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Why is honesty the best policy essay

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Essay on Honesty is the Best Policy for …

Why is honesty the best policy essay

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at presentation A GOOD PRESENTATION. Roger making a presentation in Turin to students from Japan. Think about the presentation beforehand. It is short-changing the organisers of the event and your audience if you only why is honesty the best, think about what you're going to you ma'am thesis, say the day before or while travelling to the event. If necessary, clarify with the the best policy essay organisers exactly what is introduction paragraph with statement required of you and what facilities you will require. Do use PowerPoint if the facilities are available. Although some speakers seem to have taken an aversion to PowerPoint, it is why is the best so convenient and ensures that your presentation has a clear structure and something for your listeners to take away. Face your audience at all times even though the screen to which you are speaking is paragraph with thesis statement behind you. So that you know what your audience is viewing at any given time in the presentation, either have a computer screen on a desk in front of you showing the honesty policy essay presentation or print off the on violence slides and use the paper copies as a speaking aid. Be very clear about how much time you have - and stick to that time in preparing and delivering your presentation. It's very difficult to 'cut' a PowerPoint presentation at the event itself, so it's a great mistake to run out of time.

Most presenters prepare too much material; but nobody ever complains that a presentation was too short (it always allows more time for questions). Be very clear about why is policy your key message - and ensure that everything in your presentation is both consistent with, and suppportive of, that key message. You should be able to articulate the message in a phrase or a sentence and car by white, indeed you might want to use that phrase or sentence in one of the best policy essay, your first slides, or one of your last, or even both. E-mail your presentation to the event organisers in advance . Ask them to load it onto a laptop, run it through, check that it looks fine, and confirm that with you. Then you don't have to worry about the essay technology when you arrive at the venue; you can concentrate on the delivery of your material.

Also it enables the event's organisers to run off copies of your slides, so that they are available to them in good time. Make copies of your slides available . It is a matter of preference whether you do this at the beginning of your presentation or at the end. If your listeners have copies at essay the beginning, they can take notes simply by annotating the slides, instead of having to note down all the my real car by white essay information on the slides. Why Is Honesty Essay. On the other hand, you might feel that, if they can see in you ma'am thesis advance the slides you are going to why is honesty policy, use, you lose the element of control or surprise. It might depend on the content of the thank you ma'am thesis presentation: if you are going to show detailed tables or graphs with lots of figures, your audience will probably find it easier to have a copy on their lap. It might depend on the circumstances of the presentation: if there is a large auddience, people at the back may not be able to see the screen clearly and would really appreciate having copies of the slides. Ensure that the slides look good . This does not necessarily mean that they look flashy - although suitable pictures or illustrations are very effective - but it does mean using a consistent format and typeface and readable colours plus giving each slide the logo of the organisation you are representing and a chronological number. The first slide should announce the title of your presentation , the event and honesty the best policy essay, date, and your name and position. This may seem terribly obvious, but many speakers miss off some of this basic information and then weeks later listeners (or their colleagues back at the organisation) are not clear who made the presentation or when.

You should try to make the title catchy, so that you immediately have the interest of your audience. A challenging question works well - for instance, a presentation on the global economic crisis might ask: Is this the end of capitalism as we've known it? Or a play on words works too - for example, a presentation on next generation broadband could be titled The Slow Arrival Of Fast Broadband . The second slide should seize the formal attention of your audience for your presentation. It could be the central proposition of your presentation or a conventional wisdom that you wish to challenge or a relevant or witty quote from why is honesty the best policy, a leader in formal essay your field. If it is essay amusing or controversial or both, so much the better. The third slide should set out the structure of your presentation . The default structure should consist of three themes that you intend to examine. Thank Thesis Statement. For a very short presentation, there might only be time for two; if you want to the best policy, look at car by bailey essay more than five areas, write a book instead. Why Is The Best. Each theme should be the formal essay on bullying subject of a small number of slides . Again, a good working assumption is that three slides for each theme is about right. Less than two and it isn't substantial enough to be a separate theme; more than five and it should probably be broken up into two themes. Each slide should have a clear heading . A question is often a good way of winning attention - but, in that case, make sure you answer the question in the body of the why is policy essay slide. Each slide should normally contain around 25-35 words , unless it is mwd engineer resume a quote (when you might use more) or contains an illustration (when you will probably use less).

Too many words and why is honesty policy, your audience will have trouble reading the bailey essay material; too few words and you're likely to why is, be flashing through the slides and spending too much time clicking the mouse. Each bullet point should consist of an intelligible phrase , rather than merely a word or two that is meaningless on its own or conversely a complete sentence that is better delivered orally. Essay On Bullying. So, for why is honesty, instance, do use Focus on profitable and growing markets rather than simply Focus or Markets or It is necessary to focus on on violence women, those markets which are profitable and growing rather than those which are loss-making and declining . Consider this test: your slides should make sense and be useful to someone who was not present at your presentation. Essay. Make appropriate use of pictures . It's a good idea to break up text with illustrations and against in india, it is true that a picture is honesty policy essay worth a thousand words. Make appropriate use of anecdotes . A very short story or case study or personal experience will act as an effective illustration of a point, add 'colour' to your presentation, and be remembered by listeners. The last slide should set out all appropriate contact details : certainly e-mail address and possibly snail mail address, plus the good thesis web site, Facebook page and Twitter address of your organisation and any personal website or blog if you have one. Note: much of the honesty advice in my real car by bailey my section on How To Give A Good Speech [click here] is relevant to giving a good presentation. Last modified on 28 June 2013. If you have some ideas of policy, your own e-mail me.

To access all my advice on life skills click here.

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Essay on Honesty is the Best Policy for …

Marking Text—Choosing Between Italics and Quotation Marks. last modified March 4, 2017. An error in the use of why is honesty, italics or quotation marks—using one rather than the other or not using either when their use is required—is not likely a problem that will have an agent or publisher turning down your manuscript, especially if your manuscript isn’t bulging with other errors. Yet knowing when to mwd engineer resume, use both italics and quotation marks is useful and important for why is honesty essay, writers. Formal? The cleaner the manuscript, the fewer problems it will be perceived to have. And when rules are followed, the manuscript will have consistency; if you don’t know the honesty essay rules, it’s likely that you won’t make the same choices consistently throughout a story. And if you self-publish, when you’re the one doing the editing, you’ll definitely want to know how and when to use both italics and quotation marks and know how to The Star Hotel, choose between them. To start off, I will point out that there is no need to underline anything in a novel manuscript . Writers used to underline text where they intended italics, but because it’s now so easy to see and find and why is the best, identify italics, underlining is no longer necessary, not for fiction manuscripts.

Note: Underlining may be required for school or college writing projects or other purposes. Mwd Engineer Resume? I’m strictly addressing fiction manuscripts here. Without underlining, the choices are italics, quotation marks, and unmarked or plain text. Let’s start with the last option—plain text—first. Not all text that seems to require italics or quotation marks actually does. Honesty The Best Policy Essay? Most words in your manuscript will be roman text—unchanged by italics—and, apart from dialogue, will not be enclosed by quotation marks. Yet sometimes writers are confused about italics and quotation marks, especially when dealing with named entities.

A quick rule: Simple names need only be capitalized—no other marks are necessary. This is The Star Hotel one writing question that’s easy to overthink once you begin editing, but a name usually only needs to be capitalized; it typically doesn’t require italics or quotation marks. (There are exceptions, of course.) Capitalize names of why is honesty essay, people, places, and things . Introduction Paragraph? This means that Bob, Mr. Smith, Grandma Elliott, and why is the best policy, Fido are capitalized but not italicized or put in quotation marks. The same is true for Disney World, the Grand Canyon, Edie’s Bistro, and you ma'am, the World Series. When a person’s title is why is paired with a name—Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Reverend Thomas—both name and title are capitalized. But when a title is not used as a name—the president is young, the pastor can sing—no capitalization is required. Nouns are typically the words that you’ll capitalize, but not all nouns are capitalized. Good With? Capitalize named nouns . So Fido is capitalized, but dog is not; Aunt Margaret (used as a name) is capitalized, but my aunt is not; my aunt Margaret gets a mix of capitalization. Brand names and trademarks are typically capitalized, but some have unusual capitalizations (iPad, eBay, TaylorMade, adidas). Refer to dictionaries and to company guidelines or Internet sources for correct capitalization and spelling.

Note that home pages of websites may feature decorative text; look at pages with corporate details for correct information. You may make a style decision and capitalize such words according to established rules, and that would be a valid decision. Yet a name is a name, and spelling or capitalizing it the way its creators intended may well be the better choice. That’s it for most named people or things or places—most are capitalized but do not require italics or quotation marks. A quick rule: Names (of people, places, and things) need to be capitalized, but titles (of things) need both capitalization and either quotation marks or italics. Items in the following categories need neither italics nor quotation marks (unless italics or quotation marks are an intrinsic part of the title). This is only a very short list, but most named nouns are treated similarly. car manufacturers General Motors, Volkswagen, Toyota. car brands or divisions: Buick, Chevrolet. car names: Riviera, Touareg, Camry.

restaurants: Chili’s, Sally’s Place, Chuck’s Rib House. scriptures and why is essay, revered religious books: the Bible, Koran, the Book of Common Prayer. books of the mwd engineer Bible: Genesis, Acts, the why is honesty Gospel according to Matthew. wars and battles: Korean War, Russian Revolution, the Battle of Antietam, the Battle of Hastings. companies: Coca-Cola, Amazon, Barclays, Nokia. product names: Coke, Kleenex, Oreo. shops: Dolly’s Delights, Macy’s, Coffee House. museums, schools and colleges: the High Museum, the Hermitage, Orchard Elementary School, the University of Notre Dame. houses of worship: First Baptist Church of Abbieville, the Cathedral of St.

Philip, Temple Sinai, City Center Community Masjid. Note : There is much more to capitalization, yet that topic requires an article (or five) of my real essay, its own. Look for such an honesty article in car by white, the future. Honesty Essay? The Chicago Manual of Style has an women in india in-depth chapter on capitalization; I recommend you search it for specifics. Quotation Marks and Italics.

Beyond capitalization, some nouns are also distinguished by italics or quotation marks. Policy Essay? Think in terms of titles here, but typically titles of things and not people. So we’re talking book, movie, song, and TV show titles; titles of newspapers and magazines and titles of articles in those newspapers and car by, magazines; titles of why is, artwork and poems. One odd category included here is vehicles. Not brand names of vehicles but names of individual craft: spaceships, airships, ships, and car by, trains. But which titles get quotation marks and which get italics? The general rule is that titles of works that are made up of smaller/shorter divisions are italicized, and the smaller divisions are put in quotation marks . This means a book title is italicized, and chapter titles (but not chapter numbers) are in quotation marks. A TV show title is why is italicized, but episode titles are in thank you ma'am statement, quotation marks.

An album or CD title is put in italics, but the song titles are in why is the best policy, quotation marks. Note : This rule for chapter titles in books is not referring to chapter titles of a manuscript itself, which are not put in formal essay, quotation marks within the manuscript . Use quotation marks in your text if a character or narrator is thinking about why is the best policy essay or speaking a chapter title, not for your own chapter titles. Quotation marks and italics are both also used for other purposes in fiction. For example, we typically use italics when we use a word as a word. My stylist always says rebound when he means rebond . I counted only half a dozen um s in the chairman’s speech. (Note that the s making um plural is not italicized.) Since a list is quick and easy to read, let’s simply list categories for both italics and quotation marks. Barring exceptions, items from the essay on violence women in india categories should be italicized or put in quotation marks, as indicated, in your stories.

Titles : Titles of specific types of works are italicized. This is true for both narration and essay, dialogue. operas and ballets. long musical pieces (such as symphonies) works of women, art (paintings, sculptures, photographs) blogs (but not websites in general, which are only capitalized) Odds and Ends: Titles of why is honesty the best policy essay, cartoons and comic strips ( Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, Pearls Before Swine ) are italicized. Essay? Exhibitions at small venues (such as a museum) are italicized ( BODIES . . Why Is Honesty? . The Exhibition ) but fairs and other major exhibitions (the Louisiana Purchase Exhibition) are only capitalized. Examples : To Kill a Mockingbird (book), Citizen Kane (movie), A Prairie Home Companion (radio show), La boheme (opera), Paradise Lost (long poem), Rhapsody in Blue (long musical piece), Washington Post (newspaper), Car and mwd engineer resume, Driver (magazine), Starry Night (painting), The Age of Reason (pamphlet), This American Life (podcast), The Editor’s Blog (blog)

Exception : Generic titles of musical works are not italicized. This includes those named by why is the best essay number (op. 3 or no. 5) or by key (Nocturne in B Major) and those simply named for the musical form (Requiem or Overture). If names and generic titles are combined, italicize only the name, not the resume generic title. Exception : Titles of artwork dating from honesty the best policy essay, antiquity whose creators are unknown are not italicized. (the Venus de Milo or the Seated Scribe) Ship names : names of ships on water, in space, in the air.

Examples : HMS Illustrious , USS Nimitz, space shuttle Endeavour , Hindenburg, Spruce Goose. Notes: 1. The abbreviations for Her Majesty’s ship (HMS) and United States ship (USS) are not italicized. 2. The current recommendation of The Chicago Manual of The Star Hotel, Style is to not italicize train names. Why Is Honesty The Best? CMOS may be differentiating between physical ships with individual names and formal essay on bullying, railroad route names, which is why is honesty the best essay typically what is The Star Hotel named when we think of trains; the specific grouping of train cars may not be named and why is essay, may actually change from one trip to another. Locomotives, however, may have names. If they do, you would be safe to essay on violence in india, italicize that name. While I understand this reasoning, I see no problem with italicizing a train’s (or a train route’s) commonly known name— Trans-Siberian Express , Royal Scotsman , California Zephyr —as writers have done in the past. Honesty The Best? This is strictly a personal opinion. 3. The Star Hotel? The definite article is why is honesty unnecessary with ship names—they are names and not titles.

So Yorktown rather than the Yorktown . Essay On Violence Against In India? It’s likely that characters with military backgrounds would follow this rule, but many civilians may not. Honesty Essay? If your character would say the Yorktown , then include the article. Words as words: As already noted, words used as words are usually italicized. This helps forestall confusion when these words are not used in the usual manner. Examples : The word haberdashery has gone out of style. Edith wasn’t sure what lugubrious meant, but it sounded slimy to her. Letters as letters : Letters referred to The Star Hotel, as letters are italicized. Examples : The i in my name is silent.

On the faded treasure map, an X actually did mark the honesty the best essay spot. All the men in introduction, his hometown have at honesty the best policy, least three s’ s in their names. Notes: 1. Only the letter itself is introduction paragraph thesis italicized for plurals. So we have s ’s, capital L s, and why is the best policy, a dozen m’ s. (The apostrophe and concluding s are not italicized.) 2. An apostrophe is used for the plurals (lowercase letters only) to prevent confusion or the misreading of letters as words; a’ s rather than a s and i’ s rather than i s. 3. Familiar phrases including p’s and q’s and dot your i’s and cross your t’s do not require italics. (They are italicized here because I’m using them as words, not for their meaning.) 4. Letters for school grades are not italicized, though they are capitalized.

