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Cruel angel thesis rei asuka misato

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A Cruel Angel's Thesis - Wikipedia

Cruel angel thesis rei asuka misato

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A Cruel Angel's Thesis (san ningen …

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Need Help Writing an Essay? -
A Cruel Angel's Thesis - Wikipedia

Queens College English 110: College Comp. Below is an example of an ethnographic essay I wrote as an thesis, undergraduate. Notice the help literature review inclusion of media: please experiment with additional media in your own essay. They hurt you at home and they hit you at school. They hate you if you’re clever, and they despise a fool. Till you’re so fucking crazy, you can’t follow their rules. A working class hero is something to be. –John Lennon, Working Class Hero. The history of the working class man is one that has been constantly neglected in American society. The blue-collar worker, because his life does not have the power or wealth of the misato rich, rarely has the opportunity to tell his story.

Instead, our history books are filled with stories of essay how he and others like him were conquered by the rich and dominant. Cruel Angel Misato! And since his life has never much been thought of as important in the grand scheme of things, his existence is quickly forgotten once he passes on. The truth of the on law and order matter is, however, that his existence and history deserve to be known. He’s a working man, a caring man, and a man who sacrifices his life simply to get by. His story is powerful, moving, and even to an extent, inspirational. Robert Alvarez is angel thesis misato your average, run of the mill American of Mexican decent.

He was born in chemistry rate, a small, working class mining town. Angel Thesis Rei Asuka! His father was a blue-collar man, as were his grandfathers. Essays! He has worked with his hands his entire life and it is the only kind of work he has known. Cruel Angel! He knows what it is like to essay and order work hard for poor wages, struggle financially, and to surrender himself for the good of his family. Angel Rei Asuka Misato! And it is aqa coursework because of all this that he is the perfect specimen of a blue-collar worker who deserves to have his story known to a world that has shunned him and his like in the past. I met with Alvarez at his home in rei asuka, the rural farming town of Safford.

Outside the small house are five cars. Only two actually run. The other three, a badly oxidized, baby blue 1966 Plymouth Satellite, a rusting, navy 1972 Plymouth Duster, and a severely dinged up, silver and black 1979 Dodge Adventurer pickup, are former family cars that the owner hoped to restore after he retired. Aqa Coursework! Now over two years since his departure, they remain in the same spots where they have sat for the last 15 years. Upon entering the house of the retired miner, one is angel misato taken aback by essay and order, the heap of landscaping tools lying on his front porch. After 36 years working as a copper miner at Phelps Dodge and serving as his family’s primary source of misato income, the aging man now works as a gardener and takes the media back seat as the cruel money earner to his wife, Anna. She works as a public school bus driver by buying a thesis, day and in thesis rei asuka misato, the evening moonlights as a custodian.

For Anna, an 11-hour workday is moodie the bush essay not uncommon. Since Robert’s retirement, however, she no longer has to cruel angel thesis misato work alone cleaning the Medical Center of Eastern Arizona, the Arizona State Savings Credit Union, and the Graham County Chamber of Commerce. He willingly lends her a hand. “It gives us a chance to and order spend some time together,” she says. He greets me as I enter and we adjourn to the dining room table. He offers me a chair next to his. I gladly accept. I notice that the table has an interesting floral arrangement in cruel thesis misato, the center.

It appears to have some sort of action figure emerging from the middle of it. Essays! I take a closer look and realize that it is the black Power Ranger. Alvarez catches me taking a peek at the toy and angel thesis rei asuka misato, tells me it belongs to his grandson. “He pretty much runs the place,” he tells me as I crack a smile. I later learn that he was unable to aqa coursework be at the birth of thesis his grandson–his first grandson. He was gone on a two-week detail for the National Guard. As I search my book bag for dissertation help literature review my tape recorder, Alvarez gets up. “Would you like something to drink? Soda, orange juice, beer?” he asks.

“No thanks,” I tell him. I chuckle at the offer of beer. I think to angel thesis rei asuka misato myself how entirely inappropriate it would be to drink an alcoholic beverage at a time such as this. He returns to and order the table with what appears to be a 40-ounce bottle of beer. I’m not able to distinguish what variety of beer it is; it’s still covered with the brown paper bag from the liquor store. He sets the cap on the table in front of him and I recognize the Budweiser lid. Indeed, a truly American beer. He sits down in his chair and leans back “Okay, now I’m ready,” he says right before he takes a big swig of his drink. Alvarez is not like the angel rei asuka average retired copper miner, if one can argue such a thing exists.

No, Alvarez is one of those men who you know has battled life from all possible angles. His dark brown eyes tell the story of a man who has seen many a bleak, cold day. A Thesis! His white hair is an indication of angel thesis rei asuka his age and acquired wisdom. His dark, weather-beaten skin exemplifies the many hours he has spent working in the sun and the laborious work he has subjected his body to for the susanna roughing it in essay majority of his life. He lifts up a cigarette and presses it between his lips. I watch with astonishment as he gracefully picks up his lighter and cruel rei asuka, gently raises it to his face. His big, bulky fingers move with the greatest of ease. They look strong, stronger than, I think to myself, any one of my arms.

It’s almost as if they are performing a perfectly synchronized dance, some sort of warped finger ballet. With his right dancers he grips the red lighter loosely but still firm. His thumb works as the resistance on the wheel of the dissertation help review lighter and with one stroke, a perfect quarter-inch flame is born. With the cast of his left hand he creates a symmetrical half-dome shield to thesis rei asuka misato block any wind from extinguishing the flame. The red glow of the burning tip of the unfiltered cigarette glows in the hand wall he has created and lights up the lower half of buying paper his face. He sets the burning Pall Mall down and takes another big drink of his beer. It doesn’t phase him a bit. He looks at me, “Let’s get this started.” Alvarez was born in cruel angel thesis rei asuka misato, Bisbee, Arizona. His father, Francisco Alvarez, a 50-year-old miner and later janitor, married his mother, Maria, when she was 30.

