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Thesis statement interactive activity

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Thesis Statement Activity - Excelsior College OWL

Thesis statement interactive activity

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Thesis statement interactive practice

Association of American Colleges Universities. Home About About AACU Mission Statement Strategic Plan Goals History Centennial Official Statements Partnerships Membership Join AACU Member Institutions Member Benefits Create or Manage Your Account Leadership and activity Staff Board of Directors President Lynn Pasquerella Senior Staff Staff Directory Getting Involved Join Email List Become an Associate Donate to practice inquiry, AACU Job Openings Meetings. A new VALUE report describes its groundbreaking approach to assessing student learning showing it is thesis activity possible to evaluate undergraduate. Select any filter and click on Apply to see results. Research on Adult Learners: Supporting the Needs of a Student Population that Is No Longer Nontraditional. Adult students have been a growing presence on college campuses during recent decades and there are numerous indicators that these students, often referred to help, as “nontraditional,” constitute a significant proportion of the undergraduate student body. National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) data indicate that 38 percent of the 2007 enrollment of more than eighteen million college students were twenty-five years of age or older (NCES 2009). Activity. NCES projections of higher education enrollment from 2007–2018 suggest that the number of students over twenty-five will remain stable or increase during the template lpn current decade (Hussar and thesis interactive activity Bailey 2009). Although the focus of this issue of Peer Review and the remainder of this article will be on moral thesis adults beginning or continuing their enrollment as college students at a later-than-typical age, a 2002 NCES report has frequently been cited as noting that when the term “nontraditional student” is defined more broadly to include seven characteristics not typically associated with participation in college, a full 73 percent of students may be viewed as nontraditional (Choy 2002, 1).

These characteristics include. entry to thesis statement, college delayed by at least one year following high school, having dependents, being a single parent, being employed full time, being financially independent, attending part time, and not having a high school diploma. K. Patricia Cross referred to some of the same student groups using the term “non-traditional” some twenty years ago (Cross 1981). The social and economic forces that have led to adults’ increased participation of in custom writing help reviews, higher education in the decades since Cross used this term are not likely to abate in the near future. These influences include an aging and thesis increasingly diverse population, the rapid pace of practice inquiry dissertation technological change, and the constantly shifting demands of the workplace in this era of a global economy. Adult learners who experience academic success in higher education tend to gain economic and personal benefits, which most likely provide social, political, and economic benefits for the broader society (Ritt 2008).

Multiple Roles of Adult Learners. A key characteristic distinguishing reentry adults from other college students is the high likelihood that they are juggling other life roles while attending school, including those of worker, spouse or partner, parent, caregiver, and thesis statement community member. These roles may be assets, both through the social supports they provide and through the rich life experiences that may help adult learners make meaning of theoretical constructs that may be purely abstract to younger learners. Yet more often, these multiple roles present challenges in students’ allocation of time for both academic study and master thesis course description participation in interactive activity, campus-based organizations and activities. A 2003 NCES report titled Work First, Study Second indicated that at least 56 percent of students over age twenty-four who were included in the 1999–2000 National Postsecondary Student Aid Study saw themselves as workers first and students second, while 26 percent identified themselves as students who work. Only 18 percent did not work while enrolled (Berker and Horn 2003, 5). This report also noted that those students who considered themselves employees first were also more likely to be married, leaving them with at least three life roles to manage while attending school; this group was also less likely to complete a degree in six years. Programmatic Responses to lp4 resume, Adult Learners.

Reentry adults’ multiple roles and statement interactive activity commitments increase the likelihood they will look for degree and certificate programs that provide them flexibility in time and locations for both course completion and for access to key student services. In recent decades, a number of institutions have been designed around the needs of writing reviews adult students, such as Empire State University, Fielding Institute, Regis University, and, more recently, the University of Phoenix and many other institutions in thesis statement interactive, the for-profit sector. Within the last decade, institutions and programs geared toward serving adult students have been profiled in thesis, a number of sources, including Lifelong Learning at Its Best: Innovative Practices in Adult Credit Programs (Maehl 2000) and volumes of New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, including one on accelerated learning (Wlodkowski and Kasworm 2003) and another on adult degree programs (Papas and Jerman 2004). The innovative student support and learning strategies described in these sources are rarely found in traditional university programs, but could provide useful models for thesis activity adaptation. One example of this type of program is Empire State’s faculty mentor model, which allows students to resume lpn, develop highly individualized programs of study. Thesis Statement Activity. Other innovative adult learning practices—such as distance learning, accelerated course formats, and moral thesis prior learning assessment—were previously uncommon in mainstream institutions or departments, but are increasingly commonplace today in traditional universities that range from small liberal arts institutions to large comprehensive and doctoral institutions.

NCES reported in statement activity, 2008 that at least two-thirds of two-year and four-year Title IV degree-granting institutions offered online courses, blended/hybrid courses, or courses offered in other distance education formats for college-level credit (Parsad and Lewis 2008). The report, titled Distance Education at Degree-Granting Postsecondary Institutions: 2006-2007, indicates that online courses were offered by 61 percent of institutions, blended/hybrid courses at 35 percent of lp4 resume writing institutions and other forms of distance education were offered at 26 percent of institutions. Thirty-two percent of all two-year and statement four-year institutions reported offering college-level degree or certificate programs delivered totally through distance education. The factor most commonly cited as affecting the decision to master description, offer distance education courses or programs was meeting student demand for flexible schedules, as reported by 68 percent of responding institutions . Nearly two-thirds of institutions reported an interest in providing access to college for students who do not otherwise have access; only 45 percent of institutions reported an interest in activity, increasing student enrollment as a key factor (Parsad and Lewis 2008). Prior Learning Assessment. A 2006 study by the Council on Adult Experiential Learning (CAEL) on the use of assessment of prior college-level learning as a means of acquiring college credit found that 87 percent of responding institutions accepted College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams, 84 percent accepted Advanced Placement credits, 70 percent accepted credit for corporate or military training (evaluated by the American Council on course description Education), and 66 percent made provisions for faculty evaluation of student portfolios demonstrating prior college level learning (Klein-Collins and Hein 2009, 187). While portfolio evaluation was not the most common form of prior learning assessment (PLA), an activity increase in acceptance of this method can be seen when compared to previous studies conducted by CAEL in 1996 (when 55 percent of institutions reported use of portfolios) and in 1991 (when 50 percent of institutions reported use) (Klein-Collins and Hein 2009, 188).

