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Assessment Specialist Resume …

Assessment resume

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Annotated bibliography on “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid Essay. Jamaica Kincaid’s story “Girl” provides a brief glimpse on the demanding and strict parenting style, used by Caribbean people only twenty years ago. Resume? The short story is composed of a series of instructions and prescriptions and obviously it lacks encouragement and girl, empowerment and assessment, points to power the considerable distance between the daughter and the mother. Structurally, the story consists of one long sentence, from which one can derive a conclusion that the list of expectations the assessment resume, mother has concerning her child is quite long. Apparently, the mothers either holds or pretends to hold a high degree of control and authority over the protagonist. In order to strengthen the sense of control, the mother uses three destructive compliance-gaining techniques: intimidation, ostensibly “friendly” advice and detailed instructions, which indicate that the girl is within paper, treated as inferior and not enough bright trainee. The present paper provides a list and summaries of resources, which will be useful in developing this argument. Bouson, J. Jamaica Kincaid: Writing Memory, Writing Back to the Mother.

SUNY Press, 2005. The book by Bouson is a comprehensive and interesting journey into assessment Kincaid’s life. The central theme of her writings is the writer’s relationships with her traditionalist mother, as well as unexpressed offence, resentment and gratitude. All her literary works are autobiographical; moreover, as Kincaid herself states, her story is told by her mother, as she sees the world mainly through the lens of her parent’s outlook. Back in the early childhood, Kincaid developed a view that the domestic life is a measure of citing a book within paper all other events so that everything can be reduced to the quarrel in the kitchen. In “Girl”, the loss of assessment resume privacy in domesticity is implied, so the short might reflect the author’s own fears, beyond the real episodes from mastering paragraph essay her life. Assessment? This work can be used as a context and perspective of the paper and will provide autobiographical parallels for the main thesis. Sheehan, T. “Caribbean Impossibility: The Lack of Jamaica Kincaid”.

In Jamaica Kincaid and Caribbean Double Crossings, edited by Linda Lang-Peralta, University of Delaware Press, 2006. 79-95. Mastering? This essay focuses on the motifs of emptiness and assessment, lack in dissertations Kincaid’s fiction. In her novels, emptiness is represented through absent parents, unsatisfied physical needs, poverty and devastation, whereas in short stories emptiness is rather a spiritual motif. In “Girl”, although the protagonist of the literary work is a teenage girl, an addressee of maternal instructions, her presence is almost unnoticeable. The girl tends to keep silence, listening to her mother’s monologue and there are only few words she says to specify what her parent actually means. Therefore, it seems like her mothers is talking to a mannequin. The picture the reader can imagine shows the assessment, girl mechanically obeying to all orders and carrying out all the duties with empty mind. The book chapter by Sheehan is to great extent useful in explaining and elucidating the third point of the argument, or mother’s third compliance-gaining strategy of treating her daughter like a “dull girl”. Edwards, J. Understanding Jamaica Kincaid: At the bottom of the river. Nyu Bobst Dissertations? Early novels: Annie John and Lucy.

Nonfiction: A small place and My brother. Recent novels: Autobiography of my mother and Mr. Potter. University of South Carolina Press, 2007. The author of the resume, book conducts an in-depth analysis of Kincaid’s literary works including “Girl”. The author examines the role of language in the short story and argues that the mother’s main intention is essay, maintaining control over the child through “practical recommendations”. All instructions sound allegedly helpful, but the metaphors and hints the woman is using reveal that apart from her love and caring attitude towards her child, one can also notice the assessment resume, desire to questions compel the girl to imitate her even in the slightest gestures. In fact, mother is assessment resume, growing a “revised” copy of herself and warns the girl against the mistakes she actually made. Nyu Bobst Dissertations? Therefore, in terms of the lexicon the resume, mother is employing, she gradually moves from nurturing to a direct attack on the protagonist. This book allows covering and properly addressing the woman’s second strategy of obedience-gaining, which is “friendly advice”, and showing how this friendliness is being transformed into intimidation.

Phelps, D. “Jamaica Kincaid”. Ut Austin Questions? In Multicultural Writers Since 1945: An A-to-Z Guide, edited by Alba della Fazia Amoia, Alba Amoia and Bettina Knapp. Greenwood Publishing Group, 2004. Assessment Resume? 289-292. The author addresses multicultural themes in mastering the 5 paragraph essay Kincaid’s writings and states that the writer consistently writes from the perspective of “colonial family”, where parents treated their children as submissive family units. In “Girl”, this colonialism is quite obvious, given that the controlling mother is building her psychological “domain” in resume the daughter, fully seizing and subjugating the latter’s outlook. Therefore, intimidation as a compliance-gaining strategy represents the mother as a totalitarian leader of the family. The present article allows shedding more light on control relationships in the short story and describing the conflict between the two generations in a broader context. As one can conclude, the works included in the bibliography will provide enough background information as well as analysis and critique, vital in explaining the nature of control relationship between the parent and the child from different angles of task software view.

Generally, all sources covered discuss the family pathology and the destructive upbringing the main character’s mother provides. Assessment? University/College: University of Chicago. Type of paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter. Date: 15 December 2016. Let us write you a custom essay sample on Annotated bibliography on “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid. for only $16.38 $13.9/page. Haven't found the Essay You Want? Get your custom essay sample. For Only $13.90/page.

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HowTo Use rsync For Transferring Files Under Linux or UNIX. H ow do you install and use rsync to synchronize files and assessment, directories from one location (or one server) to essay girl power, another location? – A common question asked by new sys admin. So what is unique about the assessment rsync command? It can perform differential uploads and downloads (synchronization) of files across the network, transferring only data that has changed. Nyu Bobst. The rsync remote-update protocol allows rsync to transfer just the differences between two sets of files across the network connection. Use any one of the following commands to install rsync. If you are using Debian or Ubuntu Linux, type the following command: # apt-get install rsync. $ sudo apt-get install rsync. If you are using Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) / CentOS 4.x or older version, type the resume following command: RHEL / CentOS 5.x or newer (or Fedora Linux) user type the following command: # yum install rsync.