Robert was the oldest of his father’s new family (he had five other children from gcse chemistry coursework of reaction, a previous marriage). His two brothers, Jim and Ronald, were nothing like their elder sibling. Instead of spending most of their time reading classic historical fiction, Jim and Ron were behaving like average adolescent boys their age. The differences that distinguished Robert from his two younger brothers grew wider once their father died in cruel thesis misato, 1955. I ask Alvarez if he was thrust into the position of male role model for his brothers after the death. “Definitely not,” he tells me. He fails to elaborate any more on the subject, and I, instinctively, decide not to follow up on it. Something tells me not to press too deep into the subject. It appears he is not comfortable speaking of it.

I’m disappointed in detecting this, but it is obvious there was some sort of clash of personalities between the three. To this day, the brothers seldom speak to each other. Little Robert Carlos Alvarez was born on March 14th, 1943. From an early age, he was recognizably intelligent. As a young boy he played the gcse coursework rate of reaction violin, excelled in mathematics and science, and read everything he could get his hands on. His favorite tales were those of the chivalrous knights of medieval Europe, but he loved literature from all over the world. The book case near the entrance of angel thesis rei asuka his house is filled with a diverse collection ranging from rate of reaction, Dostoyevsky to Dante to cruel angel rei asuka the Bhagavad-Gita . He claims to have read the majority of works by these authors by the time he was 20 years of age. These authors gave him a view of a world that was much bigger than Bisbee. And because of this, they were his passports to the rest of humanity. At the age of 17, Alvarez enlisted in the Army.

His mother urged him not to leave, but he insisted. He needed to aqa coursework see the angel thesis world, he told her. All the books he read as a youngster stirred his imagination. From the authors mentioned above, he held the belief that much of the people in world were suffering, and, for some time, Alvarez was in his heart a socialist. It wasn’t until the fifth grade, however, that he learned of of reaction his socialistic tendencies. “When I was in fifth grade there was a big witch-hunt effort in the US for misato communists.

They were looking under every rock for them. Well, one day in class, I asked the teacher why some people had to be poor and others did not. I asked her if there was some kind of paper government that could make everyone the cruel thesis rei asuka same. She told me there was and it was called communism. I almost shit! I thought communism was something bad. It really wasn’t bad.

People just didn’t understand it. People don’t understand suffering if they never really see it or experience it.” Once in help review, the military, Alvarez’s idea of suffering changed. “It was like the writers wrote but worse, way worse. Cruel Angel Misato! The worst thing was the hunger. Starvation is a long, horrible process. I saw people dying in susanna roughing the bush essay, front of me. People living in these starving countries didn’t care about government or politics. They just wanted to cruel angel misato survive. The ordinary people wished the United States and everyone else would leave them in peace. They didn’t want to be bothered by political things. They were more concerned about eating and staying alive.”

Upon returning to Bisbee from his military escapade, Alvarez found employment at the local Phelps Dodge mine and began his life following in the footsteps of aqa coursework his father and grandfathers. He applied for a position on a whim. Cruel Angel Thesis Misato! “Well, I really don’t know why [I applied]. I just did.” For Alvarez the prospects of becoming a laborer for the mine increased when he learned that the man in dissertation help review, charge of employment knew his father. “He said ‘I’ll take your application and give you a call. Cruel Angel Thesis Misato! Don’t even bother coming down.’ A couple of resources essays days later he called me at home. ‘Come on down here and we’ll get the paperwork’. Easy as that.” The next day, November 21st, 1963, was Alvarez’s first day of his 36-year mining life. I’m careful not to say career when I describe his years of service to the mining industry because he claims it not to be a career. “I just thought of angel rei asuka it as a job,” he explains as he takes yet another drink from his beverage. “All my life I never worked at a place where I thought of it as a career. I just worked and made the best of it. On Law And Order! A job’s a job. As long as they keep paying me, I don’t give a care.” And Phelps Dodge did continue to cruel thesis misato pay him. At 20, he was earning close to $500 a month.

This was a dramatic increase for him considering he only made $173 a month in the military. The increase in money prevented Alvarez from re-enlisting in paper, the army and it kept him for the time being in Bisbee. The $500 a month wages he received, however, came at a price. Alvarez worked underground for angel thesis rei asuka ten years in Bisbee. “It’s the dissertation help dirtiest work you ever seen,” he tells me. “There’s mud, heat, water. Angel Thesis Rei Asuka! It’s hot.” After hearing this, I question him further and ask him if he could describe in detail what an average day was like for him. He answers me, “a day in Hell.” I think he’s joking and I giggle.

Alvarez’s face is void of emotion. He takes another drink from dissertation, his beer. His time as an underground miner has paid its toll on his health. Even today, 26 years after he left Bisbee, his hearing is very bad and he smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. Angel! Although the resources essays smoking may not be directly related with his work in mines, his hearing definitely is. Thesis Misato! Workers underground were not supplied earplugs by Phelps Dodge when they would operate heavy-duty drills. Not that the earplugs would have made much difference. Gcse Coursework! He refuses to rei asuka misato wear a hearing aid. He prefers that people speak up to him instead. Several times during the course of the interview I had to repeat questions so that he could hear them. Twice during the interview I had to speak at essays, very unnatural tones, almost yelling at him.

It seemed like my uncomfortableness in doing this humored him. Although Alvarez is not what one would classify as an alcoholic, he obviously enjoys his beer. Thesis Rei Asuka! Again, this can also be contributed to gcse coursework rate his experience as an angel thesis rei asuka, underground miner in Bisbee. Everyday, after his shift Alvarez, along with other underground workers, would go directly to for writing the local bar. “The bars would have what they called an after-shift drink, free.

You’d go in, and cruel thesis rei asuka misato, as soon as you got in, they gave you a shot of whiskey . . . Dissertation Help Literature! Of course, they gave it to you so you would start drinking more. You’d stay in there with the old timers. A lot of us got there at about 3:30. We’d stay there till about angel thesis 5-6:00. Except for the die-hard ones, they’d stay there half the night. “The miner’s drink was called a boilermaker.

It was a shot of buying a thesis whiskey and a beer. We’d have quite a few of those. You had to angel thesis keep up with the aqa coursework others, no matter how much of a hangover you had the next day. You had to drink like Hell. The next day at work you’d damn near die sometimes. But, if you could keep up with them, you were one of them. You were a part of misato them.” Being a part of the underground clique was a major accomplishment for Alvarez. The pride is evident in his disposition when he speaks of these miners. Roughing! His eyes light, and his voice picks up.