A more recent CAEL report, Fueling the Race to Postsecondary Success: A 48-Instution Study of Prior Learning Assessment and writing Adult Student Outcomes (Klein-Collins 2010), addresses faculty concerns about adult students getting “credit for statement life experience” by focusing on a study conducted by CAEL on student outcomes. Based on inquiry over 62,000 academic records of adult students from a geographically diverse institutional sample from forty-six percent public institutions, the study showed that 50 percent private of nonprofit institutions and 4 percent of for-profit institutions describe several positive outcomes for students who earned credit through prior learning assessment, when compared with students who did not make use of PLA (6–7, 12). Adult students who earned credit for prior learning were more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree within seven years—43 percent—in comparison to 15 percent of non-PLA students (7). Focusing only on the approximately 50 percent of thesis students who matriculated in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree, the study found that 58 percent of PLA students were successful in writing help, achieving that goal, compared to only 27 percent of non-PLA students (35). Differences in degree completion between PLA and non-PLA students were also found when controlling for thesis interactive GPA—66 percent of PLA students with GPAs of 3.0 or above completed degrees, compared to 35 percent of non-PLA students with similar GPAs (37). Furthermore, dramatic differences in graduation rates were reported between PLA and non-PLA students for both Hispanic and black students, with 40 percent of black PLA students completing bachelor’s degrees compared to practice, 17 percent of black non-PLA students, and 47 percent of Hispanic PLA students completing bachelor’s degrees compared to statement interactive, 6 percent of Hispanic non-PLA students (50). These CAEL report findings suggest that providing opportunities for prior learning assessment may have a substantial effect on lp4 resume adult student persistence. Accelerated Course Formats. Courses, certificates, and thesis interactive activity degrees designed to be completed in a shorter time frame and in which either course duration or contact hours may be modified are learning formats that tend to be more responsive to adult learners’ lives (Wlodkowski 2003). Although these intensive learning experiences are sometimes criticized as formats that prioritize convenience over rigor and sacrifice breadth and depth, a number of water studies indicate that adult learning in accelerated courses is comparable to or better than that of thesis statement interactive younger students enrolled in conventional courses.

For instance, Wlodkowski reports a qualitative study indicating that intensive courses “became rewarding and powerful learning experiences when certain attributes were present…These attributes included instructor enthusiasm and expertise (usually gained through experience), active learning, classroom interaction, good course organization, student input, a collegial classroom atmosphere, and a relaxed environment” (9) When adult students in accelerated courses are compared with younger students in conventional versions of the same types of help reviews courses, both groups of students generally have shown positive and similar attitudes toward their courses. Statement. Finally, when attitudes of master course description alumni toward accelerated courses in management, human resource management, and corporate finance were assessed, their perceptions were nearly as positive as current students who responded to the same survey (10). Theories of statement interactive Adult Learning. While much of master course description what is written about adapting to adult learners within higher education focuses on ways in which institutions and programs can modify student services and course delivery formats and systems to accommodate the needs of reentry students, adult education research also provides insight into understanding the characteristics of these learners within the classroom or distance education environment (Ross-Gordon 2003). Frameworks for Understanding Adult Learning. In recent decades, several theoretical approaches to thesis statement interactive activity, adult learning have served as useful lenses for research on adult learners; these frameworks help researchers think about practices across various contexts of lp4 resume writing adult learning, including the thesis interactive activity college classroom. Andragogy is arguably the best-known of these theoretical approaches. Malcolm Knowles is credited with bringing this framework to attention in North America, although he acknowledged its previous European origins (Knowles 1980). According to this framework, adults are assumed to. prefer self-direction in learning, bring a vast reservoir of experience that should be considered in planning learning experience, exhibit a readiness to learn that is essay is precious based on a need to know something or do something, exhibit an orientation to learning that is thesis statement interactive task- or problem-centered rather than subject-centered, and thesis course exhibit a relatively high degree of internal motivation.

While andragogy has been widely debated by scholars, who note the thesis statement situational variables that influence the degree to thesis, which adults exhibit these characteristics, this framework is one of the most enduring and widely cited theories of adult learning (Merriam 2001). Other adult learning theories center on self-directed learning (SDL), a key assumption of andragogy and itself the focus of thesis statement numerous professional conferences and papers. One SDL theory posited that educational goals within formal education could be supported by template using teaching methods and assignments designed to increase learner control of the learning process relative to that of thesis statement interactive activity instructors (Candy 1991). Other theories suggest that self-directed learning can be situational and may be exhibited at different levels among college students of various ages as they encounter different learning environments (Grow 1991). In the past twenty years, transformative learning (TL) has become one of the most prominent and debated theories in adult learning research, with the thesis course version of TL proposed by Jack Mezirow (2000) receiving perhaps the greatest attention. Mezirow and others view transformational learning as involving fundamental transformation of the adults’ core frames of reference, often in response to disorienting dilemmas—situations that challenge adults’ previous ways of thinking about the world and interactive activity prompt them to reflect critically on previously held assumptions. While much of the research on transformational learned has focused on TL that occurs both in higher education and naturally as an outgrowth of is precious adult life situations, some have also proposed that educators can help stimulate transformative learning by thesis statement using teaching methods that foster critical reflection (Cranton 1994).

Research on Adult Learners in College Classrooms. A number of studies have explored the essay is precious characteristics of adult learners in the college classroom, providing substantial but not unqualified support for the assumptions linked to the theoretical frameworks of adult learning and statement interactive development described above. Essay Water. My own chapter in a 2003 volume of New Directions for Student Services focusing on the needs of adult students reviews in greater detail than possible here the numerous studies that substantiate adult students’ preferences for active learning strategies that support cognitive growth and transformational learning, along with their desires for immediate application of knowledge and thesis statement activity opportunities for self-direction. Yet, this same body of resume template research also points to the lack of self-confidence often exhibited by adults upon reentry to thesis interactive, college and their frequent desire for highly structured learning experiences that provide a clear roadmap of teacher expectations This body of research suggests that while adult learners desire flexibility, they also often desire structure. They also exhibit varied learning styles and preferences influenced in part by their past encounters with higher education as well as by their social and cultural backgrounds, and are best not seen as a monolithic group. This is especially true when considering subpopulations of moral thesis adult learners who have not consistently been included in the large body of literature on adult students, including students of color (Ross-Gordon 2005), veterans (Rumann and Hamrick 2010), and adults with disabilities (Rocco 2001). “Reentry adults” appear to be a student population that is here to statement interactive, stay.

Increasingly, higher education institutions have attempted to create programs and services that are responsive to practice inquiry dissertation, adults’ life and learning preferences. Statement Activity. This effort has challenged college faculty and administrators to think beyond traditional ways of custom writing teaching and delivering educational programs. A large number of institutions or program units have a long history of adaptation to the adult learner student population. For other institutions or programs this effort is more recent. Yet much can be learned from existing program’s experiences with various modes of distance learning, prior learning assessment, and intensive courses, some of which are profiled in other articles within this issue. Faculty can play an important role as change agents in creating supportive learning environments for thesis statement interactive adult learners both by incorporating theory and custom help research on adult learners into their own classrooms and by advocating for statement activity adult-oriented programs and services on their campuses (Blair 2010). The design and delivery of these programs are key to successful undergraduate experiences for reentry adult students.

Berker, Ali, and Laura Horn. 2003. Adult Undergraduates Who Combine Employment and Postsecondary Enrollment. Washington, DC: National Center for Education Statistics. Blair, Anthony. Custom. 2010. “In From the Margins: The Essential Role of Faculty in Transforming a Professional Studies Unit into thesis activity, an Academic Department.” Journal of Continuing Higher Education 58(1): 31-39. Candy, Philip.

C. 1991. Essay Is Precious. Self-direction for Lifelong Learning. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Choy, Susan. 2002. Findings from the Condition of Education 2002: Nontraditional Undergraduates. Washington, DC: National Center for Education Statistics. Cranton, Patricia. 1994. Understanding and Promoting Transformative Learning.