Since rsync does not provide any security while transferring data it is recommended that you use rsync over nyu bobst, ssh session. Assessment. This allows a secure remote connection. Now let us see some examples of within a research rsync command. --delete : delete files that don’t exist on sender (system) -v : Verbose (try -vv for assessment resume more detailed information) -e ssh options : specify the ssh as remote shell -a : archive mode -r : recurse into directories -z : compress file data. Task : Copy file from a local computer to a remote server. Copy file from /www/backup.tar.gz to a remote server called

Please note that symbol. indicate the users home directory (/home/jerry). Task : Copy file from within a research a remote server to a local computer. Copy file /home/jerry/webroot.txt from a remote server to a local computer’s /tmp directory: Task: Synchronize a local directory with a remote directory. $ rsync -r -a -v -e ssh -l jerry --delete /local/webroot Task: Synchronize a remote directory with a local directory. $ rsync -r -a -v -e ssh -l jerry --delete /local/webroot.

Task: Synchronize a local directory with a remote rsync server or vise-versa. $ rsync -r -a -v --delete rsync:// /home/cvs. $ rsync -r -a -v --delete /home/cvs rsync:// Task: Mirror a directory between my “old” and “new” web server/ftp. You can mirror a directory between my “old” ( and resume, “new” web server with the command (assuming that ssh keys are set for password less authentication) $ rsync -zavrR --delete --links --rsh=ssh -l vivek /home/lighttpd. Other options – rdiff and rdiff-backup. The rdiff command uses the rsync algorithm.

A utility called rdiff-backup has been created which is ut austin mba essay, capable of maintaining a backup mirror of a file or directory over the network, on another server. rdiff-backup stores incremental rdiff deltas with the assessment resume backup, with which it is possible to task software, recreate any backup point. Next time I will write about these utilities. Please note if you are using MS-Windows, try any one of the assessment program: = Read rsync man page. The author is the creator of nixCraft and a seasoned sysadmin and a trainer for the Linux operating system/Unix shell scripting. He has worked with global clients and in various industries, including IT, education, defense and space research, and the nonprofit sector.

Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+. Share this on (or read 63 comments/add one below): Your support makes a big difference: I have a small favor to ask. Task Software. More people are reading the nixCraft. Many of you block advertising which is assessment resume, your right, and essay girl, advertising revenues are not sufficient to cover my operating costs. So you can see why I need to ask for your help. The nixCraft, takes a lot of my time and hard work to produce. If everyone who reads nixCraft, who likes it, contributes to assessment, support it with donations: I have RSYNC running to copy files from a mapped linux server (through a windows PC running cwrsync) to a remote linux server.

Everything works fine, but the permissions and ownership changes. I added this line: and that seems to work fine in ensuring I have chmod 0755 set for my folders and files. However, it keeps reverting my users:groups from case study of experiments myuser:nobody to 400:401. What is the assessment code that I add to rsync to citing a book a research, have it: a) Retain the assessment existing ownerships, or. b) Force myuser:nobody for task software all files and folders? Oops. Second question. I’d like for all directories to retain their original ownership and permissions (rather than forcing the resume chmod). The reason is because I’d like for most directories to be 0755, but need 0777 on some specific ones for a templating system and tiny_mc plug-in to of experiments, work. How can i retain the original ownership and permissions? rather than having to assessment, go through and modify them one-by-one after the citing a book within a research paper Rsync, or giving a blanket 0777 for everything? Regardless, I don’t know how to specify folder-specific privileges in rsync and would prefer to just have them remain the same as before the rsync.

owever, it keeps reverting my users:groups from myuser:nobody to 400:401. You need to add myuser:nobody to assessment, your local server. I donaˆ™t know how to mastering, specify folder-specific privileges in assessment, rsync and would prefer to just have them remain the same as before the power rsync. Make sure files are transferred in “archive” mode, which ensures that symbolic links, devices, attributes, permissions, ownerships, etc. are preserved in the transfer. rsync -avr src/path /dest/path2. Can you give a help about. I have some unix specific setup.

We have the following directories on p1cpe, and p2cpe: I need them to assessment, be available, and in sync to both systems. The originals should all be one p1cpe, so if you have to copy or do anything, those should be considered the source. The idea is, if a developer makes changes to files on p1cpe:/opt/Apps/StaticContent, I want it also available on girl power p2cpe, without them having to modify it twice. All the work should be done as the assessment user “webdude”. You should have sudo rights to webdude on p1cpe and p2cpe. Couls you please help me on that. I want to rsync 800Gb data over 4Mbps link. there are many folders which more than 100Gb, so it is keep failing rsync. i am using even –bwlimit also.

i need some script which look into ut austin questions folders and rsync one by one folder instead of resume one 100Gb folder. does it make sense? any kind of script shell or php? hi, i hope someone could help me. I need to girl power, synchronize files between two servers like every few minues, but i need to do it automatedly using crontab. My problem is I need to assessment, use SSH with a different port, so i need to use the task software ssh n the rsync command line. If i put the command line into cronjob, it will prompt for password rite? then it will erroneous. Please help how to solve, as in it will rsync successfully in cronjob.

use `echo ‘your pw’ | rsync -e ssh ….` to automatically deliver the password to assessment, your rsync. You need to use password less login using ssh keys. hmm.. i found the questions answer here. I want to resume, mirror our web server into ut austin questions a backup server. How can I use the rsync? I see –delete in the command line above and I dont know why?

I am also afraid to run the rsync from the WRONG server putting useless files into assessment our web server, so where do you run rsync from and what files do you copy to case study design of experiments, make a good mirror/backup server? This is for assessment resume in case the web server goes down we can bring this one up(back up) and use it until the other one is fixed. I have setup cert on both servers so ssh-ing is no problem. Thank You Very Much! I suggest you use rsnapshot tool, which uses rsync as backup tool. rsnapshot makes hourly, daily, weekly and monthly backup. You can restore from any point like hourly or weekly as per your requirement. Thank You Very Much Vivek for quick response! I will try that. Isn’t the “r” redundant in paragraph essay, the examples as it is assessment, implied by the “a” option?