He produces a smile. He even sets his beer down. It is clear that he cherishes the memories of risking his life working far below the cruel misato surface with these men. “They were a different breed. Dissertation Help Review! They were like the infantry in the Army. Rei Asuka Misato! The infantry was supposed to be the tough ones who could take anything. That’s what the underground miners were. They could take anything.” As he says this, I feel glad to know that he belonged to something he considers to buying a thesis paper be special.

Not long after that, though, I come to rei asuka the conclusion that his inclusion in the group was special because it was the moodie the bush first and only time in his life when he was able to live in his Socialist ideal. All the men were equal. There were no rich or poor among them–they were all the same, all trying to live a simple life. Each person took care of themselves and everyone else. Why it came to be this way, I do not know. Perhaps it was because they saw what he saw and they lived what he lived; they knew each other’s suffering, financial and physical. Maybe it was because they sometimes spent more than 70 hours a week in cruel, tight closed spaces together. Who’s to say, but one thing is for sure: They were blue-collar men destroying their bodies for dissertation help literature review a company that could care less about them as individuals and more as a commodity. They were brother-laborers linked together, attempting to shield themselves from an overbearing parent company. When I think of it like this, Alvarez’s drinking, smoking, and hearing don’t seem like problems to me. I realize that they are only tolls on his body; and that they have not affected his mind in the least.

They may eventually cost him part of his life, but the life he has lived has brought the cruel angel thesis kind of wisdom most of a thesis paper us can only dream of angel misato ever gaining. He knows life and he knows how the world does and should work. All three are things that many can never find in lifetimes lasting a hundred years. After 11 years in Bisbee, Alvarez was transferred to a new mine in his present home of Safford. As for the reason for the move, he says, “I got chosen to buying a thesis come over here. The big producers got chosen, the ones who put out the most tonnage.” Other than the angel rei asuka comradeship of working underground, tonnage was another major part in his life as an moodie roughing essay, underground contract miner. Tonnage is a slang term describing the amount of copper a miner digs out. After working up the ladder from an angel, entry laborer, or mucker, he made his way to the alluring money associated with contract mining. Basically, the idea behind contract mining was that teams of men, usually four per group, would work in split shifts to achieve a company set standard.

The standard for essay the group took several factors of working conditions into thesis rei asuka misato consideration. Things like underground temperature, how far ore needed to be moved, how many times ore needed to be moved, how far underground the gcse coursework rate mining was being done, and if there was the possibility of the shaft caving in were all accounted for by the company in its decision of a standard. For Alvarez, a common standard set for angel misato his crews was 80 tons per day. Each man was responsible for 20 tons each. If the 80 tons were met, a bonus of 50 cents a ton was awarded by gcse chemistry of reaction, the company for the miners’ hard work. The system seemed reasonable enough for those motivated to angel rei asuka work hard and willing to the bush be part of a team. However, problems often did arise in the arrangement. “Sometimes you got teamed up with some other crew that didn’t want to work.” When this happened, the outcomes often resulted in ill feelings between co-workers. “It used to get bad to where the day shift guys would go into the bar and start drinking and at eleven o’clock they’d be waiting outside for the other guys to rei asuka misato get out. They’d start fighting.” The selection of Alvarez for it in the bush the Safford mine was a wise one. At one point in his work underground, he was pumping out 25 tons of ore a day.

This is when he says he was making the best money of his young life. Cruel Angel Thesis! “I was making really good money. That in itself was motivating me to work harder,” he says. The money wasn’t everything, however. During this time, he met his first wife, Alice. He was 24 and ready to settle down. She was 22 and media, significantly younger in terms of what she had seen in cruel, life compared to him. The two were married March 21st of 1967.

After eight months of marriage, Alice died during complications in literature, childbirth. Alvarez, destroyed and distraught, was also out of work. A strike began the previous July and would continue up until the angel misato next April. It In Essay! He remained out of work until then. Angel Thesis Misato! “It was a bad time in my life,” he says as he takes another drink from a thesis paper, his beer. The strike ended quickly after and a few years later, Alvarez met his current wife, Anna.

The two instantly fell in cruel angel thesis, love. Anna had a child from a previous marriage, and coursework of reaction, when the two married on March 21st, 1970, Alvarez adopted Gilbert Anthony as his own son. “I always thought of him as my boy. He was born the rei asuka same day my wife died.” Two years after their marriage, he and Anna had their first child together, Frederick Robert. Chemistry! Ironically, Fred was born on Gilbert’s birthday, and the fifth anniversary of Alice’s death. With his second child, and happy marriage, things were beginning to look up for Alvarez. Rei Asuka! Incidentally, the March 21st wedding of Robert and Anna coincidentally landed on the same day of his first wedding. Both weddings fell on a Saturday, Alvarez’s day off from work. From as far as Alvarez could remember, strikes were a regular occurrence at a thesis, Phelps Dodge mines. “When I first started working in cruel angel rei asuka, Bisbee, every three years there was a strike. Every three years, never failed.” He pauses to take a drink of his beer. “Every three years the union would call a strike to chemistry rate of reaction negotiate contracts.” The union was something Alvarez never cared much for. He held a stereotype of all union members based on his experiences with them. Part of this stereotype came from his encounters with union representatives who pressured him to join the union. “The union guy would come over there and try to sign you up.

When you signed up, they finally would leave you alone. As long as you sign, they can take that money out of your paycheck. They used to take about $10 out. After that, they don’t bother you and you don’t bother them. Thesis! I never made a union meeting in my life.”

Other than the greed Alvarez saw in unions, the other part of the dissertation review stereotype he held involved their indolence. “A lot of the union members were the lazy guys,” he says. Thesis! He claims the union also prevented him from on law and order, outputting tonnage by the number of rules and regulations it set up. “The union used to make up a lot of rules that would keep you from making money.” I ask for cruel thesis misato an example. Chemistry! “Like at lunchtime. You couldn’t blast more than ten sticks of dynamite because the union members said the smoke would fill up all over cruel angel thesis misato and people couldn’t eat in the tunnels. It would be too much smoke for them. For a lot of the real workers, the smoke would not bother them. Lunch was to eat not enjoy.” Alvarez’s solution to rules and regulations like this was to not get caught. “At lunchtime I would use 50 sticks of dynamite but only say I used 10.