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2009. Projections of thesis Education Statistics to 2018. Table 3: Actual and Middle Alternative Projected Numbers for dissertation College Enrollment Rates, by Sex, Attendance Status, and Age: Fall 2007, 2013, and 2018. Thesis Statement Interactive. Washington, DC: National Center for resume template Education Statistics. Klein-Collins, Becky, and Patrick Hein.

2009. Thesis Statement Interactive Activity. “Prior Learning Assessment: How Institutions Use portfolio Assessments.” The Journal of Continuing Higher Education 57: 187–189. Klein-Collins, Rebecca. 2010. Fueling the writing Race to Postsecondary Success: A 48-Institution Study of a Prior Learning Assessment and Adult Learner Outcomes. Thesis Statement Activity. Chicago: Council for master description Adult and Experiential Education. Knowles, Malcolm S. 1980. The Modern Practice of Adult Education: From Pedagogy to Andragogy. 2nd ed. New York: Cambridge Books.

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San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Mezirow, Jack D., and Associates. 2000. Learning as Transformation: Critical Perspectives on a Theory in Progress. Thesis. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. National Center for Education Statistics. Essay Is Precious. 2009. Digest of Educational Statistics 2009. Table 192. Total fall enrollment in thesis interactive activity, degree-granting institutions by control and water type of statement institution, age, and attendance status of thesis student: 2007).

Pappas, James, and Jerry Jerman, eds. 2004. Developing and Delivering Adult Degree Programs: New Directions for Adult and thesis statement interactive Continuing Education no. 103. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Parsad, Basmat, and is precious Laurie Lewis. 2008. Distance Education at Degree-granting Postsecondary Institutions: 2006–07. Washington, DC: National Center for Education Statistics. Thesis Interactive Activity. Ritt, Elizabeth.

2008. “Redefining Tradition: Adult Learners and Higher Education.” Adult Learning 19 (1/2): 12–16. Rocco, Tonette. Inquiry Dissertation. 2001. “Helping Adult Educators Understand Disability Disclosure.” Adult Learning 12 (2): 10–12. Ross-Gordon, Jovita M. 2003. “Adult Learners in the Classroom.” In “Meeting the Special Needs of thesis activity Adult Students,” edited by lp4 resume Deborah Kilgore and thesis interactive activity Penny J. Master. Rice, special issue, New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education 102: 43–52. ------ 2005. “The Adult Learner of Color: An Overlooked College Student Population.” The Journal of Continuing Higher Education 53 (2): 2–11. Thesis Interactive Activity. Rumann, Corey B., and Florence A. Hamrick. 2010. “Student Veterans in Transition: Re-Enrolling after War Zone Deployments.” Journal of writing reviews Higher Education 81: 431–458.

Wlodkowski, Raymond J. Thesis Interactive. 2003. Master. “Accelerated Learning in Colleges and Universities.” In “Accelerated Learning for Adults: The Promise and Practice of thesis statement interactive activity Intensive Educational Formats,” R. J. Wlodkowski and C. Kasworm, special issue, New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education 97: 5–15. Wlodkowski, Raymond J., and Carol. Essay. E. Kasworm. Interactive Activity. 2003. “Accelerated Learning for Adults: The Promise and Practices of practice inquiry dissertation Intensive Educational Formats.” Special issue, New Directions for thesis Adult and lp4 resume Continuing Education 97. Jovita M. Ross-Gordon is a professor in the department of leadership, counseling, adult education, and activity school psychology at Texas State University; and coeditor-in-chief of the New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education sourcebook series.

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The different types of questions enable me to have an extensive coverage of topics. I felt my confidence has gone up a lot after using the wizard. I am proud to essay water is precious, say that my great score in Regulation is contributed to Gleim’s help. One negative thing I have noticed about Gleim’s CMA review is the Test Prep Software Download is statement interactive not Mac compatible. Since I am a Mac user, I am a bit disappointed that the test prep software has not been developed to work on Mac computers. I think Gleim has mentioned that Mac users will be able to use the resume lpn Online Course, but I still think this is something that Gleim can work on for future releases. Hemanth K Shenoy G says. What is the total review course fees sturcture? When I chose CMA to upgrade my profession, my friends and colleagues suggested me for one single option, that is to rely on Gleim CMA study materials. Gleim’s study method is crafted in such an easy way that it is worth a try for any CMA aspirants.I’m sure that with Gleim CMA study materials I can make my CMA dreams, a colourful one. Thanks for all your comments!

Stephanie. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the best experience with Gleim. Thesis Interactive! I did pass Part 1 on moral thesis my first attempt using Gleim. Statement Activity! However, I tried to pass Part 2 twice already. I scored 330 and course, 320 second time around. Gleim guarantees if you score 75 % on thesis statement activity their final 4 hour test, then the moral thesis candidate will pass the real time exam on their first attempt. Thesis Statement Interactive! I did well during my practice; I did score 75 % on my final test (not including essay questions) and I scored 330 on my real time exam. For those of inquiry dissertation you who don’t know -360 is the passing grade.

I then studied again and scored 84 % on my final practice with Gleim, however to my biggest disappointment – not only my exam grade didn’t improve, but it went down from 330 to statement, 320. Needless to say I lost confidence in Gleim prep material. I work as an Assistant Controller, I have two Bachelors degrees and I graduated college with 4.0 GPA. I know that not too many people are as disciplined as I am when it comes to studying. I prefer to study on my own, I don’t like lectures, but Gleim definitely didn’t work for me. So I am looking to buy a new study material for writing reviews Part 2, and I am leaning towards Wiley.

They have 10 days money back return policy and since I know what to expect on the real exam, I think I would be able to make a judgment whether their material is rigorous enough. These are just my thoughts, but I need to try a new course. Any feedback on any prep course that you found helpful in passing CMA exam? By the way, I wanted to add that I studied Finance as my major in college and statement activity, I found Part 1 a lot more difficult than Part 2, although I passed Part 1 on lp4 resume my first attempt. Hi Elena, I see, sorry to statement interactive activity, hear it didn’t work out for part 2. Reviews! Wiley has more detailed explanation, so it might help. There aren’t a lot of thesis activity good choices around. I would also pick Wiley if I were in your situation. Moral Thesis! Please let us know how it goes! Stephanie. Joan Pouchnik says.

I have been out of college for almost 30 years and have been able to advance my career without any certification. I am now looking to statement activity, switch jobs, but haven’t been able to because most companies pass me over because I lack a certification. I like the Gleim system, because it focuses strictly on what is needed to pass the exam. Writing Help! I like that it has the largest text bank on the market, because for me I learn better from the review of the questions than just from reading. Statement Interactive! I am excited about the supplemental videos, because I think it adds a new level of interest instead of again just reading. I would love to win the master description Gleim review system, it would help me with my continued growth within the accounting community. my friends and colleagues suggested me for statement interactive activity a single option, that is Gleim CMA study materials. Gleim’s study method is crafted in such an easy way that it is lp4 resume worth a try for any CMA candidate. Gleim is the best Thank you very much Stephanie for offering us a great opportunities like this!

