission produced by vehicles and other necessary procedures pertaining to vehicles polluting capacities is provided. First of all, there exist new technologies, such as catalytic converters, that are able to make gasoline vehicles engines more efficient and less polluting. The implementation of more stringent tail pipe emissions standards will reduce PM (particular matter) emissions for new diesel vehicles. 3 The Montaigne? In fact, there exist Euro 1 and Euro 2 standards of diesel vehicle emissions. The indicators of these standards of discussie thesis emissions are quite high. To meet them, it is necessary that all diesel engines have direct fuel injections and computerized engine maintenance system. Another alternative is to increase the production of four-stroke motorcycles, which are less polluting and have better fuel-efficiency than those who have just two strokes. Research Thesis The Language Experience? In fact, nowadays, the highly used are two-stroke engines, which are extremely dangerous.

It is well known that two-stroke engines have only one revolution and must use a mixture of discussie oil and fuel that burns incompletely. Then almost 25% of that oil and dental essay fuel is spit out, unburned, through exhaust. Discussie Thesis? The use of two-stroke vehicles can seriously endanger the flourishing of Thai tourist industry. Therefore, four-strokes engine production is very important. The four-stroke versions are much cleaner. The operating cost, however, may be lower as they are more fuel-efficient. Along with stricter and higher emissions standards for vehicles, it is also necessary for the Government to tighten vehicle maintenance and inspection policies. It means that, for instance, every city should have a special agency that is the head responsible for man essay checking all the vehicles intended for public transportation and those of private use. Emissions inspection and improving maintenance requirements, particularly for high-use diesel vehicles are significant issue. This kind of checking will ensure that a vehicle still can be used on the road without substantial danger for the citizens.

It is also absolutely necessary to ensure installation of smoke filtration equipment in vehicles. According to World Bank recommendations (2002), the Government also needs to require manufacturers to install exhaust catalysts for gasoline vehicles. Discussie? This will not increase cost of production substantially (just about by 2%), but will drastically reduce Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbons and Oxides of Nitrogen. Emerson Essay Composition? It is schrijven also quite efficient to reduce sulfur in diesel fuel. Sulfur content of automotive diesel is 2,000 ppm and the Clean Air Act requires reduction to radio 3 the 500 ppm by discussie schrijven thesis, 2004– the norm used by many countries today. (World Bank, 2002) Here, it also necessary to mention that the level of lead should be substantially decreased. Lead is a great-white metal that is soft, malleable, ductile, and resistant to all the kings man essay corrosion. Sources of lead resulting in concentration in the air include industrial sources and discussie schrijven thesis crustal weathering of soils followed by 3 the, fugitive dust emissions. Health effects from exposure to lead include brain and kidney damage, and learning disabilities.

Thus, all the above recommendations will help to discussie schrijven enhance vehicles emission reduction while encouraging people to widely use new less pollute vehicle in their day-to-day lives. 2. Improving public transportation management. The major problem with public transportation in Thailand is its low level of on being human essays anthropology diversification and thus high level of those transportation vehicles that produce high levels of emission. The diversification means that buses should be complemented with railway vehicles including subways. Skytrain is an excellent low polluting alternative as well. Generally, in discussie thesis, Bangkok all public transportation is run by Bangkok Mass Transit Authority and Bangkok Transit System. Thesis Experience Approach? The first one is in charge of all wheel transport, i.e. public buses. The second one takes care of Thailand light rail system.

Both report to the Ministry of Transport and discussie Communications. To improve public transportation in essay, Thailand, it is necessary to make the thesis following steps: Increase the number of essay Euro2 buses running. Those are buses that have lower emission and discussie schrijven higher speed. Materialistic Essay? As BMTA reports, it has launched Euro 2 buses.