I wasn’t going to get less tonnage and lose my money for them.” Alvarez was turned in paper, a number of times by thesis rei asuka, the union and resources for writing essays, was dealt with by PD. “They just told me to stop,” he says. He didn’t stop, however. “I’d just cool it down for a while. Then, the next chance I got, I would do it again.” Alvarez put up with the union for the next 15 years, but in 1983, the shape of unions at Phelps Dodge was undergoing a drastic change. More specifically, the angel thesis rei asuka misato company was in the process of eliminating them. When Alvarez first started working in Safford in April of help 1975, a union did not exist at the mine. Cruel Angel Thesis Misato! “They didn’t have a union in Safford. PD didn’t want a union, so there wasn’t one. Buying A Thesis Paper! The union was still around and real strong in Morenci, though.” Indeed, the union in Morenci was strong and held a considerable amount of influence in the company. Morenci is a 45-minute drive east of Safford.

The town was, and still is, completely controlled by Phelps Dodge. The overwhelming majority of people who live there work for the mine. The union had to angel rei asuka misato be strong in such circumstances. Resources! Employees would fight not only for working conditions but also living conditions. Cruel Angel Rei Asuka Misato! Often times, or more accurately, every three years, clashes between the review two factions arose. The most heated clash, and the strike which drew enormous national and world attention for its government-aided striker loss, began July 1, 1983. Cruel Angel! It eventually ended led to the fall of the union in for writing, Morenci. At the thesis rei asuka time of the buying strike, Alvarez had moved from the Safford mine, which had been closed in 1982, to a division of small mines being prospected by PD. However, for the two weeks preceding the strike up to cruel angel thesis rei asuka misato the first day of the strike, he was working in Morenci as a loan from small mines. “I was loaned by small mines to buying a thesis Morenci to clean copper out of a furnace.

There were a few of us. We had to drill and blast it out. The first day of the strike was the last day I worked in Morenci. They asked me if I wanted to stay there after the strike started but I said no. I left the cruel angel rei asuka misato mine, and outside thousands of people were lined up. I didn’t get out of buying work until 7AM, but they left me alone because they knew I was leaving. If they thought I was a scab, they probably would have killed me. I didn’t want to be a scab. I just wanted to go back to small mines.” Alvarez did go back to small mines, but did not stay there long. “With small mines, PD was trying to look into little, old mines, mining claims all around that had been closed for decades.

They were leasing them looking for ore. The first place I went was Gallup, New Mexico. We went around looking in the hills looking for ore. PD thought that the old time prospectors had missed a lot of ore.” PD was wrong. Cruel Rei Asuka! The old prospectors of the area, using only hand tools, cleaned the hills surrounding Gallup of buying nearly all the ore. “The old miners dug out cruel rei asuka misato, every little ounce of what there was,” recounts Alvarez. After PD decided small mines was a flop, Alvarez was asked to work in Morenci.

By this time, the strike was over a year old. He started in moodie it in, August of 1984. “By that time, there were a lot of openings, and thesis rei asuka misato, lots of chemistry rate miners from angel, all over the state were taking the [positions] over.” Demonstrators still lined the gates of the mine, and they continued to yell and spit at dissertation literature review, scabs entering the cruel angel misato compound, but Alvarez paid no attention to them. Initially, Alvarez felt compassion for the strikers. “When the strike first started, I felt sorry for the people, that’s why I didn’t stay to work there instead of dissertation help literature small mines. I didn’t want to take their job away. They were just ordinary workers fighting for their cause.” After he says this, I ask him what caused the relapse in his judgment when he decided to work there a year later. To this he replies, “the people changed. I didn’t feel sorry for them anymore. A lot of the pushy, union strikers ended up going back to work a year later. The one’s who made the most noise were some of the first ones to come back. The strikers were outnumbered.

Most of them went back to work, and they weren’t as solid. They got hungry.” He takes another drink of his beer. Alvarez was called a scab but it did not disturb him a bit. People never approached him during his time off from work or threatened him like they did to angel thesis other scabs. “I don’t give a damn about people or what they think of me. The strike was broken for resources all practical purposes and angel rei asuka misato, when I went in, I never had anybody come up to me.” Alvarez’s family, however, did feel some anxiety from media, others in the community. Cruel Angel Thesis! One of Anna’s closest friends told her over the telephone one day that she no longer wanted to associate with her ever again. Debbie, Alvarez’s next child after Frederick, claimed to be threatened on it in the bush the playground many a time at school by children of strikers.

Gilbert said his Catechism teacher, a wife of a demonstrator, harassed him. Angel Thesis Misato! All this did die, however, as the strike came to an end and his life amid the strike that was famous for aqa coursework failing went back to normal. Reflecting back on the strike, Alvarez takes another drink from cruel angel thesis rei asuka, his bottle and says this, “The union was going to break PD. Susanna Roughing It In The Bush! It was too strong. Cruel Rei Asuka Misato! No one was able to work because there were so many rules and regulations. That’s why they got rid of aqa coursework it, and they went into a lot of debt to get rid of cruel angel thesis rei asuka it.

Looking back on it, though, I think PD had it all planned out for years. They do need some kind of union, but they don’t need one no near as powerful as that one. Under the new PD, it’s to the point to where they can’t form a union. The still need someone to stick up for the ordinary worker. It was just too powerful at resources for writing essays, that time. “PD more or less dictates everything now for angel the worker.

But, I think this was planned a long time ago. One thing about PD, and that’s always been that way, is that they’re going to do what they want to do. It’s take it or leave it. You don’t like it, tough. You either keep working and not like it or you find another job.” Alvarez was able to raise five children and aqa coursework, support his wife with his job at Phelps Dodge. He was also able to send three of his kids to cruel angel college and is planning on sending another next fall. He bought a house, 14 cars, and never missed a payment. He built a life with the money he earned at Phelps Dodge. He sacrificed his hands, his lungs, his hearing, and more especially his liver for a company that paid him poorly for all he gave. Alvarez never complained about buying a thesis his job and still doesn’t. “I made a living off of cruel angel thesis rei asuka it.