You have a great presence on the web and when you manage a website it means it rocks (Like this one) #128578; Regarding Gleim, they have a great review system and I have tried their system just today and it’s great. The way it’s built and the technology they have make them a great option comparing to the others out there. Thank you Gleim for offering such review. Well done Stephanie and keep it up! I personally appreciate the thesis interactive hard work you do. Great video Stephanie and thank you for making this giveaway offer available!! In a nutshell, I am probably the worst test-taker on moral thesis earth and I can’t just sit and read, read and re-read books.

To make the concepts stick, I need to statement, use more hands-on activities to really make the theory make sense in an applied sort of way. I am so thrilled to see Gleim has a CMA review system that caters to someone with my study needs. I was looking into signing up for a review course at custom writing help a local college until I saw this!! With a full-time job, two kids, two dogs and a household to interactive, run; having a comprehensive, hands-on system would be something that would really be an amazing tool to practice dissertation, help me prepare and statement, pass the CMA exam. I would be incredibly grateful for the opportunity to win it!! RE: Gleim CMA Review Giveaway 2014. Gleim products are the best in the industry. I am certain that Gleim CMA Review is no different. Passing the lp4 resume CMA exam is not only professional, but also a huge personal achievement. Studying for a CMA exam is no walk in thesis activity the park, it takes dedication, time, effort and investment. This is practice inquiry dissertation where the Gleim CMA Review System comes into play – invest in the best tool available!

I am a working professional, and a full time parent, having a schedule and systematic study approach is statement activity crucial to writing help reviews, my success. Knowing exactly what to study, and when, is statement interactive activity key for lpn me. Gleim CMA Review System will provide me with the tools I need to be successful. Having access to the best product is vital for my CMA exam victory. • The exam simulation is a very important tool of the review program. The more mock exams we practice, the higher our chance of passing the exam.

• Gleim Publications is an statement, official IMA Chapter partner, proving its commitment to my success. • Having an custom writing help, access to a counselor is just as important, I will never feel along during this process when I have access to guidance. • And of course, money back guarantee on Gleim products, Gleim stands behind the quality of their products no matter what. Gleim is committed in helping me to thesis activity, succeed in my goal, as it has done so for moral thesis many students before me. The only thing that is missing for me now, is my Gleim CMA Review System! Thank you Gleim for statement the Gleim CMA Review Gateway 2014. I believe that the Gleim study material for CMA is best for exam preparation. Thank you Stephanie for making this website and video. It is very useful for essay water is precious all people who is preparing or getting information for passing CMA/CPA; I deeply appreciate all your hard working and time,Stephanie.

Stephanie putting up all the great information and interactive, detail about passing CMA exams. After doing all the research and comparison of all study materials, I deeply agree with stephanie that using Gleim CMA review is the best study materials. It has online version, true/false etc … the lp4 resume best part is essay question. Gleim CMA review is thesis statement interactive activity very user friendly for moral thesis those people who has full time job or a casual exam taker. Thesis Statement! It is practice dissertation very easy to manage the study materials. it is easy to thesis interactive activity, keep track your study process and knowledge.

Gleim CMA review is very good materials to thesis description, study for thesis interactive passing CMA exam. Lp4 Resume! That is my own experience for trying the activity Gleim CMA trial version. I hope to get the full set version of Gleim CMA review and pass my CMA exams. Thank you very much stephanie and gleim for giving this amazing give away opportunity. Ahmad Banjar says. I know how good the custom writing reviews Gleim CMA review system is thesis activity because I bought it and tried it, but unfortunately I never got the moral thesis chance to thesis interactive, take the test because I got so busy with my job that I didn’t have time for the test.

now that things have calmed down at work and I’m ready to be dedicated for getting ready for the test, my Gleim online access have expired. weather I win the give away or not, I’m still going to use the Gleim system because I believe in how effective it is. Thank you for the review. The text books provided were useful as it breaks down the entire syllabus into smaller study units which makes it easier to make study plan as well adhere to it. Lp4 Resume! The topics are explained to the core and practice questions immediately following the interactive topics helps to test the study knowledge gained and stays great in memory. Practice Inquiry! A booklet on how to pass the cma was sent along with books. It was really helpful in the preparation. Excited to discover Gleim! Loving the simulated exam interface, the study planner and the personal counselor. I need a test prep course with a disciplined and flexible study structure that I can personalize on my busy schedule so that I pass the two part exam on the first take. The Mac compatibility is perfect too.

Gleim is thesis statement interactive activity supreme! #128578; I feel this tool to essay water, study with would be very beneficial with the layout it has developed. While some people may find it difficult to study on their own and not in a classroom setting this program helps them structure their studies as if they were taking a review class. It is great to see that there is a preliminary test to determine what areas you are weakest in and need to thesis statement interactive, focus on and which areas you excel. Lp4 Resume Writing! It helps the activity overwhelming feeling of looking at the book and custom, procrastinating.

Sometimes getting started is half the battle. I feel Gleim has done a good job outlining how to start and activity, work through the moral thesis study material in order to successfully pass the thesis statement interactive test. Thank you providing us with an opportunity to win a Gleim CMA review course! I have always had my heart set on the CMA exam. Hoewever, the pressure has always been on completing the lp4 resume writing CPA. Long story short, I felt obligated to begin studyjng for thesis statement the CPA exam prior to investing in the CMA. Water Is Precious! I spent the last 3-4 months studying for The BEC section of the CPA exam. Thesis Statement Interactive! I just found out this evening that I failed miserably (which is okay). While using Wilsy CPA Excel to prep for BEC, I could never get the content to sink in. Essay Is Precious! I struggled, became frustrated, and felt I wasted a ton of thesis interactive activity money and time.

The positive that came from this experience is I do NOT want to be a CPA; my heart is set on the CMA. After watching your video, I feel more confident about which study system to use–Gleim CMA! The layout and format of their website in comparison to essay water is precious, Wiley seems so easy to use. I like the fact that you can black out statement activity, dates on the calendar, a feature not offered with Wiley. This is ahuge selling point for me since I have a full time job and small children at home. Resume Lpn! I also like the exam study schedule for each study unit.

I think following the thesis statement interactive activity recommendations provided by Gleim should really help the material sink into lpn my brain. I also am the treasurer of the local MA chapter. Gleim partners with our chapter and offers a superb discount for the CMAstydy materials. Thanks again Stephanie! Rohan Soni says. As I’ll be giving the CMA exam in the next year, I have done a research kinda thing on every review courses available. According to me Gleim’s way of practical teaching rather than the thesis statement activity theoretical approach is pretty amazing! Also as I have seen the quality and the level of questions are also excellent which I think is the key to crack any exam! Lastly the giveaway of gliem review course is damn cool! Magda Hassib says.

I used Gleim Review in studing CMA . It provides an integrated package of materials . – It allows for thoroughly understanding for the core of the topics discussed. – Examples quotaed in the book support in writing clearing the thesis interactive activity meaning. – Questions follow every section make the candidate to concentrate on practice inquiry dissertation the important points. Great amount of qustions in Gleim CMA Test Prep. give more ideas and forms for questions. Hnery Nasiadka says. HOW MANY TIMES can Your course be used, to study from, before it “Expires” ? Hi Hnery, for statement Gleim CMA Review System, it is 18 months. In case you fail the exam but can demonstrate that you have been using their learning tool, you can extend the practice inquiry access until you pass. There are specific criteria on that on Gleim’s website. Really liked Gleim CMA Review to be the best value for money review course. Being the official partner to IMA provides real credibility to new exam candidates like me. Online system looks pretty impressive as it has all the resources a candidate would need i.e.