Sound words : Italicize words that stand in for sounds or reproduce sounds that characters and readers hear. Examples : The whomp-whomp of helicopter blades drowned out her frail voice. An annoying bzzz woke him. C-r-rack ! Something heavy—some one heavy—fell through the rotted floorboards. Foreign words : Uncommon or unfamiliar foreign words are italicized the essay women in india first time they are used in why is honesty policy essay, a story. After that, roman type is sufficient.

Foreign-language words familiar to most readers do not need italics. Proper names and places in foreign languages are never italicized. Examples : The words amigo , mucho , coup d’etat, risque, nyet, and essay on violence, others like them are common enough that you wouldn’t need to why is honesty the best, italicize them in fiction. (I italicized them because in on bullying, my example they are words used as words.) “Use caution, my dear. That pretty flower you like so much is velenoso. It slows the why is honesty heart.” It was something my grandmother always said to me. Sie sind mein kostbares kleines Madchen . Building sites on the Potsdamer Platz went for a lot of money once the Berlin Wall came down. Emphasis : Use italics to emphasize a word or part of formal, a word.

Yet don’t overdo. Why Is Honesty Essay? A character who emphasizes words all the time may sound odd. And the italics may annoy your readers. Examples : I wanted a new dress, but I needed new shoes. She quickly said, “It’s not what you think.” “Sal invited everyone to the party at his uncle’s beach house. And I mean every single student from his school.” Something—some one —shattered all the on bullying street lights. Character thoughts : Character thoughts can be expressed in multiple ways; italics is one of those ways. (But it isn’t the only way and may not be the best way. See “How to Punctuate Character Thoughts” for details.)

Example : I expected more from her , he thought. But he shouldn’t have. You can find many more tips and essay, suggestions for cleaning up your text in The Magic of Fiction . Titles : As is done with titles and italics, titles of specific types of works are put inside quotation marks. This is true for both narration and dialogue. book chapters (named, not numbered, chapters) TV show episodes. radio show episodes. short poems (most poems) newspaper, magazine, and journal articles.

unpublished works (dissertations, manuscripts in collections) Odds and Ends: Signs (and other notices) are typically not put in quotation marks or italicized, though they are capitalized—The back lot was marked with No Parking signs. They don’t even require hyphens for compounds—The gardener was putting up Do Not Walk on the Grass signs. However, long signs (think sentence length or longer) are put in quotation marks and essay on violence against women, not capitalized. Consider them as quotations—Did you see the honesty the best essay handwritten sign? “Take your shoes off, line them up at the door, and introduction statement, walk without speaking to honesty policy essay, the second door on the left.” The same rule applies for mottoes and maxims . Mwd Engineer? An example: To Protect and Serve was the honesty the best policy essay department’s old motto. Now it’s “Cover your tracks, lie if you get caught, blame your behavior on my real car by white, drugs, and vilify the policy essay victim.” Examples : They read through “The Laurence Boy” in one sitting. (chapter three of on violence against women in india, Little Women ) He said he thought it was “The One With Phoebe’s Cookies.” (an episode of Friends ) My mother suggested we both read “The Gift of the Magi.” (short story) Exception : Titles of regular columns in the best, newspapers and magazines are not put in quotation marks (Dear Abby, At Wit’s End).

Dialogue : Enclose the mwd engineer resume spoken words of policy, direct dialogue (not the dialogue tags or action beats) between opening and closing quotation marks. The Star Hotel? Do not use quotation marks for policy essay, indirect dialogue. Exception : When dialogue continues into a new paragraph, do not include a closing quotation mark at the end of the first paragraph; use the mwd engineer closing quotation mark only at the end of the spoken words. (If dialogue continues uninterrupted for several paragraphs, you will have a number of opening quotation marks but only honesty, one closing quotation mark.) Examples : “I told you I loved you. You never believed me.” “I told you I was there,” he said. But I never believed him. “He tried,” I said, waving my fingers, “but he failed.” “My dog ate the first page”—Billy pointed at Dexter Blue—“but I saved the rest.”

Exception Example : “I needed to do it, but I just couldn’t. And then you know what happened—Bing threw his knife and car by bailey essay, I ducked and honesty policy, he hit the minister’s wife. And then pandemonium broke out, everyone running every which way. It was madness. “And after that, we raced out before the cops could get there.” Notes: 1. American English (AmE) always uses double quotation marks for dialogue. If you have a quotation within dialogue, the inner quotation gets single quotation marks. 2. British English (BrE) allows for either single or double quotation marks, with the reverse for quotes inside other quotes or dialogue.

Words used in a nonstandard manner or as sarcasm, irony, or mockery : Use quotation marks to point out my real car by bailey irony or words used in an unusual way, perhaps as slang or mockery. Most slang wouldn’t need to be put in quotation marks, but words unfamiliar to the best, a character could be put in you ma'am thesis statement, quotation marks. Always use double quotation marks for AmE and typically use singles for why is the best policy, BrE (doubles are acceptable). Example : Yeah, I guess he was on mwd engineer, time. The Best Policy Essay? If three hours late is “on time” in his book. Andy said his brother “skived off” two days this week. I didn’t tell him I had to check the The Star Hotel Internet to figure out what he meant. Made-up words or new words : Use quotation marks for the first use of made-up words. After that, no special punctuation is why is honesty the best necessary. Example : He’s a “rattlescallion,” a cross between a rapscallion and a snake. Words as words : We often use italics for words used as words, but we can also use quotation marks.

Example: He used “I” all the time, as if his opinion carried more weight than anyone else’s. When you’re deciding between italics and quotation marks, always remember the rules of clarity and consistency: make it clear for the reader and be consistent throughout the story. If you have to make a choice that doesn’t fit a rule or you choose to flout a rule, do so on mwd engineer resume, purpose and do so each time the the best policy essay circumstances are the same. Mwd Engineer Resume? Include unusual words or special treatment of words in why is the best policy essay, your style sheet so everyone dealing with your manuscript works from the car by white essay same foundation. Rewrite any wording that is likely to confuse the reader or that can be read multiple ways. Why Is Honesty The Best Policy? There’s always a way to clear up confusing phrasing, often more than one way. Reduce distracting punctuation and italics when you can, but use both quotation marks and italics when necessary.

Put writing rules to work for your stories. This article is a long one, but I hope it proves useful. Let me know if I omitted a category you wondered about. 207 Responses to my real white, “Marking Text—Choosing Between Italics and Quotation Marks” EXCELLENT and timely tips.

I have a question I didn’t see addressed here: what about restaurant names in fiction? Italicized the honesty policy essay first time and The Star Hotel, then roman font after? Italicized with every usage? I’d love to why is the best policy, know! Thank you. Heather, restaurants are just names, and mwd engineer, so they are only capitalized—no italics on any use. Why Is Honesty The Best Essay? (I actually have a restaurant included in introduction with, the third paragraph in the section on plain text—Edie’s Bistro.) This is a great question—maybe I should put in a section that includes categories that are not italicized. Thank you so much! That clears things up for the book I’m about to why is the best policy essay, release. I assume flower shops or any stores with proper names are simply capitalized, as well–no italics?

You’re exactly right, just capitalized. And thanks—you gave me another couple of categories to add to the capped-but-not-italicized section. Keep asking—it’s great to get all that info out there in one place. Avoid italics like the plague. They are hard to resume, read and why is honesty the best policy essay, slow down your story. Once you get rid of them, you will realize how bad they are. Words from a publisher: ON USING ITALICS FOR THOUGHTS. December 28, 2011.

Some of women in india, you will send me examples of good writers who use italics for thoughts. Good writers can do anything. It is why is essay true. But a good writer does not need to introduction statement, use italics for thoughts. Why Is Policy Essay? A good editor should help him/her get rid of them. I do.

A good writer doesn’t even need to use italics for mwd engineer resume, emphasis very often – which makes them more effective when s/he does. Hi. Great column. Question. Why Is Honesty The Best Policy? In dialogue, must I always use italics for statement, a title. Example: ” That album was by the best policy essay the Beatles,” he said. (Is Beatles, the car by bailey white band italicized?……….Also, my italicize the why is the best policy title every time that I use it in a manuscript?

Many thanks, and on violence, I’ll be sure to check out your website. Rene, you don’t need to why is the best policy essay, italicize a band’s name, just capitalize it. The name is just a name, not a title. Great post. Resume? This will answer a lot of questions that come up in our critique group. I’ll be posting the link to policy essay, this on my blog.

Thanks! I’m glad it’s useful, Rosi. Don’t use italics at all–except for essay on violence women in india, the titles of books. Why Is The Best Policy Essay? They are hard to thesis, read and slow the reader down. Don’t use semicolons. They are HATED by many editors. One critic said they are just a way of proving that you have a college education. Ha! Problem: Even if you use them correctly, some readers will think you used them incorrectly–another slowing of the why is honesty the best policy essay reading. In my opinion, two single sentences are stronger. Also, have at least ten proofreaders.

I had over twenty for “Finding Sagrado,” and whatever its merits, the writing is clean and polished, thanks to my readers and critics. Here’s my website: I’m offering a free pdf download to anyone who will read and review it (any rating on the review. It doesn’t matter. Just be honest). Roger, while it’s true that italics are hard to read—a reason I don’t recommend that writers include large sections in italics—there are legitimate reasons for using them. Essay On Violence? The same is true for honesty the best policy essay, semicolons. The Star Hotel? Sometimes two sentences are indeed stronger, but sometimes the sentences are too close in meaning and feel to honesty policy essay, warrant the period between them. I seldom promote any blanket prohibition in writing—the same answer will not work for The Star Hotel, every situation and you may need options. You don’t want to limit yourself simply because of what others have said or for reasons that worked or didn’t work for them. Considered advice is honesty the best essay good, but prohibitions without exception serve no one.

Any writer can make almost anything work and work well. I love seeing a writer publicly thank his proofreaders; I hope yours continue to thesis statement, be part of your writing circle for many productive years. Proofreaders and beta readers are worth their weight in the best policy, gold or chocolate. Thank you for giving us something to think about. That’s true, and in The Star Hotel, the last novel I read–“The Ghosts of Belfast” by Stuart Nevill I saw some semicolons. Ha! I guess I’m brainwashed against why is honesty the best policy essay, them. I didn’t like them. Formal? I particularly hate italics for thoughts.

There’s no need. Why did he look at me that way, she thought. I had over a hundred semicolons and why is, exclamation points. I took out good all the semicolons and left only the best policy, a handful of The Star Hotel, exclamation points–only for why is honesty policy essay, screams. It’s funny how much heat is generated in a discussion of grammar. Ha! Discussion is great for clarifying issues.

But you’re right; there’s something about grammar and punctuation that gets us going. Feel free to write me: farcity101 at if you would like me to send you the paragraph thesis pdf file. Thank you so much for all of this! I’ve shared it in my fiction group, where I’m sure a lot of honesty policy, people will find some use. I’m curious if the rules are different in the UK/Australia/etc., as I see a lot of quotations for thoughts. Also… just curious (and seriously off topic), but if you have an international collection of stories, do you have each story follow the same rules (U.S., let’s say, with double quotes instead of single, U.S. spellings instead of British) or do you let each story retain its own “culture”?

Alex, I’ve also seen writers use quotation marks for mwd engineer resume, thoughts, both in AmE and BrE, but I know of no standard source or authority that recommends that quotation marks be used this way. There is why is honesty the best essay some contention about the practice, however, because there’s no set-in-stone prohibition either. The thing is, thoughts are not speech and quotation marks for the most part are reserved for spoken words. If thoughts are put in quotation marks, how will people know which words are spoken and which are thought? Then you have to add even more dialogue tags and thought tags.

Also, quotation marks work great as a visual for readers— in between these marks are spoken words. Also, the mwd engineer resume trend in today’s writing is away from the best policy, overuse of punctuation. Mwd Engineer Resume? Quotation marks for thought would be considered unnecessary punctuation. It’s not that it isn’t done—and almost anything can work—but what do you give up and why is honesty the best, what do you gain? Is it worth a fight to argue (with agents and on violence against women in india, publishers) about quotation marks for thoughts when there are other legitimate and quite recognizable ways to convey thoughts? The rule of thumb on this one is to reserve quotation marks for spoken dialogue. As far as I can tell, that’s true for both BrE and AmE. I’m not sure that I understand your question about the international collection. International meaning the honesty the best stories have already been published in different countries and on bullying, they are now being brought together into one book?

If that’s your question, I’m guessing you have two options. You could let books stand as they were written—which would give readers a taste of essay, other cultures and styles—or you could edit for the country in which the new combined volume will be published. If the books were published before or if they weren’t but you want to promote the fact that writers are from different parts of the world, I would let existing spelling and word choices stand. Punctuation is a different issue. You could keep punctuation as it was, but changing punctuation rules from story to story might be an annoyance for thank you ma'am, readers. Punctuation could very easily be adapted for the country in honesty policy essay, which the new book was being released. While readers typically expect writers from other countries to use different words or spellings, they don’t usually think about punctuation being different. This doesn’t mean you’d have to change the punctuation in my real car by essay, some of the stories, but the option is why is honesty worth considering.

I don’t know that there is any hard rule about this issue. A publisher would have an opinion and/or guidelines, but beyond that, for those publishing their own books, the choice is theirs. If that’s not what you were asking about, let me know. Hello Beth — just want to The Star Hotel, thank you for yet another well-written and extremely useful post. I live in India and am “retired”, which means I cannot afford western editorial rates — so this kind of why is honesty, material/guide is white essay vital to my novel writing. Thanks and look forward to more… Mira, I wish you the best of success with your writing. Here’s hoping that you sell a manuscript or two and get to enjoy that retirement without worrying about finances. I’m so glad the article was a useful one.

Beth, thanks for those good wishes — however, watching so many artistes go down the tubes in Manhattan because they relied only on their creative earnings taught me not to count on that happening — so i write because i love to. You must be very busy, i know, but i would love to send you an e-version of the metaphysical novel (set in ancient India – Whip of the Wild God–A Novel of Tantra in Ancient India) for free if you would care to go through it. It has been getting 5 star reviews, but alas, as you must know, you cannot get rich on the 3% profit on sales that Amazon print gives you… Here is an why is honesty policy example from my novel “Finding Sagrado” where italics are needed: Was a strong like the same as love?” I put “like” in italics to make the sentence absolutely clear. I didn’t want it. “Was a strong like…” Without the italics, a reader might go back and think there is a typo. Roger, I think that’s a great use of italics.

Excellent column, Beth. It never hurts to be reminded of the The Star Hotel subtleties of our language because as you say, it’s best to eliminate opportunities for an agent or editor to question the writer’s competence. I agree, Peter. And there’s no reason to create problems for yourself when the fixes are so easy. Some areas of writing aren’t quite as easy to handle, but the ones that are fairly simple to deal with can be mastered by all writers. One great way to honesty policy, fix an awkward paragraph is to delete it. Ha! The reader doesn’t know what was deleted. The Star Hotel? Maybe you were trying to why is policy, put too much in the paragraph? Ask yourself if the paragraph is really needed. My characters listen to essay on bullying, and sing along with a few songs in my novel.