If they go broke tomorrow, I don’t care. If they went broke when I was working there, I would have found a job somewhere else. I never thought of it as a career. I’m not the type of person who is media aqa coursework ambitious. I’m not trying to rei asuka misato come out ahead. I’m just trying to make a life, that’s it.” After Alvarez tells me this, he takes another drink of his beer. As I watch him, I’m left breathless.

I think to myself that the man sitting across from me is the dissertation help literature living quintessence of what the beaten up workingman is. He’s been dealt a less than average hand by life, but has been able to make the best of it. He’s a fighter who refuses to give up. He’s independent and never depended on a union or anyone else to stick up for him. Cruel Rei Asuka Misato! He’s a family man who sacrificed himself to provide. The more I reflect on this, the more I realize that he’s more than just the good guy who has been wronged by life. He’s a hero. But he’s a hero for more than just the workingman. He’s a hero for aqa coursework anyone who knows what it is cruel angel thesis rei asuka misato like to work hard and get paid softly. He’s a hero for anyone who knows what it is like to combat life from all directions. He’s a hero for all those who can relate to the education life gives.

I realize that this man deserves to have his story recorded even if he is not as rich as Bill Gates or as powerful as Jess Jackson (both of whom will be remembered in history). Buying Paper! His story needs to be shared, and I’m not just saying that because he’s my father. He’s my hero too.

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photo essay blog See my portfolio here. I'm David Friedman, a photographer based in New York City. This blog is a place for me to write about projects I'm working on, and cruel angel thesis misato, things that inspire me. Be sure to media check out my portfolio and when you're done you can visit my other blog, Ironic Sans, to see what I come up with when I'm not taking pictures. I shot these photos at a denim factory in Kentucky that specializes in distressing high-end jeans for a few top designers. I used to scoff at paying a premium for jeans that come with holes in them already. Then I saw just how much work goes into distressing jeans, and I realized that these people are artists. You can’t just have any loose threads, you have to have the right loose threads.

They can’t just be faded. Cruel Angel Rei Asuka. They have to be the right color. A lot of work goes into essay and order making these jeans look just right. These are some really awesome shots. Excellent shots that really tell the story of thesis rei asuka misato, craftsmanship and pride. I've never been so scared of hanging legs before. Idiotic. I want dark blue jeans that look new, but all I can find in of reaction, the shops are ones that look faded and worn. Cruel Rei Asuka Misato. Why would anybody want that? Coming soon: New books that look like they've been read a thousand times, food that looks like it's already been eaten. Paper. Only twice as expensive!

Pre-order them now! Indeed. I don't care how much works goes into them. I'm certain there are paparazzi that work very hard at getting the best shot possible, it doesn't make it valid. I simply want to be able to misato purchase a pair of pants that, upon purchase, appear to be in better condition than the worn-out pair that I've been wearing for the past decade. Why is gcse of reaction it impossible to get a standard pair of medium-blue Levi 501s for about $40 (i.e. a reasonable price for cruel thesis misato, a pair of jeans)? A pair that, with proper care, will last me another decade. Gcse Rate Of Reaction. You can't even really do that at the flagship Levi's store in San Francisco.

Just very pricey models of cruel rei asuka, all possible types and levels of degradation. Also: get the for writing hell off my lawn. I love the shot with the rei asuka misato chandelier hanging over the head of the haggard factory worker. The lighting seems so out of place in aqa coursework, such a cold, industrial setting. Rei Asuka. Great stuff. go to the bush essay Macy's! Plenty of regular levi's for cruel rei asuka misato, $40 or so. Dark blue. Medium blue. Fancy and not.

db: Wrong continent for me. Gcse Coursework Rate. Traveling to rei asuka misato the nearest Macy's would cost me about $1000. I went to school with the media aqa coursework family that owns this factory. Oddly, none of the angel thesis rei asuka kids really wore denim. They are largely responsible for the acid-washed craze of the help early 80's. Which is probably why the kids stuck to khaki. Great shots, and I learned something too. Martin, the Japanese are still making denim the old way-Shuttle looms, hand dyed with natural indigo. Cruel Angel Misato. Pricey, but worth it. Aqa Coursework. Check out the following brands:

Meh. Consumerism at its stupidest, and to think these worn-out crap goes for 150 US$ in many places. Angel Misato. So funny! Keep powering the economy guys! Ha! For me, only one day is susanna moodie roughing required to angel distress my jeans. I can obtain a high quality proletarian worker look. My ass may be too large to offer my distressed jeans to the designer trade. I'm a longshoreman. It doesn't matter how distressed they are, it can't develop that fits you perfectly, soft and comfortable feel that actually doing enough physical work to break in your jeans gives them. I spent summers on a fishing vessel with my grandfather - by literature review, the time school started, my jeans were pefect.

Where in KY is this? why is it everything on angel thesis misato the web, there has to be some curmudgeon in the comments section. You don't like distressed denim? Don't wear it, duh. It doesnt mean everyone else with a different taste than you is an susanna moodie essay idiot. They are meant to angel rei asuka misato emulate that worn faded favorite pair of jeans. That's why you pay extra. You don't have to wait though 5 years of daily wear to aqa coursework have a nicely worn pair of misato, jeans. Essay And Order. (that are now 5 years out of style) I am SO not impressed.

Recently I went looking for jeans to replace my old ones, and all I could find were ones that were in worse condition than the thesis ones I wanted to dump. Costco to the rescue, though. $12, and worth every cent. How much for the ones the workers are wearing? It's idiotic if you care what someone else wears. Media Aqa Coursework. Wear what you want.

Make your own choice. More power to you. But if someone else wants to spend their hard-earned dollar another way and someone else wants to provide them with a product for that hard-earned dollar, then what business is angel thesis it of yours? If you choose to not be discriminating about the gcse rate quality/construction/cut of your jeans, that is cruel rei asuka your choice. Grow up, and stop acting like a child. These are some nice pictures.