A look at essay girl, the man page says that “a” is assessment resume, short for “rlptgoD”. how to study design of experiments, do automatic backup using rsync. How to sync specific files (in this case *.dat) from multiple directories where directory name is different? For example, I’d like to assessment, copy/sync all server1:/dir1/1*/*.dat files to corresponding server2:/dir2/2*/*.dat files (where 1* directory names are 101,102.. 199 and essay, 2* are corresponding 201,202 .. 299 directories). Something like (calling rsync from server2): rsync -zrv server1:/dir1/1*/*.dat /dir2/ rsync -zrv --include=*.dat server1:/dir1/1 /dir2/ I’m trying to resume, set up a classroom, and on mba essay my server I have a folder with virtual machine images and assessment resume, config files that I need to distribute to 12 classroom computers. I need to study, make a script that “anyone” can run, including teachers with little computer experience. Assessment. The teacher has access to citing paper, the server, and the plan is assessment resume, that he/she only citing a book within a research needs to run one script on the server to update all the classroom computers. Is rsync the right tool? Yes, it is right tool to push (from server) or pull files (from clients).

Hi Vivek. I need to resume, make a script to send files between local linux computers. Citing A Book Within Paper. Is the assessment easiest way is using rsync? Or what is your recommend? Use rsync (sync update files only) or scp (one time copy) to mba essay, copy files between local or remote LAN / WAN sites. I am having 2 Server. 1 server contains Unix OS another Server contains Linux. I want to merge some data directories from linux PC to Unix PC. both servers contains same named directories files. So, i want to merge all directories file without using cp -ir command, because “cp -ir” command with overwrite existing same named directories files,which i don’t want.

If Unix Server don’t have “rsync” installed linux server having rsync, is assessment, it possible to merge all data using rsync from linux PC? try cp -ur command. -u, –update copy only when the SOURCE file is newer than the destination file or when the nyu bobst destination file is missing. make sure backup both directories before run any commands. i hope, this will help you. Yes I want to become a download mirror for several large companies who require me to use rsync all I need to do is resume, copy files from mastering the 5 paragraph their server to resume, a directory in mine I need some help here please.

i am using suse linux server and mba essay questions, windows xp as client.I am having a network connection here.I need to transfer the assessment database back file from the linux server to my windows xp client.please give some steps/command line arguments to transfer this. What about rsync to different port other than 22 ? We staringrting to switch from solaris to RedHat. I created RedHat intel machine for nyu bobst webserver. For DocumentRoot I created directory /inet/elearning and with empty directory or with index.html (wich I transfer from sparc machine apache started and working but when I rsync all content from sparc I’m getting syntax error at start saying ‘DocumentRoot must be directory’. I see problem with directory format between solaris and resume, redhat. I use rsync syntax: /usr/bin/rsync -avzp –delete -e /usr/bin/ssh [emailprotected]:inet/elearning /inet. Is any chance do reformat directory during transfer them or after? On solaris creation block is 512, on redhat probably 4096. Any clue help may help. I have some folder in the source machine in the format m_d_Y, now from the remote machine i need to mastering, pull only last 30 days folders using rsync. Assessment. Both the source and destination are linux boxes.

Any help is appreciated. Is there an ut austin option to synchronize/backup/copy files from one server to another every day at a certain time? Or better yet, does rsync provide on the fly replication, meaning as sson as something changes on one server, the resume changes are replicated to a second server? No rsync is not real time server file system mirroring tool. Essay. It is perfect for assessment resume making backup and other purposes. You’ve two options here for failback mirroring use DRBD (distributed storage system for within the Linux which is like RAID 1, except that it runs over a network between two servers) or use nfs / gfs2 / ofs2 with centralized storage for cluster. This was fantastic! I have a couple of questions: 1.) Can it show the percentage completed for each file on-screen? 2.) Is there a way to assessment resume, dump the results into a text file instead of on-screen?

3.) What happens if your SSH connection is accidentally terminated in case study, mid-process? Does the assessment resume process continue without you? 1) use -v attribute along with rsync command. rsync -varpgo /usr/local/nagios/contacts.cfg [emailprotected]: 2) We can redirect the output to another file adding this at the end of any command. EG: date file.txt. Thank you very much! This post along with your response on how to store results to a text file has been most useful! I am using rsync under ubuntu on case study of experiments my netbook to duplicate the contents of my /home to an SD-Card, by. rsync -av –delete /home/x/ /media/SD-Card/home.x.backup. Running this command, the assessment program seems to girl power, do what it should.

But when I repeat the same command immediately after, the whole lot happens again! I thought the program should be done immediately as not any changes have been made. What is wrong? (I don’t know if it plays a role how the hard disks are formatted. The source is ext4 while the SD-Card is FAT32 (or VFAT). Could it be an explanation that FAT can’t save the assessment resume information on ownership (rights) so that on girl starting rsync a second time the program views all files as different and assessment, does the same job as before again?) I have one clearification on working of rsyn.

how data will transfor wheather bytes leval or block leval or file leval. Very helpful post. Thanks. Lets say we wanted to copy all of the files under our local directory, “/usbdisk/” and place a copy on the machine “somemachine” under the remote directory “/backups/”. The name of the girl power user on the remote machine is “dinesh”. Notice we added the assessment “-z” argument so all data will be compressed over the network.

We could use the following line: I found this article very useful especially for beginners. I will try to contribute as more as possible, so it would be helpful for others… Very Nice Article… Can You please give more details about –delete option ? When Shall I use this option ? This is exactly what I am after. Haven’t set the second server up yet but will try this between centos5 and vista for now. Girl Power. I hope this is gonna be good enough to get rid of the useless Plesk backup tool. Next step will be to learn about load balancing so the 2 servers can be used simultaneously instead of the live/backup setup. This is a fantastic explanation of rSync and all it’s idiosyncrasies. I had been putting off syncing my sites across to another server, until I came across this.

Previously, I just used LFTP (another great tool, but more difficult to resume, automate, or use with cron). How to use rsync with a username and password that is supplied by the remote server ? I have a tar file which I need to upload to a remote server. Task Software. The remote server has provided me with IP address, a username and resume, a password. How do I use rsync with the username and girl power, password to upload the file on remote server ?? I am doing a rsync between two servers. I have put the script in crontab file so that it runs automatically everyday at night. But the assessment problem is that rsync stops once it encounters a large file. But, surprisingly, If I execute the same script from the CLI, it works perfectly right.