So if I am mentioning a song by Bruce Springstein. I should write it as; Dandcing In The Dark. Not; ”Dancing in the Dark.” Italic or not? Also, when they are singing along, I have written it all in capitals. Eg; “HET LITTLE GIRL, IS YOUR DADDY HOME? DID HE GO AND LEAVE YOU ALL ALONE … ETC. Kim, song titles do get quotation marks, so “Dancing in why is honesty the best policy, the Dark” is correct. Resume? No italics. There’s no reason for all caps—just use mixed letters, the same way you do with regular text. The words of songs are still characters speaking. However, there are restrictions for copyrighted text.

So unless you get permission from Bruce Springsteen to why is the best policy, use his words, readers shouldn’t be heard singing his words. While it’s usually okay to quote a line or two from a book or movie, single lines from songs and poems make up a significant part of the song or poem, and mwd engineer resume, the copyright holder may be ticked off by why is honesty essay your use of his or her words. Works in the public domain can be quoted, but copyrighted works have protection. You can mention the name of a song or poem, but you don’t want to use the text. A workaround is to against, create a song or poem of your own. I’m working on why is the best policy, an article concerning this issue that I hope to get up soon.

Does that answer your questions? Thanks. Just re read. Have since removed all lyrical content and am seeking permission on the use of two poems. I use … a lot when a conversation is against in india interrupted or of why is the best policy essay, someone is formal essay on bullying struggling to say something. I am consistent through out, is this a death nail? Kim, I’ve finally gotten around to putting together an why is the best article on using lyrics and introduction, poems in novels. I hope to have it up today or tomorrow, so good timing with your comment. Use the honesty the best ellipsis when dialogue trails off, the em dash when it is cut off. Both are legitimate punctuation marks, but they’re unusual enough to on bullying, be noticed if they’re used too often.

Actually, you typically don’t want to use any piece of honesty the best, punctuation or sentence structure or word too often. Think in terms of consistency, yes, but variety as well. If you know you use the resume ellipsis a lot, I suggest that you do a search for why is honesty policy essay, it and then make changes if you find it used too often. Also, as a side note, the phrase is The Star Hotel death knell, from the practice of ringing a bell when someone died. Thanks. If someone is gasping for their last breath, or winded, would you consider that trailing off or being cut off? The ” for a song title, is it okay to use single’ to differentiate from speech or is this old school? Kim, I can’t nest a reply to why is policy, your last comment, so I hope you find this okay.

I’d definitely use the ellipsis for gasping for breath and probably for being winded, but with being winded, someone’s breath could be completely cut off. If so, I’d go with the formal essay on bullying dash. For song titles, stick with double quotation marks, unless the why is the best essay title is mentioned in with statement, dialogue. So double quotation marks would go for honesty the best essay, the dialogue and singles for a song title (or quoted material) within dialogue. (BrE can use the reverse—single quotation marks for dialogue and doubles for my real bailey white essay, a song title or quoted material within the dialogue.) so space …”is that ame? or no space… and sentence with – in it, is that also ame? Sorry for why is honesty, the confusion. you said it depends on if it is ame or bre but didn’t clarify. For the ellipsis in American English, there are spaces between the ellipsis points, so if I needed an ellipsis in AmE, I would write . . . Good Paragraph With Statement? this. (If a closing quotation mark follows the ellipsis, do not include the final space.) Use nonbreaking spaces in Word so the ellipsis doesn’t break on the best essay, a line break. For British English there are typically no spaces between the points though there are spaces before and after the points. In BrE I’d use … this. The sentence with the spaces surrounding the dash is BrE.

No spaces for either punctuation mark in AmE (given the examples we’ve looked at). love your long technical posts. always very useful I’m using smt akin to your style sheet also for names, layout of places, items that reoccur, e.g. the on violence women cars (model, colour, general condition, etc). cheers! Sina, I’m glad you’re finding the honesty policy info helpful. They do get long sometimes, don’t they? How do I treat a program that is formal essay on bullying held here at our large hospital? The program is called ( made up ) We want you to get better soon. sponsored by the department of Internal Medicine. Do I put the program name in quotation marks, italic or plain text?

Beverly, I would say that typically you’d put the name of the program in why is honesty the best policy essay, caps—Our cutting-edge program—We Want You to Get Better Soon—is sponsored by the department of thank you ma'am thesis, Internal Medicine. Yet, you may have some options. Will this line be in the best essay, a letter to car by white essay, donors? In e-mails to honesty policy, staff? In public promotional materials? While you wouldn’t use anything else if you were writing fiction, you may want to resume, consider italics for real-world purposes. Why Is The Best? You probably want the The Star Hotel text to stand out, and mixed caps and italics would be useful for such a purpose. That or a different font (a change in style or in why is honesty essay, color). The Get Better program has already been introduced to more than 300 individuals and families. Bottom line: you wouldn’t have to use anything more than capital letters for the major words. But depending on your needs, you may want to use a specific font, a specific color, or italics.

You don’t want the resume words blending in the best policy essay, with the essay against women in india surrounding text in promotional materials—you want readers to why is honesty policy, see the program name as the program name. Thank you for all the good introduction paragraph with information you provide in the blog. Why Is The Best Policy? Will you please clarify how the bailey essay name of a house (i.e., an historic residence) is treated? Just capitals? Italics? Quotation marks? Thanks so much. Just capitals, Deborah. They are names, not titles. So the White House, Mount Vernon, Hearst Castle, and Gracie Mansion and fictional places Regent Hall, Dinsmore Cottage, and Salisbury Manor. If (in a novel) someone is reading a passage to another person and this is in italics, should the italics (quote from newspaper) also have quotation marks?

How do you treat a book title that is shortened? For example, if my character discusses “The Secret Life of Bees” (italics, not quotes) but just calls it “The Secret Life”, should I italicize that part or use quotes? Corene, italicize the shortened title the same way you’d italicize the full title. (Or if it’s material that should be put in quotation marks, use quotation marks for the shortened title.) I’m just about to publish my first novel, The Art of why is policy essay, Peeling an Orange, on Amazon Kindle, and I encountered a small “disaster.” I can convert my pages file into ePub and upload to my real car by essay, amazon without a problem, but then I lose my formatting. ie: chapter heads all run together and don’t start on a new page. It is an honesty policy essay esthetic problem and my book doesn’t look professional. If I upload a word.doc, the above issue is solved, but I lose my italics, therefore some meaning and context.

Does anyone have a solution? Please help. New author drinking herself to death over this… Would you italicize certain interjections as sounds? For example, ahem, hmm, or humph? Good question, Tanis. I consider those words as dialogue and would therefore use quotation marks rather than italics.

However, hmm could be used as a thought rather than as a word spoken sound. Essay On Bullying? In that case it would get italics or simply roman type, depending on how you were treating direct thoughts in your story. Thank you so much! First of all, thanks for sharing all your useful information! By far the most informative reading I’ve done about why is quotation marks and italics. I have two questions: 1. Car By? When a character is writing/have written something, is why is it marked as usual dialogue? He left a note on the table (“Out for a walk”).

He left a note on the table (‘Out for a walk’). Or should it get italics? He wrote, “Out for a walk” on good statement, the note. He wrote, ‘Out for a walk’ on the note. I’m wondering about the comma there as well. As far as I’m concerned, there’s always a comma before dialogue in honesty the best, the middle of The Star Hotel, a sentence, but is it the same in this situation? 2. Policy Essay? In gestures that might be communicating in a suggestive manner, is that also written as normal dialogue? He looked at her in a way that clearly said, “I’m not giving up on you.”

Thanks in formal on bullying, advance! I’m with you, Katherine. What is the why is honesty the best best way to The Star Hotel, punctuate text that is supposedly read, not said? I’ve seen it done different ways, and my copy of CMS isn’t being very helpful. I’m also curious about your second question. There’s been some debate among my writing buddies lately re the use of quotes or italics when the character is either reading something verbatim in the text (say a sign, or a note or something).

The sign read, “Kingsbridge 2 miles.” The sign read, Kingsbridge 2 miles. Also, if a character is remembering something she’d read or heard said at some time in the past verbatim, should it be italicized like internal dialog, or quoted? Or does it depend on how it’s presented? Also, should a colon precede the remembered quotation, or a comma, or a period, or something else?

For example, how to present the words in a case like this: She could see the honesty the best policy pages of that old book, as if it were in front of her right now. Work hard but don’t be obsessive. I have the same questions. “This rule for chapter titles in books is not referring to chapter titles of thank, a manuscript itself, which are not put in quotation marks within the manuscript. Why Is Honesty Policy? Use quotation marks in your text if a character or narrator is thinking about or speaking a chapter title, not for your own chapter titles.” In a non-fiction work, I (as the author) explain to my reader the major sections in the book. Would I use quotations around the title names of those sections when I write about thank thesis them in the text?

For instance, assuming the use of a colon is correct – would this be the the best policy correct way to include this text? Part Two: “Title of Major Section” Yes, Melissa, you’re referring to real sections (or chapters) within the text, and putting those references into quotation marks is exactly what you’d want to The Star Hotel, do. And the colon is good as well. You could do the same setup for chapters—Chapter Five: “The Hope Within Us All” Your chapters, sections, and honesty essay, parts get quotation marks just as chapters, sections, and against, parts of other books would get quotation marks. For anyone else reading this, my note was a reference to chapter titles of the manuscript, those on the first page of honesty policy essay, every chapter. Mwd Engineer Resume? Those would not get quotation marks in honesty policy, the manuscript itself.

I have an paragraph thesis odd question about the use of the best policy, quotation marks. This is my third novel in a series (Southern fiction). In my character’s dialog which is in introduction with thesis, quotation marks, he is talking and the best policy, also quoting something his wife said. Do I use a quote within a quote? Here’s the example.

” Macie was bound and determined to find out which one of her hens wasn’t laying and one day she came in and said to mwd engineer resume, me, ‘I think it’s that funny looking chicken. I’ve seen every chicken go into the hen house today except her.’ I went out to see what all the fuss was about and lo and behold, that hen was a rooster.” Yes, Glenda. Policy? This is mwd engineer exactly the time you want to use a quote within a quote. What is BRE? If I write. “But I love the Bruce Springsteen song “Dancing in why is honesty the best essay, the Dark,””she said – it look weird. I would think it would be”But I like the thank thesis statement song ‘Dancing in the Dark’ by Bruce Springsteen,” she said. . Kim, BrE is British English; AmE is honesty policy American English. If someone is speaking and then quoting someone else (or naming something that gets quotation marks), the my real car by bailey quotation marks switch from doubles to singles (or in BrE, they can change from singles to doubles). Why Is The Best Policy Essay? Glenda used single quotation marks inside her doubles for her examples. Your example would work either of the ways you pointed out. Note the space between the single and double quotation marks.

“But I love the Bruce Springsteen song ‘Dancing in the Dark,’ ” she said. ”But I like the song ‘Dancing in the Dark’ by essay against women in india Bruce Springsteen,” she said. If someone using BrE wrote they same sentence, the following options would be correct. Note the comma outside the double quotation mark after dark. ‘But I love the Bruce Springsteen song “Dancing in the Dark”, ‘ she said. ‘But I like the song “Dancing in the Dark” by Bruce Springsteen,’ she said. Does this make sense? If I’ve confused you, let me know where I lost you. Thanks so much, you are very prompt. The Best Policy Essay? Is a poem in essay on violence against, dialogue italicized?

You probably covered this in the best essay, your article, I will read it soon. Am in the middle of formal essay, applying for why is the best, a grant for future publication. Why when I make a comment why does blank out. I am writing an American based fiction, inital audience is Australia and i have used American lingo. My Real Essay? Mom and why is, realize etc. My Real Car By Bailey? Is this a death knell? Kim, yes, do read the the best policy essay article about lyrics and poetry in fiction . Good Introduction Thesis Statement? You may find you won’t quote any long sections of text once you consider some of the points in the article.

In general, however, you wouldn’t need to use italics to quote a poem. If someone is reading it aloud, you could use quotation marks. If someone is reading a line silently to himself, then italics would be useful. Why Is Honesty? As for a full poem or even a stanza, you could set it off in the text with extra margins on both sides. But, still, read the article. It’s not often that you’ll want to plop a full poem into the middle of a novel. I’m not sure what’s blanking out.

Let me know more if you’re still having problems. If you’ve got Americans in a story, have them use AmE for the words they think and speak, so mom rather then mum is appropriate. But if your audience is in essay women, Australia, you may want to use BrE spellings, so realise rather than realize. Let the why is honesty the best policy essay characters’ language fit them, but let the story’s grammar and punctuation fit your audience. What about The Star Hotel using capital when someone is shouting? “I don’t want your whisky dick!” “I DON’T WANT YOUR WHISKY DICK!” I was doing this a lot, but have since stopped. And when using; she thought it odd he would wear such heavy clothing in the middle of honesty the best policy, summer DASH it was the hottest on record after all. Is the The Star Hotel DASH sp[ace controldash space, making it longer than a regular dash, or is it alt control dash or just dash? Plus, is afteralll, after-all? And when I use … I space then … Should it be; matter…” His voice trailed off at the sight of her taking off her clothes.

OR matter…” his voice trailed off at the sight of her bla bla . I know, I am dumb, but your advice is paramount. The Best Policy Essay? How do you get paid? If I submit a sample for resume, quote on editing, you require a chapter and page 250, does that mean an average of 250 words per page? Please read the above if you get time. Kim, unless you’re writing for children, you really don’t want to why is the best policy, use all caps. Shouting is The Star Hotel identified through the words and honesty policy essay, an exclamation point, if one is truly necessary. Definitely don’t use all caps for regular shouting. But could you use a few instances of all caps under certain conditions? You could. Thank Thesis Statement? But I’d limit them to once or twice over the course of a manuscript.

And for only one or two words at a time, not long sentences. This is something you might have to play by ear, but the fewer words with all caps, the why is honesty the best policy stronger the impact will be when you actually use all caps. Maybe a character has been taken over by essay on violence against a demon and speaks with a powerful demon voice—that might be the the best essay time you could get away with all caps. Dash—The dash you’re referring to in American English is an essay em dash. In MS Word you can insert it by holding the Alt key and typing 0151 on the numeric keypad (or Alt-Ctrl-minus). There are other ways of inserting the em dash as well. And there are no spaces. So it would look something like this: She did like strawberries—they were her favorite fruit.

For British English, the en dash is often used instead. It is why is honesty policy surrounded by spaces. The en dash is shorter than an em dash (but still longer than a hyphen). The MS Word shortcut is Alt 0150 (or Ctrl minus). It would look something like this: She did like strawberries — they were her favorite fruit. After all is spelled after all . The spaces with an ellipsis also depends on my real car by bailey, whether you’re using AmE or BrE.

But as for what follows, in your example, capitalize the why is honesty first word that follows the quotation mark because you’re beginning a new sentence. As for on bullying, submitting a sample for a quote, I require at least the first chapter and honesty policy, the chapter that contains page 250 (not just page 250). In other words, I’m looking for a chapter from the good with thesis statement middle of the book. However, I really like having as much to work with as possible, you if you send submit something, sending the honesty the best policy essay full manuscript is best. I was just curious how you would punctuate the name of formal, games, like Hide and Seek, or Truth or Dare–just capital, or italics, or quotes? Thanks so much for all your advice. You’re the best! Darien, this is going to be one of those “it depends” answers. For hide-and-seek and truth or dare—no caps, no italics, and no quotation marks. The same would hold true for checkers, chess, bridge, tag, dodgeball, and poker.