Yet, there are not enough of them to satisfy all public needs. Implement more bus lanes to decrease the pressure in peak times. In fact, the Thailand Environmental Monitor suggests providing 12-corridor bus-lanes 110 km long. Schrijven? Moreover, it is also necessary to provide adequate sidewalks and bicycle lanes that will encourage people to emerson use public transportation, carpool, and bicycle or just walk small distances. Implement mass rapid transit system. Interestingly that Thailand’s rail transportation, which dates back more than century, is extensive, covering 4,000 kilometers on three lines, intersecting in schrijven thesis, Bangkok. Radio 3 The Montaigne? The system currently offers affordable transportation from the Malaysian border to northernmost provinces in the west.

Thus, it has good capacity. Discussie Schrijven Thesis? However, this capacity needs to be further developed into radio rapid transit system, which is able to substitute highly pollute bus transportation. Providing more trains and higher speed it can merely double the number of passengers transported. Develop Skytrain system. Schrijven? As BTS reports, the BTS Skytrain is the safest, most comfortable and convenient way to get around Bangkok. In service since December 5, 1999, it has transformed the face of public transportation in dental, the Thai capital, offering both residents and thesis visitors a comfortable ride through central Bangkok lifting them above the chronic congestion, noise and pollution of the streets below. Not only Sky train is merely pollution free, it is also very comfortable, quick and efficient. The BTS Sky Train’s high-capacity operating system ensures almost no breakdowns and a virtual 100% punctuality. Each train can carry over 1,000 passengers while a similar number of people would use 800 cars. Thus BTS Skytrain is the most environmentally friendly mass transit system in composition, Thailand.

Moreover, it is schrijven thesis quite inexpensive and safe. However, the main problem pertaining to this means of transportation is that there are not so many lines where it can be used. Thus, the primary task of the Government regarding the environmental issue of cleaner air is extending Sky Train system and making this means of transportation more available for public use. It is an issue of crucial importance for the Government to experience essay promote and assist in production and launching of public transport, which is able to work using electricity, such as electric tricycle, electric bus, and electric-motorcycle. These kinds of products are not yet so much widely used and produced. Those are very commercial products. Thesis? Therefore, they need special governmental care and support. Yet, since highly popularized and widely used, they can become serious “air saviors” as opposite to regular oil cars. In such away all the above procedures are able to improve public transportation management thus enhancing the essay issue of environmental safety, air pollution decrease in particular. 3. Discussie Schrijven? Adopting legislature obliging industries to reduce emission. It is very important for Government to oblige industrial firms to cut their pollution levels.

Certainly, it requires substantial costs, because factories need to adopt cleaner production patterns, energy efficiency and advanced emissions control technologies. Yet, the materialistic essay problem might occur with small plants, which do not have enough financial resources to afford such substantial investments. However, social responsibility issue, including the one of schrijven thesis environment, is becoming more and more important. Therefore, all the companies need to realize that by cooperating with Government and all the kings enhancing decrease in air pollution levels they are actually improving their public image and schrijven provide wide market for kings their products or services. However, it is the thesis primary task of Government to stimulate or reinforce the implementation of cleaning technologies. The incentives for industrial corporations to implement cleaning technologies may include:

Tax extension for a certain period; Tax reduction or tax privileges for implementing certain type of emerson essay composition technology; Allowing faster depreciation; Granting certain political privileges; Encouraging cooperation among companies to provide patterns of scientific technology needed to be implemented in internal production processes. Such incentives might stimulate companies to work more efficiently and enhance further social responsibility. As for smaller companies, Government needs either support them financially directly or encourage bigger companies to discussie thesis provide certain help. It is also very helpful for Government to all the kings establish special fund that will accumulate money needed to acquire necessary technology and implement them in production. However, it is not only necessary to provide incentives for the companies, but also take serious measures to ultimately punish those who fail to comply with the overall governmental requirements. Those punishments might include: Here, it also necessary to mention that the level of lead should be substantially decreased. Lead is a great-white metal that is soft, malleable, ductile, and resistant to corrosion. Discussie Schrijven Thesis? Sources of lead resulting in concentration in the air include industrial sources and crustal weathering of the language experience soils followed by discussie thesis, fugitive dust emissions. Health effects from exposure to lead include brain and kidney damage, and learning disabilities.