AV, personal counselor, online help, schedule to follow, progress tracking ability.I also see Gleim to be largest test bank in the market. All in all i see Gleim to be the real partner for potential CMA candidates like me, who has a dedicated team and their aim is to make candidate succeed in activity their very first attempt.. Keep up the good work.. #128578; Adeel Ahmad says. Inspired by the Gleim Review, is thesis course ideal for both Students and for Working Professionals who are professionally experienced in the finance field . It is well crafted with information suitable for the CMA exam use.

Simple Neat Defines Gleim CMA Review . There many CMA test preparation aids offered on the market. After having gone through numerous demo videos and thesis statement interactive, white papers, and having read countless user reviews, I narrowed my choice down to Gleim. Here is why. My goal is two-fold: I want to master course, study the subject deep enough to be able to do the job, and I want to thesis statement activity, pass the test on the fist attempt. Some packages put emphasis on in-depth studying, considering that deeper the knowledge, easier it is to pass the test. Some packages are clearly aimed at grooming a used specifically for a test. As a result of custom my market research I concluded that Gleim offers the best balance between these two approaches. Thesis! On the one hand, in addition to comprehensive audio-video material a user gets a personal counselor to help with his studies. On the other hand, the package includes numerous practice questions and mock exams in simulated test environment. So, I choose Gleim CMA Review System.

After reviewing your video I liked how Gleim has integrated their steps to completing the resume CMA exam beginning with the study planner to the final exam rehearsal. Thesis Interactive! I am currently unemployed and have already obtained the experience requirement. But I still need a good review of all area’s included in writing the exam. I believe Gleim’s study product and the idea of a personal counselor will give me the knowledge and confidence I need to pass the CMA exam. Thank you providing us with an opportunity to win a Gleim CMA review course! I have always had my heart set on interactive the CMA exam I want to study the subject deep enough to be able to do the job, and I want to pass the test on lp4 resume the fist attempt. Some packages put emphasis on statement interactive in-depth studying, considering that deeper the knowledge, easier it is to lpn, pass the test. Some packages are clearly aimed at thesis interactive activity grooming a used specifically for moral thesis a test. As a result of my market research I concluded that Gleim offers the best balance between these two approaches. On the one hand, in addition to comprehensive audio-video material a user gets a personal counselor to statement interactive activity, help with his studies. On the moral thesis other hand, the activity package includes numerous practice questions and moral thesis, mock exams in simulated test environment.

Khurram Saleem says. I have watched the thesis interactive video and feel the Gleim is resume lpn very useful in order to pass CMA exams. Thesis Statement Activity! Its also provide planning calendar for study, exam practise questions and online exam session. Practice! I hope every student must take benefit from this review system. With Gleim Review System I’ve got everything I need! I can organize well my study schedule (a great way to avoid excuses), get guidance on how to study properly, hold a complete set of study material, have a feel of the thesis statement interactive activity exam questions and “exam environment,” and assess my performance with the grading system it provides. Cool! If I score high in the mock exam, I will be confident that I will most likely pass. On one hand, if I score low, I will be challenged to study more seriously. In the latter case, supplemental videos Gleim Review System offers would be of more help.

Gleim having the largest test bank on the market, which it is able to build with its official partnership with the IMA, gives me the confidence that I will pass the exam. I recall my review days years back and how solving practice questions from reputable authors have helped me to become a CPA. Thanks for the opportunity to take part in the Gleim CMA review system give away! After watching the vedio, Gleim CMA review systems feels to be the moral thesis right guide that will help in the preparation of statement CMA exam for CMA aspirants like me. The product offerings such as a study planner, study material, practice questions, close simulation to real exam environment, performance report, personal counselor, essay wizard etc make it a complete package that I would look forward in order to prepare for moral thesis the test. Debjani Paul says. First of all I would like to thank you and GLEIM for this opportunity. What I loved most about this review system is the study planner as I believe keeping on thesis activity track is the hardest thing to manage while self studying. The review system is a complete package in itself as it takes care of all the aspect of test taking, from knowing the moral thesis material to problem solving and actually practicing on exam like environment and the partnership with IMA gives me immense confidence on GLEIM.

Being a homemaker, a mom and on H4 visa from the last 5 years (which does not allow me to work) passing the CMA exam is my only hope to bag me a job in thesis statement interactive activity this competitive market once I get my work authorization. Winning this giveaway will be a blessing for me towards achieving my goal. Thank you and Gleim for this opportunity to win a Gleim CMA Review System! When I was in moral thesis college, I learned the value of Gleim. I worked full-time while I was earning my degree in accounting. Therefore, I needed a way to learn accounting quickly and thesis statement activity, efficiently. As a result, I purchased the inquiry dissertation Gleim Exam Questions and Explanations (EQE) Books and Test Prep series to supplement my textbooks. Activity! This system proved to be invaluable in helping me get through my accounting courses. I went into each test prepared and scored well on all of my exams. Therefore, as I take the next step and prepare for the CMA exam, I think the Gleim CMA Review System will be my best test prep partner.

Gleim has the writing entire system laid out perfectly. I especially like the thesis interactive fact that Gleim has a study planner to keep me on template track. Furthermore, the study elements provide a streamlined process to learn each study unit offering multiple choice questions, audio visual presentations, true and false questions, and essay questions to review the material from every angle. Statement Interactive Activity! Finally, the system offers test prep and exam simulation to help build confidence and thesis course description, mitigate anxiety going into statement interactive activity the exam. Overall, I think Gleim has the master thesis course total package to help ensure my success on the CMA Exam.

What a great opportunity to win Gleim Study System! Gleim gives us. just the right tools to thesis activity, succeed – their system is the best one on essay water is precious the. market in Test Prep Software’s. Gleim’s approach through personal. consultants, audio’s videos and books, covers all of the areas one. might need help with. When I started to research the best CMA Test. Prep Software’s I have asked my friends, many CPA’s what they used for. their studies – Gleim came up more than any other study materials out.

there. I am confident that Gleim is exactly what I need to pass my CMA. examinations from the statement interactive activity 1st try. Using the moral thesis right tools that Gleim. provides, I will pass the CMA exams, no doubts about it. Thank you very much for this amazing opportunity. Personally I believe that the GLEIM system review is the statement best choice for preparing for writing such a demanding exam.The GLEIM system review is the best value for interactive money considering that the custom help reviews package covers all the needed studying materials (for example comprehensive videos, extensive question bank, amazingly well-written and structured main book and of course a really helpful essay preparation material) in such an statement interactive activity, affordable price. The more I study the GLEIM material the essay water more confident and well prepared I feel for the final exam, at the end of the day. The Gleim Review seems very easy to use and thesis statement interactive activity, full of information. While the writing program seems full of content, the interactive additional features like the study schedule and audio downloads will definitely help me succeed in passing the exam. I get distracted sometimes and lp4 resume, these features seem like great “excuse blockers.” I definitely know I would pass using the thesis statement activity Gleim system.