Only, when it happens in the background via rsync, it gets stuck. Please advise what could be the mastering the 5 paragraph issue. Do settings need to be changed somewhere. Thanks in advance. i think you need -P option for resuming of assessment file / folder … #128521; i have downloaded a file in task software, one account and want to copy the file to resume, the other account in essay girl, the same machine,i have tried to assessment, copy using scp and cp command but without success,it keeps prompting for password.please help. I am pretty sure you have your directories round the wrong way in girl, your examples about synchronize a local directory with a remote directory and vice versa! I am totally fresher in Unix, and I want to cut the assessment log files from server1 and paste them to task software, server2. I am very much confused on the command part. Below are my understanding , Please suggest.

1.) Create public key through ” ssh-keygen -t rsa” 2.) Copy the public key to assessment resume, Server2 – If yes, then where exactly I have to copy the key? 3.) write command in Server1 “scp -C $file Path$ [emailprotected]:/path$ – I want to task software, cut the file from server1, what is the exact command for that? – from where I can get the info regarding “public_key_username” as you used it in SSH example. 4.) You must have SSH running on Server2 to make this work. 5.) write cron job to make it automatic. Require guidance on same.

Thanks in advance. Can anyone assure me that the rsync –delete –delete-after parameter deletes files. only on the DESTINATION (target) that NO file deletion occurs on the SOURCE? I am copying a 2gb single file over 2MB link, If copy is fail and resume, I want to start the copy again from where it left then what is the option I need.

Thank you thank you thank you #128512; keep this alive. which protocol version rsync support ? Hi Vivek, Friends, Is there any way to exclude any directory from sync at nyu bobst dissertations, either end ? How it is better than unison ? thanks. that was helpful. I am trying to assessment, use r sync to ut austin, sync up files between 4 servers . The issue is all the servers would be master servers and resume, files can come on any of the server at anytime . Mba Essay. Can i use rsync in this case ? what i am scacred of is what if the file tranfer is still going through one server and another file in the same time comes on that server . Thanks so much for this intro. I’ve been meaning to resume, start using rsync for task software ages, this got me straight in. i have rsync errror in my downloading system.the network ip address is to resume, be changed. so how to configure new static ip address in rsync.

I’m not sure if I’m simply misreading the “Task” titles, but it seems you’ve got the “Synchronize a local directory with a remote directory” and task software, “Synchronize a remote directory with a local directory” mixed up. To say “Synchronize X with Y” implies X is the destination and Y is the source; X is the thing being acted upon, Y is what is being used to act. However, this is definitely NOT what is shown in assessment, the example command. Rsync’s first directory argument is the source, the second argument is the destination. I would like to do a schedule backup using cron job in Ubuntu. If I use “rsync -ave ssh [emailprotected]_ip:/var/mail/ /tmp/backup_location/”, it will need to enter remote host password. So how can I use above command accompanied by remote host password. Thank you for your help. Hi!

Did you find how to do it? Have to ut austin mba essay questions, do exactly the resume same. I think you must change these with each other: Task: Synchronize a local directory with a remote directory. $ rsync -r -a -v -e “ssh -l jerry” –delete /local/webroot Task: Synchronize a remote directory with a local directory. $ rsync -r -a -v -e “ssh -l jerry” –delete /local/webroot.

the format is rsync source dest. You can remove spaces, replace spaces with underscore, Uppercase/lowercase filename, add a prefix/suffix, remove/replace strings and case study design, also catalog files by assessment, adding an ut austin mba essay incremental number to the file name. In my scenario i want to take back up through rsync only assessment resume changed files in remote system. lets say in my 1st system my folder is pasha and in my 2nd system folder is kalyan , when i synchronise both the folders i get complete backup , Then i added some files in pasha and again synchronise with the task software remote system kalyan. At this time i need only changed file in a separate folder in remote system kalyan.

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Librarian Resume Sample and Writing Tips. By Resume Genius. Click here to download. this MSWord Librarian Resume. Library Page Resume. 7844 Bond Street, New York, NY 63414. Recent graduate looking to leverage three years of internship and volunteer experience into your Librarian I job. opening. Experience working as both a children’s and resume, a reference librarian, and mastering the 5 essay, assisted with various library projects such as presentations and grant writing. Possess a Master of Library Science degree.

OAK VIEW PUBLIC LIBRARY New York, NY. Librarian Intern | Reference Desk, Children’s Library January 2014 – Present. Researched, assisted writing, and won a $500 grant offered by the American Association for the Advancement of Science and assessment resume, Neutrogena to host library programs regarding skin care Spearheaded a silent auction fundraising activity raising over girl power $3000 in assessment, library donations Assisted with the coordination of children’s library operations, promoting special activities through email list campaigns Analyzed patrons’ requests to determine needed information, and assisted in collecting and furnishing that information Assisted with the checking in and out of books in a library serving. BUFFALO LIBRARY Buffalo, NY. Library Volunteer June 2012 – January 2014. Taught first-time visitors how to browse the library catalog by using the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) Assisted patrons with locating books on shelves Processed new materials including books, audiovisual materials, and computer software Performed clerical activities, such as answering phones, sorting mail, filing, typing, word processing, photocopying, and task software, mailing out material. Master of Library Science, June 2014. Bachelor of assessment Arts in English, June 2011. Skilled at grant writing – audience analysis, proposals, submissions Mastery of ut austin mba essay Microsoft Office Suite Organized, efficient, and friendly with the public Bilingual – English and Korean.

Resume Builders: How to assessment Write a Librarian Resume. The tips and insights on questions, this page were provided by professional librarian Susan Frohnsdorff, who was kind enough to be interviewed for resume her take on what makes a strong librarian resume. She is the Assistant Branch manager for the public library in Mt. Task Software. Pleasant, South Carolina. She has a Master of Library Science from Kent State, and has been working as a librarian since 1998. In a sea of entry-level candidates, what can you include on your librarian resume to make yourself stand out?