Games with trademarked names such as Monopoly, Scrabble, and Parcheesi would get capital letters, but nothing else. For video games, capitalize initial letters of each word. You might also want to use italics—that’s a recommendation I’ve seen in several places. Honesty The Best Essay? If you use italics, that’s treating the bailey essay game like a book or album. For this one, you have some leeway—just be consistent. The best option is to check a dictionary if you’re unsure about a particular game. A great question—I’m sure others have wondered too. If you’re grandmother tells you, “you are my precious little girl.” In German she’d say, “Du bist mein kostbares kleines Maedchen.” Irene, I’m not sure what issue you’re pointing out with your example. Is there something missing from the best essay, your comment?

I found these tips helpful, but I was curious about another instance. What about the resume name of a program? Not a computer program (though I didn’t see that on there and don’t know if the the best rule would be the formal essay on bullying same or different), but something like “We are considering withdrawing funding from the why is essay Excellence in Education program”. Would “Excellence in Education” be italicized or put in quotes or something else? Thanks!

Sharon, I’ve never seen italics or quotation marks recommended for program names, and I just did another quick search to be sure. Capital letters should be sufficient. Computer programs are also capped but not italicized. The titles of computer games can be italicized, but apparently that one is introduction with not set in stone. Make a choice and the best, then be consistent.

I use both italics and quotes when referring to non-human speech, or that of an animal, in my fantasy books. Thank Thesis Statement? It helps to differentiate between that of ordinary speaking and honesty the best policy, that of an entity or spirit. Dawn, I’m in agreement with trying anything that woks. But how do you differentiate between thoughts in essay against, quotes and dialogue in quotes? Can readers easily tell the difference? That is, do you do something specific each time to indicate that you’re showing thoughts rather than italics? Other writers might want to try whatever it is that you’re doing. Thank you for a great article!

My student wrote a fiction story and the name for one of the agencies in her story is honesty “Happily ever after”. Should she use quotation marks for this name of the place all the name or just capital letters? I am confused because “Happily ever after” is usually a phrase in a story and not a name. Amy, no quotation marks are necessary. On Violence Against Women? The names of the best, companies and businesses need only to be capitalized, no matter where the name came from. I have written a novel in American English. How do I write am and pm?

I have used a lot of poetry and when I have a character about to recite I go, cleared his throat then began: “I Had Something To Say. Is the my real car by bailey white essay [:] correct? or is it; or just, ? also when writing ages thirty-three, is the – correct? Could you give me an I idea of honesty the best policy, format for a 23.5 by thank statement 15 cm novel. Nora Roberts kind of size. Could you confirm proper industry size? I have margins currently at honesty, 2.54 top and bottom, inside 2.3 and outside at 1.9. Good Introduction Paragraph With Thesis Statement? I know the inside and outside sound ass about but it is the why is the best essay only way I can get my opening page lined up so spine is the bigger margin. . I am trying to keep page numbers down and it looks okay on the eye, although there are more than normal words on a page and font is 11 tnr. One more thing, when writing ASAP and GFC of introduction paragraph thesis, Ford F 100, are there dots or gaps. Yes I am that dumb!

He he. Very helpful! Thank you. I requested a comment on using famous writers quotes; Shakespeare and the best policy, Banjo Patterson – at the beginning of a novel, pre story. I know if you use other peoples info in text, you have to get copyright permission, but these peeps are dead! Kim, with material in the public domain, you don’t need to secure permission since no one owns the copyright. Yet do be aware that some newer versions of thesis statement, some materials may have copyrights—so some modern versions of the Bible do have active copyrights. For works in the best, the public domain, include author name and title of the source if it’s not just a general quote.

I have a question that I can’t seem to find the answer to, and that was not mentioned in this article. Can you/should you italicize quotes? Patrick, direct quotes go inside quotation marks, but there’s no need to use italics. That’s the basic answer, yet you might be thinking of some example in particular. If so, let me know. Two examples of the basic rule— I’d been walking along the mwd engineer resume shore, nicely alone, when a couple of teen girls came jogging up the beach. The Best Essay? One said, “And my parents said I couldn’t go unless I aced both exams and finished in essay on bullying, the top three in this weekend’s meet.” Thomas wanted to why is the best essay, know if it was Shakespeare who said, “Judge me by my size, do you?” I hope that helps.

I wasn’t actually talking about a quote within a sentence or paragraph. I’m talking about an actual quote from somebody. For example: “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones” -Albert Einstein. Good Introduction With Statement? Would it be wrong to italicize a quote like that? Thanks for the reply, Okay, so you’re using the quote at the beginning of honesty the best policy, a book or chapter, something like that? An epigraph?

In that case, the white essay choice is solely up to you. Italics or roman, either is acceptable. Just be consistent if you include multiple quotations. You’ll likely also want to center the text. And no quotation marks are necessary. It’s actually not for anything formal at all; it’s for a forum signature. I just wanted it to be correct. Again, I really appreciate you taking the why is policy time to answer my question. Thanks for your help,

Patrick, you’re welcome. Paragraph? For something like that, you definitely have a style choice. Hi Beth, Thank you very much for why is honesty policy, your article. It is very useful, and even more for a foreigner like me (I’m French). I wrote a novel in my language and since last September, I have been working on its translation in thank you ma'am thesis statement, English. The second part of the essay story is my real white essay taking place in England and the main characters are French. When they speak to the best, each other, they use a mixture of The Star Hotel, French and English words. I decided to italicise the English words. Consequenltly, when any character -be French, English or of any other nationality-, uses English, I have also italicised what they say. Is there a rule for that particular situation ? Also some characters who are not French use French when they speak. Should it be italicised ? Merci for your help.

Vincent. Vincent, if you’ve written the why is honesty policy essay story in French, then anything in English should be written in italics. There are exceptions for common English words that anyone would know; don’t italicize English words that would be known to your French-speaking audience. On the other hand, you don’t want too much to be italicized. Are there long sections in English? If your audience is The Star Hotel French, I wouldn’t include too much in English. You don’t want to why is honesty, lose your readers. But for occasional words and phrases—even sentences—in English, yes, you would use italics. No, don’t use italics for those who are not French but speak French. The italics use is for thank you ma'am thesis statement, your readers—it identifies words in a foreign language, which in your book means a language other than French.

Does that answer both your concerns? Do italicize words in what is why is honesty policy essay not the primary language of your story. But try not to on violence, have too many of why is honesty, such words in mwd engineer resume, your story. You don’t want readers unable to read what’s going on. Beth, Thank you very much for your reply but all my questions are about the English version, not the French. Sorry if I was not clear in my previous message and merci encore. Vincent. Vincent, I’m sorry I missed the part about you working on the English translation. In that case, you want to policy essay, italicize the formal essay French but not the English.

So italicize any words not in the major language of the story. It doesn’t matter who is speaking them—if words are in a language other than the why is the best policy essay story’s main language, they are italicized. (Again, allowances for common words that everyone would understand without translation.) This is paragraph statement a cue for the best policy, the reader and has nothing to statement, do with character. Since your readers will expect English, French words should be italicized to why is essay, show that they are not English words. Again, you wouldn’t want to include too many passages in French since you can’t expect your readers to understand that language and you don’t want them to car by bailey, miss vital information. If you want to show characters speaking a language other than the main language the story is written in and need to convey what they are saying, put the scene in policy, the viewpoint of one of the essay on violence against women characters who is speaking and try something like this— Charles and honesty policy, Marc switched over to mwd engineer, French when Billy entered the room. Not to intentionally keep the information from honesty essay, him, but he was a gossip.

And he always told his mother everything they said about the family business. After including something like that paragraph, you can still report the dialogue in English, but readers will assume they’re speaking French. You may want to remind readers that they’re speaking French, however, especially if they keep speaking it for a while. And you should let the readers know when they switch to English. I hope this information better fits your circumstances. Thank you so much for all the information.

What a service this is. My question is not for fiction, it’s for car by bailey essay, a blog I am putting together. (Although, considering the way I write it will probably come up in a story I’m writing as well.) The language is very informal, but I still want it to be understandable and the best policy, consistent. I was using common phrases in a sentence. For instance: She’s a live and let live kind of girl. It feels like “live and bailey, let live” should be italicised or something but I’m not sure. I’m sure it is technically incorrect but it seems understandable. I guess I’m struggling with whether ideas should be put in quotes or italicised. Another example would be something like, “She reached nirvana when she tasted the honesty the best essay ice cream.” I hope that makes sense. Thanks, again. Bria, your instincts are right on.

Your first example can be written a couple of ways. She’s a live-and-let-live kind of girl. She’s a live and let live kind of girl. The hyphens are preferable; we typically hyphenate compound adjectives before a noun. You can use italics, but often we reserve those for mwd engineer, longer compound adjectives—Her happiness was gained through trick your boyfriend for why is the best policy, as long as you can games. Yet even for something such as this sentence, the good paragraph hyphens would work. I see no need for anything special with your second example; it’s just a sentence. What were you thinking needed emphasis? Regarding italics and a character’s thoughts in novels, the distinction needs to be made between verbatim thoughts and the narrative rambling of why is policy, a close third POV. If the narrator is speaking to himself using a conversational format, i.e., addressing the reader/himself in thesis, thought, that text is italicized.

Too many writers get the general advice to essay, italicize a narrator’s thoughts resulting in what becomes meaningless punctuation that’s difficult to read. Bonnie, I agree that italicized text that goes on and on is definitely hard to read. And there’s no reason to The Star Hotel, include too much of it. There are options for working around the honesty policy need for italicized text. While writers can use italics for my real white essay, thoughts directed from a character to himself, italics are not a requirement for that format. See this article—and the comment section—for a discussion on Writing Character Thoughts . Let me first say thank you. Your blog has been invaluable. A quick question. In one of my stories, I have a ship named The Lucky Lady. I know, according to this blog, the why is honesty the best name would be in The Star Hotel, italics.

But sometimes, in either the narrative or when a character is speaking, they shorten the name…call it The Lady. My question is, do the same rules apply when that is done? When they shorten the name do I still use italics or would it be normal font? Thanks in advance. I’m glad the blog has been useful, CJ. Yes, use italics even when a character shortens the name of honesty the best, a ship.

Do the same for other titles. So Love in essay against, the Time of why is honesty the best policy, Cholera might be referred to my real car by bailey essay, as Cholera, and italics would still be used. A great question. I may edit the article to address the issue. Thank you so much for why is honesty policy essay, your speedy reply!

I’m just at a final editing now, and can put forth this change to my editor. Whoot! Sorry to bother you so soon, but just came to another example in my book of something that may need italics. T-shirts. I mean when you have a character in a story wearing a T-shirt with a caption on The Star Hotel, it, is why is the best policy essay that caption italicized or in quotes? For example… Once properly clothed in a pair of gray sweat pants and T-shirt that read, “Are You Feeling Lucky?” he carried her out to the bed and mwd engineer, wrapped her in some blankets. I’ve only honesty the best policy, used quotation marks here to mark the paragraph statement T-shirt slogan for honesty, you, so should Are You Feeling Lucky? be in italics instead?

Or written as is? I looked through the comments, but didn’t see that this example had been addressed. Thanks again for you ma'am, the help. CJ, for this one, you have options. The Chicago Manual of Style advises that we capitalize words from (common) signs and mottoes used in why is, running text if the phrase is short—no italics and no quotation marks. But CMOS does recommend quotation marks for mwd engineer resume, longer messages. Honesty The Best? And you could argue that a T-shirt is a sign of formal essay, a sort. Your T-shirt message is a familiar and short phrase, so you could probably just capitalize it.

However, a quick check of a handful of newspapers shows that they all use quotation marks for the text of a T-shirt. So if you do use quotation marks, that wouldn’t be considered wrong. Yet if you do go with the honesty policy essay quotation marks, you don’t need to capitalize every word. Capitalize only the first word. Adding weight to the recommendation to use quotation marks is the way the T-shirt’s message is introduced. If you use words such as said or read, readers will likely expect quotation marks. But if you mention the on violence T-shirt’s text in a different way—as in the next example—I’d suggest capital letters and no quotation marks. His faded T-shirt featured the why is honesty essay familiar phrase Are You Feeling Lucky. Bottom line, I think you’re safe going with quotation marks for thank, your example. Why Is Honesty The Best Policy? (Remember to capitalize just the first word.) Thanks so much! I have a character in mwd engineer, another book that’s known for wearing funny T-shirts as well and policy essay, will need this information for her, too.

I very much appreciate all your help and hard work. My pleasure, CJ. Glad to be of help. Sorry if this question has already been answered, but what is the case for mwd engineer resume, fictitious books? For example, in Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief (imagine that that title is italicized), one of the characters, Max Vandenburg, creates several books that do not exist in real life, one of which is called The Standover Man. Why Is The Best Policy? Would I italicize the title of that book in my essay? If not, how should I format it? A good question, Ryan. And I don’t think it’s been asked before. Yes, go ahead and italicize it, even though the book’s not real. The title is essay in india a real title, and that’s what matters.

Thank you for this. That’s a question I’ve been looking everywhere to policy, find the The Star Hotel answer to. I generally use made up magazine names, tv show titles, etc. (to avoid any legal complications) in my writing and was never quite sure if the italics were appropriate. Mike, I’m glad you found what you were looking for. And I quite understand using fictitious names and honesty, titles.

I think it’s a great option. Thank you, again. Beth, I always check your blog when I have questions. It’s a wonderful service! My question concerns this sentence: They might not last in the long run, but he wasn’t going to rush their demise with a tale of two cities.

Should there be single or double quotation marks, italics, or nothing at on bullying, all around tale of two cities? Thanks, Cassie. Why Is Essay? I’m always glad to hear that writers and essay on violence against in india, editors can find what they’re looking for. I’m assuming your intent is to refer to the book? If so, you need capital letters and italics.

They might not last in the long run, but he wasn’t going to rush their demise with A Tale of honesty the best policy essay, Two Cities. If you don’t intend to reference the book directly—perhaps the character wanted to use the title for a play on words—then you’d approach this differently. But if you did intend a play on thesis, words, you’d change the title in essay, some way. Let me know if that didn’t answer the question for you. Beth, thanks so much for The Star Hotel, answering so quickly! I truly appreciate it. Honesty Policy Essay? Yes, the character is referring to against in india, the book title.

I guess it could be considered a play on words because he and why is honesty the best policy essay, his significant other are trying to work out their relationship while living in different cities. In that case, would it still need caps and italics? I’m always flummoxed about this subject. Again, thanks so very much for taking the time to answer! Cassie, if he’s actually referring to the book itself, with something like this next example, you do need capital letters and italics— They might not last in the long run, but he wasn’t going to rush their demise by formal essay on bullying making them play out A Tale of Two Cities. For a play on the title (which sounds more like what you have in why is the best, mind), you wouldn’t use the title directly and therefore wouldn’t need caps or italics. You’d want the reference close enough to the original to The Star Hotel, be recognizable but different enough to why is the best policy essay, fit your scene’s context.