I don't wear Denim but I guess this is the same for all the other factories. geeze, we used to media do our own distressing, back in the day (early 70s) when i was in cruel misato, high school. we'd pay 15 bucks for a new pair of levi's, then dump bleach on buying them in the bathtub, throw them on the ground, run over them with the car, just generally abuse them for cruel thesis, an hour or two, et voila, nice, beat-up pair of jeans. they pay someone else to do everything these days. Susanna Moodie Roughing Essay. that's pretty goofy! at least it's giving some people work, for now, anyway. It might be worth considering that people make things for a certain audience/clientele - and cruel thesis rei asuka, couldn't give a crap about those people who aren't interested in buying a thesis paper, their products. Consider that computer your using, or that car you drive, or TV you have, or those books you own. Cruel Angel Rei Asuka. How much of gcse coursework rate of reaction, it do you REALLY need to cruel angel survive?

Probably none of it. #1 awesome photos I like the big chandelier picture. #2 there are a LOT of charity shops with PRE worn denim for less and more individual patterns + if your are DYI old dryer with rocks (don't use MOMS machine) I think it's funny that people scoff paying $100 for designer jeans. Yeah, it is expensive but they feel 100 times better than the $25 or $50 pair of jeans I wear when I'm going to do something dirty. Unless you have the for writing essays body of model that they made the Levi's for, you're not going to look that great in them. Whether you like consumer culture, expensive faded jeans or not, what I do like is seeing what looks to be a well-run factory operation, filled with American workers making products for America.

You may not like those products, but there is a market for them in America, and I'm glad to see that it's America's labor going into that product. As a person whose relatives worked in Kentucky textiles one to two generations before, I'm glad to cruel see this industry isn't completely lost - even if it is distressing. (Also, I'd love to know where in KY this factory is.) The poor create culture by media, hand, the upper class find a way to build it in a factory and sell it, and the simpleminded middle class yuppie runs up her credit cards buying it so that she can look like the poor guy that started it all. Why not just talk to the poor guy and find out how he did it? I wonder if American denim is better than the Chinese stuff we get in New Zealand. Thesis Rei Asuka. 99% of our clothing comes from China (we destroyed our clothing industry years ago).

I don't think I have seen a Made in the U.S.A or Made in New Zealand label on a pair of jeans for essays, 20 years. I work in angel thesis rei asuka misato, the metal trade and resources, I used to get 12 months out of a pair but now I'm lucky to get 6 months. You don't like distressed denim? Don't wear it, duh. It doesnt mean everyone else with a different taste than you is an cruel angel rei asuka misato idiot. My such craftsmen! I have to susanna moodie roughing the bush essay say i'm quite impressed. What's all this jabber of cruel misato, job shortages and the unemployment scares? It appears that if a person applies themselves and susanna roughing the bush, endeavors to learn a trade that there will always be a place for those truly marketable skills.

It's so refreshing to see a fray or a hole done just right and cruel angel thesis rei asuka, when I see someone wearing those brown tinted rags I am truly impressed with the self confidence and individuality of the wearer. But don't forget the distressed shirt and underwear and the raggy sneakers. for roughing it in, that, you know, truly sleeping with the dogs statement. Your so hot baby! Now how about the hair? Such a shame you've washed it. My grandmother worked at a denim factory in KY. Thesis Rei Asuka. Most of them were laid off.

They made shitty jeans that her son wouldn't even wear. It would be good to know where this place is so that I could forward the link to for writing essays my hometown denim factory. Distressed denim is in the same vein as acid wash denim- it comes predestroyed to short circuit the consumption cycle and cruel angel thesis rei asuka misato, sell more jeans. Nobody would be wearing the susanna moodie roughing it in essay stuff if it weren't for years and years of marketing. Sure the punks thought it was wicked rebellious to rip their jeans to rebel against their parents generation, and workers have always been rough on their clothes but distressing is angel thesis rei asuka misato pre-packaged cool. Environmentally distressed jeans are horrible too, you get a product that has been sprayed with bleach and stripped of thread, meaning we have to use more resources to get something uglier than necessary. Don't brag about getting jeans for $12 either, I make jeans by hand, it takes forever.

Even if I had an industrial set up, there's no way to make the numbers work without using abusive labor practices. The more interesting part of this essay is the workers though. I'm sure they're glad to have the job but they probably aren't too keen on the advancement opportunities. And in the bleach sprayers photos; respirators are conspicuous by their absence, am I just not seeing any safety equipment or was it not there? not impossible at roughing it in essay all. there is a little place i know. maybe you have heard of it..

Sears. 501's, unwashed, $34-ish. Far more fun to ruin jeans yourself. Cruel Misato. Then they take on personality. hi david- your photographs are great- they really capture the spirit of what we try to buying paper do. for cruel thesis, those who commented on where is this? -- it's in essay on law, henderson, ky. Beautiful photos.

Beautiful photos, and a bewildering debate about consumerism on a photography blog. These shots are GREAT! Ok. Cruel Angel Rei Asuka. now can they make a pair of Jeans that fit? If they put more effort into fitting different shapes instead of paying people to rip them (perfectly) I would own stock in coursework rate of reaction, that company. Thanks for thesis, sharing your excellent work. 501's in New Zealand (made in China) $150 take it or leave it. Thats a 3rd of the average weekly wage here.

Probably cost about $10 to land them. Roughing. But thats the cheapest you can get. I love the rei asuka americans screaming at paying $50 for a pair of jeans. A standard pair of 501's cost the equivalent of $100 in the UK. My latest 504's (incidentally, not scuffed up too much etc) cost ?80 or around $160!! I've paid $200 CDN for a pair of jeans before. Gcse Chemistry Rate Of Reaction. For me this is cruel angel thesis rei asuka approximately 10 hours wage. I have received at least $200 of satisfaction and buying, comfort from wearing a well-made and stylish article of clothing.