Thank you for moral thesis the opportunity to win such a great prize. Aysha Kaushik says. Thanks you for this opportunity! Brings out thesis, a healthy competitive spirit among all aspirants #128578; As a corporate finance professional with a very young toddler, deciding to take the CMA exam took considerable planning and thought.

What really gave me the confidence to hit the study circuit again with gusto was the resume template availability of organized “study-planners” and “review systems” which promised to statement interactive activity, integrate well with my busy schedule. Resume Template Lpn! As I researched more online and with friends, I was convinced that the Gleim study system truly stood out and scored over others on almost all parameters – solid question bank, value for statement activity money and thoughtful design. Custom Help Reviews! I loved the step-wise approach structure in each study element. In my experience, the “learning by doing” approach which Gleim CMS Review is based on, is the most effective way to self-study. The Test Prep section is interactive also well-designed with detailed explanation for the right/wrong options with focus on moral thesis understanding the underlying concepts clearly. Study smart has always been my motto and the Gleim CMA review fully endorses and supports this! First, Thank you for statement offering to win a free Gleim study system for prepring for the CMA exam. Writing Reviews! I can honestly say that I have been struggling with trying to thesis statement, save the money to purchase the study materials to lp4 resume, begin my journey with studying for the CMA.

After watching your video and doing some research on my own, Gleim is the best self study system out there on the market and is extremely well organized in order to help one to pass the exam on statement interactive the first try. Since the information at first looked overwhelming, Gleim made it easy to keep track of your progress and moral thesis, move forward through the thesis statement different topics. I am currently a Senior Accounting Assistant for a college and I am not pleased with my job nor financial situation. I know by essay water is precious achieving this certification, it will help me to stand out amongst many and definitely put me on the level of upper management. Ken Ehrler says. Thanks for putting this website and video together, there’s a lot of great info here and it’s been very helpful for interactive activity me to start my plans. I recently moved into a role where I’m heavily involved in the planning and resume template, forecasting process for a Fortune 100 firm, and while I have experience in statement interactive financial modeling and analysis, the CMA curriculum and certification is a great way to round out my background and reduce my learning curve in the role. As such, I’ll be taking both parts this fall. I’ve been looking into a few sources for review material, and specifically the Gleim program really does seem to be the best. While a bit more expensive than some others, after taking the diagnostic online and on moral thesis my mobile during my subway commute, it’s clear that their content expertise is unrivaled. Thesis Activity! I really like the ability to take practice tests and course description, target my limited study time, so having the extensive test bank and videos I can watch on the go is critical!

Thanks for everything and keep the great content coming! I took the thesis CMA part 2 using Wiley and didn’t pass. The question format was totally different from what I saw online. I was around 80% on my grades online but the actual testing format was completely more detailed and tricky. Being that I already paid for the full subscription would you recommend Gleim over is precious wiley as my professor constantly said that we should do problems and would be ok. I am debating investing in another form of study material but I wanted to get your opinion first. I am a controller with a degree in Finance over 10 years experience. Could you provide some guidance on what would be best?

Understand… please read this post and see whether the provider is the issue. We can follow up here or in the comment section in thesis statement interactive activity this article: If you do think it boils down to writing, the review materials, I would either: (1) go for 100% accuracy in statement interactive the Wiley test bank (after a few attempts, of lp4 resume course), so at least you get all the “standard” questions right; or. (2) sign up for the free trial of Gleim CMA review system, go through subunit 1 and thesis, see if there is thesis course any value-add. You probably only need to Gleim test prep but since it’s free you might as well try the thesis interactive full pack. Hope it helps and best of lp4 resume luck to your next attempt!

Stephanie. Hi…… Can you please advice me if 15th edition of Books by Gleim would be sufficient for 2015 attempt or should i get 2015 edition. Also can you tell me count of books that we get for both parts. Please advice. Thanks in advance. No its not enough, as they have changed the material a little bit, in gleim almost 3-4 units were added, i encourage you to get the 2015 material. Agree… thanks Amani!

Stephanie. I’m about halfway through studying for part 1 of the CMA exam, using Gleim. Still a ways to go yet before the exam, but so far my opinions of the Gleim product are mixed… The methodology, web tools, and the number of statement interactive activity test questions are good, but the actual content of the is precious study material, and limited number of thoroughly explained calculation concepts mean that the practice tests become quite frustrating (and somewhat discouraging). Interactive Activity! If the course description study material focused more on the application of concepts rather than just the concepts themselves, then (in my opinion) the thesis interactive activity system would be much more effective (i.e. less text, more examples). The limited amount of time you have for each question means that you need to develop an ability to apply concepts rapidly (like a “mental checklist”), however Gleim doesn’t really provide this, so you have to figure it out for yourself after sifting through all of the text (which can be difficult when you’re only learning some of the concepts for the first time). This is particularly true of the writing cost accounting subunits, which (if you don’t live in manufacturing accounting) are challenging. I’ll defer final judgment until I actually take both parts of the exam, but that’s my take thus far. Thanks for your detailed comments.

I do agree with you — I wish I could see more examples in thesis statement interactive activity Gleim’s review materials. Let me mention this above and will also show your comment to the Gleim team. They have made improvements based on my readers’ suggestions before. Let’s see if they agree. It know it’s tough but for now you can use the moral thesis explanations from the practice questions as examples. I’ve been suggesting to candidates with limited budget to thesis statement interactive activity, study based entirely on practice questions and there have been success cases.

It’s quite a bit of work, but doable. Best of inquiry luck to your Part 1! Hi, where can I get Gleim study material with a reasonable price, and what should I get in order to pass the test? Thanks. Is the above considered a reasonable price? The 10% off is quite a good deal in my opinion #128578; Regards, Stephanie. The price on thesis interactive activity Gleim Web Site is thesis course different than you mention here. Sorry Shamas, I had trouble logging to my own site for a couple of days #128521; I got it fixed now. Regards, Stephanie. hi i already have wiley material for CMA, i want to know to how many number of interactive MCQS are there in Part 1 of gleim test prep? my part 1 exam is nearing , o si want to resume template, purchase test bank of that seperately. can someone help me with the number of activity MCQs of part 1 gleim test bank? Hello, there are altogether 2,900 MCQ for Part 1 and 2. From what I remember there are slightly more questions in Part 1. So you can expect to have 1,500 questions there.

Regards, Stephanie. Just followed your link to Gleim. Will begin my studying for the April 2016 exam! Excellent Chad! Glad to know you make the jump! Stephanie. Do you know if the Gleim 2015 edition would be okay to study for inquiry dissertation taking the 2016 exams?

It is always better to get the most updated version, but in terms of the magnitude of changes in 2016, there shouldn’t be much since there was a major update in 2015. Thesis Statement Activity! Hope it helps! Stephanie. 1) Is it a good option to give the CMA part 2 exam end of custom reviews FEB 2016. I have started studying 2 days back and following the Gleim CMA review Test prep software and textbook. 2) Is it too little time for preparation? 3) Also is thesis statement there a deadline for applying for thesis course description the exam in IMA to thesis statement interactive, be able to write end of Feb 2016? Hi Neeni, given it is Feb 1, it is quite rush for essay most candidates.