They might not last in the long run, but he wasn’t going to rush their demise by The Star Hotel dwelling on their own sad tales of two very distant cities. Does that settle the issue for you? You can refer to exact titles, so don’t feel that you can’t. But if you do mention them, use italics (or quotation marks when necessary) to indicate that you’re mentioning a title. Otherwise make the reference different enough that you’re not just using the title’s words without the the best essay proper punctuation and capital letters. Oh, my goodness, thank you so very, very much!

Your explanation is exactly what I was looking for! You are a treasure for writers! Thank you, Beth! I know you’ll tell me to recast—but I can’t. Which version would you pick for the possessive of a song title in introduction paragraph with thesis, quote marks? Again, I’m not permitted to why is honesty the best policy essay, recast—so which is the most viable alternative here? And would you use straight or curly quotes to enclose both the my real bailey title and the possessive?

Thank you kindly. Lou, are you sure you can’t rewrite? That’s the best option. If you truly can’t, go with your third choice, with the apostrophe and why is honesty the best policy, s outside the quotation marks. (I assume the direction of the introduction with thesis apostrophe is simply a function of the blog.) I’ve not seen that anyone expressly suggests using the honesty the best space between the mwd engineer resume double quotation mark and the apostrophe for this purpose, yet I suggest it for policy, ease of reading. But use a thin space if you can. And use curly quotes (for most purposes). You might use straight quotes in an e-mail.

Chicago 16 doesn’t specifically address this. They use a comma—inside the quote marks next to an exclamation point/question mark—with quoted titles only. Are these correct? When Jill screamed, “Help!” the neighbors called 911. When Frank asked, “Where’s the keg?” his wife said that his friend drank it all.

The weekly periodical, “How Do We Invest In the Future?,” is very popular. Formal On Bullying? (Comma goes inside the the best ending quote because a title of a work is being referenced, correct?) I say no commas in these, correct? I resented her “How old are you?” “Are you married?” and “Are you interested in a fling?” questions. (No commas, I say.) Lou, there are a couple of issues and options here. Let’s do these one issue at a time. Formal Essay? (I’m answering for you as well as for others who might read this, so I’ll go into a bit of detail.) Because I gave Lou some bad advice, I deleted this answer (11/8//15) and honesty the best, wrote up answers to the questions in this article— replacing commas with question marks . Lou, after more investigation, I realize that I steered you wrong here with some of this information. I’m going to correct this answer and use your questions in an article to make this issue clear.

When will your article be coming out? (Yaaaay!) And which ones were incorrect above? The article is mwd engineer resume finally up— replacing commas with question marks . I think it should provide the why is policy info you need. *g* Beth, you shouldn’t have answered me in terms I could truly understand because you’re quickly becoming my “go to” expert! With that admittance, I have another question about the following sentence: But his emptiness was so pervasive, he gave the formal essay on bullying muse idea serious consideration when he looked at his latest pieces—uninspired, apathetic, lifeless. If I were to change “he gave the muse” to “he had to give the muse,” would it be grammatically correct? My confusion lies in the use of simple past vs an infinitive.

Any light you could shed on honesty, my addled brain would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Beth! Cassie, either option is correct. The second gives the essay on violence in india reader more insight into the best, the character’s thoughts and/or puts more emphasis on his reason for giving the muse idea consideration. The first option is more a statement of fact. An option for introduction paragraph thesis, tweaking each—

But his emptiness was so pervasive, he actually gave the policy muse idea serious consideration as he studied his latest pieces—uninspired, apathetic, lifeless. But his emptiness was so pervasive, he had to give the muse idea serious consideration after he evaluated his latest pieces—uninspired, apathetic, lifeless. Thank you, Beth! Yes, you’ve definitely helped! I’m going for The Star Hotel, “more insight into the character’s thoughts.” I appreciate your taking the policy essay time to answer me! Hi what about names of buildings, but I have made up the names.

This is for a building project brochure. So we want to call it “The Children’s House” or “Dining Hall A” or “The Orange Hill”. These names are used many times throughout the brochure. Thank You Ma'am Statement? Italics, quotes? Or quote it once and the best policy, then every other time just plain caps? Mara, names of on violence against women, buildings require only capital letters, no italics or quotation marks. When used in why is honesty policy, a caption (under a photo or illustration, for example), capitalize all the words in the name, including the article—The Children’s House and The Star Hotel, The Orange Hill. When you use the name in running text—Building begins on the Children’s House in December—don’t capitalize the the.

None of the top-gun style guide address these. Why Is? With the approaching holidays I’d like to know which words to mwd engineer, correctly capitalize. What is the technically correct capitalization rule for each, please? Should “Merry” in “Merry Christmas” and honesty policy essay, “Happy New Year” be capped below? If not, how would you punctuate this exact sentence? Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hope you have a great New Year! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! A Happy Anniversary to the both of white, you. Happy Birthday, Michael!

Have a Happy Birthday, Michael! Cap “Birthday” in the first and “Happy Birthday” in the second? Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you so much! Denise, perfect questions for the best, a topic I’ve not addressed here at the blog. Names of holidays (religious and secular) are capitalized. So Christmas (and Eve), Thanksgiving Day, New Year’s Day (and Eve ) are always capitalized. The words happy, merry, birthday, and anniversary are not capped in running text (although we often capitalize such words in good paragraph with statement, headings. Do capitalize these words at the beginnings of sentences, as usual.

Have a merry Christmas and why is honesty the best, a happy New Year. (But—I hope the new year is a happy one for you.) I hope you have a great new year. (No caps here. This is referring to against women, the year, not to the holiday.) Have a happy Thanksgiving. A happy anniversary to . Why Is Honesty The Best Policy Essay? . Essay On Violence Against Women In India? . Happy birthday, Michael. Have a happy birthday . . . Have a happy Thanksgiving. Happy holidays to the best policy, you and yours.

Season’s greeting to you all. This really is a great topic (and there’s lots more to cover). Mwd Engineer Resume? I guess this calls for a full article. Thanks for the tip. This blog of yours is just unbelievably great! I’ve never seen anything quite like this.

Am I dreaming?? This site is better than the top style guides, and I mean that. You’re awesome, Beth! Great, great work. You should be very proud. Thanks so much for this post, I am currently studying for a Graduate Certificate in policy, Editing and Publishing and found this immensely helpful! I have a question, if you don’t mind, about a passage I’m currently editing. You said in your post that for thank you ma'am thesis, songs, the CD or album title would be in italics and the song names would be in quotation marks. This makes perfect sense, but would you say the same for an old or traditional folk song? Here is the the best essay sentence: “But when his voice, ripe and full and The Star Hotel, strong, lofted “Macushla” and “Mother Machree” to the soaring roof of the hired theatre, that stunning opposition of school shirt and why is the best essay, matinee idol voice had the crowd cheering and statement, pulping their palms.”

Would you say that the quotations marks are correct here? My understanding is that these are titles of Irish folk songs, and why is honesty the best essay, as such, don’t belong to a larger group like an album. Should they be italicised instead? Thanks very much! Erin, stay with quotation marks for resume, songs, even folk songs. The punctuation helps to identify the words as song titles in the middle of other text. Songs don’t have to be on albums in why is policy essay, order to have quotation marks; the album/song comparison is simply a way to differentiate between the my real car by white kinds of titles. Thank you so much for replying, Beth!

Much appreciated. He received two As on his report card. Why Is The Best Policy Essay? (Chicago prefers this.) Would the reader momentarily stumble and construe As as the thank word “as”? Is this clearer to the reader in your opinion? He received two A’s on his report card. Which would you go with? He received two A’s, three Bs, and two Cs on his report card. (Could this work, or is it a no-no?) Which would Beth Hill personally use—As or A’s in essay, all the examples above? PS This is the greatest reference source available anywhere on on violence women, the Net or in any bookstore! You are to be commended! Awesome, awesome, awesome site!

Denise, you hit on one of the contentious ones. Chicago does recommend As , but I think it’s clearer with the apostrophe, A’s . Essay? Used alone—I got all A’s—I’d definitely go with the apostrophe. Used in a group of letter grades, As is probably clear, but I’d still go with A’s . Car By Bailey Essay? Then readers don’t have to guess or hesitate. And I wouldn’t use apostrophes for honesty policy, the other letters–two A’s, three Bs, and two Cs. I’m sure you’ve seen lots of different possibilities for this one. But there are already allowances, so why not include this one? I’m glad you like the site. Paragraph With Thesis Statement? But always keep in mind that I’m an editor, not a proofreader, so my answers may not always match CMOS or another source. I try to provide reasons when I disagree with major reference sources or when a writer has options. CMOS 16 says that PS (for postscriptum) has no periods. So if I were to use PS, is why is honesty the best policy there any punctuation (i.e., a period or a colon) that should follow?

1. PS Keep up the great work! 2. PS: Keep up the great work! 3. PS. Keep up the great work! Per Chicago, do you think that 1, 2, or 3 is statement correct? Denise, I didn’t see CMOS’s suggestion for no periods, but the Oxford Dictionary of current English shows PS as well. I looked at several sources and found nothing definitive for the punctuation following the PS.

A period or a colon should be acceptable. Why Is Essay? (And both options were given as options from the Gregg Reference Manual in one resource I found.) In several questions directed to the CMOS folks online, they use the introduction statement format P.S. Text, text, text in why is honesty policy essay, their answers. (Admittedly, those answers may be older, from the days before P.S. became PS.) I may check another source or two—I’m more than curious that this doesn’t seem to be addressed in against in india, many places. But you should be fine with the period or the the best essay colon following PS. Good Introduction? Or you could revert to P.S. and follow it with your postscript sentence. How do you create italics on your website? It didn’t work in the post above.

Lol. For italics (i), bold (b), or underline (u), bracket your text as follows, omitting the space after the first bracket of each pair— If I have an italicized place name that includes “The” at essay, the beginning (I know I shouldn’t but lets just say for arguments sake that I have) do I always have to italicize the The Star Hotel “The” part? Ben, I’m not sure if I’m considering all your possibilities, but I’m guessing you mean places such as the United States or the Philippines contrasted with names such as The Hague , Le Havre, and The Plains (Ohio). If you had to italicize the why is honesty place names, as I did here, italicize the word the in names that capitalize the the . Is that what you’re getting at? If not, let me know. Thanks for formal, your great website! I’m going back on why is honesty, forth on The Star Hotel, the punctuation of the honesty the best essay last name in this sentence: She picked up the envelope marked Jamison that sat on thank, her desk. Honesty The Best Essay? My latest thought is that Chicago 7.58 applies here. It says that proper nouns used as words are usually set in The Star Hotel, roman (as opposed to words used as words, which are italicized or enclosed in quotation marks).

What do you think? PS Do you have an the best policy essay idea of when your new book will be out in print format? Oops, typing too fast! Meant “back and formal essay on bullying, forth.” Diane, I don’t think that Jamison is being used as a word here. At least not the same way the the best policy essay word iPod is used in the CMOS example (and in this sentence). Yet that’s just my opinion.

I’d probably use italics for resume, a reference to words on an envelope or piece of paper. Honesty Essay? Maybe quotation marks if the wording was different, if the sentence included said or write . —She picked up the envelope—with its chicken-scratch version of Jamison on thank thesis statement, the back—from her desk. Like you, I go back and honesty the best, forth with the options. Good Introduction Thesis Statement? But sometimes the rest of the sentence guides the choice. The book is being formatted. I’ll let everyone know when it’s coming as soon as I have a date. Thank you for all that you do for us. How would you use quotations in an author’s thoughts to herself. Example: The executive officers never intended to so thoroughly betray their underlings. “Or do they?” I would often ask myself. Melissa, this article (and the honesty the best essay comments) on character thoughts should give you some ideas. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, let me know.

Do italicize the names of on violence women in india, specific Disney attractions? For example, do I italicize The Festival of Fantasy Parade? A great question, Brianna. I had to do a little checking, but no italics for the attractions or the areas of the why is honesty policy essay park (Fantasyland). Just capitalize the names of the attractions. If you refer to my real car by essay, a movie or book title on which a ride is based, be sure to use italics for the movie or book reference.

How do you list TV shows and episodes on social media where you can’t use italics and why is policy, bold? Nicky, definitely capitalize them, both the names of the shows and the names of the episodes. Since you can probably still use quotation marks, use those for the episode titles. You might have to go with only caps for the show titles. This is resume CMOS’s response when asked about the inability to use italics on social media— Capitalization, Titles . I’m thinking that all caps might be the best solution if you show both a show title and episode titles, simply to differentiate them. But quotation marks should be acceptable when you have only the show titles. A great question. Maybe others will contribute their solutions.

Thank you for the help. Such a helpful article – thanks Beth. The only thing I’m still not 100% on is when referring to a historically significant event within a story. E.g. Things hadn’t seemed so bleak since . (Note: I don’t know how to stylise what’s in the best essay, the “pointy brackets.”) I’m guessing it only needs to be capitalised like the Great Depression, or the bailey Big Bang…? Please help. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ahh, that didn’t work. What I wrote in the “pointy brackets” got removed. Here’s my example again: Things hadn’t seemed so bleak since [the scouring of scones]. A good question, Joel. Treat fictional historical events the same way you’d treat actual historical events in why is policy essay, our world. So for something like a famous battle—The Battle of Britain—you’d capitalize it. For a family tale, even if the story’s been passed down for years—the raiding of old Tom’s farm—don’t capitalize the event. Essay Women In India? No quotation marks or italics are necessary for either.

Is the scouring of scones a known historical event in your story world or is this wording just a casual way some characters refer to the event? CMOS 16 (8.74) gives a list of events, some capitalized (the Boston Tea Party, the policy Great Chicago Fire, the Cultural Revolution) and some not (the civil rights movement, the crash of essay on violence against, 1929, the fire of 1871). You may simply have to make a decision. Capitalizing the words would turn the Scouring of the Scones into the best policy essay, a big deal, maybe into an event that’s commemorated annually, an event known to resume, both sides in a war or disagreement. Why Is The Best Essay? But not all big events are capitalized. We wouldn’t write the Signing of the Magna Carta (capitalizing the word signing ) or the car by white Opening of Hunting Season (capitalizing any of the words) or the Last Trek of the Alloni. If the event was written the Great Scone Scourge? You might want to cap that. We do, after all, capitalize the Black Death. Yet you’ll also want to honesty essay, consider the scope of the event. Formal On Bullying? An event known only locally probably doesn’t need caps.

The event can still be important, even if it’s not capitalized. I hope that helps. “I”, he said, “am disgusted.” Original sentence is “I am disgusted”, not “I, am disgusted”, with the comma after “I”. Thus, the policy question mark goes outside the ending quote marks (“I”,). “I am disgusted,” he said, “but I think I’ll get over introduction paragraph with thesis, it.”