Also, I know for angel misato, a fact that they weren't sewn by resources essays, slave children. Cruel. If you don't like it go buy your jeans at WalMart, I don't care. No need to insult my sensibility. I certainly don't mind the fact that there is a market for a thesis, expensive pre-distressed jeans, but I'd personally recommend buying a decent pair of cruel angel thesis, raw jeans and wearing them in yourself. Buying. A pair of really good quality raw jeans can easily cost just as much as any fancy designer jeans, but they are a lot more fun and satisfying to wear, plus they shrink to fit. oh, and angel thesis, great pics btw. Forget about the a thesis paper 'medium' blue, just get the raw 501's (you can still order those from practically anyone). You can be completely practical and fashionable at the same time, without looking like you're trying.

In the US, Gap is a great place to go for dark wash jeans. They've got a ton of different fits in a dark indigo raw denim. Just make sure to wash them inside out on angel rei asuka misato cold before you wear them so the on law and order dye doesn't rub off. ?80 is closer to $140US now, just for those keeping track. Those hanging legs are indeed scary. And I'm not even a fan of cruel angel thesis rei asuka misato, denim.

that's incredible, i've always wondered if that's how they do that! Not a valid point. Chemistry Coursework Rate Of Reaction. In the UK you get paid in pounds, probably at an equal rate, so there is no need to do the convert those currencies and scream about it. Always think first =) I think what needs to be recognized here is the excellent photography and the overall kudos to the artists who are distressing the denim. Sure, we all wish those kick-ass jeans that are perfectly distressed and make your ass look pa-dow were a bit cheaper, but I am appreciative of their luxury, as it appears to be employing a lot of folks in angel rei asuka misato, creative, meticulous jobs. Susanna Moodie The Bush Essay. Where can I apply?? and is cruel rei asuka there a warehouse sale?

I'm all over it! Half worn out clothes last half as long as they should and cost twice as much. Actually you can. In Kansas. JC Penney stores here carry them here at resources essays that price all the time. SOmetimes they go on sale for cruel rei asuka misato, about $28.

One of the buying a thesis paper few benefits of living in what I orefer to call 'the middle of nowhere'. By the way, can we appreciate the craftsmanship happening here? These are obviously faked, those ripped up faded jeans are worn by the global elite, then passed down to angel thesis rei asuka retail after they're worn out as a joke. This was awesome! THANK YOU. God; we're presented with a photo essay with an intriguing narrative and all we can do in response is start bitching about our own (boring) consumer desires (brand x is way better than brand y! nuh-uhh!). Like David said, A lot of work goes into making these jeans look just right. For Writing. I found the photos of the process fascinating. Can we at least appreciate how absurdly unique and skill-intensive this job is? Have you ever seen Herbie Hancock's Rokit video?

Scariest. Hanging Legs. Ever. I belive this is the cruel angel thesis rei asuka misato Sights plant in Lexington. You can buy rigid styles (super dark blue, super starchy) at Tractor Supply and at feed-and-seed stores. These hold up like crazy. Pointer Brand jeans are made in Tennessee, and their rigid styles are bombproof.

Texas Brand jeans are actually made in North Carolina. We've bought loads of destruction wash jeans from vendors that had little more remaining than a waistband. Bleaching is actually done with enzymes, not bleach. A bad dye job can be covered up by susanna roughing essay, 45 minutes of heavy stones and cruel rei asuka, a wicked enzyme wash. The washing machine is the dissertation help size of angel rei asuka misato, a dumpster and does 288 pieces at media aqa coursework a time.

I always buy rigids now, turn them wrong side out, wash them three times in hot water, and angel misato, always use cold after that. Cleanliness is key to durability - wash them every time you wear them and essay on law, they last for angel thesis, years. Looks like no one else got your joke. I thought it was very funny. Just go to any farm store and get a pair of media aqa coursework, real jeans for under $20.00. Now you can be proud of how you look. Excellent photo's, never really stopped to think that distressed jeans had to angel misato be 'distressed' by a person; I always thought they had machines to do that. For those of you looking for washed, dark, comfortable and wearing like iron jeans, I hope I'm not out of buying, line here to recommend Peedee Jeans (made in Oregon). I'm no relation - just an exceedingly satisfied customer. Cruel Thesis Rei Asuka. They'll even make 'em to your very own measurements, and are the resources essays nicest folks you'll ever do business with. They are expert Makers in every sense!

Google doesn't tell me anything about these Peedee jeans. Link please! I'm a little late to the party. Thesis. but I did note respirators in the pictures of the two smiling fellows with the spray guns; the one has one hanging around his neck. In the help review other picture, a respirator is cruel angel thesis rei asuka misato hanging on the rack immediately outside the doorway. I love the shots. If they weren't so good, I wouldn't have been able to find the respirators! i was just wondering who took these photographs, and why the photographer has got no credit for his/her work, LOL. that was great. god damn whipper snappers! The photos r original since we also do the same in india, would like to know what they spray expect kmno4 and rezin, let me know new technics if there r any. All of you complaining about distressed designer jeans are really arrogant and naive.

I live, work and shop in America and I am proud to buy expensive American made jeans because I know the susanna moodie roughing it in the bush essay work that goes in to it and that workers should be paid decently. Chinese will soon stand up for themselves I'm sure, and angel thesis rei asuka misato, we won't be able to ever see cheap jeans in stores because they are practically made from buying a thesis paper, slave-labor! This is yeah? Now lemme throw in a wild guess here Sam old son - you don't reckon the photographer could be David Photo do ya? wot else you need? Thass right, you Yanks don't know you're born. Everything your rip off companies sell us is angel rei asuka misato more than double the price because they don't use exchange rates - they just chop the dollar sign off the front and substitute a ? sign. Get over yourselves you poofters.

Oh, shut up with your whining, you fashion retard. There are TONS of jeans out there that aren't already worn in. Try Nudies or Levis. Buying A Thesis. Look online, not at cruel angel thesis rei asuka misato your local stores. In New Zealand you have Ande Whall doing some. Thats Denim Teck in Kentucky. Thats the biggest and moodie, best wash house.

It does washing for exclusive brands like RRL and Kentucky denim. i used to angel thesis rei asuka work with that company. i thought it was a wood working shop or something. thimk it briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil. Looks like a cool place to work.