Susan identified several key areas where entry-level and professional librarians can strengthen their resumes to assessment resume make themselves more attractive candidates. We’ve written an ideal resume based on her suggestions. We suggest that you follow along with these tips and pay attention to the small details to help you get your foot in the door. (Keep in case study of experiments, mind that the resume sample on this page is for an entry-level candidate looking to land a job as a Librarian I. Begin with a sterling Career Objective. Starting off with an eye-catching Career Objective is assessment, a key aspect of writing a resume that will get you more interviews. In this section, you should boil down the girl most essential aspects of your professional experiences, academic record, and skills, and present them in a tight and concise three-sentence paragraph. (Read more about how to assessment write a Career Objective in our in depth article.) Let’s take this candidate’s Career Objective apart sentence-by-sentence and discuss what makes it strong.

In the ut austin mba essay questions first sentence, the resume candidate reveals several bits of girl power relevant information that would entice a hiring manager. First, she immediately reveals that she’s an assessment, entry-level candidate looking to fill a specific job role (Librarian I). In addition, she places her valuable librarian related internship and volunteer experiences in the first sentence, which quickly makes her a relevant and strong candidate for that particular job role. Pay particular attention to the bolded sections: Recent graduate looking to leverage three years of internship, and volunteer experience into your Librarian I job opening . Susan emphasized that volunteer and internship experience are the the 5 most valuable items to assessment resume include on an entry-level librarian resume, as they can give you the type of real-world experience that hiring managers are looking for in a potential candidate. Task Software. Volunteering is easier than ever now — just use a website like this to get matched up with local opportunities. Having volunteer and internship experience indicates that you won’t need to assessment go through as much training. Having volunteer and internship experience indicates that you won’t need to go through as much training, and that you have the drive and initiative to citing a book within discover opportunities and take advantage of them, which are excellent qualities for assessment resume a potential candidate to have. In the second sentence, the ut austin mba essay candidate reveals that she’s had experience in both children’s librarian services and reference desk services, and has also helped with presentations and grant writing.

Take a look at assessment resume that sentence here: Experience working as both a children’s and a reference librarian , and essay, assisted with various library projects such as presentations and grant writing. Why is resume, this sentence so important? Susan said that she prefers to hire librarians who show that they are constantly improving themselves, and have experience working in all job roles at a library. Mba Essay. If you don’t have experience writing grants, or have only worked as a children’s or a reference librarian, try to move out of your comfort zone and learn new skills and job roles for a stronger resume. Finally, the candidate reveals that he/she has a Master of Library Science degree, which is assessment resume, a prerequisite for essay girl power the Librarian I job opening. With this information at the top of the resume resume, the task software candidate will have both made the resume extremely relevant to the job opening, and assessment resume, captured the hiring manager’s attention. Target your professional experience section, and quantify it. Your primary goal in this section is to respond to the hiring manager’s job description as much as possible. If you visit this website, you can see a list of design of experiments normal Librarian I job duties (and all of the other roles as well.) Ideally, you should fit your resume to match the assessment job description written by the library you intend to apply to.

However, your resume should be more than just a bland list of job duties that you’ve performed previously. You should make your resume achievement oriented, meaning that your resume is reflecting your professional accomplishments, not just robotic daily duties. Susan identified a few items that she likes to see on a resume, because they indicate competence, self-discipline and a desire to mastering the 5 paragraph essay learn, improve, and grow as a librarian over time. We’ve included most of assessment resume them on this resume, and wherever possible, quantified them — and you should do the case study of experiments same. “Quantification” means that wherever you can, you should include numbers to describe your experience clearly. 1. Resume. How many years of mastering the 5 paragraph essay experience the candidate has.

This is the most basic form of assessment quantification, but many forget to include the number of ut austin questions years they’ve been working professionally. This information can have a big impact. …recent graduate looking to leverage three years of internship and volunteer experience … Giving the assessment hiring manager a sense of the size of the library you worked in the 5, will give them a clearer picture of the scope of the responsibilities you had to undertake. It also shows that you pay attention to the details. Assisted with the checking in and out of books in a library serving. Earning grant money is assessment resume, a great feather to task software put in your cap, and assessment resume, you should display it proudly on your resume. Researched, assisted writing, and a book paper, won a $500 grant offered by the American Association for the Advancement of Science… 4. Donations earned through fundraising activities. Both book and monetary donations are an important part of many libraries’ operating budgets, so by putting a dollar value on assessment, any type of fundraising activities that your were a part of, or that you initiated.

Spearheaded a silent auction fundraising activity raising over $3000 in case, library donations. Quantifying your experience will make your resume stand out. Susan said that the minimum she expects to see on a librarian resume is the ability to use the Microsoft Office Suite, and basic computer skills into order to be able to use the library operating system. She indicated that while Microsoft Word and assessment resume, Excel were the the 5 essay most necessary to have experience with, knowledge of Power Point was useful for helping library patrons with their projects, and knowledge of Publisher was useful for making publicity signs. Susan also looked favorably on including “soft skills” such as “Organized and efficient.” She noted, however, that there should be evidence in your job description bullet points to assessment prove that you really do possess those soft skills. Another way to diversify you from the rest of the pack is to include any additional foreign language skills you have . Task Software. You’ll want to assessment resume be proficient enough to be able to nyu bobst hold an interview in whatever languages you claim you can speak however, so a semester of high school Spanish would not be something you include, but native level Korean would be. All of the above are great ways to make your resume stand out.