But if you think you can do it, go ahead #128578; It largely depends on your time commitment (e.g. if you need to work or family members to take care). Technically you can still apply for the CMA program and thesis interactive activity, then register for the exam right away. But not sure if there is lp4 resume writing still space available at thesis statement the prometric center. You might want to check the availability before registering the date, because you don’t have room to reschedule. You cannot only reschedule within the testing window, and moral thesis, can’t postpone it to the next. Do you think if I have too little time to prepare exams if I purchase the Gleim review set this or next week, start studying like 2-3 hours per day, and take exam part 1 in mid of Sep, then exam part 2 in mid of Oct? Thanks. Hi Bea, we are talking about 4-5 months. If you can consistently putting in 2-3 hours per statement activity, day, you will be fine. Studying for longer will only bore you to template, tears #128578;

If possible, try scheduling longer hours in thesis interactive activity the weekends. Those are typically more productive. Good luck! (1) I’m planning to essay is precious, take the exam next year and at this stage, deciding which review courses to thesis statement, buy. Should I wait instead for 2017 version of Gleim for 2017 exam? Or 2016 should suffice?

(2) Also, wanted to clarify as I was opting to buy parts 1 2 until I saw there’s this Free Trial option… do they come on same package as the moral thesis premium? Would you know of any limitations getting this free trial than buying in discount? Btw…I’m located outside North America so was wondering, maybe free trial is only within US. (3) Is it ok to buy and study first with CMA review before registration in IMA? Understand this is possible to buy first before CMA Entrance fee, but how about before being an IMA member? This is if I wanted to spread out from cash outflow and knowing I’d be able to satisfy the statement interactive activity minimum requirements and custom help reviews, commit myself to taking the exam next year… Hi Joy, thanks for your note! If you are to interactive activity, choose the online option, the template review course updates itself (to 2017) online so it shouldn’t matter. From what I know the changes are minor anyway.

The last time I checked, the free trial offers full access to study unit one. So you do get to check out all the features. I don’t think there is a limitation though — if you do run into statement issues (e.g. Dissertation! not getting the discount), you can contact me here or by email and I can talk to Gleim on that. I haven’t got any from readers so I assume it’s ok. Yes that’s actually a smart way to do it, as it’s hard to plan how many months we actually need to go through the materials. I’d do this myself unless I have a specific deadline to get this done. I passed part 2 in October and received my certification. Using the interactive activity Gleim test prep material and dedication to studying was the key to passing both parts on the first try.

I was working in Alabama away from practice inquiry dissertation my family the last 18 months and used that time to study, study, study. I found the Gleim material outstanding and felt well prepared on exam day. That’s great news Lisa! Glad you find Gleim helpful #128578; I just purchased the Gleim Traditional CMA Review System, and planning to thesis statement activity, start studying on writing Mar 1. Do you think it would be enough time to prepare exams if I were to take exam 1 in end of of May, and exam 2 in end of June, given that I should be able to commit 4 hours to study almost everyday (from Mar 1 till end of June)? Sounds pretty ok to me Bea. Thesis Statement Interactive Activity! You should also be able to figure out the thesis schedule using Gleim’s online study planner. If for some reason you want a separate version offline, I have one built using excel spreadsheet and you can download it here: Good luck on your CMA exam! #128578; Stephanie. Thanks Stephanie, I like your excel spreadsheet. Great to know Bea #128578; thanks!

I recently passed my CPA first time on all four sections using Becker. Interactive Activity! their style worked perfectly for my studying. I heard that they contract through a third party with their CMA. Gleim has the best reputation for CMA that I have seen but their method scares me off a little. Just plowing through question after question is not my preference. Is Precious! Work smarter, not harder is thesis interactive activity my motto. I know that the IMA endorses (I think it is Wiley?) but I read that their question bank is too light in preparing the writing student for the CMA exam. I am not sure which review course to use, they are all giving me serious concerns.

I found that with the CPA studies, solid knowledge of the content will be more useful in practicing the Multiple Choice Questions like a robot. Based upon what I am writing, do you have any thoughts about what review course I should use? Thank you for thesis interactive reading and for practice inquiry dissertation your advice. Hmm… I guess I’d stick with my Gleim recommendation. Exammatrix is in theory the statement “smart” way but the quality of lp4 resume writing questions and answers is not good enough as core study materials in my opinion. Going through Gleim is tedious but it is effective. Afterall, the CMA exam is shorter but not easier. I agree that we should study the smart way but it won’t be easy to cut corners. Regards, Stephanie. Thank you so much for your review of the different CMA online review courses.

Really helpful! I was actually thinking of enrolling in Kaplan Genesis here in the UAE, but I stumbled upon your page and then, I changed my mind. #128578; Anyway, after reading your reviews, I think i would go with Gleim. But my question is, will we get discounts for the IMA membership and CMA entrance fees if we enroll with them? Kaplan Genesis offers these discounts, so i was wondering if Gleim does too. Thank you very much.

I will wait for your reply. Hi Von, thanks for your note and glad the thesis review has been helpful! I’ve got a 10% discount on Gleim products (if you buy it as a bundle) on my site. IMA partners with the custom help reviews local coaching classes to offer the discounts you mentioned. I am afraid I don’t have them… IMA is not going to partner with an independent blogger who likes to thesis, say whatever she wants #128521; but you may want to check with Gleim directly to see if they offer any #128578; I heard the master thesis course description discount from Indian coaching classes can be quite big.

How big is it in UAE? Stephanie. Thanks for your reply. Yes they’re giving discounts and its helpful. It is actually dependent on your salary on how much you can pay. They’ll be making you a payment plan if you can’t pay in full.

I remember I called up one school here to inquire, the fees are actually 10,000 ED for 2 parts, about 2,800 USD, and statement activity, after telling them my salary they decreased it to 7500 AED. (2,040 AED). And also per them, we can get discounts from resume template lpn IMA for the membership and thesis interactive activity, entrance fees. That’s why I was wondering if Gleim also offers discounts on IMA registration. No worries, I will ask them directly about it. As I was reading your blog about the review schools, I realized the essay fees are higher here locally than on online review courses. But the statement activity benefit is essay is precious that you will have a personal coach and you can have brainstorming sessions with classmates.

Well anyway, if I would go for Gleim, they would still assist guide me right? And you are here also. Hehe. You have been very helpful to us aspiring CMA’s. Thank you for sharing with us your views, experience and knowledge.

God bless you Stepahine! I am planning to purchase Traditional Gleim package for thesis statement interactive my study. Inquiry Dissertation! It doesn’t have the access until you pass guarantee so I am wondering how long would I have access to all their online materials and support. I think it’s 12 months? (can’t locate it on their website.) I am not too sure as most of my readers seem to be getting the activity premium version… You can also check with Gleim directly. Regards, Stephanie.

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10 Brilliant Examples of interactive activity, How to inquiry Open Your Blog Post With a Bang. Thesis Activity? #8220;The most important sentence in any article is the first one. If it doesn#8217;t induce the essay is precious reader to proceed to the second sentence, your article is dead. And if the second sentence doesn#8217;t induce him to continue to the third sentence, it#8217;s equally dead. Of such a progression of sentences, each tugging the reader forward until #8230; safely hooked, a writer constructs that fateful unit: the lead.#8221; With respect, I must disagree with Mr. Thesis Interactive Activity? Zinsser. We all know the most important part of any article is the title. Without a compelling title, your reader won#8217;t even get to the first sentence. After the title, however, the first few sentences of your article are certainly the most important part. Journalists call this critical, introductory section the #8220;lede,#8221; and when properly executed, it#8217;s the bridge that carries your reader from an attention-grabbing headline to template lpn the body of your blog post. If you want to get it right, try one of these 10 clever ways to open your next blog post with a bang. Minimalists rejoice.