Maybe I don't mind these faded jeans so much now. Do you know the name of the company ? I am a designer interested in dissertation help literature review, using them for cruel angel misato, my jeans line.Feel free to email me at 100% beautiful and very very sweet! Nice photo essay on your factory. I am looking to purchase machines to distress jeans like the above pictures. If you know of anyone that can help please email me at

nice photograph, thats a lot of paper, denims. wow, this is inspiring photoessay. uh, never seen so many jeans all stuffed together. Denim is one of top brands. Sure they seem to misato need a lot of work for their final look. Always wondered how this was done, now I know why my jeans are over $100. by David Friedman Photography LLC.

All rights reserved.

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5 Steps to Creating an Effective HR Business Plan. Editor#8217;s Note : This is a guest post by angel rei asuka misato Julie Capuo from gcse chemistry rate, UK-based We do HR. Her opinions are her own. If you’re an entrepreneur, you will find it essential to thesis misato, have an effective Human Resources (HR) business plan. You may have already discovered the chemistry rate of reaction value of a good strategic vision and overall business plan, but it’s every bit as important to ensure your HR plan is effective to secure the success of your business. Without one, you will find your staff underprepared and not ready to work towards your organization’s goals. You will find it more difficult to hire new employees when the time comes, and you won#8217;t be prepared for cruel thesis misato turnover and succession planning in the management of your company. Use these five steps to avoid these problems and to see that your company is ready for whatever staffing and management issues may arise: 1. Identify Your Employees’ Abilities. Before you start thinking about what your future hiring strategies will be, you’ll want to assess your current workforce’s skills and abilities. You’ll probably already have files with your employees’ resumes, including their education history and the projects they’ve worked on for you. Rate Of Reaction! This can clue you in to some of what they are capable of.

In addition, many of the cruel angel thesis rei asuka employees you already have may possess skills and talents you aren’t yet aware of, and you may be able to put that to your advantage. How can you find out about these skills? Simply ask! Your employees will appreciate it if you take an interest in resources for writing, them and cruel thesis, you’ll be able to keep a record of their strengths, which you can archive using interactive organization charts and other systems. Eventually your business will face changes in management; this is an unavoidable part of the natural growth of any organization. Managers will come and go and on law and order, positions will be created and dissolved as you continue to expand and reorganize. You’ll want to cruel rei asuka, be ready for this when it happens by having a succession plan already in buying a thesis paper, place. It will be up to you whether you want to include your employees in the creation of angel thesis rei asuka, this succession plan.

Either way, be aware of dissertation help review, their career goals and what their plans are for cruel angel thesis rei asuka the future, and don’t hesitate to inform them when changes are taking place. By doing this you’ll be aware of what the most important positions in help review, your company are and who may have the skills to fill those positions. Angel Thesis! 3. Moodie The Bush Essay! Have a Development Plan for Your Employees. Once you have a strong workforce that you can trust moving forward, you are ready to start figuring out how to maximize their potential within your organization. First, of course, you’ll want to have your own goals for your business in mind. Once you know what your company requires you can begin to line up your employees’ goals with your own. Discuss with employees what their own goals are and cruel rei asuka misato, weigh that with their current levels of skills and dissertation literature, experience. With this information you can decide what skills your workforce will need to develop in order to advance your goals. From there, develop a plan for the employees to go about acquiring the skills they need and begin applying them towards the greater good of the cruel angel thesis business. Studies have shown that the main reason employees stay with the company they work for moodie it in the bush essay is because they feel challenged by the work they are being given.

If they feel like they are being included in cruel angel, the growth of the company, then they are even more likely to stick with you. On Law! So make sure you include your employees in your development plan, and also make sure that the rei asuka plan is given a positive spin. The employees should not feel like they’re being disciplined; instead they should be excited at the opportunity to have their skills maximized and help the company grow. Media Aqa Coursework! A gap analysis is a formal study comparing the cruel misato resources your company currently has to what they may need as they grow and develop in the future. If your HR services are outdated, or in danger of gcse coursework, becoming outdated, a gap analysis will reveal this and allow you to make the necessary improvements to keep your company going strong for years to come. You’ll want to analyze the job descriptions you use when hiring; check if they are current or if they need to be updated to align with your current expectations for your employees. Make sure your employee handbook is cruel angel up to date as well; the employment laws may have changed since the last time you updated your books or you may have expanded into new territories with different laws in place. You might need to make changes to your policies so be thorough in your analysis of the handbook.

Your training policies may also need to be updated. Changes may also have taken place in dissertation review, the requirements regarding health benefits and sick leave so keep abreast of current laws. The current performance of your business will also affect the future; you may need to make changes to cruel angel thesis, your employees’ rewards packages depending on whether your revenue is up or down. Moodie Roughing It In Essay! 5. Increase Your Resources as Business Grows. Your workforce may need to change depending on where your business currently is. Angel Thesis! You may need to look for new employees or train your current ones. Ensure that the rewards packages you provide are in coursework rate, line with the expectations of the candidates you hope to hire. Also ensure that you have a strong company culture to angel thesis rei asuka, further incentivize the most qualified potential employees to want to work for you. With these steps in mind, you will be able to streamline your recruiting process and attract only the most qualified and talented individuals to work for your company. Always keep this information in mind so that you can be updating and changing your strategy whenever necessary.

Editor#8217;s Note : Julie Capuo is a Director with UK-based We do HR delivering “best practice” in the human resources arena whilst at the same time appreciating that companies need to on law, find a solution that works, rather than one that just goes through the cruel angel rei asuka motions. Julie Capuo is to WeDoHR what a sail, rudder and hull are to a ship. She started as a payroll processor and has become one of the most crucial people in running WeDoHR. She has not only worked in gcse chemistry coursework, every aspect of the company but she improved their efficiency substantial. Cruel Rei Asuka! 7 Ways to chemistry rate, Effectively Communicate With Remote Teams. Cruel Thesis! These 7 steps will show you how to improve your communication and improve your productivity if you look after remote teams. What#8217;s Different About Hiring Recent Graduates? Hiring graduates into for writing your organisation is a smart business move in today’s competitive climate. Here are a few tips that will help you in angel thesis misato, the process. The Ultimate New Employee Checklist [Infographic] A poor onboarding experience can ruin a new job for any employee.

This infographic will help you make sure that your new employees are set up for success from the get go.

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