But what else can you do now in your librarian career to ensure that your resume will look strong for future jobs? Where else would a hiring manager look to assessment see if you’re a good candidate to interview? I asked Susan how she would choose between two very similar resumes, between two candidates of similar backgrounds. She said that if she had to choose between two very similar resumes (similar educational and work experiences), she will look for evidence that one candidate shows more initiative and drive than another . She determines this by looking for the following attributes: Engaging in nyu bobst dissertations, project experience means developing public programs, doing presentations, and training and teaching patron classes. Assessment Resume. This could mean anything from rearranging reference books more in a more logical manner, to having authors come into case study of experiments speak to your patrons, or giving a lecture on assessment resume, a topic that you have expertise in. Here’s an study design, example from this resume where the candidate emphasizes their project experience: The more professionally engaged you appear to resume be on your resume (as evidenced by the projects you’ve managed), the mastering paragraph essay more you’ll stand out from your competition. Susan suggests that you write and assessment, apply for grants to put on programs in your library. As you saw earlier, the mastering the 5 essay candidate in the above resume sample actually earned a $500 grant (which is actually something Susan did, by the way!) If you’ve won other awards associated with being a librarian, such as Librarian of the Year (or quarter!) don’t forget to resume include that information as well. 3. Citing A Research Paper. What about assessment resume, Professional Organizations and Associations? If you belong to an organization such as the American Library Association (ALA) or anything similar, feel free to create a section on your resume that includes this information.

However, Susan said that she does not look to see if candidates belong to librarian association, and that it doesn’t affect how she views a resume. Susan says she doesn’t belong to an association because the fees are too high. So don’t feel pressured to task software join an association just to beef up your resume – it’s probably not necessary. We hope that this article helps you write your resume, and we wish you the best of luck on your job search. Didn’t get the specific answers you wanted from this page? Please leave a comment with your question or visit Resume Genius on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or Linkedin to resume ask. And if you really liked the sample, don’t forget to pin it on Pinterest! Share Librarian Resume Sample and Writing Tips Our code geeks and HR experts are proud to the 5 introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in today’s competitive job market. We provide HR-approved resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and easy export to MS Word and PDF.

Get awesome job opportunities sent directly to your inbox. By clicking Send Me Job Alerts, I agree to the Resume Genius Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Play the One-Minute Game That’ll Show You How to Improve Your Resume. Think you can judge the quality of a resume within 6 seconds? The answer may surprise you.

Put your skills to the test, and learn how to make your resume 6 second worthy! 3 Reasons Why I Wouldn't Hire Tom Brady. Tom Brady’s resume is a couple yards short of assessment resume a touchdown. There are tons of errors throughout. See why. How to Modify and task software, Maximize your Resume Template. Need a resume template? Feel free to download one, but be sure to make small modifications to unlock your. Would You Rather Work for a Man or a Woman?

Do people still care whether they work for a man or woman, or do most people simply look for assessment resume a nice job. 5 Ridiculous Excuses To Calling Out Of Work That Were Surprisingly Successful. Every office is bound to have that one person that abuses the ut austin questions call-out policy. These people go above and. Resume Genius' builder, resources, advice and career tips are regularly featured on some of the world's leading online and offline publications including:

Our code geeks and assessment resume, HR experts are proud to introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in today's competitive job market. Nyu Bobst Dissertations. HR-proven resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and easily export to MS Word and PDF.

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communities essay In 1995, I was commissioned by the Pew Partnership for Civic Change to study how collaboration was being used in the United States to build and strengthen community. While there are many forms of collaboration, my research focused on one type in particular—the kind carried out by individuals, groups and organizations in the public sphere. This form of collaboration can be described as a process of shared decision-making in which all the parties with a stake in a problem constructively explore their differences and develop a joint strategy for resume, action. This essay appears in 'On Collaboration' — a collection edited by Marie Bak Mortensen and Judith Nesbitt (London: Tate, 2012). My report on the subject (from which the nyu bobst dissertations, following essay has been adapted) generated a surprising amount of resume attention when it appeared. It was widely cited in books and publications and reprinted in several monographs. After concluding the study, I went on to observe and work with collaborative teams across America as well as study community leaders who practice collaboration as part of their community development work. I found that collaboration can be a powerful alternative to conventional mechanisms for effecting change, such as coalitions, task forces, and commissions. A Research! Traditional groups and organizations tend to be structured vertically. Decisions are made at the top and people derive their influence and resume authority from girl, their positions within the hierarchy.

This is especially true in professional organizations where leadership is centralized, the work mission-driven, processes guided by resume, procedures and statutes, and internal communication mostly confined to the 5 paragraph essay departments, workgroups, and committees. Collaborative groups, by resume, contrast, are structured horizontally. Leadership, to the extent that it exists at all, is broadly distributed. Job titles and professional affiliations fade into the background and questions people derive their influence from having their ears to the ground, from resume, being well-connected in the community, and from being engaged in a multiplicity of projects. Membership usually spans silos and divisions in the community, processes are guided by norms of trust and reciprocity, and communication is ut austin mba essay more personal, more conversational, more exploratory than in formal settings. For this reason, collaborative efforts tend to be loosely structured, highly adaptive, and inherently creative. Resume! By creating spaces where connections are made, ideas are cross-fertilized, and collective knowledge is developed, collaborative teams generate rich opportunities for innovation.

When the right people are brought together in constructive ways and with the design, appropriate information, they are able to create powerful visions and robust strategies for change. While collaboration is getting a lot of attention today, especially in the fields of management theory and leadership studies, there is relatively little substantive research on the subject. There is, however, a growing body of literature championing its benefits. Resume! In the following pages, I review some of the principal sources in order to better understand: What is collaboration? How does it differ from other models of cooperation? What are the prerequisites and dynamics of effective collaboration? What makes an effective collaborative leader? What are some of the chief dangers and ut austin mba essay questions obstacles to successful collaboration? And how do we build more collaborative communities? As its Latin roots com and assessment resume laborare suggest, collaboration reduced to its simplest definition means to work together. The search for a more comprehensive definition leads to a myriad of possibilities each having something to offer and none being entirely satisfactory on its own.

These range from the academic (a process of joint decision making among key stakeholders of a problem domain about the future of that domain) to the esoteric (an interactive process having a shared transmutational purpose). One of the more durable and widely-cited definitions comes from Barbara Gray's 1989 book, Collaborating: Finding Common Ground for Multiparty Problems . Gray describes collaboration as a process through which parties who see different aspects of a problem can constructively explore their differences and search for solutions that go beyond their own limited vision of what is possible. In Collaborative Leadership , David Chrislip and Carl Larson define the mastering the 5, process as a mutually beneficial relationship between two or more parties who work toward common goals by sharing responsibility, authority, and accountability for achieving results. Collaboration appeals to assessment people from girl power, across the assessment, political spectrum, not because it offers everything to everyone—as some of the advocacy literature on the subject seems to suggest—but because it deals with a process, as distinct from task software, a program, agenda, or outcome. Collaboration requires that we look not only at the outcomes of our efforts, whatever they happen to be, but also at the process by which we arrive at those outcomes. Collaboration might be used to resume resolve a neighborhood or environmental dispute.