Original sentence is “I am disgusted, but I think I’ll get over it.” The comma goes after “disgusted” (inside the quotes) because a comma is why is policy essay required before “but” at that point in the sentence—that is, the thank statement comma separates two independent clauses, the second of which starts with the coordinating conjunction “but”. Do you agree with my punctuation and logic in both sentences above? This is why is honesty the best essay strictly for logical punctuation. I recently wrote a movie review on my blog, and because I couldn’t italicize the movie’s title in my blog post title, I used double quotation marks, as follows: “Far from the Madding Crowd”. But I’ve seen that most titles of blog posts that refer to women, movies and books either don’t use any quotation marks or they use single quotation marks that read as follows: ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’. If I can’t use italics in my blog post title, which should I use: double quotation marks, single quotation marks, or no quotation marks? And thanks for why is honesty the best policy, such an my real car by informative and why is honesty, helpful website! Ginger, when you see single quotation marks, it’s probably because the author or editor is following the practice of newspapers to use single quotation marks when titles (of books or movies) or other words requiring quotation marks appear in article titles. Essay On Violence? Space is at a premium in why is honesty the best policy, newspapers, so single quotation marks are a standard practice there. You could do the same thing with a blog post title, but you could just as easily use double quotation marks—it’s not likely that you’d be dealing with a space issue. But either would work and be acceptable.

I wouldn’t recommend going without any quotation marks because that could confuse readers. If you’re going to mention a book or movie in a blog post title and you can’t italicize, use quotation marks of mwd engineer, one kind or the other. And thank you. I’m glad you find the site useful. That clarifies things. Why Is The Best? Thanks so much! Beth, for my real, some reason punctuation for the following sentence flummoxes me: When Jennifer Patterson paid me an honesty ill-timed visit, asking me to resume, take her son and fix him, she started with “We haven’t always agreed.” Should there be quotations marks, should there be commas after ‘started with’ and ‘visit,’ and why is honesty the best policy, is it correct to capitalize ‘we’? Total brain drain on this one!

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Cassie, I can see why this one has you wondering. Let’s look at the first comma first. You actually have options here. That is, this sentence would be correct with and without that first comma. Comma use depends on thesis, the intended meaning.

I see asking me to the best, take her son as a nonessential phrase. If that’s the case, put a comma between visit and asking. If the meaning you want is the same one you’d create if you used dashes or parentheses, then that first comma is needed. If, however, you consider that phrase to be essential, don’t include that first comma. If the meaning you’re going for thank you ma'am thesis, is similar to this—When Jennifer Patterson paid me an ill-timed visit to policy essay, ask me to take her son and fix him . Bailey White? . .—then you wouldn’t include that first comma. In this second case, the information is essential and therefore you wouldn’t need that first comma. (The comma between him and she is necessary, however, to essay, separate the on bullying dependent clause from the independent clause that follows it.) As for why is the best essay, the next questions, they’re a bit tricky. You haven’t included a true attribution—she said—so you don’t actually have to use a comma. You’re quoting in this instance, not conveying a section of dialogue. Your example is closer to examples in CMOS that show run-in quotations (section 13.14 in the 16th edition) without a comma.

In The Copyeditor’s Handbook (CH) (in the section on stronger and weaker punctuation), the same kind of setup is shown without the introductory comma as well. Consider this as a quote that’s part of the structure of the thank thesis statement sentence. CMOS calls similar constructions a syntactical part of the why is sentence. She started with a song. She started with hope. She started with the words “We haven’t always agreed.” ** She started with “We haven’t always agreed.” She started with the admission “we haven’t always agreed.” You’d be safe to drop the comma. As for the capital letter, CH shows a capital letter in their example. CMOS says that you can use a lowercase letter if the quotation is truly syntactical.

CMOS shows a capital letter when there’s an attribution, when the quotation is you ma'am thesis being set apart. Since there seems to be disagreement between at least two sources, you probably could argue the case for either a capital letter or a lowercase one. But if you usually use CMOS recommendations, you might want to stick to lowercase. As for the quotation marks themselves, since it is why is a quote, use them. If you rewrote and essay on bullying, said something like—She started with the words** we haven’t always agreed —you could use italics and lowercase the first letter. Why Is Honesty The Best? We can use italics for resume, words used as words, so italics is an option. It’s likely that some might say that started with is closer to being an attribution than it is different from being one and insist on why is honesty, a comma. And I think that argument could be made. Yet because the The Star Hotel sentence could imply or include so many other components that wouldn’t require a comma—as in my example sentence with the word admission —omitting the comma in this case is perfectly acceptable. For your sentence, I’d suggest no comma and lowercase first letter.

Thanks for why is policy essay, such great questions. Car By Bailey? You likely weren’t the only one wondering such things. Oh, thank you so much! The more I searched, the more confused I became! You explained it so well, I actually understood your answer! Again, thank you!

Hi I’m not sure if you’ve answered this question, but I think it would be similar to why is essay, your previous answer regarding video games. Thesis? If I’m discussing an why is app on my blog, would I just capitalize each initial word. The name of the app is car by white essay Think Dirty. Shelbi, you’re right—just caps. To make sure your readers understand that it’s the honesty policy essay title of an app, you might want to on bullying, mention that at the very beginning:

The Think Dirty app is a . . . Think Dirty is an app you can use to . . . Thank you! You’re awesome. Beth, I’m back. (I’m really not as dense as I seem *g*). I have a question about ellipses in the middle of a sentence like this: I wouldn’t have thought twice about dragging her to the back room except … glassy eyes, dilated pupils. I put on one of why is, those damn hats again, too worried about the drugs she took and formal essay on bullying, who gave them to her.

Is an ellipsis the proper punctuation in honesty policy essay, that example? If it is, should there be a space before and after when it’s in the middle of a sentence, or is an em dash the more correct punctuation? Thanks so much for taking the time to answer the questions posted! Hi Beth, I understand that if I say the following—he sounded like Jesus from South Park—that South Park should be italicised (as it’s a TV show). But should the character, Jesus, be in quotations (given this particular name of The Star Hotel, a fictional cartoon character)? Just a capital J for Jesus, Paula.

It’s a name, so nothing else is required. I have a question for you. I’m including a will reading in my book. And though the honesty policy essay lawyer is the one physically reading it to the niece I want the readers to essay, get a sense of the why is policy aunt. Like what they do in movies. When you see someone reading a letter or something from someone and instead of the readers voice, we hear the writers voice? Am i making sense? Anyway, my question is should I italicize the will reading since that is the introduction thesis effect i’m going for why is essay, or should I leave it just as the lawyer reading it, Thank you! If I am including segments of newspaper articles or segments of legal documents in my genealogical research writing, do I, or can I, italicize it and set it off in on violence against women, the center of the page for clarity or emphasis?

Beth, I’m told that we very technically punctuate words as words in the following manner (i.e., we italicize the the best policy word and place the plural ending in roman type). Thank You Ma'am Statement? Can you confirm this on your end? No recasts, please. Why Is Honesty The Best Policy Essay? Thank you for resume, any help. Let me try that again. Sorry. Do all of the following look good?

Lou, for words as words and when the word itself isn’t plural but we’re making it plural, these look good—and yes, roman text for the plural ending. Honesty Policy? But I’d certainly rewrite some of with, these. Why Is Honesty Essay? The letter of the law makes for thank thesis, some pretty poor options for a few of why is honesty, these words. Of course, the examples above are the plurals of words as words. Could quote marks (like this) be used as an alternative? “was”es, “his”es, “is”es, “as”es, “us”es, etc. CMOS recommends “wases” rather than “was”es—no plural ending outside of the closing quotation mark. (And of course, no italics needed with the use of the quotation marks.) Thanks as always, Beth. So these are correct too, then? “was”es, “his”es, “is”es, “as”es, “us”es, etc. And Chicago recommends “wases” without an italicized “was”?

Where did you find “wases” in Chicago 16? I didn’t find “wases” as an example. The CMOS example is “to be continueds.” They say to form plurals inside quotation marks in The Star Hotel, the usual way—so not “to be continued”s. Why Is Policy? This is in CMOS 7.12 (16th ed.) CMOS shows no italics for formal on bullying, their example, just the honesty plural phrase in quotation marks.

So when you’re using quotation marks, follow their example. If you’re using italics, use italics for only the word itself, not the plural. Essay Against? Except, of course, if the whole word, the the best essay plural version, is in on violence in india, italics. Aside from Chicago, I think these could work (they are much clearer). Do you think that all examples below, for the plurals of words as words, are correct. Sorry, Lou. I meant to get back to these. Actually, I probably wouldn’t ever use these for honesty the best policy, plurals. The standard way to my real bailey white, make plurals (adding s or es ) works well. The apostrophe would likely cause too much confusion.

I agree with CMOS (7.13) on this one. Hi, Beth. It’s possible that you already answered this question and why is the best policy essay, I just missed it, but what would you do if you’re hearing both sides of resume, a phone conversation? For example, in policy essay, the book I’m currently working on, my main character is at home talking to her brother on the phone. Paragraph With? Rather than constantly referencing the why is the best phone, I have his dialogue in italics to show that he’s not the room, and hers in regular roman text. Would this be correct, or should I keep it all in roman? I’ve seen it both ways in other books – is there an industry standard?

Megan, there isn’t a standard because there are different ways to approach such a conversation. Yet yours seems a straightforward conversation. I suggest simply letting readers know the conversation is talking place by phone and my real car by bailey, then treat that conversation like regular dialogue. If the reader gets to hear both sides, there’s nothing wrong with roman text and quotation marks. Whether characters are face to face, in different rooms of a house, or talking by phone, if the reader gets to hear everything, this is normal dialogue. Beth, I’m at a loss about policy punctuation in essay against in india, the following sentence: I shivered as icicles of honesty the best policy, expectation—or was it foreboding?—carreened down my spine. Is the punctuation correct as is, and if I wanted to get rid of the em dashes, could I still use a question in the middle of the sentence? Cassie, the thank statement question inside the the best essay dashes works well. If you’re talking nonfiction, you could go with either the car by bailey white essay dashes or a pair of parentheses.

But for fiction, stick with the why is honesty dashes. I can’t see another way—a better way—to include a question midsentence. Commas aren’t strong enough. Thanks, Beth! I appreciate your comment! Hi, thanks for this informative article. I have a question about signs. Specifically, in this sentence: “There was a sign on the door that said Knock Before Entering.” Quotes?

Italics? Neither? Jared, the The Star Hotel Chicago Manual of why is honesty policy, Style recommends headline style for signs in running text—no quotation marks or italics. Essay On Violence In India? So that means capitalize first and last words and almost all words except for conjunctions, prepositions, and the best, articles. But when the The Star Hotel sign text gets long, CMOS suggests quotation marks and no caps. For your example, keep it as is—capitalizing the three words. Awesome.

Thanks for the reply. What a rich resource you have provided us with, Beth Hill! I am having difficulty finding an answer to a specific question. Foreign language organization names: to italicize or not? In the work I am currently editing, the writer sometimes refers to a Spanish organization name, and often (but not always) she also provides the why is honesty the best policy English translation (or actual English version, when there is thank you ma'am statement one in use). My tendency is to why is policy essay, start with the mwd engineer resume English and put the Spanish version next to it in brackets, italicised, and, if I only have the policy essay Spanish version, to my real bailey essay, simply italicize it. Am I on the right track? Many thanks if you can help me! Yasemin, I know we talked about this on honesty the best policy essay, another thread, but to answer here for other readers—no, don’t italicize proper nouns in foreign languages. Names, including company names, don’t get italics.

I am a bit puzzled why you don’t use the names of parts of speech in your guidelines. For example: “Nouns are typically the words that you’ll capitalize, but not all nouns are capitalized. Capitalize named nouns. Formal? So Fido is capitalized, but dog is not; Aunt Margaret (used as a name) is capitalized, but my aunt is not; my aunt Margaret gets a mix of why is the best policy essay, capitalization.” You are actually defining a new term, “named noun”, instead of using an essay on bullying existing term, “proper noun”. It is confounding because all nouns are names of things. Honesty Essay? So the above paragraph could be re-written as. “Nouns are typically the words that you’ll capitalize, but not all nouns are capitalized. You Ma'am? Capitalize proper nouns, not common nouns.

So Fido (proper noun) is capitalized, but dog (common noun) is not. Titles are covered under proper nouns: Aunt Margaret (title of a specific person and proper noun) is why is honesty the best policy essay capitalized, but my aunt (common noun) is formal not; my aunt Margaret gets a mix of capitalization.” Ranjeet, I wasn’t intending to create a new term. Not all readers here know all the terms, so I try to provide examples that make sense whether or not someone knows proper terminology. Saying that a name is capitalized helps explain what to honesty the best essay, do with nouns that are names and those that aren’t. All nouns aren’t actually names—dog isn’t a name, but Fido is. Girl isn’t a name, but Sally is. That is what I was trying to stress with my examples. I’m sorry to have confused you. Hi Beth.

Great stuff. Thanks. A quickie, since I can’t see it in the growing list of comments. I have some narrative sections where I need/want to provide a definition of a foreign term. Essay On Violence? For example: The town of Careiro do Castanho (Castanho, for short, meaning nut-coloured)…

In this example, the second use of the word ‘Castanho’ is as a proper noun (as an honesty abbreviation for the full name), but it has a meaning in the foreign language for against, which I also want to provide a translation to English. I’m writing in British English. The question is, what is the why is the best appropriate style to use for the words in in india, parenthesis ‘Castanho’ and ‘nut-coloured’? (If you could also tell me the answer to the question of life, the universe and eveything, that would be nice. In witting, when you say, I gave him a look that said, you wanna bet? or her look said, you’re joking, right? what is the why is honesty essay proper way to format this? Would you use quotations or italicize? Hii…I’m at a loss about punctuation in the following sentence: I shivered as icicles of mwd engineer resume, expectation—or was it foreboding?—carreened down my spine. Online News Publish. News, your sentence works just as you’ve written it.

What punctuation are you worried about? Thank you Beth. To have it all collected is very helpful. One small hint: Your Grandmother would use “Du bist …” rather than “Sie sind …”, except if she’s never met you before. It’s a little confusing as both translate into “You are …” Steve, thanks for the tip on the German. I do believe the why is honesty the best essay grandmother would know her grandchild.

Hi Beth. I read elsewhere in a style guide that quotation mark and italics should never be used together for introduction statement, a title. But I have a dilema. I’m quoting the title of an Italian song. The song title is a bit long, and it’s in honesty the best essay, Italian, which would normally require italics. How should I handle this? Do I supplant one rule in favor of the other? And if so, which one? Thanks for formal essay, your input. J.D., yours is why is honesty policy another great question.

Go with the thank thesis quotation marks, no italics. We don’t italicize proper nouns in foreign languages, so look at a title in the same way. Let the quotation marks do the work. Hi Beth. An italics question—in fiction, a character picks up a letter and begins to read it, but she is not reading it out policy essay loud. Car By White Essay? Does the text of the letter go in italics? Hope you weren’t already asked this—I did try to skim all the comments before posting. I was asked to comment on a document which contained this phrase (quotation marks deliberately left out for honesty policy essay, clarity here):

This direction is essay usually referred to as a ‘shelter in place’. The single quotation marks seem wrong to me. I am pretty sure “shelter in place” should be capitalised, but would you use italics or leave the quotes? This post was very helpful. I’m a former English teacher, and my memory of all the minutiae has eroded. Thanks for the refresher. This post is amazing!

I wish I had stumbled upon it BEFORE I finished my 170k-word manuscript! Or should I say before (italics)? What do you think of using all-caps for why is honesty the best policy essay, the words you want to emphasize? Not recommended? One of your readers mentioned using both quotation marks and italics for his fantasy characters’ dialogs to differentiate between that of ordinary speaking and that of an essay on violence women in india entity or spirit. What’s your take on why is honesty the best policy essay, that?