As it was already mentioned, the second place as the major polluter according to public perception took the railroad construction. Thus, along with factories, construction industry is to be obliged to control dust on the roads as well. It should be the responsibility of radio those construction workers to enhance road cleanness and dust control. In fact, here local inspections that provide special checking can be of thesis great help. Thus, Government should necessarily provide relevant legislature that would oblige companies to implement pollution reduction technologies on research approach, one hand, and provide effective incentives and support to facilitate the process of implementation of those technologies.

4. Strengthening institutional effectiveness. This issue contains the important implications of local government decentralization. Simply saying, in order to enhance and improve institutional effectiveness and thus pursue environmental care it is necessary to: Improve the coordination between the agencies that have different function regarding the air pollution problems. Currently, Government agencies include: Pollution Control Department (PCD) Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) Department of Industrial Work (DIW) Department of Land Transport (DLT) Office of the Commission of for the Management of Land Traffic (OCMLT) Expand local Government role.

It is not a secret that for a central government it is oftentimes very difficult to control all the discussie thesis programs and procedures concerning different environmental programs. Materialistic Essay? Therefore, some delegation of authority should be distributed to thesis the lower level in order to enhance efficiency of those environmental problems. 5. Broadening public involvement in air quality management. All Governmental efforts might turn absolutely useless if not providing public support and assistance. Thus, it is a crucial task for the Government to ensure wide public involvement in all the kings man essay, air quality management. This could be accomplished using the following means: Broad educational and informational programs, which were already mentioned.

They could increase public awareness about possible health danger of their own and what is even worse the health danger of their children. Schools and different educational institutions should play major role in this process. Moreover, it is absolutely necessary to establish required course that would discuss such a vulnerable issue as air pollution. Involvement of public communities in environmental programs. The local government should take active part in discussie, arranging and stimulating those programs. Examples of how the man essay public can contribute include car-pooling using mass transit; walking; biking; using energy efficient appliances; utilizing air conditioners wisely with non-ozone depleting (Chlorofluorocarbons -free) refrigerants; regularly maintaining cars and making sure these meet emission standards; composting waste; planting trees; and reporting smoke-belching vehicles to relevant authorities. Enforce the ban on discussie thesis, waste burning in cities. The Government needs to promote and on being essays in theological public needs to adequately respond to an urgent need for waste recycling, composting and sanitary land filling. Support and thesis collaborate with the private sector, associations, independent groups and all categories of mass media to participate in public relations efforts and campaigns to kings educate and increase understanding and awareness of hazardous threats from pollutants in air, and be informed of enforcement of laws against all categories of polluters. It is the primary task of Government to discussie support study, research and essay training in technologies for control and eradication of polluted air, including improving and schrijven maintaining machinery to decrease air pollution.

This kind of studies should be highly taught within different communities and corporations. Public awareness about safety issues should be increased using different kinds of materialistic essay meetings with medical staff. These meetings can be organized within local communities as not official ones. Discussie Schrijven Thesis? They can be also organized on the highest levels as different conferences and seminars to share the knowledge as to all the kings how improve public health, how to prevent different serious disasters associated with air pollution. Schrijven? This kind of conferences should be held not less than once a year and its result should be published and distributed.

Society must be engaged in the environmental activities. Yet, it is very hard to do when people do not know what kind of problems they are to research thesis the language experience approach face and why those problems are so extremely serious. 6. Schrijven Thesis? Implementation of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) It has already been mentioned that one of the challenges on the way to implement and develop different environmental issues, including air pollution is high cost. Human Essays In Theological Anthropology? The main funding mechanism of different environmental programs is so-called Clean Development mechanism (CDM). CDM allows different countries – developing as well as developed – to work together to achieve Kyoto protocol targets. (Kyoto protocol is an international agreement that obliges countries that signed it to take specific and serious measures to enhance environmental safety issues.) As Thailand Environment monitor reports, once the discussie schrijven thesis Kyoto protocol has been ratified internationally, and the CDM is operational, developing countries will be able to obtain funding for projects aimed at greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions, while developed countries can use these emission reductions towards their Kyoto compliance limitations. All The Kings? Thailand’s GHG emission is expected to double by 2020. (Greenhouse gas is gas such as CO2, CH4, NO2, which increase global temperature by trapping solar electromagnetic radiation).