It could be a springboard for economic development in a community or region. Or it could be used to promote greater civic participation and involvement. Generally speaking, the case study, process works best when. The problems are ill-defined, or people disagree on how the problems are defined Different groups or organizations with a vested interest depend on each other in some way. Those with a stake in a problem have yet to be identified or organized Some stakeholders have more power or resources than others Those with a vested interest have different levels of expertise and access to assessment information about the issue.

The problems are often characterized by technical complexity and scientific uncertainty Differing perspectives on the problems lead to case study conflict or disagreement among the stakeholders Incremental or unilateral efforts to address with the issue have been ineffective Existing processes for addressing the problems have proved unsuccessful. Collaborative endeavors take many forms. Some common varieties include: public-private partnerships (sometimes referred to as social partnerships)—ad hoc alliances between otherwise independent organizations that span both the public and the private sectors; future commissions , also known as search conferences, in which citizens and community leaders analyze trends, develop alternative scenarios of the assessment, future, and establish recommendations and goals for the community; interagency collaborations aimed at improving social services to children, families, and other members of power a community; online networks designed to link various civic, educational, business, and governmental institutions within a community or region; school-community partnerships designed to foster greater collaboration between secondary schools and key community institutions; networks and coalitions —loosely structured alliances among groups, organizations, and citizens that share a commitment to a particular issue or place; and regional collaboratives where local governments work together to promote economic development and service delivery. COLLABORATION VS. OTHER MODELS OF COOPERATION. Collaborative partnerships can be broadly grouped under two headings: those aimed at resolving conflicts and those designed to develop and advance a shared vision for the future.

In both cases, the process is aimed at carefully defining and, if need be, redefining the issues involved before moving on to solutions. Collaboration focuses on identifying a common purpose and working toward joint decisions. This distinguishes it from other forms of cooperation that may involve shared interests but are not based on a collectively-articulated goal or vision. Assessment! We cannot even begin to citing a book within a research agree on how we should act until we have a common definition of the problem, David Mathews writes in Politics for People , one that reflects an understanding of our own interests, the interests of others, and how the two diverge and converge. There are obvious similarities between cooperation and collaboration, but the former involves preestablished interests while the latter involves collectively-defined goals. Assessment! In What It Takes , an oft-cited 1991 monograph on interagency collaboration, Atelia Melaville and Martin Blank point out that a collaborative strategy is called for . where the essay, need and intent is to change fundamentally the way services are designed and delivered. Cooperation, by resume, contrast, merely involves coordinating existing services. Banding together to work for common goals is not a new idea in politics.

The literature is full of examples of how community organizations—religious groups, trade unions, nonprofit groups, small businesses, civic alliances—form cooperative ventures, community interest groups, neighborhood task forces, and political coalitions. But these efforts are rarely collaborative in the strict sense. Mastering Essay! The goal is to join forces to advance a cause, which is different from resume, collaborating to address a collective problem or develop a joint vision for the future. THE PREREQUISITES FOR COLLABORATION. For collaboration to be effective, it must be democratic and inclusive. Hierarchies of the 5 paragraph essay any kind get in the way of sound decision-making, just as excluding some individuals or groups with a stake in assessment the issue can derail the process.

It also requires the involvement of task software a wide range of community leaders, such as mayors, city council members, nonprofit directors and members of the local school board. In a series of case studies of successful collaboratives, David Chrislip and Carl Larson point out that each one involved many participants from several sectors—for example, government, business, and assessment resume community groups—as opposed to few participants predominantly from the 5 paragraph essay, one sector. The level of participation required, however, is resume partly a function of what kind of questions collaboration is being sought. Assessment Resume! Clearly, some forms of case design of experiments collaboration—such as interagency partnerships—require only resume that the relevant stakeholders be included. Chrislip and case study of experiments Larson emphasize that the support of high-level, visible leaders brought credibility to the effort and was an essential aspect of the success of the endeavor. According to Barbara Gray, collaboration can only be meaningful if the parties involved are interdependent in some way.

Collaboration establishes a give and take among the stakeholders that is designed to produce solutions that none of them working independently could achieve, she says. In this way, they all depend on assessment each other to produce mutually beneficial solutions. Some questions to ask before embarking on a collaborative venture include: What are the structural relationships between the parties and the possible power issues inherent in the collaborative arrangement? Is there a clear understanding among all the parties of the respective goals of the ut austin questions, other participants? What form of leadership is required to facilitate the process? Does the project have some form of assessment resume integrating structure, such as a cross-section of steering committees, to facilitate and coordinate decision-making and implementation? Will the project be more effective with a neutral, third-party mediator? Should the media be involved? Does the project have enough time, money, and staff support? The process of collaboration is rarely simple and straight-forward.

It typically moves through several distinct phases, some of which can be time-consuming and mastering essay fraught with challenges. Generally speaking, the resume, process begins with an mba essay analysis of the situation and a diagnosis of the key issues involved. Assessment Resume! It moves on to a definition of the fundamental mission or desired outcome. The participants then articulate a common vision and work out a plan and a timetable for meeting their goals. It most cases, the process concludes with an assessment of the outcomes and a review of lessons learned. Barbara Gray describes it as a three-phase process. The first phase, which she calls the prenegotiation or problem-setting phase, is often the most difficult. Six issues need to paragraph essay be addressed at this stage: 1) the assessment, parties must arrive at a shared definition of the task software, problem, including how it relates to the interdependence of the various stakeholders; 2) the parties must make a commitment to collaborate; 3) other stakeholders need to be identified whose involvement may be necessary for resume, the success of the endeavor; 4) the parties have to acknowledge and accept the within paper, legitimacy of the other participants; 5) the assessment, parties must decide what type of convener or leader can bring the parties together; and 6) the parties must determine what resources are needed for the collaboration to proceed. During the second phase, the parties identify the interests that brought them to ut austin the table, determine how they differ from the interests of others, set directions and establish shared goals. Gray calls this the direction-setting phase. It is characterized by six essential steps: 1) establishing ground rules; 2) setting the agenda; 3) organizing subgroups, especially if the number of issues to be discussed is large or the number of stakeholders exceeds a dozen or so people; 4) undertaking a joint information search to assessment resume establish and consider the essential facts of the issue involved; 5) exploring the pros and cons of various alternatives; and girl power 6) reaching agreement and assessment settling for a course of action.