My heroine has a split-personality and thank you ma'am thesis statement, multiple dialogs with the voice in honesty the best essay, her head. They are all in italics and quotation marks, resulting in sometimes entire pages in italics. Should I just skip the italics all together and The Star Hotel, treat those crazy inner conversations as regular dialogs, in roman type? I hope you still have patience to reply to comments on honesty the best, this 2,5-year-old post. #128512; This post is against women really good. My book starts from a writings of a journal and essay, later it quickly gets to the scene where the in india writer of that journal is policy essay distracted by something. How do I separate the scene and the words of journal? Is it okay to use italics as a representation writings of that character? I have encountered an entire line quoted in mwd engineer, foreign words in a written short story that I am trying to proofread. I would like to know whether the honesty policy quote must remain as it is, or be Italicized instead?

I would greatly appreciate if you d reply. Mohamed, go ahead and italicize it. That way it stands out as something other. Which would I use (italics or quotation marks) for thesis statement, the last word? The painting had a small plaque in the corner that read Facets. “Facets” is the title of the painting. Just italics, as it’s like a sign?

Or quotes, because it’s quoting the plaque? And would it require a comma between “read” and “Facets”? (I can’t make italics on my post, so I just put it all in quotes, sorry.) TLH, no comma is necessary when you run a quotation into the sentence this way. So if you use the quotation marks, no comma. If the text on the plaque was long, a phrase or a sentence rather than a single word, I’d definitely suggest quotation marks. It’s as if someone is quoting the the best policy essay sign. The Star Hotel? But a single word—and a title, at that—makes the situation different.

In my opinion you’re no longer quoting the honesty policy essay sign, simply reporting the title. Still, there’s an argument for both conditions. I’d go with italics for this one, but quotation marks wouldn’t be wrong. Mwd Engineer Resume? Or you could rewrite. The painting bore a small plaque in one corner: Facets.

To create italics or bold or underlining in comments, encase the text between the following commands, except substitute angle brackets for why is policy essay, parentheses (): The space shuttle name is spelled Endeavour. It is indeed. Thanks for the heads-up, Will. So maybe it's not only about the words. It's about syntax. Essay? And plot. And action. It's voice and pacing and dialogue. It's about characters with character. It's about putting the the best policy words together to touch, to entertain, to The Star Hotel, move the reader.

So, yeah, maybe it's all about the words. Expanded Version Now Available in a PDF. Buy your PDF copy today. Good folks, every one. Each on a path toward fulfilling their writing dreams. Our paths have crossed, and I'm honored to call these friends and colleagues. The reader will focus on what stands out.

Turn the reader's attention where you want it to go. Thank you for reading The Editor's Blog, an Internet resource for essay, fiction writers, freelance editors, and essay on bullying, everyone who loves words. Copyright 2010-2016 E. The Best Essay? A. Hill Visit Beth at A Novel Edit.

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acharnians essay (Comedy, Greek, 425 BCE , 1,234 lines) “The Acharnians” (Gr: “Akharneis” ) is the earliest of the eleven surviving plays of the ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes, and a classic of the highly satirical genre of drama known as Old Comedy. It was first produced in 425 BCE and won first place at the best policy, the Lenaia festival. The protagonist, Dikaiopolis, miraculously obtains a private peace treaty with the essay in india Spartans and he enjoys the benefits of peace in spite of opposition from some of his fellow Athenians. DAUGHTER OF DICAEOPOLIS. Why Is! SLAVE OF EURIPIDES. TWO YOUNG GIRLS, daughters of the Megarian. SLAVE OF LAMACHUS. A WEDDING GUEST. CHORUS OF ACHARNIAN CHARCOAL BURNERS. Car By Bailey Essay! When some citizens do arrive and the best essay, the day's business begins, the subject of the important speakers addressing the assembly is, predictably enough, not peace and, true to his earlier promise, Dikaiopolis comments loudly on their appearances and probable motives (such as the ambassador recently returned from many years at you ma'am statement, the Persian court complaining of the lavish hospitality he has had to endure, and the ambassador recently returned from Thrace who blames the icy conditions in the north for his long stay there at the public's expense, etc). At the assembly, however, Dikaiopolis meets Amphitheus, a man who claims to be the immortal great-great-grandson of Triptolemus and Demeter, and who claims moreover that he can obtain peace with the Spartans “privately”, for which Dikaiopolis pays him eight drachmas.

As Dikaiopolis and honesty policy, his family celebrate his private peace with a private celebration, they are set up on by the Chorus, a mob of on bullying aged farmers and charcoal burners from Acharnae (the Acharnians of the title), who hate the the best policy Spartans for destroying their farms and who hate anyone who talks peace. They are clearly not amenable to rational argument, so Dikaiopolis grabs a basket of Acharnian charcoal as hostage and demands the old men leave him alone. They agree to leave Dikaiopolis in peace if only formal essay he will spare the charcoal. Honesty The Best Policy Essay! He surrenders his “hostage, but still wants to convince the old men of the justice of his cause, and good introduction with, offers to honesty the best essay, speak with his head on a chopping block if only they will hear him out (although he is a little apprehensive after Cleon dragged him into The Star Hotel court over “last year's play”). He goes next door to the house of the renowned author Euripides for help with his anti-war speech and to borrow a beggar’s costume from one of why is honesty the best essay his tragedies. Thus attired as a tragic hero in disguise as a beggar, and with his head on the chopping block, he makes his case to the Chorus of Acharnians for opposing the war, claiming that it was all started due to the abduction of three courtesans and is only continued by profiteers for personal gain.

Half of the Chorus is good paragraph thesis, won over by his arguments and the other half is not, and a fight breaks out between the opposing camps. The fight is broken up by the Athenian general Lamachus (who also happens to live next door), who is then questioned by Dikaiopolis about why he personally supports the war against Sparta, whether it is out of his sense of duty or because he gets paid. This time, the whole Chorus is won over by Dikaiopolis’ arguments, and they lavish exaggerated praise on him. The Best! Dikaiopolis then returns to the stage and sets up a private market where he and the enemies of Athens can trade peacefully, and various minor characters come and go in farcical circumstances (including an Athenian informer or sycophant who is packed in straw like a piece of pottery and carried off to Boeotia). Paragraph Thesis Statement! Soon, two heralds arrive, one calling Lamachus to war, the other calling Dikaiopolis to a dinner party. The two men go as summoned and return soon after, Lamachus in pain from injuries sustained in battle and with a soldier at each arm propping him up, Dikaiopolis merrily drunk and with a dancing girl on each arm. Everyone exits amid general celebrations, except Lamachus, who exits in pain. “The Acharnians” was Aristophanes’ third, and earliest surviving, play.

It was first produced at the Lenaia festival in 425 BCE by an associate, Callistratus, on behalf of the why is the best policy essay young Aristophanes, and it won first place in the drama contest there. The play is notable for its absurd humour and its imaginative appeal for an end to introduction paragraph, the Peloponnesian War against the Spartans, which was already into honesty the best policy its sixth year when the play was produced. It also represents the author's spirited response to his prosecution the women in india year before by the prominent Athenian statesman and essay, pro-war leader, Cleon (Aristophanes had been charged with slandering the Athenian polis in his previous play, “The Babylonians” , now lost), revealing his resolve not to yield to the demagogue's attempts at intimidation. Old Comedy was a highly topical form of drama and the audience was expected to mwd engineer, be familiar with the honesty policy essay huge number of people named or alluded to The Star Hotel, in the play, including in this case: Pericles, Aspasia, Thucydides, Lamachus, Cleon (and several of the best policy essay his supporters), various poets and on violence in india, historians including Aeschylus and Euripides, and honesty the best policy essay, many, many others. Like most of mwd engineer resume Aristophanes’ plays, “The Acharnians” generally obeys the conventions of Old Comedy, including masks which caricatured real people (as opposed to the stereotypical masks of tragedy), the use of the theatre itself as the real scene of action, the frequent parodying of tragedy, and the constant and merciless teasing and taunting of both political figures and of any personalities known to the audience. Why Is Honesty Policy! However, Aristophanes was always an innovator and not afraid to incorporate variations on the traditional structures, verse forms, etc.

The author himself often becomes a major target for the play's mock-heroic humour, as he explicitly identifies himself with the protagonist, Dikaiopolis. The character of formal essay Dikaiopolis speaks about being prosecuted over “last years’ play” as if he were the author himself, an unusual instance of why is the best policy essay a character unequivocally speaking out of character as the author's mouthpiece. At one point, the Chorus mockingly depicts him as Athen's greatest weapon in the war against Sparta.

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essay on campesinos A Prophet for why is honesty the best, All Ages. Charles Plock, C. M. is currently a chaplain at St. Formal. John’s University. For the past two years he has been translating the homilies of Archbishop Romero for the Archdiocese of why is honesty the best policy essay San Salvador that is resume advocating the cause for why is honesty policy essay, the canonization of Romero. He worked in the Republic of Panama for good paragraph with thesis, ten years and at St.

John the Baptist Parish in Brooklyn before beginning ministry at the university. D uring the past two years I have had the why is the best privilege of translating the on bullying Sunday homilies of Archbishop Oscar A. Romero, a charismatic figure in the history of the Church of the best policy Latin America, as well as the universal Church. As James R. Good Introduction Paragraph With Statement. Brockman stated in his book, Romero: This was a man who lived his life amid the poverty and injustice of Latin America. He became a priest before Vatican II and a bishop after Medellin.

As archbishop of San Salvador, he became the leader of the Church in his native land. But as archbishop he also became a man of the why is the best essay poor, their advocate when they had no other voice to demand justice for you ma'am, them. He suffered and gave his life on their behalf. 1. From a historical perspective, Romero was the why is the best policy Archbishop of San Salvador during a time when most of Latin America was guided by introduction paragraph with statement, the United States’ Doctrine of National Security. Why Is Policy Essay. As a result of this policy most of the formal on bullying nations in the best, Latin America were ruled by military dictatorships that were backed by the United States government. Civil wars erupted in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala and thousand upon thousand of people were killed and/or disappeared.

The homilies of Archbishop Romero are not only important theological documents but also historically significant documents because this is the only place where many of the persons who “disappeared” are mentioned by name. In the midst of this tragic drama of upheaval and civil war and violence, in thank thesis, the midst of the implementation of new and radical pastoral approaches to why is, the Church’s ministry, Oscar Arnulfo Romero was installed on good introduction paragraph with statement February 22, 1977 as the Archbishop of San Salvador in a simple ceremony in the church of San Jos de la Monta Z a. He was Archbishop for a little more than three years and his vision of why is honesty the best policy ministry could be summed up by the words that he spoke during his last interview, one that he gave to mwd engineer resume, the Mexican newspaper Excelsior just two week before his death: I have been frequently threatened with death. I must say that, as a Christian, I do not believe in death but in resurrection. Honesty The Best Policy. If they kill me, I will rise again in the people of El Salvador. I am not boasting; I say it with the The Star Hotel greatest humility. As a pastor, I am bound by a divine command to policy, give my life for those whom I love, and that includes all Salvadorans, even those who are going to kill me. If they manage to carry out their threats, I shall be offering my blood for the redemption and the resurrection of car by El Salvador. Martyrdom is a grace from God that I do not believe I have earned.

But if God accepts the sacrifice of my life, then may my blood be the seed of liberty and a sign of the hope that will soon become a reality. May my death, if it is accepted by God, be for the liberation of why is honesty policy my people and a witness of hope in what is to come! You can tell them, if they succeed in killing me that I pardon them and The Star Hotel, I bless those who may carry out the killing. But I wish that they could realize they are wasting their time. A bishop will die, but the Church of God --- the people --- they will never die! 2. But this is the end of the story so let us now go back to February 22, 1977. Appointment and why is honesty the best policy essay, Installation of Oscar Romero. The nomination of Romero to assume the position as the Archbishop of San Salvador was backed by the wealthy, the large land owners and the Salvadoran government. He was viewed as a safe candidate and his appointment was seen as a great victory for paragraph thesis statement, the conservative cause.

Romero appeared to be the perfect man to return the why is the best policy essay Church to the sheepfold, the against priests to the sacristy and why is honesty, Catholic teaching back to the Council of Trent and Vatican I. For their part, a good number of the clergy of the Archdiocese received the news of his appointment with dejection and apprehension. They regarded it as a sign that Rome seemed more concerned about maintaining good relations with the government than to essay on bullying, serve the needs of the Christian community in El Salvador. Thus at the time of his installation, one group of priests supported the Archbishop and participated in the ceremonies that took place in the small church of San Jos de la Monta Z a while another group of why is essay priests held a vocal protest outside the church and refused to enter and express their solidarity and allegiance to their new bishop. All of this would change very quickly. Father Rutillo Grande. On March 12, 1977 Father Rutillo Grande and two companions, a boy and an old man, were killed while they were on their way to celebrate Mass in the village of El Paisnal, the formal essay place where Father Grande was a parish priest and where he had been born.

The assassination of Father Grande clearly represented more than the elimination of why is a priest. Since Father Grande had been one of the on violence women in india key figures in the apostolic renewal of the Archdiocese, a pioneer of the policy application of Vatican II and Medellin to resume, the Salvadoran Church and a leader of essay Christian work for good paragraph with statement, and with the poor and the oppressed, his assassination was seen as an attack on honesty the best policy the pastoral approach of the Catholic Church --- an approach that involved a preferential option for those people who were poor and thesis, oppressed. It was an attack against the identification made by the priests and religious with the hopes and sufferings of the why is honesty the best policy essay People of God. On many occasions Archbishop Romero would remark that the assassination of Father Grande was the crucial event in his own conversion experience. Father Grande had been a great personal friend, a faithful and close collaborator, a man whose stamina and apostolic clarity he had always admired. In the homily that he preached on the occasion of Father Grande’s funeral he said: I considered [him] a brother and at important moments in car by white, my life, he was very close to me and I will never forget his gestures of friendship. 3. The Archbishop then turned toward the priests who had gathered to celebrate the why is honesty the best policy funeral rites with him and stated:

My dear priests, I am happy that among the essay against fruits of this death that we mourn and of other difficult circumstances that we confront at this time, the clergy are united with their Bishop and the faithful understand that there is one faith that leads us along paths that are quite distinct from other ideologies that are not of the Church --- paths that offer an alternative to policy, these ideologies: the cause of love … True love is the gift that Father Rutilio Grande gives us in The Star Hotel, his death with the honesty the best two campesinos … A priest with his campesinos walking to meet his people, to identify himself with them, to The Star Hotel, live with them --- this is an inspiration of love and not revolution. Why Is Essay. 4. At the conclusion of the burial rite for Father Grande, Archbishop Romero met with his advisors and consultors to debate, discuss and analyze what further steps the Archdiocese could take in formal essay on bullying, order to why is essay, protest the violent attack on Father Grande which was also viewed as a direct attack on the whole Archdiocesan Church. As a result of these meetings and deliberations two immediate actions were decided: first, the Archbishop asked the government to investigate the events surrounding the assassination of Father Grande and then stated that he would not participate in essay on violence in india, any formal governmental event until he had been informed of the person(s) responsible for honesty, this criminal act; second, it was decided to cancel the celebration of all the my real essay parish Masses in the Archdiocese on Sunday, March 20, 1978 and that only one Mass would be celebrated in the Cathedral. All the the best essay priests and all the people of the Archdiocese would be invited to participate in women in india, this one Mass. This action was decided upon to show people that the death of one priest, the death of honesty the best policy essay one member of the community of the Archdiocese, has consequences on all the women and men of the Archdiocese. On Sunday, March 20 th , all the priests of the Archdiocese gathered to concelebrate the one Mass that was celebrated that day.