The bulk of greenhouse emissions are energy, agriculture, and waste sectors. Thus, they should become the primary focus of CDM initiatives. The efficient CDM strategy should include: Reducing CO2 in the energy sector; Converting CH4 from discussie, waste to energy; Sequestering CO2 through reforestation and afforestation activities. According to Thailand Environment Monitoring, in order for Thailand to radio 3 the essay montaigne engage and gain benefits from the CDM market, it is necessary to do the following:

Create national CDM authority that would implement and control different CDM activities; To create special investment funds and to discussie schrijven ensure transparent process of investment for all interested in CDM programs; Establish efficient mechanism that would ensure wide public participation in different CDM programs; Ensure that all investments made in CDM are in compliance with existing country’s environmental impact assessment requirements; Those procedures are needed to be undertaken in the language, order for the country to catch existing opportunities in the global market and on discussie schrijven, the worldwide arena. Kyoto Protocol, in fact, has serious implications for those countries that signed it. To be specific, if the country is the member of this Protocol, it has substantial privileges meaning that it is able to the language market own opportunities on one hand. However, on the other hand, all members of the agreement accept serious obligations and need to ensure the compliance with certain environmental requirements, which should not exceed given levels or given norms. 7. Expanding monitoring policies. Monitoring is schrijven a central issue in the policy of air quality management programs.

In order for the monitoring to be effective, it is necessary to: Establish extensive network of monitoring centers. Those centers might be established on the state level, as well as on the level of each particular city. Moreover, it is even better that each particular city has own monitoring center and is able to share its knowledge and experience with the 3 the essay others. Central monitoring institution should provide coordination and control of discussie schrijven thesis all the rest monitoring centers around the country. It is necessary for monitoring networks to provide frequent and relevant information upon any issues of concern in order to dental essay ensure in discussie schrijven, time quality control and measures. Otherwise, the efficiency of those networks is questionable. For instance, if there is a danger of increased level of dangerous components in the air, public should be immediately informed to be able to save their health from such a disaster. Yet, it is important to emphasize that such information must be absolutely relevant and hundred percent proven.

Otherwise, it might cause unnecessary panic in society and undermine government’s capability to handle the situation. Finally, efficient monitoring should be based on constant public involvement. Simply saying, Government needs to essay montaigne ensure that wide audience has an access to monitoring center information and the latter can get a feedback from the people in the form of different noticed alarming signs, different ideas how to improve existing situation, suggestions and comments. If this kind of two-way communication with society is ensured, it will help not only to increase the efficiency of monitoring problems, but also engage public into discussie thesis active participation in environmental problems, air quality management in particular. Air pollution in Thailand is one of the kings most serious environmental issues. High levels of thesis pollution endanger public health, decrease efficiency in on being human in theological, production, and provoke serious climatic changes on the global level. Therefore, this issue should be resolved immediately. Discussie Schrijven Thesis? For the Government of Thailand, it is all the kings important to thesis undertake the following steps to resolve and materialistic essay improve the situation with the air quality within the country: Adopt relevant legislature to reduce vehicles emission and to schrijven oblige companies to implement cleaning technology or technologies that reduce dangerous emission substantially; Encourage production and use of less pollute vehicles, such as four-stroke motorcycles.

Effective public transportation management; Reduce the amount of anthropology lead in gasoline; Engage public in different environmental programs through vast system of education and information; Ensure effective CDM implementation; Develop broad monitoring sysstem.