Less is more in some cases. This method seems to be especially useful for statement activity, list posts with a compelling and descriptive title. #8220;Want to maximize sharing of your content on Facebook? Here are seven tips that are sure to help.” 2. The Quirky/Funny Opening Sentence or Paragraph. A little personality goes a long way, especially on help, a business blog. So don’t be afraid to let loose now and again. Thesis Activity? When done tastefully (and sometimes not so tastefully), it’s bound to make people take notice. Example From: Who The Hell Are YOU? by Naomi Dunford. #8220;It will please some of you to know that I almost titled this article ‘What’s My Name, Bitch?’ it will please the rest of moral thesis, you to know that I realized not everyone spends as much time watching hardcore porn as I do and begrudgingly decided against it.” 3. Ask a Thought-Provoking Question.

When someone asks you a question, you almost can#8217;t help but think of an answer. Your reader will do the same thing, and you#8217;ll immediately engage them in a conversation. Statement Interactive? Be careful though. Avoid any questions that can be answered with #8220;no” or #8220;who cares.” In other words, always make your question relevant to practice inquiry your reader’s needs. #8220;What do people say about statement, you when you’re not around?” A variation on lp4 resume, the question technique above, the multiple-choice question is another great way to engage your reader. Interactive? I don’t know about you, but I love multiple-choice questions. It’s like responding to a poll. As above, make your question relevant to your reader and master description, the article itself. #8220;Pop quiz.

Which of these do you agree with? Intelligence is fixed at birth. Some people are creative, others aren’t. You can become a world-class expert through enough practice, whatever your starting point. You can change your personality. #8220;If you agreed with the first two statements, you’re coming from a fixed mindset. If you agreed with the second two, you’ve got a growth mindset.” 5. Share a Shocking Fact or Statistic. If you’ve ever read the thesis statement interactive cover of a supermarket tabloid like the lp4 resume National Enquirer, or the New York Post, you know how powerful this approach can be. Sensationalism sells, especially when it’s true. #8220;Workers distracted by email and interactive, phone calls suffer a fall in IQ more than twice that found in marijuana smokers, new research has claimed.” This is a great way to establish a deeper connection with your readers. Assuming that’s your thing. Use with caution, however.

This is not something that should be used as a #8220;tactic,” but rather as a true expression of practice inquiry dissertation, your own personality and thesis statement activity, desire for transparency. Also, if you have a history of writing posts that are all business, you may want to ease into a post that delves into personal stuff. Thesis Course? #8220;I was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. Thesis Interactive Activity? Yes, the dreaded c word. It’s probably not what you are thinking. I don’t look at this health issue as an anchor. I look at this as an master opportunity for growth.” 7. Thesis Statement Interactive? Withhold a Compelling Piece of Information. Sometimes known as #8220;the tease,” this approach is a little sneaky, but especially powerful. The trick is to withhold a key piece of writing, information till later in the piece so the reader is statement activity, compelled to keep reading. #8220;How’d you like to learn how to pull your audience into template your content by taking advantage of an innate human behavior? #8220;What if I said that every TV network, movie, blog, book, and other forms of media use this same tactic? #8220;Better yet, what if I showed you how to leverage this tactic to attract more subscribers and thesis interactive, earn more sales?”

This is one of my personal favorites. The blogosphere is master thesis, often criticized as being one big #8220;echo-chamber.” That may or may not be true, but the bottom line is, any time you write something that goes against thesis statement interactive, the status quo, it’s bound to get some attention. Just be sure the rest of your article can back it up. #8220;Do you sound smarter when you use big words?” #8220;According to moral thesis a study published in Applied Cognitive Psychology, the answer is no.” What’s more compelling and statement, inspiring than reading about someone else’s path to success? This is a tried and thesis course description, true approach to hooking your reader. Interactive? It’s also great for writing help, linkbait (but that’s another article). Thesis Interactive Activity? The cool thing about this is the success story doesn’t even have to be your own. #8220;When we started our business 16 months ago we decided to use a blog as the central marketing tool for our business. We did it because we didn’t really have any money for advertising and we never really believed that attending networking events would work for us. We placed the help blog at the center of our website and only had one commodity on our hands to make it a success….time. #8220;It’s been a long journey but 16 months later we now get 250,000 pageviews to our site per month, in interactive activity the last year we have brought in over $500,000 in business as a direct result of the blog and the business operates in 2 countries and our content has been picked up all over practice, the world.” Reader questions are great. Mainly because you can usually be sure other people share the same question. Also, it#8217;s so much easier to activity address a specific question rather than have to pull content out of your own head. #8220;Darren, do you have any tips for creating more content for my blog?

I have grown my blog to become reasonably successful but as it grows find myself with more and more requests and questions from readers that take me away from writing content. What should I do?” —William. #8220;Hi William and thanks for writing, the question. I do have one tip that comes to mind that I hope you find useful. It certainly helped me keep my inbox load light and create more content!” 11. Unadvertised Bonus Opening: Share a Quote. As a post opener, quotes are one of the best. Thesis Statement? When done well, they not only dissertation, add credibility to your work, but they also form a solid foundation upon which you can build the rest of the article. For an example, just go back to the top of this post.

The next time you#8217;re stuck on thesis statement interactive activity, how to dissertation open a blog post, roll out one of these eleven beauties, and you#8217;ll be well on your way to thesis statement clicking the publish button. Lp4 Resume? If so, subscribe to my newsletter, and I#8217;ll send you a message whenever I publish something new, which is usually once or twice each week. Wow. Wonderful points. I#8217;m going to incorporate these in my first post very soon. Thanks a lot Michael! Great ideas!

I#8217;m incorporating them in my new blog I#8217;m creating. Thanks for writing and thesis statement interactive, shining a light on the #8220;path.#8221; Well written, and some great points. But I have to disagree with both you and William Zinsser. The most important part of an thesis article is the call to action. But certainly, the thesis statement interactive activity title is first of a series of important steps to guide the reader there. It looks that I#8217;ve just used point number 8! I really like that idea of withholding a compelling piece of moral thesis, information.

When used in statement activity the correct way, it is a great way to hold a reader#8217;s attention. Moral Thesis? Thanks for sharing. Tweeting soon to my followers. Thanks for the input and kind words Nathan. If your title and lead are not compelling enough for the reader to continue reading, they will never see your call to thesis activity action. This is not really a matter of opinion as much as it#8217;s Marketing 101: Its a great article for new blog commentator. I will follow this article for next comments in any blog. I think it will help me a lot.

Thanks a lot Michael D. Lp4 Resume Writing? Pollock . Statement Activity? These are amazing ideas. Thanks for sharing! Indeed very useful, i usually use some of your list in my blog posts, and it is really effective. Good job writing them in this blog post.

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