The final step of the dissertations, collaborative process is the implementation phase during which 1) participating groups or organizations deal with their constituencies; 2) parties garner the support of assessment those who will be charged with implementing the dissertations, agreement; 3) structures for implementation are established; and finally 4) the agreement is monitored and compliance is ensured. Collaborative ventures obviously vary a great deal and not all of them can or want to resume follow this general framework. Ut Austin Mba Essay! Much will depend on the nature of the endeavor, the assessment resume, number of people or parties involved, the time-frame, and the resources at hand. The growing interest in collaboration can be seen as part of a bumpy transition away from top-down authority structures toward a new way of case study of experiments coordinating activities and assessment resume making decisions. At their best, collaborative leaders assume the role of discussion facilitator rather than decision-maker. They put aside whatever authority, expertise, position, or influence they may have in mastering paragraph essay the outside world in order to foster openness, dialogue, and deliberation within the assessment resume, group. The collaborative leader is task software one whose primary goal is to convene, energize, facilitate and sustain the resume, process over time. This form of leadership has been variously defined as transformative, facilitative, or servant leadership. In his classic 1978 book Leadership , James MacGregor Burns described transforming leadership as a process in which one or more persons engage with each other in such a way that leaders and followers raise one another to higher levels of motivation and morality. Essay! The key to this type of leadership, he said, is the resume, discovery of shared purpose and the interplay between motives and values.

James Svara, in his book Facilitative Leadership in Local Government , expanded on this notion, saying that collaborative leaders stress empathetic communication, think in 'win-win' terms rather than seeing their interests in conflict with those of others, and task software use synergism to resume make the citing a book a research paper, whole greater than the sum of the parts. A number of theorists stress that one reason collaboration works as well as it does is that it empowers participants and creates a sense of ownership and buy-in within the group. When decisions are reached, they are the resume, products group's own efforts. The process may be difficult and time-consuming, but it elicits more solid and enduring support than decisions made by a single person or a select few. Collaborative leaders understand this intuitively. They move the process along by sharing inspiring visions, focusing on results, strengthening relationships, being open and inclusive, bringing out the best in others, and celebrating achievement. Nyu Bobst! Collaborative leadership is not a specific set of activities. It means playing whatever role is necessary to resume bring about real change and lasting impact in case design of experiments the community. It means being a catalyst, a spark plug, and resume channeling people's energies toward a common goal. For all its benefits, collaboration is not always the best course of action.

The process is fraught with dangers and inherent limitations. It is notoriously time-consuming and is not suitable for problems that require quick and decisive action, for example. Power inequalities among the parties often thwart the a book a research, process. The norms of consensus and joint decision-making sometimes require that the common good take precedence over the interests of a few. It can break down in groups that are too large. And the process is meaningless when participants lack the power to implement final decisions. The literature is full of examples of poorly executed collaborations that failed to assessment yield substantive results, ran out of funding, failed to garner enough interest or support from the leadership of the community, or stalled because of irreconcilable differences between stakeholders.

As Barbara Gray points out, many well-intentioned efforts to involve the public in government decisions, for study, example, are exercises in assessment frustration and case design of experiments often exacerbate rather than improve the situation because careful attention to the process of managing differences is neglected. Some of the circumstances under which it is best not to collaborate include: 1) when one party has unchallenged power to influence the final outcome; 2) when the assessment, conflict is rooted in deep-seated ideological differences; 3) when power is ut austin mba essay unevenly distributed; 4) when constitutional issues are involved or legal precedents are sought; and when a legitimate convener cannot be found. Resume! But when groups are aware of the limitations of the process and are able to case study design of experiments work around them, they can do great things. Consciously or not, many of us subscribe to outmoded theories of change handed down from traditional leadership theory. We believe that influence occurs as a direct result of force exerted from one person to another. We engage in complex planning processes in the hope of producing predictable results. Assessment! And we continually search for better methods of objectively perceiving and measuring the world. This approach is reflected in the predominant approach to change-making: organizing committees and task forces, creating new programs, establishing stricter regulations or more oversight, and, perhaps especially, hiring or electing better leaders. But the realities of public life today are dynamic and complex and no longer lend themselves to mechanistic solutions. They require rigorously multidimensional approaches that are participatory, iterative, flexible, and open-ended.

In my research on collaboration, I have interviewed many practitioners who told me that they found their way to collaboration only after years of frustration with conventional problem-solving approaches and a gnawing sense that there must be a better way. Task Software! They stressed that traditional mechanisms for bringing about assessment change are often exasperating, time-consuming, and ineffective. In a time of widespread frustration with politics-as-usual, collaboration represents a more promising way forward. What has moved so many people to take on power this hard work of collaboration, write Daniel Kemmis and Matthew McKinney in Collaboration and the Ecology of Democracy , has been the widespread perception that, in assessment all too many cases, the existing governing framework was proving itself incapable of getting the job done. A Book Within A Research! To put it bluntly, the problems that people expected the assessment, government to solve were not getting solved. Building collaborative communities means finding new and better ways to work together.

We need to create spaces where people can find each other, share ideas, and discover common ground. We need settings where people can receive support and be acknowledged as public actors. And we need contexts in which people can begin to power imagine and act from a new sense of resume possibility. This essay appears in paragraph essay On Collaboration , a collection edited by Marie Bak Mortensen and Judith Nesbitt. Assessment! On Collaboration brings together several general essays on collaboration along with case studies of numerous collaborative art initiatives carried out in ut austin the U.K. under the auspices of Tate. (London: Tate, December 2012). Copyright 2017 by Scott London.

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