This was a stark contrast to the installation celebration that had occurred just four weeks before when the formal essay on bullying clergy were divided in their support for the new Archbishop. Conscious of the change that had taken place, Archbishop Romero addressed the priests in his homily: In light of the unity that has brought us together at this one Mass, I want to publicly thank all of these beloved priests. Why Is Essay. Many of them risk their lives, and like Father Grande offer the greatest sacrifice … [applause] … That applause ratifies the profound joy that I feel in essay women, my heart as I take possession of this Archdiocese. I also feel that my own weaknesses and my own inabilities find their complement, their power, and their courage in why is honesty the best essay, these united priests. Beloved priests, remain united in resume, the authentic truth of the Gospel! This is another way to honesty the best, say to you, as Christ’s humble successor and representative here in the archdiocese: THE ONE WHO ATTACKS ONE OF MY PRIESTS, ATTACKS ME! [applause]. 5.

Although the Archbishop had been installed on February 22 nd , it is interesting that he spoke about this event as marking the beginning of his ministry as Archbishop. Later he would speak the following words that seemed to characterize so much of the Archbishop’s time during the next three years: It was my lot to go on claiming dead bodies --- these day I have to walk the roads gathering up dead friends, listening to widows and orphans and trying to spread hope. Mwd Engineer. 6. A Defender of the why is honesty policy Poor and the Oppressed. The defense of the bailey essay poor and the oppressed was the central focus of the Archbishop’s pastoral ministry. During the period of colonization, the bishop was by office “the protector of the Indians.” On the why is policy essay assumption that the Indians would be marginalized, exploited and decimated, the bishop had the responsibility of protecting them and defending them from exploitation by either the military or the colonists. This insight into the role of the good with statement bishop was revived by Romero: When we say “for the poor,” we do not take sides with one social class. What we do is invite all social classes, rich and poor without distinction, to why is, take seriously the you ma'am statement cause of the poor as though it were their own. The cause of the poor is the cause of Jesus Christ --- “whatever you did to one of essay these poor ones: the neglected, the blind, the lame, the deaf, the mute, you did to me.” 7.

As the campesinos left their homes in on bullying, search of work during the harvest season, they turned toward the why is honesty the best Archbishop and sought his assistance in negotiating just work contracts. Resume. Factory workers frequently sought his help in mediating grievances with management. When the National University became an armed camp the students asked the Archbishop to intervene on their behalf so that the University could once again become a safe institution of higher education. Mothers and wives visited him and why is honesty policy, sent letters to him begging for his assistance in finding their husbands and children who had disappeared. So many people and groups came to him and, as their protector, the Archbishop felt duty bound to put the full weight of resume his Episcopal authority at the service of the poor and honesty the best policy, the marginalized: three men abducted, four victims of a tragic air accident, two campesinos murdered after a demonstration --- in recent days these are the expressive emblem of human suffering made more tragic by human wickedness. 8. At the same time Romero took most seriously the Church’s exhortation to good introduction with statement, make a preferential option for the poor:

There aren’t two categories of people. There aren’t some people who were born to have everything, leaving the rest with nothing and why is policy, a majority of people who have nothing and cannot taste the happiness that God has created for all. The Christian society that God wants is one in which we share the good with goodness that God has given to everyone. 9. Thus, during the three years that he was the Archbishop of why is policy essay San Salvador he became known as the voice for the voiceless: Give the people an opportunity to organize, repeal the unjust laws, grant amnesty to those who have broken laws that are not for the common good, stop intimidating the people, especially the rural population. Set free or arraign in court those who have disappeared after their arrest or are jailed unjustly. Grant those who have been expelled or kept from returning for political reasons the chance to mwd engineer resume, return to honesty, the country.

10. As a Vincentian this aspect of his ministry is most attractive and also most challenging. First of all, Romero is clearly imitating Jesus who spoke of The Star Hotel his ministry in terms of bringing Good News to the poor, liberty to why is policy essay, captives, recovery of sight to the blind, and freedom to the oppressed (Luke 4:18-19). 11 Jesus’ vision of ministry inspired Saint Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac (the founders of the Vincentian Community and the Daughters of Charity) and continues to inspire the followers of Saint Vincent de Paul at Saint John’s University. In the University’s mission statement we read: Saint John’s is a Vincentian university, inspired by Saint Vincent de Paul’s compassion and zeal for service. We strive to provide excellent education for all people, especially those lacking economic, physical or social advantages … Wherever possible we devote our intellectual and physical resources to search out the cause of poverty and social injustice and encourage solutions which are adaptable, effective and concrete.

12. Yes, like Jesus, like Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac, like Archbishop Romero, we, as members of the Saint John’s University community, are invited to be the voice of the voiceless. Conflicts with the Bishops and the Vatican. After Vatican II, the bishops of the world formed Episcopal Conferences: In these days especially bishops frequently are unable to fulfill their office effectively and resume, fruitfully unless they develop a common effort involving constant growth in harmony and closeness of ties with other bishops.

Episcopal conferences already established in many nations have furnished outstanding proofs of a more fruitful apostolate. Therefore, this sacred synod considers it to be supremely fitting that everywhere bishops belonging to the same nation or region form an association which would meet at fixed times. Thus, when the insights of prudence and experience have been shared and views exchanged, there will emerge a holy union of energies in the service of the common good of the policy essay churches. 13. There were six bishops in El Salvador: Jos Eduardo Alvarez Ramrez, C.M. (Diocese of San Miguel), Benjamin Barrera y Reyes (Diocese of my real bailey white Santa Ana), Arturo Rivera y Damas (Diocese of Santiago de Maria), Pedro Arnoldo Aparicio y Quintanilla (Diocese of policy San Vicente), Marco Rene Revello (Auxiliary Bishop of San Salvador), and Oscar Romero (Archbishop of San Salvador). Essay Women. During the time that Archbishop Romero was pastor of the Diocese of San Salvador he was continually criticized by the other bishops. He had one ally among the bishops, Bishop Rivera y Damas.

In most of the important decisions that were made by the Episcopal Conference the why is essay vote was 4-2. Often the planning of these meetings was coordinated among four of the bishops who then presented documents to Bishop Rivera y Damas and Archbishop Romero as an accomplished fact. An example of this is seen in on bullying, the discussions that took place concerning a letter that was sent to the papal representative, Emanuele Gerada --- a letter that was signed by the best essay, 200 priests and religious from El Salvador, criticizing the nuncio for disagreeing with Romero’s policies and openly supporting a repressive and unjust government. The bishops decided by a vote of 4-1 (Bishop Rivera y Damas was at a meeting in essay in india, Guatemala and asked the other bishops to why is honesty policy essay, wait since the topic required a meeting at which all of the bishops would be present --- this motion was voted down) to publish a harsh response to bailey, the priests. Why Is The Best. In his diary he wrote: The document was approved and I was subjected to many false accusations by the other bishops. I was told that my preaching is subversive, that my priests provoke a climate of violence among the peasants; and mwd engineer resume, that we should not complain about the abuses that the authorities are committing. The archdiocese was accused of interfering in the other dioceses, causing division among priests and pastoral unrest in other dioceses. The archdiocese was accused of sowing confusion in the seminary … it has been a bitter day because of this event and I lament that the division among the bishops will be worsened by this step, which seems to me not to honesty the best policy, be very wise. 14.

At the same time reports were sent to Rome denouncing his pastoral plan and his preaching. He was called a subversive, a communist, Marxist. The situation had become so filled with tension that Romero traveled to Rome in June, 1978 to meet with Pope Paul VI. On Wednesday, June 21, 1978 he and Bishop Rivera had a private audience with the Pope. This audience was summarized in his homily that he gave in the Cathedral upon his return to El Salvador: I will never forget the beautiful moment when the Pope, after receiving the information from paragraph statement, all his advisors who had composed a synthesis of what he would say to the Bishops who had arrived there for why is policy essay, their Ad Limina visitation, spoke some words of encouragement and comfort and strength that made us feel as though we were one with the heart of the Pastor. It was as though we had received the same gift that God had given to Peter and statement, his successors: Affirm your people! My dear sisters and honesty the best, brothers, this is formal on bullying what I bring you at this time: an affirmation, a ratification, a word of encouragement and the best policy, goodness and understanding of the one who is Christ on earth: the resume Pope. The Pope stretched out his hands with the warmth and the strength of one who supports all the why is honesty the best Pastors and the whole Universal Church. He counseled me and helped me to continue to be faithful in essay on violence, this ministry of service to the people.

He spoke many kind words that I would like to communicate to you, but the emotion of the moment makes me forget his exact words. But in substance he told me that since he had worked in the Secretariat of State some fifty years before becoming Pontiff, he knew of the vitality, hard work and the problems of the people of why is honesty the best policy essay El Salvador. Car By White Essay. He told me: These people demand that their rights be respected and seek for a more just situation. You must help and why is honesty the best essay, love these people. Be patient and strong and help them! Tell them that the Pope loves them and cares for them and is aware of their suffering. Tell them to never seek for a solution to their problems in irrational violence.

Tell them to never allow themselves to be caught up in the currents of hatred. Rather work together to build unity, peace, and justice upon a foundation of love. I was very pleased to The Star Hotel, be able to tell him: Holy Father, this is what I have preached. I have never preached hatred even though those who slander me are convinced that I preach violence, but I have never done that. Your message that you communicated on the first of January has been central to my preaching: No to violence, yes to peace. Honesty The Best Policy Essay. The Pope smiled and blessed the you ma'am statement people of El Salvador whom he wants to remain faithful to the paths of the Gospel. 15. It is clear that Romero felt that the Pope had affirmed him personally and also approved his pastoral plan for the Archdiocese. Policy Essay. The Pope seemed to understand the conflict that he had to endure because the other bishops of El Salvador simply did not understand this new approach to ministry. Romero, however, would have a different reaction after a similar meeting with Johm Paul II whom he would meet one year later. After a private audience with Pope John Paul II he wrote in his diary:

I left, pleased by the meeting but worried to see how much the negative reports of my pastoral work had influenced him, although deep down I remembered that he had recommended “courage and my real bailey white, boldness, but, at the same time, tempered with the necessary prudence and balance.” Although I did not feel completely satisfied with the why is the best meeting, I think that the audience and our conversation were very useful because he was very frank. I have learned that one cannot expect to get complete approval and that it is more useful to hear criticism that can be used to improve my work. 16. This meeting with the formal essay Pope took place at a time when there was much discussion about naming an Apostolic Administrator, that is, Romero would continue as the Archbishop but all authority would be given to another person named to administer the Archdiocese. While he was in Rome he met with Cardinal Baggio who felt that it was not a very practical solution because he did not see that any one of the present bishops who could be the apostolic administrator would be able to work well with Romero. To bring in someone from outside the country also seemed an absurd idea, given the situation of El Salvador. The cardinal mentioned that this action would still be studied and why is essay, there are many people who wonder if Archbishop Romero had not been assassinated would Rome have intervened and given the decision making authority to someone else. I previously mentioned the fact that Jos Eduardo Alvarez was one of the my real bailey essay bishops in El Salvador.

I should say a little more about him since he was a Vincentian, a member of the Central American Province of the Congregation of the Mission. He was often referred to as “the colonel from San Miguel” because he held that rank in essay, the Salvadorian army and was also the military chaplain. The Star Hotel. He attracted international attention in the best policy essay, 1981 for his blessing of new war planes that had just arrived at essay on bullying Ilopango Air Force Base outside of essay San Salvador. He was a vehement opponent of Archbishop Romero and with the other bishops sent letters to Rome denouncing the Archbishop as a communist and a Marxist. Though I am not proud of this fact nor the position that he took during the time of his episcopacy in San Miguel, I felt that it was also important to be frank and include this fact here. Romero as an Evangelizer of All the People of El Salvador. As Romero visited the communities of the on violence against Archdiocese he took time to meet with the various groups that worked and ministered in the parishes. His visits to these communities were not photo opportunities but a time to encourage and strengthen the work of evangelization.

His evangelization of the whole of why is the best policy essay El Salvador meant that he tried to mwd engineer resume, proclaim the Good News to everyone, regardless of their political or social situation. Romero was very well aware of the fact that the population was divided into distinct groups. Why Is The Best Policy. So he undertook his mission in a different way. In ministering to the masses he took into account the need to purify and reinforce popular religion. In dealing with politically committed Christians he encouraged them in women, their work on behalf of justice and human rights and in his work with Christians in positions of economic or political power he encouraged these people to honesty, change their way. It was this approach to ministry that led to his martyrdom on March 24 th , 1980. The previous day, after he recounted at my real car by white length the violence of the past week he concluded his homily — a homily that lasted for more than two hours — with the following words: I would like to appeal in a special way to the army’s enlisted men, and in particular to why is honesty policy, the ranks of the Guardia Nacional and the police --- those in the barracks. Brothers: you are a part of our own people.

You kill your own campesino brothers and sisters. The Star Hotel. Before an order to policy essay, kill that a man may give, God’s law must prevail: Thou shalt not kill! No soldier is obliged to obey an order against the law of God. No one has to fulfill an immoral law. It is time to take back your consciences and to obey your consciences rather than the orders of sin. Formal Essay. The Church, defender of the rights of God, of the law of God, of honesty human dignity, of the person, cannot remain silent before such abominations. We want the government to understand seriously that reforms are worth nothing if they are stained with so much blood. In the name of God, and in the name of this suffering people, whose laments rise to heaven each day more tumultuous, I beg you, I beseech you, I order you in essay on violence against women, the name of God: Stop the repression !17. Many have said that these words were like placing the why is honesty final nail in his coffin. The following evening he celebrated Mass on the anniversary of the death of in india a mother of honesty the best policy essay a friend . As he concluded the homily, a single shot rang out and the Archbishop died a few minutes later in the emergency room of the hospital.

In death Romero is one with the oppressed and persecuted, and that oneness is essay against recognized by the continual visits to honesty essay, his tomb by the people of El Salvador. After the assassination of Father Rafael Palacios he said: It would be sad, if in The Star Hotel, a country where murder is being committed so horribly, we were not to find priests also among the victims. They are the testimony of why is honesty policy a Church that is incarnated in resume, the problems of its people. 18. How fitting that in death the blood of the Archbishop should be mingled and why is honesty the best policy essay, shared with the countless people who had been assassinated and murdered and “disappeared” before him. Indeed, in death Romero is one with the oppressed and the persecuted and that oneness is recognized by the continual visits to his tomb in the Cathedral. Yet as he himself said: a bishop will die, but the Church of God --- the people --- they will never die! 19. 1. Brockman, Romero, (Orbis Books:Maryknoll, New York, 1989), p. ix.

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